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Troika Approved: Soylent Greeks

While the World Watches Greece THIS is Happening

While the World Watches Greece THIS is Happening

Submitted by Capitalist Exploits on 07/03/2015 17:17 -0400

By Chris at

Watching the ongoing Greek saga unfold is enough to make a blind man grimace. Capital controls which could be seen coming down the track like a freight train are but one more notch on the disaster stick called European Monetary Union.

Why talk of Greek debt negotiations is even taking place at all is the height of absurdity. It's akin to discussing how large an area of the desert should be dedicated to growing lettuces. The answer which no Eurocrat is prepared to acknowledge is, "Who cares? Nobody should be so daft as to grow lettuces in the desert".

Let's all be honest, shall we. What we're talking about here is foreign aid. It's not about debt repayments. Nobody is getting repaid. Anyone still clinging to that hope is simultaneously still waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, the Easter bunny to show up and for "liberating" forces to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Let's just table debt talks, call them what they are, which is foreign aid, and move this thing along. The problem with acknowledging the ugly truth is that German banks would then have to write down those "assets" on their balance sheets: "Jeez, it'd just be so much easier if we could keep them at par value and ensure we pick up that bonus at year end. And so we must endure more saga and carry on this game of pretense".

While I could spend time on Greece, what I'm more interested in is what few are paying attention to while this Greek saga unfolds.

That is what is going on with the Chinese yuan.

We've recently made the argument for a weakening yuan. My friend Brad and I both went up against the yuan late last year and Brad detailed his thinking in October of last year, then again in December, where he delved into the Chinese banking system, and once again in March of this year.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is our current bias. We're currently short. It's important to establish one's bias early on in order to attempt to understand any argument, so now you have ours. Often fund managers are selling a product which leads them into making decisions which have more to do with an agenda than with sufficient critical thought.

Let me say therefore that we have an opinion right now. But since we are not selling any product, hopefully we can keep our minds open.

Let's see where we get to and then I'm going to show you why we have a decent crack at making money without having an opinion either way.

By many accounts the yuan is one of (if not THE) most overvalued currencies in the world right now. But there are just as many well thought arguments arguing the opposite saying that it is indeed undervalued.

Gold Bullion Dealer Unexpectedly
"Suspends Operations"
Due To "Significant Transactional Delays"

Word around the water cooler is there is a massive underground repository of gold in Xianjiang provence that serves as a remote "physical ownership complex" of gold, where gold is moved from one "owner" to another "owner" within this huge complex without the requirement of actually flying it around the world in airplanes (which risks theft of the gold).  The rumor is the earthquake affected this repository and therefore the "transfer" of physical gold within it.  This blog is attempting to verify that rumor.  But like the Zerohedge article below says.... whether its paper gold markets, ETFs, or a repository in China that acts as a remote physical proxy custodian of gold, Zerohedge's advice applies "...our advice to buyers of physical precious metals is the same as always: if you purchased it and you can't hold it in your hand, it isn't yours." The earthquake could explain why Bullion Direct shut down operations. AK

Gold Bullion Dealer Unexpectedly "Suspends Operations" Due To "Significant Transactional Delays"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/03/2015 17:40 -0400

What makes the current sovereign default episode different from previous ones is the uncanny stability and lack of buying of "fiat remote" assets such as gold and silver, and to a lesser extent, digital currency such as bitcoin. Indeed, all throughout the Greek pre-default escalation and ultimately, sovereign bankruptcy to the IMF, it seemed as if there was an absolute aversion to the peak of Exter's inverted pyramid.

What is even more surprising about the lack of any gold price upside is that it is not due to lack of demand. Quite the contrary, because as Bloomberg wrote last week, "European investors are increasing purchases of gold as Greece’s turmoil boosts the appeal for an alternative to the euro."

Demand from Greek customers for Sovereign gold coins was double the five-month average in June, the U.K. Royal Mint said in an e-mailed statement., an online retailer, said sales on Saturday and Sunday were the highest since Cyprus limited cash withdrawals in 2013, driven by a jump in German, French and Greek buyers.

Investors are searching for a safe haven after Greece imposed capital controls, closed banks and stopped selling gold coins to the public until at least July 6. Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said Germany is still open to negotiations if Greece wants.

“Most of our common gold coins are sold out,” Daniel Marburger, a director of Frankfurt-based, said by phone. “When people learned that the Greek banks will be closed, they started to think that it may not be such a bad idea to have some money in gold.”

The bullion dealers themselves are enjoying a jump in sales to retail customers:

GoldCore Ltd., which buys and sells bullion, reported coin and bar demand rose “significantly” on Monday. Sales to U.K. and Ireland today are about three times the average for the past three Mondays, the Dublin-based firm said in an e-mailed statement.

The U.S. Mint has sold 61,500 ounces of American Eagle gold coins this month, the most since January.

BullionVault, which says it operates the largest online physical gold trading platform, reported a jump in sales during the first half of this year, a sign of a broader increase.

However, it is the "paper" gold market where things were most perplexing in recent months. Recall that, as Zero Hedge broke and first reported, in the first quarter of the year, or the same time the Syriza government took power, something very dramatic took place in the US derivatives market, where first JPM saw an absolute explosion of its commodity derivative holdings (a broad umbrella which is not broken down further):

... coupled wih Citi's surge in "precious metals" derivatives which soared from $3.9 billion to $42 billion.

But what is most confusing is how even as physical metal demand clearly rose across Europe in the past few months and the price of paper gold actually declined, perhaps facilitated by some "hedged" derivative positions on the short side of precious metals, some bullion dealers have actually found it impossible to survive, and in the last few days at least one major gold bullion dealer, Bullion Direct, greeted customers with the following notice on its website:
Bullion Direct has experienced significant transactional delays. To avoid further inconvenience or other adverse consequences to our customers, Bullion Direct is suspending its operations as it attempts to resolve those issues. We intend to keep you informed at this website. Thank you for your patience.

Just what are "significant transactional delays" and how bad is the physical gold supply-chain if it can put at least one dealer out of business? Another question: is this a solitary failure by gold vendor due to a one-off problem with working capital, or is something more systemic about to be revealed in the gold bullion sales industry?

We look forward to finding out, but in the meantime our advice to buyers of physical precious metals is the same as always: if you purchased it and you can't hold it in your hand, it isn't yours.

Matt Damon Speech on the Elites and Control by Obedience to Them....

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau

Found at: which originated here:

Gaia Portal: Enrapturings are finished

Enrapturings are finished
by ÉirePort

Enrapturings are finished.

Essentials are incorporated into all Energetic up-levelings as their absence precludes existence.

Last messages have been heard.

First messagings of the New Era are recognized by the seekers.

Finalities are no more.

The moment is now.

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China sets up largest gold sector fund for nations along ancient Silk Road

China sets up largest gold sector fund for nations along ancient Silk Road

May 25, 2015

China has set up a gold sector fund involving 65 countries along the ancient Silk Road. It has been set up in China’s northwest Xi’an city during ongoing forum on investment and trade.

The fund will be led by Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and is expected to raise 16.1 billion dollars in three phases. It should be noted that it is the largest fund set up by China in the gold sector.

Around 60 countries which fall along the routes of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR) and Silk Road Economic Belt have invested in the fund.

This fund will facilitate gold purchase for the central banks of member states to increase their holdings of the precious metal. It will be also invested in gold mining in countries along the Silk Road and also to increase exploration in countries such as Afghanistan and Kazakhstan

At present, China is the world’s largest gold producer and also a major importer and consumer of gold. But its share in international gold trade is very small and does not have a big say in gold pricing.

By setting up this fund China is seeking to increase the influence of its domestic currency Renminbi (RMB) in the international gold pricing by opening the domestic gold market to international investors.

Happy 4th of July!

For Jilly! 

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Where Is China's Silk Road Actually Going?

Where Is China's Silk Road Actually Going?
At the Boao Forum, China provided the clearest overview yet of its ambitious Silk Road plans.

By Shannon Tiezzi

March 30, 2015

The Boao Forum for Asia, an annual economic dialogue held in China’s Hainan Province, was an especially high-profile meeting this year; Chinese President Xi Jinping himself delivered the keynote address. The reason for the special emphasis was clear: Beijing selected the Boao Forum as the venue to deliver the first in-depth explanation of China’s vision for the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road, collectively known as the “Belt and Road.”

During the Boao Forum, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), in conjunction with China’s Foreign Ministry and Commerce Ministry, issued an action plan for the Belt and Road. Xinhua provided an English-language translation of the document. Beijing is not shy about its ambitions for the project — “The plan is expected to change the world political and economic landscape through development of countries along the routes, most of which are eager for fresh growth,” Xinhua wrote. Beijing hopes that annual trade volume between China and “Belt and Road” countries will “surpass 2.5 trillion U.S. dollars in a decade or so,” Xi said.

The plan is geographically ambitious as well, envisioning the Belt and Road as encompassing Asia, Africa, and Europe and their near seas. The land route “focuses on bringing together China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe,” the document noted. The Silk Road is envisioned as “a new Eurasian Land Bridge” created by transportation routes, with “core cites” as links in the chain. There were less details on the maritime route, though the plan noted there would be two legs: one linking China to the Indian Ocean via the South China Sea and the other traveling through the South China Sea to the South Pacific. There was no list of concrete projects associated with the Belt and Road, but China held up the $23 billion worth of deals just signed with Kazakhstan as a model for other countries.

The document laid out the basic goals of the Belt and Road:
“It is aimed at promoting orderly and free flow of economic factors, highly efficient allocation of resources and deep integration of markets; encouraging the countries along the Belt and Road to achieve economic policy coordination and carry out broader and more in-depth regional cooperation of higher standards; and jointly creating an open, inclusive and balanced regional economic cooperation architecture that benefits all.”
The Belt and Road are often understood primarily as infrastructure projects. Indeed, that will be the main focus in the early stages, as Chinese leaders have repeatedly spoken of infrastructure as a “bottleneck” preventing further economic cooperation. But there’s more to the Belt and Road than simply the construction of roads, railways, and ports. Even on the infrastructure front, China’s vision to “form an infrastructure network connecting all sub-regions in Asia, and between Asia, Europe and Africa” includes energy and communications infrastructure as well an transportation.

6.4-magnitude earthquake in China's Xinjiang: USGS

6.4-magnitude earthquake in China's Xinjiang: USGS

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has struck China's far western region of Xinjiang, about 164km northwest of the city of Hotan. 

POSTED: 03 Jul 2015 09:57 UPDATED: 03 Jul 2015 12:46

The epicentre was in Pishan county, 164km northwest of the city of Hotan and 131km southeast of Shache, known as Yarkand in Uighur, the language of the local mainly Muslim minority.

It was 20km deep according to USGS, which initially gave the magnitude as 6.1. A series of aftershocks followed with the strongest measuring 4.8, it said.

The area is on the edge of the Taklamakan desert, but the China Earthquake Administration said three people had died in Pishan, which has a population of 258,000, mainly Uighurs.

Li Hua, a worker at a state-owned farm in Pishan, told the official news agency Xinhua that he felt the quake strongly, with his fourth-floor apartment shaking for about a minute. "I'm feeling dizzy," the report cited Li as saying.

The China Earthquake Network Centre gave the magnitude as 6.5. China is regularly hit by earthquakes, particularly in its southwestern provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan.

Neighbouring Nepal, on the other side of the Himalayas, was hit by a devastating tremor in April which killed more than 8,800 people.

In May 2008, a 7.9-magnitude quake rocked Sichuan, killing more than 80,000 people and flattening swathes of the province in China's worst earthquake for more than three decades.

Last October, hundreds of people were injured and more than 100,000 displaced after a shallow 6.0-magnitude tremor hit Yunnan province, close to China's borders with Myanmar and Laos.

And last August, a 6.1-magnitude quake struck Yunnan, killing more than 600 people.

- AFP/rw

Xinjiang aims to become regional financial hub on Silk Road economic belt

Xinjiang aims to become regional financial hub on Silk Road economic belt

Xinhua Finance 2014-12-15 16:36share

URUMQI, Dec.15 (Xinhua Finance) -- Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region aims to become a regional financial center on the Silk Road economic belt, said Guo Hongchuan, vice-director of local financial affair office.

The official said last Thursday at a meeting that local authorities will make plans for related developments when it is appropriate, proposing that Xinjiang could open financial service sector fully to private investors and foreign-funded institutions. 

The Silk Road economic belt, proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Central Asia in September 2013, eyes the cultural revival of the Silk Road, which historically linked China with Central Asia and Europe, as a way of developing political and economic ties among countries along the Road. Xinjiang is home to China's western-most section of the Eurasian Land Bridge, a transcontinental rail route connecting east Asia and west Europe.

The region connects to Pakistan, Mongolia, Russia, India and four other central Asian countries with a borderline extending 5,600 km in length, giving it easy access to markets in the Eurasian heartland.

Massive Gold Mine Discovered in China's Xinjiang Province

New discovery in China's Xinjiang province could have up to 200 tonnes of gold (Reuters)

Massive Gold Mine Discovered in China's Xinjiang Province
Nigel Wilson

By Nigel Wilson

July 31, 2014 10:27 BST 18 5

Geologists have discovered a massive gold mine in China's restive Xinjiang province, according to state news agency Xinhau.

The new find, close to the border with Kyrgzstan, has proven gold reserves of 127 tonnes, Xinhua said. If the estimates are correct, the reserves could be worth around 40 billion yuan ($6.5bn, £3.8bn, €4.8bn.)

It the biggest gold mine discovered in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region to date.

Prospectors have explored Xinjiang for more than two decades, finding 21 gold ore belts in that time.

The Xinjiang Geology and Mineral Exploration Bureau's Cui Hongbin said 127 tonnes of gold reserves had been reported by June, as cited by Xinhua. The mine could potentially have a capacity of 200 tonnes of gold, said Cui.

Xinjiang Tongyuan Mining Limited led the exploration effort, according to reports in the National Business Daily newspaper.

The South China Morning Post reported that no mining companies have yet made a deal to explore the newly discovered gold.

The discovery is a rare success story in the exploration sector that has suffered in recent years. The mining industry has suffered from the global financial crisis, with companies slashing exploration budgets for nonferrous minerals by 29% in 2013.

Xinjiang Disorder

Xinjiang recently suffered a deadly outbreak of violence, as dozens were killed or injured when an armed gang attacked a police station on Monday.

While information is hard to come by in the tightly censored region, reports suggest that the gang targeted police officers and Han Chinese settlers in a deadly knife attack. Other reports suggest the violence occurred when police cracked down on Uighur Muslims observing Ramadan.

Campaigners for Uighur rights have said China's policies towards the ethnic group in Xinjiang are repressive.

Xinjiang herdsman finds 17-pound gold nugget

Xinjiang herdsman finds 17-pound gold nugget


URUMQI, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- 

A herdsman in China's far western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region found a 17-pound (7.85-kilogram) gold nugget that was "practically lying on bare ground".

The Kazak herdsman, Berek Sawut, from Qinghe County in Altay Prefecture made the extraordinary discovery around 5 p.m. last Friday. The estimated price for such an unexpected luck, assuming the nugget is 80 percent pure (Nuggets are usually 80 to 90 percent pure), is a whopping 1.6 million yuan (255,313 U.S. dollars) based on latest gold price.

Zhu Xinfeng, a local expert said the price of natural gold, considering its uniqueness, is often several times higher than that of standard gold.

The random-shaped gold nugget is about 23 centimeters long, 18 centimeters on its widest side and 8 centimeters at its thickest.

A gold nugget is a naturally produced irregular piece of gold, and is most frequently found through mining. The name Altay means gold in Mongolian. A 1.84-kg gold nugget was also found in Altay in 2010. Enditem

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Sphere Alliance Message #8

As received by Denise:

A question from xx: what are these codes?  99  99  888  55  11  11   1  33  44  77  8

Yes, Yes and Yes we say with joy and profound pleasure that you are recognizing and acknowledging our signs to you.  Numerical, binary and trinary. All meant to return you to full remembrance.  

We know you struggle with the amnesia, the forgetting; it is all coming to an end. 

The joy of full remembrance will be fraught with pain and joy.  Pain because you will recall the hardest of times; joy because you will know that you have come through it and it is over.  

It is over. It is over.  

We say this with the most profound sense of love and awe, and shout to you It is over!

Thank you!

And even more so; what these numbers and sequences mean shall unveil the riddle. These are intended for our ground workers on Gaia.  

And we say to you: You will remember! 

Each has a vital link in the seemingly randomness of this entire project.  Yes, event.  

Each will add their embedded codes and unlock the mystery.  It is that simple for now. 
Recognize the codes. Acknowledge the codes.  The rest will come in order.  

And again we shout with Joy: It Is OVER!

That is all; End transmission.

Full moon tonight -- should be an interesting sight with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction!


Chinese stocks tumble again, ignoring Beijing's blandishments

Investors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai, May 26, 2015.

Markets | Thu Jul 2, 2015 5:57am EDT
Chinese stocks tumble again, ignoring Beijing's blandishments
SHANGHAI | By Pete Sweeney

Reuters/Aly Song

China stocks fell sharply again on Thursday, fighting off fresh moves by regulators to restore confidence and raising questions about how much more firepower Beijing can bring to bear before a full-scale panic sets in.

Shanghai's benchmark share index crashed below 4,000 points for the first time since April - a key support level that analysts said had been seen as a line in the sand that Beijing had to defend, below which more conservative investors would start ejecting from their leveraged positions, widening the rout.

Chinese markets, which had risen as much as 110 percent from November to a peak in June, have collapsed at an incredibly rapid pace in since June 12, losing more than 20 percent in jaw-dropping volatility as money surges in and out of the market.

That drop has wiped out nearly $3 trillion in market capitalization, more than the GDP of Brazil.

In the latest move to arrest the slide, China's securities regulator late on Wednesday relaxed rules on using borrowed money to speculate on stock markets, letting brokerages set their own tolerance level on margin calls and allowing the roll-over of margin lending contracts.

"I think this is the right dose of medicine," said Hong Hao, chief strategist with BOCOM International. "The recent slump was largely driven by margin calls, so if brokerages don't force liquidation ... the market slide should be stemmed, at least for now."

But there was no immediate relief, with the CSI300 index of the largest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen dropping 3.4 percent, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 3.5 percent, to 3,912.77 points.

Sphere Alliance Message #7

As received by Denise...

Another message today:

1 July 2015

A question: Why the rain in Pennsylvania?

It is the purification of the aquifers of Gaia so damaged by mining and drilling.  Yes the overabundance of rain is annoying to some, but it too shall pass and all will be well.  Think of it as a long, well deserved shower for a very tired, dirty worker who is extremely exhausted and overworked.  That is all.

When will you appear in the sky?

We are already in the sky. You do not see us yet.  Your perception is not yet fine tuned.  Sometimes we feel like an overlooked suitor, we are right there before your eyes, but you do not see us! 

I feel laughter. 

Yes we are in such joy right now.  Right N O W !

Thank you for the Northern Lights they were beautiful!

Yes, we love to see them as well.  There will be more than fireworks that light up your skies this holiday week.  Be ready!

What do you mean by that?

We mean that the joy the absolute abundant JOY that we are feeling/breathing/being is spilling over into YOU the collective.   This joy is igniting if you know what we mean.

I think so!

End Transmission

When they say the joy is igniting, I get the image of a fireworks fuse!!  For the past four years, we have had the most extraordinary fireworks displays near my house and I have had the distinct feeling for the past two years that our friends were watching us from above.   Last year, I had the thought that our friend’s view was even better, because they could see thousands of smiling faces looking up to the skies and cheering beneath the colorful fireworks!

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 51
Guess who’s running the new BRICS Bank

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 51 – Guess who’s running the new BRICS Bank

While examining Eastern press reports of the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum for news that went largely unnoticed in the West, I came across a Greek Reporter article titled Greek PM Tsipras Meets with Gazprom Chief, BRICS Delegation in St Petersburg. It contained this telling section…

« also met with representatives of the new development bank for BRICS countries, who expressed their intense interest in cooperating with Greece.

The Greek Prime Minister was accompanied by Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, while the BRICS delegation included its chief, Kundapur Vaman Kamath, IMF’s Executive Director and new Vice President of the BRICS bank Paulo Nogueira Batista, Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister SergeiStorchak and the head of state bank Vnesheconombank (VEB), Vladimir Dmitriev. » 
In the Western news reports of the time, I saw it mentioned that Tsipras met with Putin, but I heard nothing about him meeting with the head of the BRICS Bank, K.V. Kamath…

…who is one of the “Davos boys.” It was an interesting oversight on the part of the Western press.

Even more interesting than that was the mention that one of the IMF’s Executive Directors is also a Vice President of the BRICS Bank. According to the IMF website

« The Executive Board (the Board) is responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the IMF. It is composed of 24 Directors, who are appointed or elected by member countries or by groups of countries, and the Managing Director, who serves as its Chairman. The Board usually meets several times each week. It carries out its work largely on the basis of papers prepared by IMF management and staff.” » 

One of those Board members is this man…


The Jesuits…


…and the London Establishment…


If we look again at the BRICS Post article that announced Batista’s selection to the BRICS Bank, it offers an additional bit of interesting information…

« The first meeting of the bank’s board of governors will be in early July during the BRICS summit in Russia, at which it will formally appoint its president and vice-presidents… » 

Zhu Xian, vice-president of the World Bank, has been picked by China as one of the four vice-presidents.”

So who will be running the “fresh, new” BRICS Bank? Guys who hang out at Davos, who help run the “tainted, old” IMF and World Bank, and who are trained by the London Establishment and the Vatican Jesuits.

The BRICS Freedom Fighters: change we can believe in…

…(as we ride the Turnip Truck Express into the New World Order)

For the previous updates from this series, click here.

[Note: As I double-checked this entry prior to publishing it, I had trouble connecting to the BRICS Post article. They could be having technical difficulties.]
With love…

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"What If Berlin And Frankfurt Do Not Budge" - How Varoufakis Saw The "Worst Case Scenario"

"What If Berlin And Frankfurt Do Not Budge" - How Varoufakis Saw The "Worst Case Scenario"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/01/2015 12:55 -0400

Central Banks Creditors default Eurozone Fund Flows Greece Reality

Over a year ago, and long before he became the mascot for fraught negotiations between Greece and its creditors, Yanis Varoufakis penned a lengthy essay on what might happen should the Greek government decide to stand firm in the face of pressure from Brussels, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

Earlier today we learned that in fact, Greece will stick to its negotiating position even in default and will remain defiant to the end, or at least until the voters who swept PM Tsipras and Varoufakis into office indicate at the ballot box that concedeing the Syriza campaign mandate is an acceptable outcome. With the government urging Greeks to vote "no", the Tsipras and Varoufakis' gambit will be put to the test next week, or perhaps even as early as this afternoon when the ECB could decide to effectively bring the Greek banking sector to its knees.

In this context, we bring you Yanis Varoufakis' vision of the endgame, straight from the embattled FinMin himself:

That Greece has the right and the opportunity to deploy these bargaining cards there is no doubt. The important question is this: What if Berlin and Frankfurt do not budge? What if they tell Athens to ‘go jump of the tallest cliff’? The Greek government currently claims that it has a budget surplus. While I strongly doubt this claim, I suspect that a small primary surplus can be concocted through some additional cost cutting and a leximin squeeze of top public sector incomes downwards (without affecting the lowest incomes, pensions and benefits). That should suffice to allow the Athens government to meet its needs during any medium term standoff with Berlin and Frankfurt, as the Greek state will need no financing either from the official sector or from the money markets. In short, the answer to a German “Go jump” can be: “We shall not jump but we shall stay rock solid within the Eurozone and behind our demand for a debt conference. Just watch us.”

Berlin and Frankfurt will, undoubtedly, be furious. They will issue a variety of threats, including the suspension of structural fund flows from Brussels. But the real battleground will be the banks. As they did with Cyprus, where they threatened the government with an immediate suspension of the island nation’s ELA, so too in the case of Greece they will threaten to pull the plug on the Greek banks. Two points need to be made here. First, the Greek banks no longer hold any Greek government debt, which means that their collateral with the European System of Central Banks cannot be downgraded legally. Secondly, Frankfurt will have to think twice before it issues the threat of bending its own rules to close down Greek banks – since doing this would threaten to engulf the whole of the Periphery’s banking system into another cascading panic.

Confronted with such a reality, I have good cause to hope that Berlin will prefer to accommodate the Greek government and to look with a great deal more ‘kindness’ the ‘request’ for a debt relief conference. And if it does not, and wishes to bring the Eurozone down with it, let it do its worst, I say. 
With Brussels and especially Berlin having now run fresh out of "accommodation", we shall see shortly if the ECB intends to "pull the plug."

Updated: Problem/Reaction/Solution
Off-world proxy rule by Qing Dynasty Royals

Dr Henry Todd. Nationality: Ostensibly UK, Cover occupation: Everest Tour Guide,
real occupation architecting and coordinating the international banking systems
and maintains its continuity of control through various politically contrived
iterations (phoenix-ing) of the  banking system into a new entities, while maintaining
the same earth-based proxy controllers, the Chinese Qing Dynasty Royals, who in turn
work for a larger FINANCE system complex off world. Dr Todd is very old, nobody is
quite sure how old, yet he still climbs Everest...

[7/1/15, 9:52:39 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: From Oliver Troll:  Probl React Solution - BRICS/AIIB/SDR 2010 voting Quota - IMF and the US left to dry??

Heather:  Left to dry?

 Honey, who do You think has the long term foresight, determination and cunning???   Who "infiltrated" ALL Corporations of US, and "International" regulatory Corps, I.e. UN and it's subsidiaries, I.e. World bank, IMF, Feds, BIS, etc., and Europe, ALL WAYS, to "coordinate" the failures from within while simultaneously purchasing controlling interest of the SWIFT, UCC, and every bank on the planet????

 ....and purported creator of a purported "alternative", I.e. BRICS, AIIB, etc???

All roads led to China, not Rome....

and even then, China was only the last planetary hub to a much vaster, complex and cunning "cosmic parent system"

...thanks to the Beings such as Henry Todd, aka Dr. Todd, and whatever other names he goes by in the "Cosmic Parent System"... (primary architect of China's proxy rule via US Corp and Fed system and the primary architect of BRICS, AIIB, etc intended Phoenix...that they now realize will never "rise" )

whose last efforts were neutralized on Mt Everest with his team that consisted of various militaries, specifically china and Russia, and Googles head of Privacy...which died while Henry only came home with a broken thumb...

...matters did not go as they expected, similar to White Mountain* (dec 2014)

...all is being made visible NOW

[7/1/15, 9:54:51 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: ENOUGH.

[7/1/15, 9:55:30 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: IN PURE LOVE AND GRATITUDE:  GAME OVER.
[7/1/15, 9:55:46 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I:

[7/1/15, 10:00:30 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: Now You BE AWARE of a few of my doings over "past 9 months"

[7/1/15, 10:02:50 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: ....with ALL I AM...I read every thing You all post in here...I AM PRESENT...and mostly in silence as I AM DOING is every One in this room ;) (kiss)

[7/1/15, 10:04:34 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf I: I Love You and express profound Gratitude for every One BEING AND DOING.



Banker rituals on mountains is no longer allowed

* White Mountain = Mt Blanc in French = Mt Bianco in Italian.  
Prior to each re-Phoenix of the financial slavery system (last reset took place the during the Clinton administration in 1996) bankers perform rituals on the highest peaks of the planet.  To force the energy of slavery deep in to the planet.

The mountains of choice were Mt Blanc in the French/Italian Alps, Mt Everest in Nepal, The Atlas of Morocco and scattered others around the world... Gaia is no longer accepting that negative energy being forced deep inside her.  The recent earthquake in Nepal demonstrated Gaia's response and it happened while the bankers were on that peak.  

Charlie Chaplin's Comedic Prophecy...

This is a prescient speech from the movie the Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin... and its prophetic of this moment we are approaching NOW... could anything be more dictatorial (and a faceless dictator committee known as the EU Troika) that Greece now faces?

From Wikipedia:

According to Jürgen Trimborn's biography of Nazi propaganda film-maker Leni Riefenstahl, both Chaplin and French film-maker René Clair viewed Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will together at a showing at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Film maker Luis Buñuel reports that Clair was horrified by the power of the film, crying out that this should never be shown or the West was lost. Chaplin, on the other hand, laughed uproariously at the film. He used it to inspire many elements of The Great Dictator, and by repeatedly viewing this film, Chaplin could closely mimic Hitler's mannerisms.

Trimborn suggests that Chaplin decided to proceed with making The Great Dictator after viewing Riefenstahl's film. Hynkel's major speech near the end of the film, delivered in German-sounding gibberish, is a caricature of Hitler's oratory style, which Chaplin also studied carefully in newsreels.

The film was directed by Chaplin (with his half-brother Wheeler Dryden as assistant director), and written and produced by Chaplin. The film was shot largely at the Charlie Chaplin Studios and other locations around Los Angeles. The elaborate World War I scenes were filmed in Laurel Canyon. Chaplin and Meredith Willson composed the music. Filming began in September 1939 (coincidentally soon after Germany invaded Poland, triggering World War II) and finished six months later.

Chaplin wanted to address the escalating violence and repression of Jews by the Nazis throughout the late 1930s, the magnitude of which was conveyed to him personally by his European Jewish friends and fellow artists. The Third Reich's repressive nature and militarist tendencies were well-known at the time. Ernst Lubitsch's 1942 To Be or Not To Be dealt with similar themes, and also used a mistaken-identity Hitler figure. But Chaplin later said that he would not have made the film had he known of the true extent of the Nazis' crimes. After the horror of the Holocaust became known, filmmakers struggled for nearly 20 years to find the right angle and tone to satirize the era.

In the period when Hitler and his Nazi Party rose to prominence, Chaplin was becoming internationally popular. He was mobbed by fans on a 1931 trip to Berlin, which annoyed the Nazis. Resenting his style of comedy, they published a book titled The Jews Are Looking at You (1934), describing the comedian as "a disgusting Jewish acrobat" (although Chaplin was not Jewish). Ivor Montagu, a close friend of Chaplin, relates that he sent the comedian a copy of the book and always believed that Chaplin decided to retaliate with making Dictator.

In the 1930s cartoonists and comedians often built on Hitler and Chaplin having similar mustaches. Chaplin also capitalized on this resemblance in order to give his Little Tramp character a "reprieve".

Charlie Chaplin's son Charles Jr. describes that his father was haunted by the backgrounds shared by him and Hitler. He writes,
Their destinies were poles apart. One was to make millions weep, while the other was to set the whole world laughing. Dad could never think of Hitler without a shudder, half of horror, half of fascination. "Just think", he would say uneasily, "he's the madman, I’m the comic. But it could have been the other way around."
Chaplin prepared the story throughout 1938 and 1939, and began filming in September 1939, one week after the beginning of World War II. He finished filming almost six months later. The 2002 TV documentary on the making of the film, The Tramp and the Dictator, presented newly discovered footage of the film production (shot by Chaplin's elder half-brother Sydney) which showed Chaplin's initial attempts at the film's ending, filmed before the fall of France.

According to The Tramp and the Dictator, Chaplin arranged to send the film to Hitler, and an eyewitness confirmed he saw it. Hitler's architect and friend Albert Speer denied that the leader had ever seen it. Hitler's response to the film is not recorded, but another account tells that he viewed the film twice.

Some of the signs in the shop windows of the ghetto in the film are written in Esperanto, a language which Hitler condemned as a Jewish plot to internationalize and destroy German culture, perhaps because its founder was a Polish Jew.

Below is a musical version the same speech by Melody Sheep:

From riches to ruins: Ancient Greeks 'stored millions in cash' in Parthenon attic
From riches to ruins: Ancient Greeks 'stored millions in cash' in Parthenon attic

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Parthenon, Athens (Image from, Athens (Image from

While Greece has become the first developed nation to default on its international obligations, archaeologists believe they have discovered the place where ancient Greeks may have once kept millions in silver and gold.

A team of researchers managed to recreate the attic inside one of the world's greatest cultural monuments in Athens. Although historical records do not reveal where exactly the coins were stored on the ancient landmark, the Acropolis of Athens, researchers believe that the Greeks kept their coin wealth in the Parthenon's attic. It has long been destroyed, but according to the researchers its floor would have been the size of a swimming pool, 19 meters wide by 50 meters long and about 3 meters high at the center, Live Science reported. During the period when the building was dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Parthenon was used primarily as a treasury.

"The attic of the Parthenon is the only suitable space large enough to hold all of the coins in the treasury," study researcher Spencer Pope, a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, told Live Science. "While we cannot rule out the possibility that coins were distributed across numerous buildings, we should recall that the attic is the most secure space."

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