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Fulford is Not Cloned Updated 3/25/12

One of the more ridiculous rumors floating around last week was that Ben Fulford was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured on the island of Montserrat and that a clone had taken his place.  Why anyone gave credence to this foolish idea is beyond me.  I didn't publish it because I knew it was false. 

This wacky rumor was spread by someone calling themselves "Former White Hat".  Apparently he's done this to more than one person and is now the subject of several investigations and lawsuits.  I'm not going to bother linking to his web site.

Freelance Journalist Jim Stone, who runs the blog  has this to say about the rumor:

“Emperical evidence indicates Benjamin Fulford is REAL, To those of you who have sent mails or think Fulford is a fraud, consider the fact that AS SOON AS I mentioned his name, the Japanese embassy let me in, no questions asked, no ID shown, NO scanner NO NOTHING. They bypassed ordinary security protocols and just let me in. That’s not normal for an embassy and if Fulford was fake that NEVER would have happened. I’d say that not only is he real, he has clout.

Stone also has some rather interesting Fukushima high resolution photos which contradict mainstream news accounts of the damage and events. Ben Fulford has been saying for months that the situation is nothing like the fictional account that has been broadcast on the major news networks.  Take a look at his photos of Fukushima from above and Fukushima from the front.  These are very high resolution. Left click to enlarge on your browser.  He's made some interesting notes on the images.

UPDATE 3/25/12


So far I have not responded to the "former white hat's" accusations because they were so bizarre and infantile. However, enough people have e-mailed me that I have decided to respond. My sources are telling me that the "former white hat," is an agent by the name of Mike(please respond in person Mr. Cotrell if you wish to deny this). Mr, Cotrell is being hunted by the Russian FSB because he was, along with Leo Wanta, one of the people who looted the resources of Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is in London, England right now.

Cotrell was hoping to make himself hyper-wealthy by getting personal access to the funds meant for the people of the planet and became disillusioned when he found out his group was not being taken seriously by the people setting up the new financial system. Leo Wanta is a good man as far as I can tell but the funds he had access to belong to the people of the world and not him personally.

The accusations that I was "replaced by a clone," were so ridiculous I did not feel the need to respond until I found out many people took this seriously. All that happened was that on December 13, 2011, I went to the mountains of Japan and sat by a stream with a friend to make sure we had complete privacy so that I could ask her if she was being blackmailed by Luciferian agents. It turns out they had her younger brother hostage which was why she was doing certain things against me. That situation has now been resolved.

The "black hats," monitoring me went into a panic when I went off their observation grid on that day as did the agency people who were protecting me. The result was a sort of under-cover panic and subsequent internet storm of misinformation that I had been "kidnapped." I was not.

The only evidence put out that I have been cloned is that recent pictures of an overweight me with long hair and a beard look different from 10-year old pictures of a thinner me with short hair and no beard.

Also, I recently found out the bizarre tumor removed from my spine a few years ago was something known as a teratomatic tumor which has many different types of cell in it. The Japanese doctor who removed it did not want to tell me what it was because, thinking I had typical Japanese sensitivities, he thought I would be upset at the loss of my "twin." That is why it was a mystery to me at the time it was removed.

In any case, truth-seekers must not fall for the old cabal tactic of getting their opponents to fight each other. We all agree we want to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, have world peace and enter a new age of discovery, abundance, wonder and freedom. Let us concentrate on that and avoid negativity whenever possible.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Fulford


  1. Of course Fulford has clout. A descendant of G.T. Fulford who tried to finance Tesla and major writer at Forbes magazine, he is not some random Utube blogger who came out of nowhere.

  2. When is his movie coming out?????

  3. In the picture accompanying this article Ben Fulford has that look in his eyes like he might be pulling an Orson Welles style prank but on the other hand there is much truth to what he says & this picture of him could be many years old. RE: The Leo/Lee Wanta story check out the related articles by Marilyn M. Barnewall at and the related articles at Veterans Today written by Senior Editor Gordon Duff. I highly recommend reading them.

    1. I could swear I just read a description attributed to Fulford of those 5T Swift transfers having been a practical "joke" of some sort played on Lord Blackheath. If I actually read it in the last White Hat Report (#38), it must have been a funny joke alright, because they just pulled the report, on advice of someone who didn't think it was so funny. Ha Ha.
      P.S. Go back and reread Duff on Wanta. He's really just pissing into the wind...also about the black gold, way behind the curve.

  4. ben i want to thank you for all you have done and what you are still doing.i found you on camelot and been watching you on loads of sights and your video's and on american kabuki and others ,
    thx ben love to meet you one day and thank you up close.
    sergio leone. uk


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