Friday, March 9, 2012


Friday's Greek default event saw the curious reactions of the CNBC martket shills.  It was "everyone saw this coming" or "this is no big deal!" Still the market was down despite the cheery talk and smiles from the finance babes and the chest poundings of the silverback gorrillas of market punditry. It remains to be seen what happens on Monday.  

This video is from Bloomberg TV.  CNBC's videos are still not working.

And this from


kauilapele said...

Just found this 1509 HST (3-10-12 0109 UTC)

American Kabuki said...

Thank you for that. But I am unable to get that to work from where I live. Perhaps others can.

Liam said...

so does this mean war between bankers and hedge funds since the ISDA didn't back insurance for hedge funds?

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