Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Mystery Towers Near Primm Nevada

Drove by this construction project off of I-15 at the California border and the town of Primm Nevada.  These towers are in California. They are huge! They're about 4 times the size of a high voltage power line tower.  I'm guessing about 20 stories tall, perhaps taller. They all have these black boxes at the top.  The base near the front tower is about the size of that vehicle/tractor that would move the space shuttle and is made of steel.   These look like radio frequency devices to me, they are all in one line which suggests an antenna array.  HAARP 2?    About 3-5 miles up the road on the Nevada side of the border is a power plant with high voltage lines that seem to go into this area.  Nevada has much more relaxed pollution laws than California and its much easier to build power plants outside of California.

If anyone knows what these things are please let me know.  There also seems to be one of these towers south of Las Vegas.  They seem much too tall for oil or natural gas drilling.  What so strange about these three towers is there is nothing else out there in the desert in this area.  No airbase, nothing.   There are a lot of military bases in Nevada and this part of California, this is not too far from China Lake.

Power plant just south of Primm Nevada, you can see the height of the power lines,
the three towers are about 4-5 times the height of these power lines.


  1. Just a few thoughts... being an Electrical Engineer by training.... I know that there is a Solar Power Plant outside of Barstow that has a central collecting point, and a circular array of mirrors that focus the sun on the collecting point.... That was the first thought that hit me, and would also explain power lines going into this area.

    HAARP relies on low frequencies to transmit, and that requires LARGE antennas, much larger than could be contained in the towers (and there would be a bunch more, idea is to have an array of antennas, and 3 does not make a great array)...

    Just my thoughts... your mileage may vary.

  2. It looks like the towers are a solar farm and they are connected to the electric plant across the border in Nevada. This is according to the California government...found it on a website on the internet. There was a lot of controversy around the building of it because the planning was done behind closed doors and was not open to the public.

  3. Looks like the solar project announced in 2010.
    See link below.

  4. My initial reaction would be to say these are solar power plants, possible molten sodium, and just missing the mirrors.

    1. i just past them andthey do have mirrors

  5. Hello friends,

    Maybe those towers are the first visible sign of the coming new aera of free energy, maybe those are some kind of "TESLA Towers"?

    Just a guess...

    All the best,



  7. Wow.... life is funny.

    I was flying from LA to Toronto less than 24 hours ago. Flying back from the island of Kauliapele' Blog (Kona) to London.

    When my girlfriend and I looked out the window we commented to one another as to what these could be. I suggested they could be larger fracking units. We had no idea we were over the town of Primm, but since you higlighted this I google mapped this and saw them... google provided a link to:

    This is the technology...
    Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems use lenses or mirrors combined with tracking systems to focus sunlight which is then used to generate electricity. The primary mechanisms for concentrating sunlight are the parabolic trough, the solar power tower (not to be confused with solar updraft towers) and the parabolic dish. The high temperatures produced by CSP systems can also be used to provide heat and steam for a variety of applications (cogeneration). CSP technologies require direct sunlight (insolation) to function and are of limited use in locations with significant cloud cover.

    Here is Max Keiser interviewing the head of Nur:

    With love,
    Freeman Stratos


    Its Concentrating Solar..

  9. They look like solar collectors that they aim hundreds of mirrors at, they are usually very tall and the black boxes absorb the reflected heat.

  10. Traveling from the border of Primm on Interstate 15 in a Southwest direction approx. 4.83 miles there is an overpass (Yates Wall Road).

    Due West less than two miles of this overpass there is a complex that looks like a huge crop circle. It's listed on Google Earth as Ivanpah Solar Energy Complex, with the web address of

    The location of the overpass on Google Earth is
    Lat 35deg,32'27.43"N
    Lon 115deg,25'10.96W

    Is this the area that the towers were seen at? It's about 4 miles South of the powerlines that cross I-15 near Primm, Nev. I'd like to see if I can get a street view of these towers!

  11. Whats underneath the may be the question?

  12. It's a solar power plant under construction. Have a look using Google Earth. Or just search "Primm, NV towers", it's literally the first hit you get.

  13. apparently they are solar power towers:

  14. I went to Primm, NV today to see what these towers were and one of the workers at the lottery store said they were set up for solar energy. I also went to the mall and asked the security guard the same thing and he said it was for solar energy and there is solar power on the ground like people put on their roofs. However, when I went to google earth, nothing shows next to Primm, NV except the golf courses. Are they hiding something? Please email me at if you can let me know what they are hiding?

  15. HI AK, These towers look like CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) heat towers, the build big arays of mirrors around the tower and the focus the suns rays onto the black box at the top. This very high heat they convert to steam and then turn steam turbines to produce power.

  16. They are heliostat receiving towers for the Hidden Hills Ranch Solar Electric Generation Station.

  17. These towers are part of whats called The Ivanpah solar electric generating system.They can produce up to 370megawats of electricity enough to power up to 275,000 homes.

  18. Look like mining towers... but what they are mining there idk?


  20. They look like solar collectors that they aim hundreds of mirrors at, they're usually very tall and the black boxes absorb the reflected heat.

  21. It is Brightsource's Ivanpah solar energy project:

    The towers are part of a Solar Energy Generating System (SEGS). The towers are 450 ft tall. The 3 tower project site is expected to be completed in 2013.

  22. I also wondered what the heck these things were. They looked like rocket launcher gantries to me!

  23. Ivanpah Solar Power Facility


  24. There is a similar project outside of Tonopah. This technology is unproven. The feds are using the stimulus bucks borrowed from your grandchildren to create jobs. In this case, the jobs come in the constructing of this high-risk venture. Take out the big federal bucks and no such project would be forthcoming. I live not far from Altamont. those windmills there earn handsome tax write-offs for the landowners but little else. These solar towers near Primm and Tonopah will create modest amounts of electricity but not self-sustaining amounts. These towers will, however, provide a nice tax write-off for those who keep these schemes going.


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