Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kauilapele's Blog - Ireland: Land of the Pharaohs

“Ireland: Land of the Pharaohs”… Link to PDF Copy…

Mahalo to “msarroz” who sent this link in a comment. I have placed that link below, and also a link to a storage location on my own server.
Some of you may be interested in reading this book by Andrew Power, as it has been mentioned by Montague Keen several times.
Link via msarroz: Click here
Link from KP storage location: Click here


Ajna Andy said...

This is in alignment with what Montague Keen has been revealing..

Alfred Nannimuss said...

Thanks for this link. I'm already hooked into the narrative 15 pages in. Quite the reading assignment, though!

Dianne Stevens said...

Thanks for the link you have also provided here. I'm pretty sure many people will benefit from this.

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