Monday, August 27, 2012

Light Worker Chatter From a Sedona Cafe

Sedona Arizona

I'm back from a short trip to Northern Arizona.  You probably noticed my postings were not as frequent although Sophia Love kept the blog alive during my absence with her blog posts on Love Quest.  We stayed in Sedona, the hotels in Flagstaff were simply full due to all the students returning to University for the fall semester.

When we left home Thursday I had the strangest thing happen to me.  I felt pretty good over all, but every sentence I spoke to my wife and daughter in the car it was as if I had come down with a slight case of that gibberish syndrome that struck those TV announcers over the past year.  I would say a well known word and I'd put an odd ending on it.  Other times it sounded like English was my second language and not my first.  I could think of the word but it was coming out of my mouth in odd and unusual ways. Sometimes dyslexic, other times like I didn't know English at all, and one time I sound like a hillbilly.  My daughter was in hysterics laughing at the things I was saying.  All I could do was smile and shrug.  I have no idea what was going on, I felt a little tired but other than that I was fine and I had no problem driving the car.  After about 4 hours into the trip the episode cleared completely and never returned.  If this is an ascension syndrome symptom, its a new one in my book.  Its not as annoying as the odd aches and pains since 2010, just a little frustrating while trying to express a coherent thought.  But at least my family found it amusing!

Coming into Flagstaff on I-40 I saw an unusual sight.  The San Francisco Peaks, had three layers of clouds. Right at the peaks was a cloud surrounding the very top of the peaks, the last 1000 feet of the mountain peeked through.  Above that was a huge lenticular cloud about 10 miles in diameter.  Some call lenticular clouds "cloaked UFO" or "cloud ships".  I am somewhat agnostic if lenticular clouds are cloud ships, and have been reticent to call them that. I am no expert on that.

Above the lenticular cloud I saw was another set of turbulent thunderhead clouds we often see in Arizona during the southwest's monsoon season of July and August.  Three layers of clouds in all.  Very unusual arrangement of clouds.  As I mentioned the cloud to my wife and daughter and told them about how some people believe they are cloaked mother ships,  we pulled around a hill on I-40 and the mountain was obscured for a couple of minutes.  When it was in view again, the lenticular cloud had vanished entirely, as if it was never there!  Now that got my attention!  Clouds do not evaporate that fast!  I did see dozens of other smaller lenticular clouds scattered throughout the area.

The weather was partly cloudy and we had some torrential rain showers which cleared as rapidly as they began.  Pretty much typical weather for this time of year in Northern Arizona.

Friday night my wife and I had a conversation about my blog and the things I have come to believe, she's very skeptical and believes nothing will every change on this planet.  She's a good woman and a wonderful mother, but she has a slight tendency to see the cloud in every silver lining.  She's not unusual, most of humanity has this view.  Most people just want to survive and get by and raise their children in peace. And the record of history in the last 6000 years gives them little encouragement anything will change.

I explained the best I could in the drive through the midnight fog of Oak Creek Canyon about the layers of dimensional density in the universe and how the human form is found in 3D, 4D and 5D levels.  How were were meant to be physical angels of physical creations, but that we had been entrapped on earth for eons in a cycle of reincarnation under the rule of some very dark and negative beings.  Beings which have been and are being removed by higher beings for our benefit.  I explained the galactic cycle of 50,000 plus years and how stars align  at certain moments, like a galactic tumbler lock, to pass huge amounts of energy to trigger new cycles of evolutionary growth.  During these periods mankind has the opportunity if they choose, to advance spiritually to new levels and higher existence.

Then she asked me the question, which I knew she'd ask, "HOW DO YOU KNOW?"  That's a tough one. You've likely faced it yourself.  Ultimately I can't answer that question with articles from David Wilcock, Steve Beckow, Blossom Goodchild or mysterious graphic, articles and tips I receive in email from sources known and unknown.  Those sources helped me immensely, but it was the divine that somehow awakened me, for only the divine knows where I came from, and what it takes for me to see.  I can only relate the journey I took and the things I learned along my way. I can only tell her my very human story of discovery (of which she's had a ringside seat), the thousand and one things that confronted me.  Information that always tied into what came before.  It seems telling the tale of my journey, she comes to understand the why of of what I believe, even if she doesn't yet accept it herself.  She can at least accept the reasons behind my convictions. She appreciates that I do not force my unusual views on our family, quite unlike what her and my father did while we grew up within the quirky religious teachings of Herbert W Armstrong.  I do not know what choices she will make.  That's very much beyond my control.  All I can do is be the very best person I can be with the knowledge I do have, and that will speak more than anything outside myself.   My light has to shine for any of it to have any true meaning.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at a Sedona restaurant.  The table to my left  had a very loud man who's voice reminded me of Richard Hoagland, but he didn't look like Richard.  There were four women with him, and they appeared to be fairly well off.  I was less impressive with my Nautica T-shirt and jogging sweats on.  They appeared to be the sort that enjoy the light worker seminar circuits, going from seminar to seminar around the more beautiful and energy active places on the planet.  They seemed to do this a lot.  They certainly had more money than I do for that sort of thing, but people like these also keep people like David Wilcock, David Icke and others in enough pocket change to provide the rest of us with great free information. So I don't begrudge them their wealth. I wish every one had that.  I am glad some people can choose to spend their wealth in seeking the light.  My path has been a bit more lean financially...but I have learned much from sharing the same circumstances as the average man.

They mentioned an unspecified conference in Hawaii where they frolicked with dolphins and some friend of theirs was "toned" by a dolphin.   Two of the woman started reciting some dire prediction about pole-shifts, and I knew which web site she was reading.  Part of me wanted to walk over and whisper to the woman, "everything is going to be okay!" But I restrained myself.  This seemed like a great light worker anthropology moment.  And I like people watching anyway.  The man quickly told the woman that  various channelings have indicated that dire things she feared where not going to happen during ascension, and that what was really required was to stay in a state of oneness and joy at this time.  I smiled at that.  Where else on earth could you walk into a restaurant full of strangers and overhear a conversation on Ascension?

There will come a time when Spiritual knowledge of the Creator of All, and the Spiritual creation will be known by all.  That time is not far off.  Eventually light workers will move on to other tasks, perhaps other worlds.  But right now we all have a lot of work ahead right here on planet Earth!
"....they will be my people. They will no longer go around setting up schools to teach each other about God. They'll know me firsthand, the dull and the bright, the smart and the slow." - Jeremiah 31:34 as translated in "The Message" bible.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful synchronicity AK, things like that really let you know you are truly the following the life path laid out for you. Keep it up! Love and Light!

Anonymous said...

I had to make a comment before I finished reading your post regarding the words coming out of your mouth in an odd and unusual way...that same exact thing happened to me many many years ago and I have not forgotten it to this day. I was in Northern Lower Michigan at a cabin we once owned, it was in the early 80's and it first started when I was trying to sing along with a song on the radio. I remember the words coming out of my mouth all wrong (mixed up)...I could think clearly but the words did not come out right. I cannot recall how long it lasted and I never mentioned it to anyone...I thought I had a brain tumor but here I am 30 yrs later and it has never ever happened again. =/

Anonymous said...

Let it be, let it be my friend; very nice indeed.

Calliope the Muse (make me a tinfoil hat) said...

A wonderful post, AK. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself in this one. I really appreciate it a lot. :)

dawnb said...

The gibberish thing-I have done this a couple of times fairly recently-the friend I was with one time said it sounded like another language.For the life of me I couldn't speak properly.The second time I just stopped speaking and tried to think if I was trying to say something I shouldn't have or being judgemental..I was giving my opinion and maybe it was not welcome at that time! I was also feeling pretty tired.Thanks for writing this post.

Anonymous said...

Your episode of speaking difficulties sounded familiar to me. Do you have migraine auras? Mine manifest as visual difficulties - blind spots, and then brightly colored lights which I call "zigzag snakes," which start small and expand outward in my field of vision until they are gone. They are visible with my eyes open or closed. The episodes usually last about 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes they are followed by the types of speech irregularities you described, particulary if I attempt to read aloud. What comes out of my mouth sounds like gibberish. These things have happened to me since I was a child; my mother had them and both my daughters do, too. The episodes often occur when a weather front approaches, such as today, when Isaac is heading our way. Very interesting phenomena! Thankfully, I hardly ever get the migraine headaches, though when they do come, they are pretty unpleasant. By the way, I don't know exactly how I stumbled onto your website, but I enjoy reading the posts here. I don't really understand your beliefs, but they are interesting. I confess that I recently wondered if these lights I see could be related to the light you follow, but they are completely inside my head, and I attribute the experiences to physical causes.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

I never have had migraines and seldom ever get a headache, unless its related to sleep apnea. My CPAP machine is failing and not holding pressure, so the past week or so I have had some headaches.

I have had sleep apnea since I was a child. Seems to be genetic thing in my family, my brother has the same issue. I was born with two enormous tonsils, I had those removed in 1991, which helped enormously. Doctor said they were as large as golf balls.

The failing CPAP machine and my sleep apnea may be taking my oxygen levels low at night. So that might be the root cause.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

I was tired many late nights getting everything together to take my daughter to her University. Plus just a week earlier I had driven to Wyoming and back for my mother's 90th birthday. Not like I have had a lot of sleep lately.

StarryOne said...

Brilliant AK - just love to know we "workers for the light" are sometimes just the average folk who take out the garbage and feed the cat, drive our kids around and love our families - no matter what, while still having glorious experiences of Divine Bliss! Enjoy your travels and your family - our gifts are so many - immeasurable really. Love and Light to all...

imtracyac said...

Lovely editorial. I enjoy your writings, I hope you can share post like this more often. Your view is a welcome read. What a great experience!

I cannot remember if I ever thanked you for posting about Dr. Dan Mathews,(at least I think it was your site that had a 2 vids on him) Such amazing, eloquent description of what is going on and why. Amazing story. It has kept me going dring some hard stuff.

Much love and hugs to everyone, especially those in Haiti....we are in for Issac here in the South, prayers needed.


imtracyac said...

Lovely editorial. I enjoy your writings, I hope you can share post like this more often. Your view is a welcome read. What a great experience!

I cannot remember if I ever thanked you for posting about Dr. Dan Mathews,(at least I think it was your site that had a 2 vids on him) Such amazing, eloquent description of what is going on and why. Amazing story. It has kept me going dring some hard stuff.

Much love and hugs to everyone, especially those in Haiti....we are in for Issac here in the South, prayers needed.


Anonymous said...

this is the kind of post that is most fun for me, and I do speak for myself. I enjoy your company often and appreciate your working like this for us. cheers up a dull evening (not that I ever have those) s.

Anonymous said...

Those are definitely dragons. I saw a good one too recently holding a globe in its claw.

WaveParticleWave said...

I just wanted to thank you for writing this - I needed to read it! In particular, I needed to see the part about your discussions with your wife. My boyfriend of four years, who I love dearly, is entirely a skeptic of everything - and self-admittedly too much of one! I've undergone a spiritual awakening in the last year and a half and it has been very difficult at times to navigate discussion about the nature of the universe in my relationship. He loves me and absolutely accepts that I meditate and am spiritually inclined, but if I were to tell him any of my beliefs about Ascension, extraterrestrials, or the cabal - boy would he think I was crazy (and I would have as well, not too long ago). I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate seeing direct evidence that I am not alone in dealing with this aspect of my life with my significant other. And I admire that you were so honest about your beliefs! I'm not there (yet). This has been one of the toughest parts of the awakening/Ascension process for me. My sincerest hope is that the truth is disclosed in an undeniable way and I will be able to share it with my life partner.

Sending you gratitude, love and light!

Anonymous said...

AK, I must say you hit the nail on the head for me. I have a very similar relationship with my wife. I have found my path and am very comfortable working in the light, although Iowa can be a bit challenging at times as there are many here in the corn fields that are comfortably asleep. I use the mantra, "inch by inch its a cinch, by the yard its hard". We are all here together at this moment in time/space to carry the torch!

Peace My Friend!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how helpful it is to hear this. I feel so distant from my wife at times as she doesn't accept what I internally feel. I'm a reiki master and have had some luck with a mediation that's called "pillar of light" that connects on to the christ conciousness grid. All of which seems like pagan nonsense to her. It's been hard to communicate or experience things as a result. Thanks for your touching commentary.

Do As One said...

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        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

The word pagan comes from Latin, it means religion of the peasant. So the original connotation of the word was of a belief that was "uneducated". Kind of how atheistic materialists look at Christian fundamentalists today. It changed over time to become associated with the devil. All religions have corrupted knowledge of things spiritual, but pagans did understand that all things were one in God. They also understood Gaia was a feminine creative entity or energy and was mother to all life on this planet. We still carry that forward in our language when we refer to "mother nature". When you don't understand the oneness of God, that God is in everything, and see everything and everyone as separate - anything that is not "you" is potentially an enemy and constant vigilance is required (so they think). Gaia while deserving of respect, is not the Creator Source of All, which Christians and other Abrahamic religions worship, but neither is she deserving of ridicule or disrespect anymore than any human mother is worthy of disrespect of her children because she is not God. We all hold our mothers dear, for the endure much from their children to bring them to maturity - and the same is true of Gaia.

As near as I can tell there never was a "Satan" as some sort of cosmic counterbalance to God. There is dark beings who have chosen to separate themselves from divine love and parasite energy from those who are connected to divine love - and humans have a natural connection to the divine in their heart chakra.

Karen Armstrong wrote a book on the history of Satan in the Bible and its a concept that evolved from meaning adversary to Satan and Lucifer in the New Testament. From what I've read, and this is not a subject I spend a lot of time on, is that Lucifer is a pretty recent term that came from Dante's fictional book The Divine Comedy, who was a helper to Satan. Dante's writings became a kind of belief system in themselves in Christianity and form the basis of most Christian beliefs about hell and Satan. Somewhere along the line Satan became one and the same with Lucifer and the terms in our modern age is used interchangeable. We see this quite often when people write of the Cabal being Satan worshipers. The Cabal worships Lucifer, which apparently is the same entity known in the Old Testament as Moloch, whom the Children of Israel were rebuked for sacrificing children to. Cobra posted some links on his web site that goes into this dark creep subject in some detail about how the Jesuit black nobility hold to a prophecy of Malachy which is a thinly disguised reference to Moloch. Moloch finds prominance is such places as Bohemian Grove and other Cabal gathering places. For me learning that Lucifer is a renamed Moloch explains why there is so many missing children on milk cartons. Moloch had an appetite for human children going way back in time.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Its my opinion that much of what has been attributed to demons in scripture is really the archons who are twisted fourth dimensional monster-like entities that are currently being removed from Earth's surface and astral realms. The Christian gnostic scriptures speak of the archons.

Enough said on this subject I suppose. Not my favorite subject to talk about. But perhaps it might be worth pointing out to your wife that darkened ones are not the harmless nature loving pagans but those in strategic power points of society that truly do worship dark spiritual entities.

Its useful to keep in mind that we have on our side such a mighty host of beings from the light who are taking care of these beings who have made so many wrong choices they are perhaps unredeemable and must be uncreated in the Galactic Central Sun Alcyone. Its curious the darkened ones have made decent human beings fear in teachings such hell fire and brimstone, the very fate they knew they'd face in Alcyone. But even for them there will be no Eternal torment, just a complete reset of the soul and all memory and evolution reset back to zero to start over.

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