Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out of time

Picture In June it was a shock.  After a decade of sweeping the seconds, the kitchen clock crashed to the floor.  There was no sudden movement or jostling to have caused it to do so.  We laughed, because it occurred on my son's birthday, saying "time stopped the day you were born!"

As there are cell phone clocks and microwave clocks and stove clocks, I was in no hurry to get another.  But eventually I did.  It lasted a week or two.  It too, has come crashing to the ceramic tile floor and is no longer recording the passage of time in this home.

I suspect that we are vibrating out of time.  I don't think I'll purchase another one.  I am wondering, is anyone else having similar experiences?  It is getting interesting, for sure.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

I had a similar ocurrence at home about 3 to 4 weeks ago. My kitchen clock which has been hanging in the wall for at least 12 years that I have been living here fell to the floor in the morning behind the refrigerator. This ocurred right when I opened the fridge's door. But since the fridge does not touch the wall it meant that it had already fallend during the night over the refrigerator and was just standingo loosely over it. So when I opened the door, I guess by some vibration the clock completely fell to the ground.
I was puzzled because this had never happened before.
I latter discovered there had been a bunch of small tremors that night, but still all of them were very week (~3), unperceptible. We have had much stronger tremors(~5) here in Puerto Rico in previous years and the clock had never fallen down from the wall. So I am still wondering what
brough it down. It was not working anymore so I throwed it in the trash. Today I placed a Horn-of-Abundance picture in the place where the clock was more clocks in my kitchen!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Adriaan Jordaan said...

Our analog kitchen clock stopped yesterday morning at 745.

dclf1958 said...

my watch stopped a couple of weeks ago. I do not need it anymore. I do without

Michigan Mom said...

Sophia, I am woefully out of my "human" costume right now. It is the oddest of times- at least for myself over the last week. I feel like my vision is larger than my earthly body, as if I can see all around myself in a 360 degree circle. And there is no motivation to do ANYTHING, except bungle through the things one has do do daily. The whole point of my existence right now is waiting...for what, I cannot tell you. But nothing in this world holds my attraction or attention or even my concern. It is just like my old life is no longer real, like I am watching it on a timeline that keeps getting farther away from me. Sure wish something definitive would happen. This, whatever it is, is so uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

About two weeks ago while I was out with my other half, we were in the car and I received somekind of download. It was like a still photograph in motion it showed me a horizontal line crashing into a wall and splintering off into millions of fragments as it did. The line was not stopped by the wall, but it continued to push into the wall constantly being broken into slivers.
At first I thought, maybe there will be a train wreck into a building or something- but a thought was 'put' into me that it was TIME. Linear time that can go no further. That it is close to this wall and is crashing now. That there will be pieces of time that will be splintered, that may be memories or experiences and we can go back and look into them. The splinters looked like tiny mirrors.

...and then a small voice said, "Refresh, refresh, refresh."

The only reason I am replying to this post is because of the picture you used. It absolutely floored me!

Sophia said...

Or in mine! Great story...I suspect it wasn't the "tremor" from the earth, but a much different vibe! ;)

Sophia said...

Interesting... so many have reported stopped clocks now, I am glad to know we are all stopping "time" together!

Sophia said...

I am getting so used to not checking the time, I just sort of sense it is time to move on to the next event, whatever that may be. It is like I exist in time "pockets"... there is a pocket for dressing, one for cooking, etc... all things happen at all "hours" of our "day"... not regimented any longer, for sure.

Sophia said...

I hear you.... Today I received this "exercise" and a note from Inelia Benz. In her note she said this:
It has come to my attention, at an increasing rate, that we are moving heavily into an area of time space that will present some challenges for us. The way these challenges are manifesting for many individuals is through a sense of wanting to "retire".

What we are going through, at a collective and personal level, is a barrier.

This downloadable MP3 will go into an exploration of what this barrier is all about, as well as give you a step by step way in which to identify if it is a "good or bad" thing, and how to process it if it is negative.

I haven't listened yet, but I will. I described this yesterday as being similar to the "nesting" instinct I got just before the birth of my children!

Sophia said...

It took me the longest time to find the right picture... pages and pages of images and none of them fit! I guess we know why, now! What an incredible visual image you have shared... Wow.

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