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A truck heading from Rochester to Queens, NY crashed on Interstate 81 Monday, along with its cargo of $10 million in silver bars. The truck and $10 million in silver slid down the Interstate embankment, with the silver strewn across the interstate.

In other news, Jamie Dimon spent New Years Eve vacationing in upstate New York.

We hope rescue workers were able to recover every last bar, as we are talking $1 billion in rehypothecated paper silver at risk.


Anonymous said...

Happened on the 17th of December -- what was going on within a 48 to 72 hour window of that date? Anything specific, or do you think this was an attempted liquidation to upstate NY just due to generalized turmoil, panic and/or maneuvering within the system? I agree with this commentator form the story link:

"Very interesting news… When was the last time in the past 30-odd years in the US that there’s been any story of a shipment of so much precious metals being in an accident, especially Silver bars?

Also, the story says nothing about what may have caused the crash… Was someone trying to heist the load?

Another thing, $10 million worth of physical Silver (10 tons) would take quite a bit to obtain in the current crunch in physical Silver supply, so this is a huge amount by Silver standards.

This is the kind of thing that movie story lines are made of…"

Ray said...

I thought there was a silver shortage with people having difficulty getting delivery.

Anonymous said...

I feel good for laughing hysterically...It's just so ironic.

What's next? A crane lifting a load of gold bars off the ocean breaks and it all falls in, exposing that it's just tungsten bars? And it's too heavy of a box to now lift due to the oceanic forces and gravity?

Anonymous said...

route 81 is NOT inbetween these 2 places. rt. 90 runs from one to the other. rt. 81 runs from Albany north to the canadian border.

Sautee said...

I disagree with the above post regarding I-81. Interstate 81 runs from Watertown/Canadian border south through Syracuse to Binghamton/Pennsylvania border in New York State. According to Google Maps, the shortest route from Rochester to New York City is to take Interstate 90 East to Interstate 81 South in Syracuse to Interstate 380 in Pennsylvania to Interstate 80 in New Jersey which goes to New York City, 334 miles. Therefore the truck would have reason to be on I-81 if it were going to New York City.

Anonymous said...

You think that maybe it had already been stolen, and they were making off with it? Or maybe the Fed decided to give out a fake story, AGAIN, trying to hide the heist they made on the US Treasury, making a run to the Canadian border? Would be a couple of interesting scenarios, wouldn't it? :D My bet is on the FR trying to hide the real stuff, and substitute it with maybe silver coated tungsten. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ya ya ya

If silver was going to 1 trillion a gram as the people online
keep hoping, (Its called a pipe dream by the way)it would be there already.

The fed buys bonds so the US gov pays less interest on its debt. QE is not even 10% of total capital being sucked back by US gov bonds.

Also of note: The dealers have an over suppy of silver, so if you wanted to, you can buy any amount of silver you want.

The only reason silver has not droped to $1.00 is because the world is full of poor people spending food money, on ETF's or coins everytime the TV says buy.

Anonymous said...


Albert Morison said...

So sad!!!!!!!!!!!
Who is responsible for this compensation.
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