Sunday, January 13, 2013

UPDATED 1/18/13 VIDEO: The One People's Public Trust - Presentation



ktbokc said...

Wonderful, wonderful!!! Awesome job AK!!! Just one minor request; would it be possible to slow the changing of the slides down by 3 or 4 seconds? I was not able to read everything and had to keep stopping that awesome music which in turn kept stopping the intensity of energy that is fully palpable in this video! Really a fantastic job, I am still feeling the energy of it!

Babycakes said...


Great to make viral!!

Chace said...

AK..thanks for this..and I know your still getting the hang of video editing..but this moves way to fast(and I am a fast reader) for most to get through, and it means that most will only get bits of info as opposed to the entirety of the message. Have a lovely day-C

Anonymous said...

I am listening to this audio and it is more double speak with no real answers. Me telling my mortgage holder there was never a loan made is not going to work yet. When do we get some real answers?
The explanations make sense, when do we get the information that empowers the people?

Anonymous said...

AK - Who is "Judge Dale"?


Anonymous said...

Great job on the presentation.

On slide 21, perhaps instead of "They are Bankrupt," it could say "The Corporations are Bankrupt." Or, something like that.

Also, the second paragraph of slide 14 is vague to me. Who is "they?"

Near the end, there is the word "your," and should read "You're."

In fact, I think using contractions are too colloquial for a document of this import.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the people are waking up, and I sincerely hope that in all eternity , there is never another EARTH, that is allowed to be controlled by evil, let us learn the terrible lessons of our history, never again to steal other people's lands, to allow any wars at all, to pollute, to divide, to judge, we should never have been allowed to live in a body and to experience such disgusting controll........
freedom here we come, and lets put all the dark ones away for ever and ever AMEN

Anonymous said...

Question again from several days ago - Who is the undefinable "Judge Dale"?

Betty said...

Dear Anonymous Jan 13... wow, names would be easier to connect with!
What we have to do (and I am still working more deligently at understanding myself) is take everything back to the Consitution... lawful money, lawful exchange of money (via loans) being they must be backed by lawful money--which is gold/silver--NOT what has been excuted via banks for umteen years. This is where the notice of "no loan was made" comes into BE-ing. Banks take the value of our homes, using numbers in their banking systems, without real lawful money exchanging hands between banks (at all). Another place you may check to perhaps "get this" better is the website wherein Foster Gamble does a wonderful job in explaining all in simplist terms with visuals to help us get the picture. Blessings to you~ Betty

Anonymous said...

How do I get rid of the timestamp window.
Using the X doesn't work.

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