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Updated with Translation: A Letter from Greece

Hello OPPT Dream Team and Brian !

I emailed the following introductory letter about the OPPT and all relative sites to all Greek Lawyers ' Associations ,41.794 members the three Greek Universities' Law Schools and consumers'association.

With 500.000 at least families in distress due to their delay in paying back their debts "loans" and "taxes" installments and 26.8 percent unemployment , i.e.1.500.000 jobless people in an aging population total of 11 million, the OPPT '' high spiritual technology'' shall hopefully be most appreciated and also act as an awakening factor.

Infinite Gratitude Respect Love

Maria L.Pelekanaki

English translation below, Greek original follows after...

--- Translated by Nikos ---

Here it is:

Maria Pelekanaki’s letter to certain groups of the Greek society

Chania, February 23, 2013

To the Secretariat of all Bar Associations of Greece with the warm request for forwarding the Notice.

To the Secretariat of all Law Schools of Greece with the warm request for forwarding the Notice.

Topic:'' The One People's Public Trust''. '' TOPPT''

[Nikos: here follows an attempt for articulating the title of OPPT in Greek]

Dear Ladies, Dear Gentlemen,

I constantly search on the Internet seeking for answers to the bitter problems of my social and economic reality. Answers or directions or even analyses, not of wood, not of paper, not of clay, not of tin, as those offered to me by the conventional media, local and international, but essential, accurate, convincing and, hopefully, effective.

So I discovered and watched the project and the corresponding site of “One People's Public Trust” and all the relevant sites, after their first appearance, about two months ago, until today.
I take the courage to inform you about that, with the wish and the infinitesimal hope someone will recognize in this Trust a potential usefulness and applicability to the given Greek situation. 

Perhaps some already know about it. Perhaps some others have already rejected it as invalid, after their own investigation. But what if nobody knows, or what if it is not really invalid? 

I personally shall soon be unable to cope with the taxation liability and the basic expenses of survival. I can see a constant deviation of my life to marginalization. I want with all my heart to resist to this foreseen course. Not with anger, not with placards, not with a dynamic or weak punch, not with tear gas, not with changing of governments every now and then, not with swearing, not with humiliation. But peacefully, with smart actions and with such a solid truth so that self-evident becomes self-proved and enforceable.

The “One People's Public Trust” was created by a group of American legal professionals, who have already begun to win trials and save from seizing properties and houses of borrowers and debtors among their fellow citizens. They offer their expertise for free to anyone who asks for it and already many groups of interested people from many countries have started a co-operation with them. I have noticed an enthusiasm from all sides, so far.

The Trustees of the Trust looked for the time of birth of the U.S. Constitution and the Creating Will and Essence of its Articles*. As far as I have understood, it seems that what they have identified is not consistent with the current reality of “Economics of rising debt” and “printing of paper money”, conditions that have been created by governments, the grid of energy, pharmaceuticals, food-industry, military, and the corresponding financial system. 

Indeed, in their texts they refer to governments as Large Companies – Corporations – and prove that these companies have, as their ultimate aim, the seizure of property of individuals and nations, manipulating and controlling the free will of the people, for the benefit of very few. They exercised successfully, as it is shown by the resulted injunction (foreclosure) against all major corporate organizations, governments, banks, multinational companies etc. for the benefit of each one of the inhabitants of the Earth. 

So I thought: if this group of people has a sincere interest, acts peacefully, and through the exercise of justice and the implementation of laws, they defend themselves, their co-humans, their countries and the countries and people of the whole earth and Greece, WHY NOT ME, WHY NOT US?
So I wrote this note and send all information, in the hope to inform as many of your members as possible.

Humbly, with appreciation and respect.
Special thanks for your attention.

Maria L. Pelekanaki

Attached below are relevant addresses:

1. Press Release: Alert: The Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations Including Banks
2. OPPT Courtesy Notice
3. OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines and Instructions
4. The One People's Public Trust (OPPT).
What is the One People’s Public Trust

For communication and additional information

*Here is a result of the lack of clarity in the manner that OPPT’s texts are written. People all over the world do not have the ability to figure out what OPPT’s trustees want to say (Nikos)

With Love and Gratitude,

Removing the Shackles: Repeat After Me....


Repeat after me:

"The Time is NOW- THIS moment of NOW.

We are ready to show our Eternal Hearts to the universe.

We are READY.... NOW!

He's my brother

Absolute control is invisible.  It is the belief that we are not slaves that most securely reinforces our shackles.

We know just one way of DOing – division, judgment, correction.  We are BEcoming something new.  We are BEing Love, utilizing our heart and DOing Agape.  This has not been done before.  As we take our first steps, trip, get up and begin to walk – the Universe watches.  They are waiting to see us run.

We will.

We’ve already chosen Freedom.  Now, to figure out what that means.  As we internally shift from mind control to heart guidance, our world will sync up.  It has to.  You may have heard that we are “off script”.  It’s all Imrov now folks.  There is one rule for a successful improvisation.  It is “yes, and”.  On stage, we take our queue from each other and continue.  As in: Actor A: “I see you are using that hair gel I told you about, you look great!”  Now Actor B can say “You noticed!  Now I have more time to do my favorite thing in the morning, square dancing!”  or “No, I tossed that, it didn’t work.” 

The first reply gives Actor B something to work with.  “You square dance in the morning?”  While the second ends both the conversation and the scene.  “Oh.”

We are looking to engage not control.  A world of free beings does not wait to be told what to do.  A world of equals decides what works and does it – together.

We are in a process.  We are all very familiar with what has been the game until now.  A place to start might be learning the game of freedom.

We’ve heard about the One People’s Public Trust.  Have you read the filings?  Any of them?  How about the Declaration of Independence?  The OPPT is not an institution.  No one is going to tell you what you must know to succeed.  You’ll have to decide on your own.

It will be uncomfortable.  It is a re-learning.  Improv is scary, sometimes awkward yet what comes out of a session is complete Unity.  You were all in it together and none of you knew what was going to work.  Often, magic takes over and an amazing invisible choreography organizes a beautiful, hysterical show.  It truly is a case of “Whose line is it anyway?”

Yet there is structure beneath the chaos.  After you are in it awhile, you begin to get it.  We are in the process of building the structure. 

How we will build it is up to us.  there are some of us already thinking about it.  The Fix the World Project, begun by Hope Girl is an example.  Here is a link to her blog: Hope Girl and the Fix the World Project

For starters, let’s absorb the truth of what has been re-stated – our Freedom.  Let’s declare, with our every thought, word and action “The slavery stops here.”  This is not a call for punishment or us vs. them.  This is a declaration.  “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”  We are One.

This transitory stage is a learning stage.  There will be markers for us to see and take note of.  “Here is slavery.”  This is freedom.”  We need both to start the process.  Contrast will define our journey and clear the path for us so that we are able to run free.

We’ll get there because it was always the plan for us to get there.  Our hearts will show us the way.  We are the One’s we’ve been waiting for.

Max Igan Speaks to Freedom Central On OPPT

 Max Igan Speaks to Freedom Central on OPPT w/Host Mel Ve


I hope you enjoy this dialogue with Max and Mel. Some great points are made which shine some light on the UCC filings that I believe will help those who still carry any reservations to their legitimacy. If there are still doubts, my suggestion, which I've carried since OPPT came out into the open remains the same; GO WITHIN, ALL the answers you will ever need are there, waiting to be discovered :)
In Absolute Gratitude to Max & Mel for their incredible DO'ing,
~ Brian

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