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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kauilapele's Blog: “Soap OPPTeras”… and Staying out of them…

“Soap OPPTeras”… and Staying out of them…

oppt_logo_blue26I’ve heard about all this stuff, and soap operas are not my game. No desire to add any energy to all that. Anywhere, anytime. So when I realized that this was what you might call a “Soap OPPTera”, I stayed (energetically) out of that as well, and just sent Light (and all that metaphysical stuff) to it (although I did enjoy watching Ron Van Dyke’s video response to this).
So in order of appearance, here are the “Soap-OPPTera” events.
  1. Neil Keenan Update: Exposing Global Account Frauds – OPPT Is The Cabal In Disguise
  2. Ron Van Dyke’s video response to this
  3. Neil Keenan Update: Rising Above Cabal Divide & Conquer Tactic – OPPT Not To Blame For Threats

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ron Van Dyke Answers
Paul Short's Zen Gardener Article
on the OPPT

By American Kabuki

I have an article in progress on Paul Short's article on the Zen Gardner Blog (and since mirrored on Drake's web site), but as I was working through it, I found a bit of  sarcasm coming out in my own response to what to me was sheer ignorant fear on the part of Paul Short.  Sarcasm never translates well in electronic medium because it lacks the tone of voice that makes it funny.  Humans have invented emoticons to put a bit of that emotional tone back into electronic conversations, but its just not the same as saying something in person. I decided to put my attempt aside as I felt the approach I was taking to answering the article line by line would not be received in the way I hoped it would.

The logic of ending the system and having the Illuminati be happy about it escapes me frankly...but if you want to give away your personal power to make postive change and convert it into fear they can use, that's your business...  They are expert at generating that kind of energy and then harvesting it. They built a whole system of enslavement doing just that!

I try to ask myself when writing, will the audience who this is written for "get it", and I didn't have much confidence in my first effort.  I may revisit it later.  My capability for biting sarcasm sometimes is not the most useful tool my toolbox.  Its better used in personal situations.

I have the full text of Paul Short's email interchange with Heather, but I will quote the bit that I think gets to the heart of the matter and perhaps the motive behind his equating the OPPT with the Illuminati, I hesitate to say even motive because I really don't know the man's heart for doing what he did. But here's the text:
...I am appealing to the OPPT and it's founding members and requesting that you please find a way to translate some of the value you hold in trust on my behalf into currency that I can use to sustain myself and honor the person-to-person contract I have entered into with my landlord. This request is not for some pot of gold or huge sum of money, it is for enough for me to exist in and interact with the current defacto corporate system during the transition phase to the new OPPT envisioned one.

Some background on me: I'm 45 and have been trying to live as what is commonly known as a Freeman for the past several years. I live peacefully by the common law and have actually tried to put into practice documents similar to courtesy notices and the like, but with little real success. I'm familiar with common law, trust law, UCC, the current (former?) slave system, the subversion, etc. that has been happening on this planet in some form or another throughout most of human history. So I'm on the side of the principled of OPPT and will be using the information newly available to me in my persuit of freedom, happines and dignity my creator intended for me to enjoy while on this earth.

And with all that being said, I need a portion of the value OPPT holds on my behalf. $5,000 CAD will be enough for me to live on for the next 3 months and should be enough time for me to make other financial arrangements to get me through the transitional phase into a free world via OPPT.

Paul didn't get his money ahead of everyone else.  And if he thought the OPPT was the Illuminati why was he asking for it?  I need money too, but I haven't asked for it ahead of everyone else. I haven't got a dime from the OPPT but do think its been worth every bit of energy I have put into promoting it!

Paul clearly hasn't truly read, or at least understood what the OPPT has done.  But he will come around eventually.  Same will be true of Drake.  All of them think they are looking out for other's best interests they just don't quite see it yet... I get that.

Nothing has been secret here.  In my dealings with Trustees Heather and Caleb their openness and candor has been breathtakingly astonishing to me.  This is NOT the CIA-linked Neil Keenan secretively leaking bits of things here and there.

Someone sent me this video the other day, and I apologize to the person who sent it to me for not viewing it.  I thought the person sending me it was sending me more Paul Short type stuff, and I just wasn't in the mood for it. Turns out it is quite the opposite.

Ron Van Dyke tackles the Paul Short article head on.  I think I need to clarify one point before viewing this video, the only ones "bonded" are the Trustees themselves (as best I understand it) to absolute transparency and accountability, but other than that, this is a pretty good answer to Paul Short.  Good job Ron, you answered it better than my first attempt did...

Ron’s website is

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drake's Meets Source...

These are Drake's words, not mine.  Emphasis is mine. Comments in red are mine. 

Oh yeah, if you go over to the link at Drake's site there's something on the graphic about the Pope that says humans were created by the Annauki, that's incorrect, (you really didn't think they Annauki who created religions to cover the truth would also tell the truth about the origins of humanity did you?).  They were created in parallel to humans.  They are ten stranded humans instead of 12 stranded.  They lack the emotional DNA of the other 2 strands.  Both were created by the Elohim (who have returned by the way for this next phase of humanity...) -AK

Arrested? (Clarification)
Posted on 02/16/2013
By Drake


The subject here is Religion, ALL of it.

Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.

In order to get any ‘idea’ across, the idea has to have merit.

Merit calls for Validation. Achieving validation requires proof that can not be disputed, as in evidence, etc.

Within each of the beliefs there is one main problem, proof.

It is taught that man is to use ‘believing’ as his/her individual proof. In this way, there is and are no other proofs required.

IF there is no God/Source then just exactly who or what answers?

Problem is, is that I have witnessed that there IS such a being as God/Source. This was on a spiritual level NOT physical.

While there, I had to ask when I saw, ‘are you the real deal’? That entity turned to me and said, ‘Yes.’

I stated that I sure hoped he and the others would return in order to straighten out all the lies that had been presented to mankind.

In the process of exiting this higher dimension, I clearly heard ‘Yes, we will…’

And so many just know it will be only a single select holy entity that is to visit. Oops! Seems a lot of things are NOT as they seem.

Contrary to many, God does exist.

[well...God as an old man in a cloud sure doesn't exist... God who counts sins in a giant sin credit bureau doesn't exist....kind of depends on what you mean "God" and what kind of image that brings up in one's head... -AK]

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Updated: OPPT - Transcript:
A Conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf,
Trustee of The One People's Public Trust

NOTE: We are still reviewing this transcript, and it will change when we insert words that were difficult to hear due to the phone connection.  I put it up in its raw draft state so the translators can get started on translating it to other languages.  -AK

Updated: 1/5/2013 "contracts" corrected to "contrasts" -AK

Hello everyone Brian here from the American Kabuki ground crew. I am so incredibly thrilled to be here celebrating this beautiful moment of now with all of the amazing beings who will be listening to this call over the course of the coming days and weeks. Words couldn’t possibly express the level of gratitude I feel for being blessed with the opportunity to play part, even if it is a small one of this recent unfolding of events that have been taking place in this grand cosmic shift that we are currently undergoing.

Now, whether everyone in the world realizes it yet or not, it truly is the most exciting time to be alive in the history of humanity and I thank my creator everyday for sending me front row, VIP seats to all the action.

Now, from an inner knowing that goes beyond mental comprehension, I know that we all chose to be here at this time to experience the journey we all are embarking on right now, altogether as one people united.  While we may have not been shot heralding into the new age on the 21st at least consciously, like a great many out there predicted, we absolutely are experiencing an enormous shift in energies and massive transformations to our inner as well as outer worlds. I know I speak for many when I say that I fully believe that the shift of the ages, which all of the ancients prophesized would occur in 2012 is in fact unfolding right before our eyes on a myriad of levels on each moment.

Now, Ascension isn’t what we are here to discuss today, but we are here to discuss the liberation of the planet, and the 7 billion of us that call the earth “home”.

For the past year, talk of prosperity funds, whether it be in the form of NESARA, the St Germaine Trust, the Leo Wanta Funds, the Reagan-Mitterand protocol, all of the above have become a hot topic being discussed across every blog site and discussion board across the internet, leaving many very frustrated and losing hope that one day one of these funds would make it into mainstream media and pave the way into a new age for peace and prosperity.

Now, I am here to share with everyone that the moment we have all been waiting for is finally and very divinely here upon us. A few days ago, on December 25, an organization called “The One People’s Public Trust”  (TOPPT)  came exploding onto the scene with their first official “announcement.”  This document appears to be announcing that the United Nations, the IMF,  BIS  (Bank of International Settlements), the Hague, the World Bank and others have been legally and officially foreclosed upon.  The next part of the document which I will read here has triggered a tsunami of responses, much heated debate across the blogosphere and online forums everywhere.  This passage reads,” The people, all people equally on earth have an individual, duly verified sum  certain of 5 billion, that’s billion with a “B” in lawful money of the United States of America gold and silver. Over 3 quintillion, 500 quadrillion, (which, by the way is a 3 and a 5 followed by 17 zeros) just and duly verified equity debt against the debtors. There is an additionally duly verified sum of 5 billion in lawful money of the United States of America, gold and silver, for each of those people damaged by the actions and systems of the debtors, over 3 quadrillion lawful money of the United States of America, gold and silver, in duly verified debt of damages against the debtors.”
Now, what this means exactly has been left to lots and lots of speculation, obviously, so today we are here in full transparency to discover the truth of this official announcement.  These are just a few highlights of what will become official announcements by TOPPT, headed by the organization’s front man, or front woman I should say, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

B: Hi Heather, welcome to the call, are you there?

H: I am Brian, thank you.  How are you this evening?

B: I am doing well, Heather. How are you?

H: It’s good, it’s good, thank you for having me.

B: Absolutely, and we also have on the call a special guest, D from the Removing the Shackles Blog site. D are you with us?

D: I am with you Brian. And hi Heather! Nice to talk to you again as well.

H: Hi D. Good to talk to you, too.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interesting Article at Drake's Web Site on UBS Theft of Indonesian Gold

There's an interesting article at Drake's web site about UBS bank's attempted theft of Indonesian gold bullion.

Poof writes:

EVERYbody is getting a hosing out, Barclays in Switzerland just dismissed a buch of employees that had no idea they were getting fired, just a call to report to a certain spot. Then their personal belongings were brought to by security in little box and told your services will no longer be required and don't be seen on this property anymore. The gold is controlled by the dragons.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hang Tight Folks!

For those with ears that hear and eyes that see... big solar sun spot rolling around... Lunar eclipse on the 28th...

"The Event will be a special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, it will calm humanity in the light of love energy - its an energy not seen before on earth, the banking system will stop, accounts and currencies reset, and arrests will be made..." Cobra 11/26/2012

I've got approval to post my POOF Interview video in two days.

And now this...

Is this it? What does this mean for Keenan and Drake?  Were they weapons of mass distraction?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RMN: Drake apparently getting new intel sources, now wonders if Obama might be a good guy.
Drake apparently getting new intel sources, now wonders if Obama might be a good guy.

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 12-Nov-2012 04:56:56
Hi, Folks -

Previous to Sunday, Drake had been pretty regularly "down" on Obama and considered Romney possibly to be the better choice.

I haven't made it all the way through the first hour of the 4-hour recording yet, but in his show Sunday Drake indicated some of the information he'd received previously has proven unreliable. It's not his sources, but the folks who were feeding information _to_ his sources, that appear to have been the cause of it.

Somewhere at about the 38 minute mark, Drake mentioned that the election wasn't about what it seemed to be about. Instead, he indicated, it was a sort of referendum on whether we (the people) wanted to go full-bore ahead with a war profiteering approach.

"If Romney had been elected, it would've taken about three weeks and we would have been in World War III," he said.

"Mr. Obama has done a whole bunch of things I really disagree with," Drake said. But, "We've got an iffy, and that's Obama." He notes that an unusual number of current Cabinet staff, etc., are saying they'll be leaving those positions. Drake observes that it must mean Obama is making some changes that are unusual in their scope for an incumbent. "What would happen if that man turned out to be a good guy...?"

The 4-hour rambling recording can be listened to, here:


Thursday, October 18, 2012

DRAKE: Awright HEADS UP!!!

I don't usually post Drake's stuff anymore as its been so often incorrect, and I think he's peripheral to what the military will do. Drake has served an important role in setting up the legal basis to restore the Republic back to its people with the research he has done.  My take on Drake is he's a liaison with the Dragon societies and a means for the military to keep the militia groups from being loose cannons in this whole process.  I am posting this now because it SEEMS to fit with some information that fell into my lap this week.  Keep in mind Drake is prone to a bit of showmanship as to his own role in this, but my sense is there is something larger that has already begun.  

Keep on eye on high strangeness in high cap stocks on Wall Street and other financial anomalies that occur in rapid succession  I don't have prior know of that, but if I was directing this show that would be part of the arsenal to bring down the cabal. Probably not a good idea to panic sell the markets. That's not a problem most of us have, as most of us are just trying to survive as it is. But pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds might not have much other choice than to do that.

New post on American National Militia

Ready, Set…

by Drake

Awright, HEADS UP!!!

I have been trying to let everyone know...everthing BE very CLOSE...Yes?

Well, guess what?

Da End Game IS at our doorstep...

We ALL need to complete our readiness/preparations...NOW.

All the things I have been expressing on the shows and our website are just about to START... Get that right, Start...

Anyone who needs to be talked to, do it now...

There will be several 'notices' coming from several places in order let everyone know what is going on and what to do.

We may NOT get to our Sunday show...IT is that close...think first of next week at the latest.

I have received intel from five of my contacts that stipulates that the 'action' is very close to taking place.

WHEN notification is to be made, I will be posting it on this page and our website.

Exciting as this is...each of our actions must show restraint, take it slow and easy. Do not lose your control or take extraordinary actions just yet.

Make sure you are in contact with the militia in your area, they will receive the 'final' instructions at the right time, and you will need to know that information.

Everyone should be careful and safe as this unfolds.

Drake | October 18, 2012 at 9:09 am | Categories: News | URL:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Served Upon the Following Entities and their Executives:
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

These documents were posted on Drake's web site tonight. -AK

Cease & Desist – Neil Keenan Papers (Rev.)

Posted on 08/18/2012

NOTE:  ThIs is the reason dates don’t seem right.


The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968 (this is why the dates differ between Kennedy’s signature and the dates of the assets) when Soekarno fell from office and when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global Currency. As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in 1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made between Kennedy and Soekarno, the 1968 terms of the gold delivery to the United States being different than made in 1934. When after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, a reissue of the bonds in an increased number were issued as commemorative notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold, the Dragon Family being held by the Soekarno Trust, the Indonesian Elders, Holders and Gatekeepers. The Soekarno Trust held mostly all assets throughout Asia.

Served Upon the Following Entities and their Executives:
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)


Under penalty of enforcement of the lawful rights, powers and authorities detailed in this
Order, enforceable on national and international law enforcement and national and
international security levels of all countries involved, on the basis of applicable laws as
applied to the facts supported by evidence, you are hereby formally served this legal and
binding Order to Cease & Desist certain highly illegal and criminal activities.

Official criminal complaints to numerous agencies on various high levels in multiple countries
are already being actively prepared by qualified legal counsel with veteran law enforcement
and national security consultants, to be filed imminently.  In the event of your failure or refusal
to deliver to us convincing formal written assurance and binding commitment to comply with
this Order, by reply within 3 banking days, then such criminal complaints will be filed.

Although specific laws of the United States are referenced here as having effect and jurisdiction in
this matter, you are hereby WARNED that similar and analogous criminal laws of all related countries
based upon the same fundamental legal doctrines also apply, and are equally enforceable.
Immediate Demand Under Force of Law

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NEWS from Neil Keenan – July 23, 2012

This conversation was posted on Drake's web site.  Its seems to be a response to someone other than Drake but sent through Drake.  I don't know exactly what inquiry this is in reply to,  if anyone knows, please point me to the URL for the conversation that preceded this.  -AK

Good Morning my friend,

As always I want to keep things clear so no one gets confused most especially me.  The case and the liens are two different issues.  For the case I must return to Asia to receive the rest of the documentation, I have most recently been promised, that ties in much more than jurisdictional issues.  It ties in actions.

As you know the phony Euros printed by the European Central Bank are in our possession in Indonesia .  These notes are outright fraud and we have all the answers back to us from the system.  They have no value but they made them as payment for the interest on the Gold from the Global Accounts.  Once submitted as frauds the European Central Bank could be out of business.  If not then I will go back and bring back millions of Euros and let the ECB accept them and validate them or get out of business.  Then you have the end of this atrocity called the European Commission headed by some Eastern European Mummies from Hungary (Soros Boys). Exposing the Euro is this simple.

Soon we will be auditing and validating what is real and what is not.  The Indonesians have waited far to long for the long overdue promises to kick in.  Asia has waited far too long.  The Middle East has waited far too long.  The world has waited far too long.  Why?  Because the Kazars/Nazis controlled US Corporation has stolen from the Collateral Accounts from Day One.  Since when has a Kazar or Nazi ever kept even the simplest promise.  In this case they saw the opportunity to financially control the world.  Well, we are coming to close you down.  Your days in the sun (you are all so white I think you hate sun) are over with.  Exposure is already prevalent and in our hands but to literally take the money right out of your pockets will take just a little longer.  When we shut you down then it is up to others to straighten out the wrongs.

To date we have closed up the BIS on you and frozen trading for 90 days and making it very difficult for you to do anything.  The Central Banks are already in fault not default and in a few days they go into default.  It is only going to get tougher and when it does you will become more desperate but guess what?  There will be no corners to hide in so you will be forced to stay in the middle of the ring until this is over with.  It is best you take a good long look at your situation because soon it will be too late.

Sorry Drake got carried away,
Neil Keenan

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Has Revolt Started in America? Also, Why the Moonies and Nazis Tried to Kill This Writer Last Week

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
July 3, 2012

The long expected hot summer of discontent in the US has started with extremely suspicious “forest fires” disintegrating houses and chimneys into white ash but leaving trees and grass intact  near known Nazi underground bases in Colorado and with a “week-long” power outage around Washington D.C. following a “freak super-storm.”

Also, the White Dragon Society has now obtained original documents signed personally by US President John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno of Indonesia allocating the gold to be used to back the accord signed at the “Green Hilton Memorial Building, Geneva.”

Plus, this writer was approached after a speaking engagement on June 30th in Tokyo by an English-speaking Asian man (probably Korean judging by accent) who asked to shake my hand and then stabbed my wrist with a needle.

The needle stabbing took place after a talk in which I described some of the testimony being given by recently-arrested fugitives from the Aum Shinrikyo sect that was responsible for spreading Sarin gas within the Tokyo Subway system. The suspects are saying the entire incident was ordered by Kim Jong Il, who has long worked hand in hand with the Nazi Odessa underworld aiming to establish a “New World Order.”

Friday, June 29, 2012

Operation Omega Phoenix

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Operation Omega Phoenix
Posted by Cobra at 2012 Portal

I have contacted my sources and this is what they said:

The infiltration of the Positive Military group has been completely removed. The Positive Military is now ready for action. Also, the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadians are ready to back them up with their support.

However, I did not receive direct confirmation for the Green Light or that the sweep period has already started. If the Positive Military wants to confirm the Green Light or if they want me to distribute any message to the public, they can contact me at .

The Resistance Movement will have its own role in the Event and this is known under the codename Operation Omega Phoenix. This operation has two parts.

The First part of Operation Omega Phoenix has just been declassified and I can speak a little bit about it. At the time of the Event, a certain number of Resistance operatives will emerge from their subterranean bases to the surface. They will be wearing plain civilian clothes and not military uniforms. They will closely monitor the mass arrest process and will help the Positive Military and civil authority in the arrests themselves when necessary. Members of the Cabal that will be arrested by the Resistance operatives will be taken to undisclosed locations and later released into the hands of Positive Military / civil authority. The only exception for this are a few members of the Cabal that have committed crimes beyond this planet in their past and must appear before the Galactic Court. Most of those will be later returned to Earth for humanity to determine their destiny, but a fraction of them will be taken to Galactic Central Sun immediately.

Top people inside the Positive Military have been notified about Operation Omega Phoenix and they fully agree with it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cobra: Open Letter to Drake, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Bill Brockbrader
and Kerry Cassidy

Reposted from Portal 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am writing this letter in the name of all humanity. Humanity cries for freedom. Each day that passes, around 25,000 people die of hunger. Each day that the Cabal is allowed to exist, is a day of untold suffering for many. It is time for action.

It is time to forget our apparent differences and join forces in our fight for freedom. It is time to admit that nobody among us has total understanding and absolutely correct view of reality. If somebody has a different point of view, it does not mean he is automatically a disinfo agent. So it is time for each one of us to allow others to be who they are. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. It is time now to forgive. And then join forces. United we stand, divided we fall.

This is a call from my heart to all key positive players in this cosmic drama of liberation of the last planet in the grip of the dark forces - planet Earth. We need to join forces, share resources and support each other. We need to create a coherent field of intent that will manifest through the masses of humanity. We need to show them with our example how the world can be set free.

I invite all five of you to a meeting in a location you can choose, where we can settle the differences, forgive, heal and then create a unified field of light, love and support. If such powerful and dedicated people meet in one place, many synchronicities can happen. United, we can design a strategy how we can best assist the liberation of the planet.

I know there are friends of all five above mentioned people reading my blog. Please pass this to them as they might be too busy to notice and read this on their own.

You can contact me if you are so guided at and we can coordinate things.

Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra at 3:00 PM

Thursday, April 5, 2012

David Interviews Drake -- Transcript!

By David Wilcock

Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about to be arrested. Read this landmark interview transcript with "Drake" now -- before it becomes front-page news!
The problems we face in today's world are extraordinary. You may feel as if there is no way out.
There is a core group responsible for the majority of these problems. If this group is defeated, it will be much easier for us to heal our planet.
Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the 1970s -- according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed.
This is the official, full transcript of that discussion -- where we combined the strength of what both of us have heard independently about this plan.
Like it or not, a civilian uprising alone would never have the logistical and tactical ability to resist such a well-armed and deeply-entrenched group.
There is an absolute requirement that the military, or at least a significant majority of it, supports the will of the people in a case like this -- in order for us to have a real chance at succeeding.
Despite the intrinsic paranoia and fear associated with any change of this scale, I firmly believe this will be a quantum leap in the healing of our planet. Freedom is not a pipe dream. The people demand it.

Although a certain percentage of people are not strong enough to face the truth, just yet, everyone is aware at some level that we have occult forces manipulating finance and government.
Movies like "Thrive" lay it all out for you -- including the fact that these groups hope to kill billions of people, reducing Earth's population to a size they feel would be easier to control.
Foster Gamble recently made a video announcement that Thrive will now be distributed free of charge online -- as of today's date, April 5, 2012. See for yourself -- this is not a hoax:
Official Announcement that THRIVE Will Be Free

Here is the new, dedicated link to the FULL version of Thrive. When I checked it there were still only 203 hits, as it had just gone live. You can copy this, distribute this to your friends, and it will remain stable:
Official Link to Full-Length, Free Version of THRIVE Documentary

If anyone still doesn't believe that these genocidal plots are real, send them this link and watch this movie with them -- together.
They will have a lot of questions -- and will probably need to pause it frequently and talk. 

It may seem impossible to believe that anyone would want to install a global dictatorship -- but genuinely sociopathic people do exist.
In this case they are very well-organized, and have seized power very effectively -- particularly in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy -- the G5.
My own definitive statement on this is the Financial Tyranny ebook, featured here at Divine Cosmos.

The real core of this group's power lies in the control of the money system -- through the Federal Reserve banking families and their international equivalent, the Bank for International Settlements or BIS.
This Financial Tyranny is the underlying root of a staggering number of problems on Earth.
Starvation and disease is epidemic in much of the world, and even in the modern countries there is widespread poverty and economic hardship.
The majority of the world is completely fed up with Financial Tyranny, and has formed an alliance to stop it -- using as non-violent a means as possible, while still achieving the necessary results.
Drake has revealed startling new information. The plan was already developed into a five-inch-thick briefing document as of 1979.