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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

System Failure in the Slavery Systems...

One minor revision to the theme expressed below...
no one gets left behind in I AM...
for ALL is I AM...

...however the slavery control systems are coming down...

I know you are out there…
I can feel you now…
I know that you are afraid…
…you’re afraid of us  …you’re afraid of change
I don’t know the future...
I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end…
I came here to tell you how its going to begin…
I AM going to hang up this phone…
…and then I AM going to show these people
...what don't want them to see see
I AM going to show them a world without you…
A world without rules and controls…
A world without borders and boundaries…
A world where anything is possible!
Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you… 

Neo's final words in The Matrix 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room
By American Kabuki

December 17, 2013

We are in an amazing time of transition. Nothing is staying static, not you, your relationships, your interests. Even your very body is changing and in transition.  The old ways of being, class, "knowing your place", acceptance of abuse as just part of life, is rapidly becoming clear as the mental programming that separated your mind from your heart.  You were taught to distrust your heart.

The awakening journey is  a highly personal one.  How it begins is different for all of us. So is the ending, its all tailored specific for your journey.  How The Event, the amazing conclusion of duality happens to you, will be perfectly tailored for you.  There are no mistakes. Only learning and experience. There is no retribution for "mistakes". Only love and a welcome home.

You were taught you were worthless, valueless except that which the planetary control systems miserly begrudgingly parceled out to you for compliance.   Protocols, rules, procedures, beliefs and customs not even of your creation, we handed to you from birth and you told comply or else.  Social ostracism is a painful and powerful thing to experience, but you show me any spiritual seeker and I will show someone who has been booted out of at least one organized religion or another.  Friends and family connections lost, for as simple a thing as seeking answers by asking questions. Forbidden questions.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Are you IN the illusion or OF it?
Are you IN the illsuion or OF it?
Posted on March 14, 2013 by sojournerbe

This evolution is not perfect but the message gets across in a fun way. Compared to my first primitive pen, pencil, and marker rendition of “Are We Ready?” [to jump out of the Illusion] last week, digital is the way to go and I thank Word Press and some bloggers for the evolutionary leap. This is my second attempt to use Sketchbook since Wednesday. I’m having tech problems with Corel.

Now for the great question: ” Are you in the Illusion or of it?” Your answer to that  will tell you if you are ready. If you click on the image it should enlarge.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Do you Remember?

I was writing something very similar, but you know...this is even better than what I wrote!  -AK


Do you Remember?

Who you are?  Where you come from?

Do you Remember why you are here?  Do you remember the Game?  The Experiment?

Maybe you don't........ yet.

That was part of the rules of The Game- rules that WE made when WE created The Game. Rules that WE agreed with Source to follow when we all decided to play the Grand Experiment.

The Game is played like a theatre production: The players take their turn, each playing their part on the Grand Experiment Stage. Rule number 1 is that they don't remember.... anything. They are blindfolded and not allowed to look at the rules of the game or the instructions. The players are placed on the stage, with no script and no cue-cards, to interact with each other and ad lib as they go along. The only clues they have are the musical score playing in the back ground and their wits- receiving hints and bits of information from each other as they move through their part.

When we all decided to play The Game, there were certain players that decided to play their part off stage. They didn't forget, they didn't put blindfolds on.  These Players hid behind the curtain and had complete access to the Rules and the Instructions of The Game, and because of that they knew exactly how the Grand Experiment would unfold. These Players decided to set themselves up as the Directors.

In the beginning of the Experiment, the Play ran somewhat smoothly.  The players interacted with each other, ad libbing as they went along, learning to take cues from the music playing in the background and their interactions between each other. Then the Directors started to exert themselves,  proclaimed their authority and began to meddle in the Game.  They started giving directions from the sidelines, making up rules that interfered with the Players- taking away their ability to really interact with each other by shouting new directions that caused separation and division between the Players, dividing them up into teams so that they lost their ability to work together as one whole group.

To keep the groups organized, the directors placed Leaders in the middle.  These were their brokers and were responsible for dictating to the rest of the group the new rules and regulations. They demanded absolute obedience, their voices drowned out the music playing in the background and over-rode the ability of the Players to interact with each other and to use their intuition and wits to work together.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Do You Mean WE Kemosabe?

By American Kabuki

There's an old joke about the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto find themselves after a long exhausting horse ride staring up at canyon walls filled with hostile Apache warriors.  The Lone Ranger sensing the impending doom, turns to Tonto, his faithful Indian scout, and says "What do WE do now Tonto?"  Tonto slowly turns towards to the Lone Ranger, thinks of his Indian brothers and says "What do you mean WEkemosabe?"

The joke is funny, because it speaks to us of the shifting nature of allegiances in the game of duality.  Who's on first as Abbott and Costello posed the question... It can get quite confusing trying to keep track of it all. And nobody trusts anyone. And it gets worse the more money and power is involved.

Is the person who gives me a great scoop working in my interest, or giving me a short rope of disinformation to hang myself?  If you dwell on such ideas for long that's the sure road to paranoia.

Why does one blogger insist I must be the enemy of another if I am to be their friend?  One accused me a belonging to the cabal simply because I choose not judge another's motives. And the same people they wanted me to judge, judge another yet another blogger who's given me some of the most accurate information yet.  Why does everyone want me to put conditions on who I love?  Love doesn't require that someone else qualify for it.  Love poses no preconditions.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tarpits, Honeypots and Venus Fly Traps

By American Kabuki,

This is a very strange time.  All around us the autumn crispness of change is occuring.  Structures, institutions and energies of oppression crumble and disappate.  Amazing pieces of information are flooding into our consciousness from so many different sources about what lies ahead.  We've come a long ways actually, we no longer puzzle of what, we pretty much know that. We are also learning the how.  The when we do not know, nor do we know the pace of the change.

We get frustrated because we know we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. Galactics, interdimensionals, angelics, Elohim, the Crystallines, Gaia, Mother/Father Creator.  The Solar system is chock a block with craft.  Krulian cruisers doing what ever they do with their planetary sized craft moving in and out of the Sun.  We even have those who really don't care what happens to us, this is after all not their fight, but they are watching.  Curiousity has brought everyone it seems.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Drowning in Duality

As a solution to several requests, what follows is the note from the Love Quest, which is a Face Book event.  These will continue until 8.27.2012.

I sort of planned to explore today what oneness isn’t.  I think that it is easy to talk virtually about love and light and unity and then blame your boss or carry anger for what your ex-lover “did”.  In perfect synchronicity, my everyday life has been swimming in duality.  Actually, if it wasn’t for the Quest and all of you, I’d be drowning.  This has turned out to be more than I bargained for!  In no uncertain terms, I am dealing with duality.

These Quests began in the Spring of 2011 and were never intended to continue past the first one.  It was suggested as a way to explore in “real time” with each other what it means to love yourself.  I was a different woman then and walked around with a large wad of blame in my pocket.  After the first Quest, we all wanted more and here we are today, with monthly journeys and no end in sight.  The fact that Face Book shut down the first account hardly seems to matter.  Love prevails!

But what is not love?  It seems to be cropping up everywhere I look this week.  The whole notion of “what you believe is what you create” makes little sense if you are thinking about illness and poverty and physical harm.  Yet, the law of attraction exists. 

So what’s the deal?  Today I find myself dealing with issues of health and money and watching highly evolved people whom I love deeply doing the same.  It all comes down to self loathing.

It has to stop.  We’ve all watched “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” and read Neale Donald Walsch and Abraham Hicks and heard Mike Dooley and many others. We actually do know how this works.  We’ve been inundated with teachers because the programming runs so deep.  We’ve learned well, it is the un-learning that will set us free.

There are two thoughts that separate and isolate us.  One is that we are somehow “different”.  Two is that “No one would understand”.  Both are false.  A few years back I attended a seminar and the scariest part was this: you stood up and told the group, 100+ people, the worst secret you could muster up about yourself.  I was terrified.  As I listened and then took my turn I realized that appearances reveal nothing and second of all my worst was pretty much status quo.  We’ve all been there.   We’ve all done “worse” and we all deserve love in spite of it.

Duality is screaming to get our attention! Who are you?  Are you someone who hates?  Are you someone who loves?  Do you buy all this love and light jazz or are you convinced it is the physical you that is real?  We are being asked to choose.

Believing in the love that you are is the ultimate statement of truth, of faith.  Whatever is showing up for you right now – debt, fear, illness, anger, hatred or loss of any kind is merely a test. It cannot be ignored, and it is multiple choice.  It is not pass/fail; there are many ways to complete it successfully.  Within you is the right answer, the one that suits your heart.  You know what to do.  You came for this.  Remember.

Your spiritual evolution will continue in the most perfect fashion, following whichever blueprint you construct right now.  It is my deepest belief that tells me you are love.  We are not different from each other at all, and you would understand.

It is faith that will see us through.  Faith in love or light or God or Source or whatever term you use.  Faith in something beyond what these eyes are seeing.  You are not your body.  You are not your stuff.  You are divinity; an intricate piece of the fabric of life, woven into oneness.  You have done more than read these words today; you have possibly saved a soul.  As I turn on and shine my own light, I illuminate those within my world and there is no telling how far this light now reaches.

For darkness is only eradicated with light; with you.  Take care of your issues that show up today, completely and with a strong heart.  Yet do not embody them.  For they do not define you, love does.

We are so much more than we know.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much gratitude, I will see you tomorrow,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"Contrary to what we may believe there are only two authentic core emotions: they are love and fear. Other emotions are secondary and are typically masks for fear. Of these, anger is very common. Although we may have come to regard anger as a source emotion, it is really a smokescreen for fear. When we look at our anger, we can always find fear buried beneath it. In our culture we are trained to believe that it's unwise to show fear. We erroneously believe that expressing such vulnerability will permit others to take advantage of us. Yet the fear is there nonetheless..."