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Sunday, December 30, 2012

AA Michael's Visit to Joe Crane

December 26, 2012 Visit
It was the day after Christmas here where I live when Michael and Shekinah showed up having something to give.

That is all the poetry you are going to get. My daughter Gabby is spending the time with me till after the New Year, so I stayed up until after she went to bed. I was ready to turn in and call it a night when I noticed a light start to form in the office. No bedtime for me I thought, because angels are afoot or maybe on the wing. I strolled to the office because I knew nothing was going to take place until I got there. The light was a little strange this time because not only was there the bright white light that announces the arrival of an angel but this time there was a violet light mixed with it. It didn’t take long to see why this was happening. Michael came into view first but there was the Shekinah right behind him. Michael stood in the gate as he always does, yet in the background the light of the Shekinah started filling the space as she came in to full form. This doesn’t happen very often so I knew something special was going to take place.

Michael:   We would speak with you.

Well Michael I can see this is going to be important if you and the Shekinah are here at the same time. So let’s us get down to it. No sooner did I say that when they both chimed in saying…

Michael/Shekinah:   Holy, holy, holy blessings be to the masters. Blessings be to all those that took in in their hearts to be with the birth of the Light. 

Michael:   Little do they know that which they have done. The bringers of a new dawn of time create an age unlike any that has been. Much will be asked of you in this time to come. All will be charged to bring about the setting of the vibrations that will truly bring about wonders that none have dreamed possible. Something wonderful is truly happening. You and others may not see it, yet it is coming to pass. As this grows, the masters will play a most important part.

(There is more that follows dealing with the Wholeness Blessing. If you wish to read that you can go to

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


By Joe Crane
September 25 th, 2012

Just when you want to kick back and relax October arrives. Talk about one busy month, here it comes. Starting on the 5th of the month I will be in Spokane WA for a Meet & Greet to be held at 3430 South Grand Boulevard Spokane WA 99203. At Integrated Medicine Associates , from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. It should be a whole lot of fun because I haven’t been in Spokane for some years now. I am really looking forward to seeing some of my old friends and meeting some new ones. Besides me filling the room with laughter and fun, I will be talking about what Wholeness is for us all. Ask yourself what would being whole mean to you? How could you use it in your life? You will be surprised at the answers to you questions and the new found wisdom you leave with. This hour and a half might just might be the best hour and a half you have ever spent. Come join me and your friends for fun and enlightenment. I promise you that you will not soon forget this evening we spend together. This Meet & Greet is by donation to help cover the cost.

Now for the peace de resistance. Harvey Cane has so graciously invited me to come to Spokane and not only teach the power of the Seven Names of God, but also receive the Wholeness Blessing. The Wholeness blessing will be sealed with in each of you so that you will be able to give this powerful Blessing to others.  The best part of giving the blessing is that you get back just as much as you give if not more. Will you start looking and feeling younger? Some have had this happen for them. Will it help in healing many of the things that are physically out with you? There are amazing healings that have continued to happen for people every day.  Will it heal the mind of many things ailing our mental capabilities and some cases just the every day to day tasks? You would be surprised of how it has helped many in just that.

Those that have attended any of the classes I have given in the past will tell you. I am very informative when I teach and best of all, I am fun and funny.

Workshop to be held at 1400 north Mullen road Spokane Valley Washington 9-6 p.m. and the cost is $144  per person, if you register in the next 7 days the cost is $124.  Contact Harvey Cane at (509) 270-1234 for more information.

Bless your Hearts