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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lighting the Way

Hello!  We arrive today at our beginning, the place where love was planted.  It rests within you.  It’s always been there.  We just had to turn the light on so we could find it.

Our light is on now.  We may need to install fresh batteries now and again to keep it going.  That’s okay; we know where to get them and which ones work the best.  They are found in the places that feed our soul.

We are components of the One – each an integral part, necessary and unique.  In 1898, Konstantin Stanislavsky said “There are no small parts, just small actors”.  Sometimes we imagine our light unimportant or too tiny to make a difference.

Once I found myself sort of stuck in the corner of a tightly packed storage facility.  Half of our stuff was packed there as work was being done on the house.  It had taken longer than anticipated, and because the children wanted their beloved decorations for an upcoming holiday, I was searching through stacked to the ceiling boxes, piled all around me.  Then the power went out, and all went black.

For a moment, I panicked.  I was alone and not sure anyone even knew I was there.  But I opened my cell phone and became illuminated!  It was small, dim and didn’t stay lit for more than ten seconds at a time, but it helped me find my way.  Now it took awhile, and crawling around with my phone in my mouth left a few bruises, but I made it – thanks to that tiny light.

We are all like that.  We just don’t know how far our words reach, or the effect one generous thought can have.  The really cool thing is, we don’t have to.  As we focus on loving ourselves, our light expands as does our reach.

The light that you are is vital.  Know that you are a microcosm of the whole.  What is happening in your heart is being played out in our world.  Love yourself.  With the energy of your love and the power of your light you change everything.  You came to discover just what you could do in such a dark place. You came to light the way.

You are so much more than you know.  The brilliance of you is bringing us all to a place of unparalleled beauty.  You were made for this.

We are in sort of crazy times. All around it looks like the power went out.  Your light is so important now.  Be that one in a billion light source that changes everything.  You know how.

Just love.  Against all odds and in the face of every negative thought, word or situation – refuse to be afraid.  You know who you are.  You are a piece of the divine here to spark a passionate healing flame of Agape.  This is not for the feint of heart.  The strongest among us took this on.  We are the ones who said yes.

You are powerful, capable and oh so ready for this.  It is an honor to witness.  As you push your way out of the dark and emerge, brilliant and beautiful, our world is forever changed.

We are the One we were waiting for.

This completes our Quest!  Thank you!

~This Quest has had a deeper significance for me.  A very close love of mine is about to undergo surgery.  He is a veteran, and came home 7 years ago with more in his body than he left with.  If you’d just send your light to my hero, specifically tomorrow, it would help.  Namaste’.

With so much love and gratitude,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Running out of time

I tried running once.  It didn’t go well.  The man I was with at the time thought it would be a good idea if we ran together – fitness and togetherness all rolled into one miserable moment.  He of course, was an athlete.  As I gasped and jogged, he ran circles around me, smiling loving words of encouragement.  It didn’t last a week.

As I watch the runners each morning on this quiet little lake, I wonder if each step they take is amplified this summer.  Time is speeding up.  It seems I wake up and all of a sudden it’s noon.  Is everything working this way?  Will I lose weight, increase my stamina and reach my health goals quicker now? How does it work?

Linear time is part of this illusion.  I read something yesterday saying that in other dimensions it’s more of a marker.  I have trouble wrapping my head around that concept.  So I wonder where this is going, as I feel an increased sense of urgency to “get ‘er done”.  We are literally running out of time.

One of my favorite lines from my favorite movie is when George Bailey, in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, says, “You say they should wait, and save their money.  Wait?  Wait for what?  Until their children grow old and leave them?”

Our time is now.  The window of opportunity has opened.  We are here to love ourselves and our planet back to health.  Positive efforts and truth have more effect today than they did yesterday.  Our creator has set it up this way.  We’re wired for success.  Our actions are exponential.  It’s like we’re on “power boost”.

You are an infinite being of unimaginable strength.  What are your wildest dreams?  Health?  Prosperity?  Love? Strength? Freedom? Wisdom?  It’s all yours for the asking.  Believe it.  It’s true.

Love yourself.  This body and life is only one component of who you are.  Refuse to support or continue whatever does not nourish you.  Eat delicious food that sustains your entire organism.  Everything you touch can do that.

Things like credit cards promote debt and feed the cabal.  Subservience maintains a weakened and needful existence.  You are beholden to none.  Approach everything you do with dignity.  You are a light worker, here to light a spark of brilliance in every dark place. Do it.  Today, with these increased energies and time acceleration, your intent and deliberate action is all it will take.

You are a magnificent light being, chosen for your role.  If you aren’t sure yet what that is, hang in there.  It’s right there.  This rapid acceleration of time guarantees you’ll know very soon.  You planned it perfectly.  Trust.

All morning there’s been a huge, white bird perched high in a tree on the opposite side of this lake.  I’ve never seen one like it and I wonder if it’s from another dimension, most certainly it’s not native to this area.  It looks out of place, yet it’s stunning.

We are like that.  Debt, illness and struggle do not sit well in our presence.  We are out of place in a world run by fear – our home is love.  We move quicker and quicker to that place each day.  Our small steps span more distance than they once did.  We can see clearly where we are going.

It’s nestled beneath lush foliage, where birds of every color nest and a rich assortment of flowers grow.  A garden of abundance, it is the resting place of light warriors – living in freedom, loving with abandon.  That’s where we are headed and we’ll get there as One.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Am a Light Worker ~ Part 7 ~
Listen, Consider, Observe, Act
I am a light worker ~ Part 7 ~ Listen, Consider, Observe, Act
Posted by Sophia Love

Listen for the answer.  Look for the idea.  Pay attention.  All around you, your answers lie.  There is no mystery without its solution, no problem unsolvable.  You are here to experience life and that is just what you are doing.  Every moment you are faced with this question of emergence.  The answer is given in your response – will you react and retreat in fear? – will you respond and act with love?  Always the choice is yours to make.

Most of us have retreated internally, hidden in worry and preoccupation while life swirls around us with exit doors wide open.  Today I hear the gulls cry, calling me to places far from this suburban deck.  I see the boats and buoys; hear the waves slap against the hull.  I grew up on the water.  Our memories are associative and although today’s gulls cry above a little nearby lake, for me they call from the ocean.  

We learn gradually, repetition eventually becomes truth.  Awake now, we can consciously choose what it is we wish to repeat.  New information is streaming forth in a flood, along with a new vocabulary (LIBOR).  

We are light workers.  It is up to us to bring light to the new without judgment.  Refrain from dismissing what is initially uncomfortable.  Look at everything.  This change will bring the unexpected.

There is a joke that goes something like this.  A man near death prayed for a miracle.  His faith kicked in and he expected to be saved.  While he was waiting, he turned away procedures, medicine and doctors, claiming they weren’t necessary because God was going to heal him.  He died.  When he got up to Heaven and finally spoke to God, he asked what happened.  God said “I sent you the finest medical procedures, medicines and doctors and you refused every one of them! What were you thinking?”

Our answers don’t always come in the neat little packages we’ve imagined.  This shift will be understood and experienced seamlessly, gradually and perfectly.  Each of the current players and dramas are getting us used to a new way of thinking.  They are steps on the path to awakening.  You may not like the route they offer.  That’s okay, some will.  As you notice each stepping stone you are building memories with which to associate.  You are learning. You will need them in order to process this shift successfully.  

It’s our polarized way of looking at things that creates judgment.  You are a light worker, here to shine your light on it all.  Listen, consider, observe and continue to shine.  You work for the light. 

You recognize the spark within each facet of life.  Your heart beats with constant love. Listen.  The answer for you is right here.  It may sound strange and feel a bit unsettling, but trust what calls you.  We have come as One to complete these “end times”.  When we act with love, rather than react with fear, we do so beautifully and powerfully.  

There are none who will do this for us.  It is up to us.  Pay attention.  Use your wisdom and brilliance to illuminate the path.  As it shines for all to see, we will emerge as One Force; Divine Love.  This is what you’ve come to do.

We are the ones we are waiting for.