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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. Colin Ross MD speaks about CIA Mind Control

The following is from RT.COM. Keep in mind the Russians,
 Germans and other countries are knee deep in
 this horror too, its not just the USA.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UPDATED 8/19/12: These Aren't the Same Man

CW sent me this photo comparison of two James Holmes photos from the media.  
They don't look like the same man to me, unless he's nose job, ear pinning, and redone eyes.
Very strange.

Photo sent to me by CW

Photo Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

Photo Courtesy (added 7/29/12)

Updated: 7/27/12 Reader GC sends the following:
My take on the two pics of "James Holmes"

Description of "Holmes" photos is as follows:

01: Best alignment. Subjects left ear was used as main alignment point.
Resized pic slightly so ear sizes matched.

02: Moved the faces apart vertically while keeping eyes and bridge of nose aligned.

03: Shrunk black haired pic till the noses matched in size. Aligned nostrils.

The nose is WAY off. So is the eye spacing.
Look at how small the first pic needed to be shrunk to make noses same size.
Black haired subject nose and head in general is larger.

Left ear was similar in both pics.

Feel free to reprint this email in your blog.

Enjoy, GC

A different reader sent me a link to a Sorcha Faal article on James Holmes that mentions his father is an algorithm expert in high frequency trading.  Normally I view the Sorcha Faal website kind of like The Lord of the Rings (actually The Lord of the Rings might have more truth), all it lacks is the Orcs and the Gollum.  Sorcha Faal has created more disinformation than any other website on the net.  So any reader who goes there beware.  But occasionally it drops a bombshell.  The thing about Sorcha Faal is they are famous for linking to websites that supposedly prove what they say, yet if you bother to trace the trail often no such proof is there.  But some us pay attention to footnotes.

There seems to be a thread of truth in this one, but not exactly as stated in Sorcha Faal.  I haven't been able to verify any link yet to James's father Robert Holmes and high frequency trading or an upcoming Senate testimony on high frequency trading.   Perhaps some of my readers can find that.  I did get a hit here but I can't tell if its the same man.  There are a lot of Robert Holmes's.  I was not aware Fair Isaac was involved in high frequency trading algorithms.

The link on Sorcha Faal does go to a LinkedIn profile for a Robert Holmes who is a Senior Lead Scientist and algorithm expert at Fair Isaac Company (FICO) (founded by Engineer Bill Fair and Mathematician Earl Isaac).   Robert Holmes does live in San Diego and James has relatives who live here.  This looks like this could be the correct guy.  This is what makes this story even more curious!

Fair Isaac, if you remember, is the folks who created the FICO score on your credit report.  You know... the score that affects everything but never shows on your annual free credit gotta pay extra to find out the score that truly counts with the banks.  

It seems, if this man is truly James' father (AND I DON'T KNOW THAT YET), then maybe this is more about intimidation of Robert Holmes, or Senators who want to question him?