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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Get outrageous with it!

Get outrageous with it! 
– channeled by Ron Head
August 8, 2013


This Lion’s Gate portal is now open to its greatest extent, and the energies pouring into your world, and therefore into your bodies, physical, emotional mental and spiritual, are greater than any you have experienced so far.  The resulting changes to yourselves, and therefore your societies and your planet will become more evident and greater, as well.

This is how it works, you see.  Watch ever more closely now for evidence, for trends, which will at last be obvious enough to encourage you, to bring a bit of joy into your hearts.  Of course, one of the easiest things for you to notice will be the increasing joy in your hearts anyway.  You are more YOU than ever before.  And the resulting effects of this will become evident to you, as well.

Many have already noted their own increasing ability to manifest that which they desire to have in their lives, and now even more of you will do so.  It is important for you to realize that you will bring into your lives that upon which you focus.  Focus upon that which you desire.

It should be obvious that focus upon anything else is not desirable, but now it is more important than ever that you gain control over that.  You still tend to wander into the state of worry.  Worry, as you are all too aware, is the practice that creates those things which you do not desire.  So, as must seem very plain, it is not something which you ought to be doing if you want to bring your true desires into your lives.

Friday, March 8, 2013

You are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.

You… are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.
March 7, 2013 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We would speak at this time of the changes which are occurring to your earthly home and which are largely being ignored by your media and by your governments.

The information is reaching you, however.  Not all of it, but quite a lot.  You are seeing daily reports of earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, floods, and storms.  It is true that some things were intensified, if not created by human interference.  This is not so much the case now, as those things are quite costly and did not seem to have the effects that were desired.

Still, there are two points that we wish to make this day.  This basic message we would give is not different to what has been given through many other channels before, but we would stress these two points as they have not seemed to reach even those who do report these things to you.

First, the things which are happening are very necessary for Earth herself as she transforms into the beautiful being she will be and creates beautiful life where her children have created death and ugliness.  She is doing these things in ways and in places which are not causing massive loss of life and property.  Life is precious to her.  Your peace of mind and spirit are, as well.  We think you can understand that concrete, steel, and business is not so much valued, but it does tend to exist where you are.

Each of these natural events are releasing pressures which must be released.  If they were to be released in fewer or other places, a great deal of harm would be done.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Seek the possible best outcome in every new turn of events.

Seek the possible best outcome in every new turn of events. 
– channeled by Ron Head
February 13, 2013 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


As you can see, things are beginning to break loose now.  They will continue to pick up steam and, as we have told you for quite some time, will become quick enough to have you in a state of disbelief.

 There will be people all around you who are unable to process what they are seeing and who will retreat into total denial.  You need not spend your energies convincing anyone of anything, dear ones.  Events and truth will take care of that.  But understand that they will be in dire need of ears who listen, if not agree, as their seemingly entire worlds fall to pieces around them.  Be not smug in your knowing.  Find in yourself any tendencies to even think or feel “I told you so.”

Compassion for those who are cut loose from their moorings is what will be most needed now.  Millions have known only what they have been spoon fed all their lives.  They have been told that lies are truth and truths were lies.  They will be hurt.  They will be angry.  They will want to vent their anger and frustration.  Be there for them.

When they have calmed down somewhat, they will have questions.  Even then, the wisest course will be to answer the questions and let them proceed at their own pace to the next question.  There is no need to lecture or teach.  Events will take care of that soon enough.  Very quickly millions of doubters will become seekers.

At this time, while things are still in the simmering stage, continue to seek yourselves.  Ah… we like that.  Continue to seek your Selves.  You will need that connection as never before, but also, you have never had so great an opportunity to create that connection.

If you still do not have a regular daily practice of meditation, we urge you to establish one.  Learn to center yourself.  Learn to ground yourself.  Learn to spend time in your heartspace.  Find your Source, your Creator, your I AM.  You need no one else to do that, dear friends.  You need only your own sincere intent and effort.  We promise you that you will be met with open arms long before you get halfway.  Find the peace in which your true heart resides.  It will be important to you.

Seek the possible best outcome in every new turn of events now and watch as your prayers come to fruition.

In the unconditional love and light of Source, we bid you good day.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

We have some good news for you.

We have some good news for you. 
As channeled by Ron Head
December 30, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.

None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same.  Well, we have some good news for you.  While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you.

There is much to do.  Some of it will indeed be no ‘piece of cake’, as you say, but neither are you anywhere near as unprepared as you were even a short time ago.

You are far stronger now and have at your disposal inner resources you have not begun to uncover.  The masters that you have been, the leaders that you have been, the healers that you have been, and much more, are now just beneath the surface, and you will bring them forth now.

You have been carefully taught that anything just beneath your surfaces must be evil, scary, and avoided at all cost.  You were taught that in order to keep you from discovering where your treasure lies.  Well, wait until you find out even the smallest part of what is really there awaiting you.  Wait until your ‘How could I ever?’ transforms into your ‘How in the world did I ever?’

Become cheerleaders for yourselves and each other this coming year.  You are about to perform some rather miraculous deeds, both personal and otherwise.  There is no Santa Claus.  There will be hard work to be done.  The miracle will be that you find you can do it.

The coming together of soul groups will continue also.  It is now the time for which you agreed to come together.  You will find more fun, more joy, more love.  Nothing will stop you.  Begin by being grateful to yourselves for what you have accomplished.  If you can’t see it, have enough trust in us to believe what we are telling you.

This time is always a time for you to celebrate.  Make it a special time this year.  We open our hearts in love to you, as always.  Well done, dearest friends.  Well done.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Michael as channeled by Ron Head

November 27, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We perceive at this time your beautiful anticipation and your efforts to ready yourselves for the twelve-twelve gateway.  Please do not allow yourselves to go into the energy of stress over this, dear ones.  Your course has been set by your desire and intentions.

We are working with you every moment, especially during your cycles of sleep.  You are in the flow so firmly now that you should be able to just allow yourselves to be carried along with the current.  We would ask you to use three images for the next few days.

 First, please be sure that, as often as you can think of it, you ground yourselves firmly into the energies of your dear mother earth.  Our channel uses the image of a vast system of roots, as those of a great tree.  This will work nicely indeed if you have not an image of your own.

Next, as you feel the wonderful flow of unconditional love surrounding you, please see yourselves sharing it with the entire network of lightworkers on and around the planet.

And finally, breathe into your heart, find your love and gratitude for all that is transpiring, and send that gratitude to the source of your life.  Be thankful for all that you are and all that you are becoming.  What you feel in those moments, allow yourselves to sit in, float in, absorb into every cell of your being.

Some of you, most of you, are getting momentary glimpses, hints, moments of insight, into what may be approaching for you.  These will expand, slowly for some, explosively for others.  Savor them, rejoice in them, but perhaps hold them for now quietly in your hearts.  Let their energies grow within you.  You will know when to share them.

Meantime, as the tsunami of internal change approaches, please await it with joy and love.  It is, after all, the answer to your collective prayers and the hopes of billions over vast stretches of your cycles of time.  See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Hold our hands tightly now and prepare to step into your future.  Hold us in your hearts as we hold you in ours.  Good day.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

We hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.

We hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.

As channeled by Ron Head

November 18, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We see that today we have a curious mix of personal energies to discuss with you.  Many of you are experiencing what could only be called a lull or pause.  Others are wondering where all this negativity has come from suddenly.  Some few are still feeling as if they are running full speed uphill.  It is all the same circumstance with varying symptoms, my friends.  Would you like a metaphor that would explain how all of that could possibly be similar?

You are at a stage right now that is like that of a person who is packed and ready to go on a long journey.  What invariably happens at that point?  You might drop into your favorite chair and say, “Whew!  That is done.”  That would be the pause.  Perhaps you started a tiny bit late.  You would be running around and grabbing things to take at the last minute.  Or perhaps you would be done packing and would walk around checking each room for things you had forgotten and looking also to see what, perhaps, you could leave out of that heavy bag.  That is exactly what you are doing energetically at his time.  Rather than spend time worrying about what is going on then, enjoy your pause, lighten your load, or take stock of yourselves.

One other subject we would speak of today.  There is growing a movement now for coming together on your twenty-second of the month to combine energies in meditation.  The effects of these happenings have become magnificent jumps in the amount of love and light upon your beautiful planet.  We would urge all of you who have the opportunity on that day to seek out and join in a group meditation.  In the country of our channel, it will be a holiday.  What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Then take a deep breath and prepare yourselves for the approaching twelve-twelve gateway.

We send each of you our unconditional love at this time, and hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.  We wish you a joyous holiday season as you pass the ending of this world of duality and begin to build the beautiful shining world of unity you have desired for so long.

May your hearts know the peace of a job finished well.  Good day, sisters and brothers.  We will speak again.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The moment of your quantum jump
is approaching very, very rapidly now.

The moment of your quantum jump is approaching very, very rapidly now.
As channeled by Ron Head

November 4, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


Once again we find you in the building energies of an opening portal, this one being the major one of eleven-eleven.  We hear groans all around.  But we also note that even you are recognizing the relative ease with which you are now handling these.  This is in accordance with what we have told you, is it not?

The changes you are noticing in yourselves, if you are paying honest attention, are now becoming rather like a whirlwind.  You probably are having trouble keeping up.  Don’t worry.  Scorekeeping is not necessary.

For some of you there is so much going on that you almost feel you are getting no sleep.  That is because you are becoming more able to be aware of what your expanding consciousness is doing while you sleep.  Your intention, expressed to your higher Selves and your Creator, can bring that into focus for you if it is desired.

It is said over and over again, “As above, so below.”  We wish to leave you with one small forecast at this time.  Your scientists have described what is called a quantum jump.  Excited electrons will rise in frequency to a point and then “jump” to a new orbit, according to your understanding.  Well, you have been rising in frequency for quite some time.  The moment of your quantum jump is approaching very, very rapidly now.  Nothing could prepare you for the new world you will awaken to.  All of what you have heard from us will be true, and yet it won’t begin to describe what you will experience.  Let us say that our joy at that time will be as great as your own.

Your journey through this plane of existence has been well appreciated, but you are sorely missed.  We love you, brothers and sisters.  Hurry home now.

Walk in love and light until we speak again.  Good day.

This was not in the original posting by Ron Head. I included to show the energetic link of the chakras. -AK

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make It So, Dear Hearts

Make it so, dear hearts. – channeled by Ron Head

September 17, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Michael and all the angelic host, for the Creator of the universes.

On this day, the seventeenth of September of your time, we wish to inform you of the opening of a vast new timeline.  Your world has been positioned by you to merge and end all previous timelines on December twenty-first.  No efforts to predict the future on those timelines have been successful, precisely because they will end on that date.

Your Creator has decreed an entirely new future for you, one which you have been given glimpses of, but have not been truly able to see as yet.  Other occurrences have been and are being manufactured right now in order to keep you distracted from this knowledge.  We tell you that nothing can deter you now from manifesting the future you have spent eons in creating through prayer and effort.  The futures that each of your souls have chosen is assured.

There will be a great deal of noise made to attempt to distract you, but those attempts will now be futile. As much as separation and darkness loves to think itself powerful, it can never prevail over the will of Creator.  This time/space “reality” is rapidly approaching its “sell by” date.

There is panic in some quarters as it becomes obvious what is happening.  Those who have taken pride in knowing that they understood things which they have hidden from you are now realizing that it is likely they have bet upon the wrong horse.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Winds Of Change Are Beginning To Pick Up

The winds of change are beginning to pick up.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
September 9, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages
Today let us advise you that the portal opening is successful and you are handling it magnificently, as was expected.  Already things are starting to pop, as you say.  Most of the good news that the media is beginning to report is still being overshadowed by the old messages that were meant to keep you passive.  But for those of you who have learned to depend on other sources, the signs are popping up everywhere.

It will still be possible for some to insist that nothing is happening, but not for too much longer.  Now is the time for you to affirm for yourselves daily that what you are seeing is the succession of changes needed to produce your world of the future, abundant, free, and joyful.

It is time now for you to be the person you determined to be.  That person now lives in your heart.  Invite him or her to express themselves through you from this day forward.

The world that you will be living in will soon be shown to you.  It is time for you to begin building your lives and societies accepting nothing less than the very best for all persons.  The calm is over and the winds of change are beginning to pick up.  They will be made to seem fearful.  Dear ones, please hold in your hearts our promise that they are not.  They bring your freedom to you.

Stand firm now.  We are here with you.  Peace now and good day.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome The True Selves Which Are Emerging. Breathe

Welcome the true selves which are emerging. Breathe.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 23, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Our message today is one of cautious optimism.  You are currently within the most powerful energies you have yet experienced and it is not going to abate for several more days.  Most of you reading this have not had any negative reactions.  However, please be aware of the possibility of those around you becoming disturbed.

A great deal of agitation could be the result of not having cleared enough one’s past issues.  We ask you to withhold judgment of these souls and maintain your calm and loving centers throughout.

You will also have noticed another sharp increase in the exposure of hidden truths and agendas.  This we also have spoken of before.  The camel’s back will not, we think, hold a great many more straws.  It will reach a point soon when it will appear as if there is no possible solution, that all is lost.  We tell you, as we have before, that the time this point is reached will be the time of the new beginning.

Your task, until that time, and truthfully beyond it as well, is to concentrate on releasing everything that you do not wish to carry with you into your future lives.  It is surfacing in your life now just for that purpose.  Give it only the attention necessary to recognize it and allow it to pass from your life for the last time.  Thank it for the lessons it taught you and let it go.

Feel the newfound freedom and purpose that is becoming yours as you assimilate the unconditional love which surrounds you now.  Welcome the true selves which are emerging.  Breathe.

That is our short message for today.  Accept what is gifted to you at this time with gratitude and continue to hold your vision of your new world in your heart.  Carry our love with you until we speak again.  Good day.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Keep Surfing The Waves, But Get Your Dancing Shoes Out

Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 17, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

We are gratified that so many are looking forward to and following our messages.  While you may feel that it is having a beneficial effect upon your own hearts and consciousness, I, Michael, assure you that it is reaching far wider than you suppose.  You are being prepared to be the calm and reassuring rock that others can depend upon and you are making wonderful progress.

Still less do you perceive, as yet, the energetic changes which are being made to your bodies and even your DNA itself.  Watch for beneficial changes for which you have long hoped.  Do not be reticent to allow your hope to become intention, as it will naturally do, when you understand the power your consciousness has on your physical beings.  As you begin to realize these things, revisit your dreams and instill them with your intention.  Become the creators you came here to be.  Begin to think of yourselves, and act like, the creators that you indeed are.

We tell you now, and not for the first time, that you are only remembering who you have always been.  There are some who would do anything to keep you from knowing this, but their time is over.  It is only necessary now for you to remain focused on your own upliftment a little longer.  It may not appear so when you look about, but hold to your centers and very quickly your world will change around you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Use Your Imagination As a Tool

Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 13, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages 

Today we must discuss the period of energies which you are continuing to pass through and also the changes to your world which are also continuing to increase.

As we have warned you every effort is being made to portray the latter as either commonplace or fearful.  Take your choice.  It is neither commonplace nor anything to fear.  The resulting collapse of the control structures is soon to become apparent.  There are, of course, many who refuse to believe anything other than what they are told by your media.  However, even that will be changing quickly now.  Having built a system of control based upon money, the old guard is finding themselves sitting on the other end of the see-saw, so to speak.  There will be much more money than they dreamed of and they will have no control of it.  It is, in fact, already on the way, but it may be a short while for all the most obvious needs to be met first.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Floodgates Are Cracked Now
And The Flow Will Not Be Stopped

The floodgates are cracked now and the flow will not be stopped.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 5, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

As another marker of your progress approaches, and the changes to your energetic make up continue, more desperate attempts to distract you from your purpose are being made.  There are those who will panic at every opportunity.  Some actually enjoy the drama, some are addicted to fear.  We wish this were not so.  We can tell you, however, that you are far past the point where it could change the outcome.

The balance of light and dark has forever shifted on your world.  There may be efforts made up until the very last, but the Divine Decree has been given and will be manifest.  The belief of some in another power will be brought to naught.  The Creator of this Universe has long since determined the outcome of this experiment.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Focus More On Your Own Transformation Of Self And Less On The Mayhem Surrounding You.

Focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you. 

Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 22, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages 

You are rapidly approaching the time known as The Lion’s Gate.  Once again the energy flowing to and through you is about to be raised to another level.  By now, those who follow these messages know that we will advise you to open yourselves fully to whatever this brings to each of you.

Because you are becoming accustomed to these stair step-like increases, you are assimilating them with more ease.  This will be a large change, but it should not cause you undue discomfort.  The increases are necessary in order to prepare you for what lies ahead.  We can say, however, that you who have chosen to make this journey awake and aware are handling it very well indeed.  Were we to advise anything further at this time, it would be for you to focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you.

You know that all must change.  You know that there will be many efforts made to distract you.  Give no attention to these beyond sending love and healing to those adversely affected.  They are fallen comrades in the fray.  They shall be honored for all they have chosen to experience.  Surround them in light and carry on, that their loss shall not have been in vain.

Those who are striking out blindly now in their attempts to avert the inevitable victory of the Divine Will are discovering that fewer and fewer of you are being fooled by their repeated patterns of conscienceless carnage.  Their past criminal behavior is being exposed for what it is.  They are finding it impossible to hide.  Those behind whom they have always been able to remain hidden are turning against them.  When you have lived forever solely in self-interest, you will now find that you have no allies that you can trust.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Cannot be Otherwise.

Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 12, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Our subject for today is the need for responsibility and the willingness to take action.  Both of these things were very necessary before any real change could occur.  We are happy to tell you that, when the need arose, you were up to the task.  Those who had the means and opportunity to take meaningful action did so, and we were then able to see to it that the outcome was as expected and needed.

Things are now off to a good start and the beginnings of the end are in sight.  Although your major information media are still not reporting the obvious, it is easy to see that the word is getting out without them.  Your social media and your alternate news sources have far outstripped them in the reporting of truth and thus are having a marvelous affect in changing the mass consciousness.

Millions of you are getting used to the idea of affecting change with the input of your own intent and imagination.  This is something that was to be avoided at all cost.  The knowledge of your own power was never to come to light.  Now it is too late.  The cat has escaped the proverbial bag.

During this next week, there will be a great boost given to all of this in many ways.  You have a tendency to discuss and perceive of these changes in one or two specific ways.  Please know that what is actually happening is far, far more all-encompassing than that.  Every thought, every action, every person, indeed every particle is becoming involved in bringing about the shift that you desire.  This is what happens under the Will of the Divine.  It cannot be otherwise.  Even the most strenuous efforts in opposition will be bent to the task and will only end up insuring their own defeat.

Momentum is continuing to grow and will do so until the moment when you realize that your new world is here.  This is always the way of it.  Every intention, every word, and where possible, every small action each of you can add will, in the end, prove to have been exactly what was needed.  This, you see, is why we are always acting as your cheerleaders.  We are almost to the day when we will be able to say, “Look!  You have done it!”  Remain steadfast now, dear hearts, and call upon us whenever there is need for our help.  We are never farther away than your thought.

For those of you who are using the suggestions we have given in your meditations, one last image.  When the unconditional love begins to flow out from you, hold your entire world in your hands.  We think you will enjoy the feeling of that.

We will speak again.  Good day.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

The time is now. That is what matters.

The time is now. That is what matters
Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 2, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Much is happening this day.  You know this.  You feel it.  Yet, because the media, which you do not trust, does not report it, you are in doubt.  This would bring chuckles to us, dear hearts, except for the fact that it does not serve you well at all.  If you cannot clear these doubts from your minds, at the least detach yourselves and watch with anticipation.

We are at the point now where the question of when has become irrelevant.  The answer to that is now.  Our concern is with thoroughness and safety.  You will have your confirmations soon enough.  The changes you have waited for so long are proceeding.  They may not appear in exactly the manner that you planned, but they will occur.

Given the opportunity to understand and to change their ways, a great many will do so.  It is likely that you also have contributed in some ways to the problems in the past.  Is that not so?  Allow others to see their errors now, as well.  The light of truth will cause many to say, “What have I done?”  That has already been happening across your world for quite some time.

Those who have consciously caused the harm are another matter, and they are being dealt with.  Your task, as we have repeatedly urged you, is to stay centered and calm, and to keep bringing love into the equation.

The increasing intensity of incoming energy will prove quite enough for most of you to deal with.  It will bring up quite a lot of things in your lives which have been dormant for long times.  Some of it you will not even recognize, as it is in your DNA from generations past.  It just needs to be looked at and released.  Some of it, however, you might be surprised to find quite amazing and desirable.  Feel free to keep and develop those things, if you wish.

The remainder of your year will become increasingly enjoyable now.  Problems there will be, but we are sure you have grown enough to handle them, and they will be far outweighed by the progress you will find, both inside and outside of yourselves.

There continue to be opportunities to reach out and help others.  If you are in a position to do so, please do.  If not, please send your prayers and love.  Take seriously now the effect your prayer and intention has upon the world.  As more of you learn this, the effect is strengthened even further.  Please see your efforts as joining and supporting each other.  Keep watch for every chance to send your love and light, just as we do.  Feel its effect.  Understand its power.  And importantly, give thanks for it.

And leave the days and hours to fend for themselves, dear friends.  They matter so little.  The time is now.  That is what matters.  When you look back, this all will have passed in the blink of an eye.  We offer, once again, our love and aid upon your call.  We are ever present with you.  Good day, dear friends.  Excellent day!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In The Dreaming Of It, You Are Creating It

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 31, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

This morning we shall talk about your similarities and differences.  It would seem absurd to say that you are all exactly the same while no two of you are at all alike.  Yet that is a true statement.

No two persons, nor indeed creations in any form, have experienced exactly the same things during their journeys through existence.  And every experience has led you to draw conclusions about what you have perceived.  No two persons perceiving an event or thing experience it the same.  Every experience they have had in this lifetime, or any lifetime, colors what they see.  Every conclusion they have ever drawn about similar things comes to bear.  Every fear, every love, every pain, every comfort that has been experienced and related to similar circumstances will be compared instantly, consciously, or more likely unconsciously, to the situation, and instant conclusions will produce additional emotions and feelings.

As more and more of your being becomes conscious and aware, you may have more and more control of these things.  They do, nevertheless continue to happen.  We would say to you that this would describe a function and purpose of your existence.  You are Creation experiencing itself.

So it becomes easy to see that no two of you are alike.  Now let us discuss your nature as a living being.  Everything which is common to you will probably reveal more of your true nature.  Humans love their families and protect them from harm.  Humans all have dreams and desires.  Humans all want safety and comfort.  We can make the list as long as you like.  And we are sure that each of you, if so inclined, could produce examples which do not fit the mold.

Now, if you will, take a moment to imagine what our human would be like if all doubt, fear, and lack were removed from the perceived future.  Imagine that this is you.  How would your life change?  How would you change?  If you knew beyond doubt that you would never face hunger, nor lack for anything again, how would you react?  If you knew that your sons and daughters were assured of the same, what would life be like?  If we even told you that your life is soon to be exactly like that, would it change anything?

We have done it again, have we not?  We have caused you to dream of a world you could never have imagined before now.  That is one of our functions.  For in the dreaming of it, you are creating it.  As more and more of you dream of it in more detail and for longer periods of time, it becomes more possible, more believable, more real.

And now we have touched upon the nature of the sameness of all humans.  You are creators.  You are creating a new world and you are learning that you are doing so.  We are in awe at how quickly you are progressing.  It seems to you to be slow and painful.  It is not so.  It is the blink of an eye that has been foretold.

Once again we ask you to hold peace in your hearts and we will speak again tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

House of Cards

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 25, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

This morning we will speak of the progress being made, which you so eagerly await.  Many envision a huge, almost cataclysmic occurrence.  But the most powerful energy of manifestation on your planet right now has become that of you lightworkers as you unite your intentions.

On the fifth and twentieth of this month, huge numbers of you united in envisioning a smooth and peaceful transition into your new world.  We were more than overjoyed and joined you in this effort.  Not only was the effort a success, dear friends, but the transition has begun.  Each successive wave of the incoming energies is lifting your frequencies so much now that your effect upon the whole is increasing and unstoppable.  It is overflowing and finding its own to unite with.

If one of you is still isolated, we assure you it will not remain so.  In fact, if you are reading this, consider yourself within the reach of our voice.  You are needed where you are now to keep the new energy grid intact.  Soon you will be able to move freely.  We ask your patience a little longer.

The ‘house of cards’ is weakening so much now that there is a deal of crumbling from within.  The foundation is washing out, and soon the whole will collapse very quickly.  Maintain your focus when that happens.  Its replacement will emerge immediately.

We ask that you keep your focus on that happy occurrence.  We walk with you now.  The intricate planning for this time is well in hand. If you can maintain your calm focus, the changes will seem to occur in the blink of an eye.  Your complete freedom is about to be restored to you, something which has not been experienced here for many thousands of years.

Be at peace, beloveds, and in patient, grateful anticipation.  Keep yourselves centered and grounded and we will speak with you tomorrow.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Next Wave Approaches

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 24, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

We will now discuss the subject of the coming eclipse and the energies of June.  We are sure that many of you are finding the current changes to your DNA very much to your liking.  As you integrate them more and more into yourselves, you are beginning to discover that many of the things that have been promised you are showing evidence of becoming part of your being.

Most of you are having trouble finding the courage to discuss this with your friends and family.  Do not worry on that account, dear friends.  First you will meet others who are having the same experiences, and then you will realize that you are not imagining things or losing your minds.  The experience is quite surprising, even though we have talked about it for a very long time, is it not?

Many, many more of you have experienced these changes than are aware of them, and it will be quite some time before the reality of them begins to surface.  Some dear souls are simply not aware of anything like the subject of ascension, have any concept of DNA, or expect any changes to themselves to occur.  Some who have begun to have their DNA re-connected and have their energy bodies changed would even, at this point, still argue that these things are all fantasies.  They will eventually be even more surprised than you are.  They will need a great deal of loving help when their world and their internal lives begin to change.

You may witness such changes in people that are difficult to believe.  It may be disorienting to them, as well.  Please accept them for who they are becoming and do not continue to judge them for their pasts.  It is all illusion remember.  They are simply laying aside the masks they put on when they arrived here, just as you have done.

There is some time left in this wave of heightened frequency input.  You will now begin to experience an increase as the next wave approaches.  We again ask you to keep yourselves grounded and as well rested as you are able.  Each wave is mounting in intensity now, but you are going to find it easier as you integrate more and more of the light.  We advise you to listen well to the promptings of your inner selves.  Listen and act upon them.  What do you feel like doing?  Where do you feel like doing it?  Whom do you wish to do it with?  Also, please continue to bring all the light you can into yourselves and then share it with your mother, Gaia, and with those around you.

We are seeing a steady increase in the effect of your efforts.  When change occurs to the mass consciousness, it occurs suddenly and dramatically.  It will be as if you have awakened to find yourselves in a whole new world.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part in creating it.

We say, “Well done, dear ones.”  We will walk with you until we speak tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You are Beginning to See the Effect

You are beginning to see the effect.
– Michael channeled by Ron Head

May 15, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Our message for today concerns the community of lightworkers and the energies of inclusion.  All over the planet now groups of lightworkers are starting to come together and grow in small communities and large.  This has always been in the nature of humans.  It has been discouraged for thousands of years except where the group was formed to carry out the controllers’ agendas.

You are waking to the fact that your power can also be used to carry out your own agendas.  And as you incorporate your higher understandings of yourselves and your true nature, your agendas are making dramatic changes.  You are beginning to question everything you have been led to believe.  Slowly, at first, and now with gathering speed, you are beginning to see the effect of this upon your outside world.

Codings within you are being activated by Divine intent.  Monumental changes which would have created havoc around the globe are occurring in small increments, bringing the necessary changes into being in as safe a fashion as possible as you make greater and greater changes within yourselves.  A great deal of the stress which your dear mother planet needed to relieve was due to the stresses in your own make-up.  As you become clearer and clearer, the immense stress she has taken on become less and less urgent.  Also, as you become clearer, the means to reverse the damage done to her are beginning to surface in your consciousness.

The monumental changes you will make beginning right now will, when you look back upon them, be stunning.  Daily observation only reveals great upheavals.  Normal growth and change is unremarkable.  This has always been a fact of life for you.  As change speeds up now in incremental rates, it will become more and more obvious.

This month there will be more bursts of energy which will ‘kick the can down the road’.  But the impetus will come from within yourselves.  We continue to speak of this, and you continue to ask when someone else will do something to change things for you.  We point to one of your own widespread wisdoms, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Yes, you are.

Fortunately there are more and more of you who are making change where they stand.  It is a natural extension of the great change they are making within.  And that is a natural extension of the immense changes that are being created in your make-up by the will and love of your Creator.  Many are beginning to sense the inevitable peaceful outcome of the changes at hand.  Soon it will be felt by more and more of you.  Fear and discord will melt away like the illusions that they are.  Keep your visions of the new world alive and growing, dear friends.  Continue to add to them day by day.  As you do that and change yourselves in the doing, you begin to see your own lives change.  That makes many billions of changes each day, none remarkable by themselves, but very remarkable when viewed from our perspective.  And each one changes the potentials of all.

We send you, as always, our love and support in your tremendous undertaking.  Tomorrow we will speak again.

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