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Monday, September 29, 2014


by American Kabuki

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. 
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. 
Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. 
Nobody is able to achieve this completely, [oh but we will! -AK] but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.  
-ALBERT EINSTEIN (as quoted in The New York Times 29 March 1972)
Its quite obvious to anyone with nerve endings un-deadened by Prozac that the energies of this planet are very highly charged at this moment.  The banking system keeps trying to phoenix the existing debt systems by issuing new debt and hoping to cover that trail by worldwide conflagration and/or pandemic.   A critical mass of awakened humanity has been reached, and quite like the 10 billion neurons in a brain, the collective human consciousness on this planet is firing up and remembering who it is.  And each human awakening like a tuning fork stirs the next one. 

The partners-in-contrast continuing playing out their drama because they are only one pony acts.  Creativity was never their strong point.  They have a Felix the Magic Cat template bag of magic tricks.  They were always middle management imported from some distant star that spent too many eons in building their gold plated thrones on the dead remains one what they see as the "less evolved" on one planet or another.  This is their last bastion.  Bred on the belief in their own separation from Source, even while they grudgingly acknowledge the oneness of all in their own writings, they still attempt to hide that oneness with every allusion and illusion of separation wrapped up in hierarchies of light and dark when they themselves recognize no such boundary.  But there is an energetic accounting.

When it comes to the game of separation consciousness, the partners-in-contrast are very very skilled at it and getting you to play that game. Separation consciousness is a game that feeds on itself. Its an endless recursive loop, the endless program that keeps on running because it keeps following the same track.  

There was always another option, but that exit door said "LOVE ALL, JUDGE NONE" ... for judgement is only an excuse for withholding love. The pain of separation consciousness makes that seem like the foolish choice. Somebody kills your kid with a drone or a strap on bomb vest, its quite natural to the biological mind to return that.  

Couple that with life long teaching of being God's chosen ones, the one true religion, correct politics, or race or the 1001 and other ways humanity has been divided and conquered, you get what we have now, gasoline looking for a match. No one on this planet has been immune from that kind of mental programming.  And those that want to cast one race or another as evil demons or aliens are just doing more of the same. The separation game always plays both sides.  Its all Eternal Essence.

Biology wants to survive, its the evolutionary imperative that drives life to arise from the materium.  You are not biology with a consciousness, you are consciousness that has a biological body.  The Soul knows it survives - no matter what - and from that knowing and love all courage is born.   

The threat and use of violence to instill fear to the ego causes people to turn from their inner guidance and believe in the illusion of separation. 

CNN, BBC, NBC, FRANCE NEWS 24, CBS, ABC, FOX spew out their daily GHOUL-LASH of fear.  We live in GOUL-LAG of fear. Have you ever seen it so crazy? You really can't make this shit up!  But they do! Crisis actors that show up in one false flag event after another, custom-off-the-shelf pre-packaged banker financed revolutions and coup-de-tats, in some cases years in advance, like the Ukraine with former central bankers as the puppets in charge and their very own Nazi storm trooper nationalists complete with SS emblems!  

What's the plague or terrorist du jour? I've frankly lost count on who I am supposed to hate and what emerging disease is supposed to make me panic into believing that I AM less than I AM - all that is and which created this universe.  And you are the same I AM. REMEMBER I AM!

There is one belief, however, that destroys artificial barriers to perception, an expanding belief that automatically pierces false and inhibiting ideas. Now, separately: 
The Self Is Not Limited. 
That statement is a statement of fact. It exists regardless of your belief or disbelief in it. 
Following this concept is another: 
There Are No Boundaries or Separations of the Self. 
Roberts, Jane (2011-09-30). The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know 

Monday, September 8, 2014

The ZAP Report - August 7, 2014

I haven't posted one of these in a while but I thought this one had some interesting data.  Zap distances himself from the Dinar people and their expectations for huge payouts... (did anyone really think such greed resulting from an illegal war, would really fly in the new energetics on this planet?). ZAP also refers to "The Old Man" as "Grandfather" which is how the Native American's refer to him... not how the Chinese refer to him.  Sounds like he's been talking to "Great Eagle"...  These views below are of course ZAP's/Susan and company and not mine.  Below is undedited except for parargraph formating to fit the format of this blog. -AK

Sun, 7 Sep 2014

Playing For Change - "War/ No More Trouble" Lyrics

Until the philosophy which holds one race 
Superior and another inferior 
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned 
Oh, everywhere is war, say war
is war 

Until there are no longer first class 
Second class citizens of any nation 
Until the colour of man's skin 
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes 
Everywhere is war, war 
Everywhere is war

Killing the brother, war 
Destroying the country, war 
For nothing, war 
For nothing, war 
They going to take care of another brother 
We don't need no more war

Monday, June 2, 2014

The ZAP Report - June 1, 2014

I haven't posted one of these in a good while as there was really nothing new in them for weeks.  This one has some interesting data.  As always the views below (minus any of mine in red italics) are those of ZAP and/or Susan solely and of those who involved with the Revaluation of  Global Currencies aka the RV or GCR.  -AK

Greeting and Salutations:

For many of those who remember Mike Kodosky's description of the end times, he would always describe it as absolute chaos, disinformation, political and social unrest. Little did we know what a prophecy it truly was.


For those who read through these notes looking for that proverbial opening, that one key word that says It is Over. Well, it is not here. It is not over. It is not far from being over but it is not over yet. So if your faith or patience or your hard head is being tested. The name of the game is learning wisdom and learning patience and then beholding the way in which the world moves the pieces on the giant chess board. And that's truly the bottom line to all of this . Is every ones needs being met? Are there others not thought about? What about the political future of thus and so? And then what about the bankers? Are they ready. And so it has gone for how long now.? No, it is not over and yes it soon will be. When the last nut is turned and the last lock is keyed and the powers that be can't empower their goons any longer then you will see some movement. It is going forward even if it is too slow for your tastes.

And then there's this. The RV has been boo-whooed for how long now? And what does it have to do with the needs of those in the Program. It turns the tap and it opens some gates that needed to be that's all that can be said at this time. So whatever you were doing before you started reading this, go back to it-- but be peaceful and grateful. You do recall that gratitude is nearly heaven's first law. Practice it. 


Before he was known as POOF, he weekly kept us in Omega updated as TruthWarrior..I can't give you an exact date of the beginning of enlightenment provided by Poof, but I know it was at least 15 years ago. Through his weekly update, that we all anxiously awaited, he made a tremendous impact on my life and many others. Love for each other, patience, love for the planet, etc. just the first ones to come to my mind. The most important gift learned for me was gratitude. I thank him for his sharing, personal sacrifice, and determination to prepare us all for the change we would each experience after receiving our blessing.. I am grateful for this newsletter. If you feel grateful for these newsletter, we require contributions to survive. Please contribute through our paypal account @ 

Request for personal consultations sent to 












It appears the Dragon families now pull the plug.... -AK
Press Release

May 30, 2014: Backer of “Global Banking Reset” Pulls Out Over Political Bickering:
The signatory to the largest cache of gold bullion in the world pulls out of providing trillions in bullion to back the global reset and new global banking system.

Breach of contract by the U.S. Treasury and amid interference by IMF (International Monetary Fund), Managing Director, Christine LaGarde, President Obama, several key members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and the World Bank has fueled the pullout.

The gold bullion provided by the signatory would have backed the new U.S. Treasury Reserve Notes, known commonly as the TRN..

Use of the new TRN which would primarily occur between central banks, would stabilize the world economy, solve the U.S. debt crisis, provide the basis for debt forgiveness and the standardization and revaluation of all world currencies under a new gold backed system known as the “Global Reset” by those involved in the process.

The gold bullion was scheduled for release to the U.S. Treasury this week, but the signatory announced today that he will move the deal to China and effectively leave the U.S. floundering as the TRN’s have already been printed and distributed to central banks worldwide.

Without the signatory’s gold bullion to back the TRN, the TRN are worthless. Twenty-three central banks are backing the signatory’s move as the frustration of dealing with the U.S. Government's and IMF's failure to communicate with the signatory and fulfill signed contracts have left many central banks reeling.

The signatory states that these individuals, governments and organizations are operating on their own political and financial agendas, jockeying for position and power in the new world financial system and have failed to perform their duties, not only in their positions of power but have also failed to morally protect and serve the citizens of the United States and the world.

The signatory also states he has no political agenda and wishes only to restore balance, fairness and stability to the world banking system.

In closing he says, “As a patriotic U.S. citizen I have a strong desire to keep this deal on U.S. soil, but these individuals have left me no choice.

It is my belief that listening to more misinformation issued by the IMF, U.S .Treasury, and others who operate on their own agenda will result in further delays and continue to stall the recovery of the world economy.”


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

D Responding to Zap Responding to D Responding to Zap: colour coding is essential, lol

Reblogged from my dear friend Dani at:

Before I begin, I have to profusely thank KP for the amount of work he put into getting this article sorted out, colour coding the various comments and keeping it readably organized- this is a daunting task!!   Love you KP!!

So, apparently someone forwarded an article I wrote last week, responding to ZAP's weekly update, to ZAP/office of poofness, and he has posted his responses to my responses to his comments.... and so now I am going to respond to Zap's responses to my response to his comments with my own comments.

... colour coded to try and keep the dialogue straight.  I'm fully caffeinated and ready!!

My responses to the original ZAP update will be in Blue,  My responses to ZAP's responses to My Responses to ZAPs update this week will be in BLUE ALL CAPS AND ITALICS......  Zap and I are not yelling at each other, we're just running out of options to differentiate various sections of the conversation, lol.As a matter of fact, I think that Zappy baby and I would have a hell of a good time chatting over an espresso.  Drop on by darlin- I'm in Morocco!  Aouchtan to be exact...  but then you knew that already didn't you?  *giggle*

I am including KP's intro here, but then will skip forward to the part of the weekly update where ZAP is responding to my.......  well, you get the picture, lol.

For the preamble, please click HERE to go to Kaulipele's Article.


poofness_office_of_35Regarding this Poof message… First off, I’ve never spent as much time reading and “working on” any Poof message.

Part of that is that this Poofness message is pretty long, and part is because I’ve gone through and “marked up” (in RED) all of Zap’s comments. And part of the reason for THAT (the red markup thing) is because Zap includes the full text of a response to Dave (of Australia, I believe (Thx, Dave… Love your FIRE!!), which includes the full text of an article from D of RTS. And part of that article from D of RTS included ZAP IN ALL CAPS sections (dammit!)!!

So it took me about 60 minutes to just go through and compare notes from this Poof message to that in the article from D of RTS. Whew….

Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to understand when D’s RTS article is talking, and when Zap is responding. (remember, ZAP quoted, by D, in D’s article is in ALL CAPS BLACK, Zap’s responses TO that, are in ALL CAPS RED)…
Okay, here we go....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The ZAP Report 11-18-13

Greetings and salutations,

We received word this week that our long-time friend, Gil Lewis, died last Sunday. Gil's wife, Fran, shared that Gil had suffered from several heart attacks and other health problems. He just had no reserves left for holding on. Let's esteem him for his tireless efforts, faith, and goodwill in the highest energies of love, light, and peace. Gil had become a great resource for many in the early years of the O program. Many knew that Gil was a close friend, working with Mike Kodosky during those Omega years. Discussions would frequently occur about the "programs" and his and Fran’s health problems, and the loss of their son-in-law a few years ago. Gil will be interred in the Veteran's Cemetery in Texas. This family has suffered so much while waiting for something good to happen for all of us for so many years. Please keep Fran in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to draw closer to receiving our Blessings.

May the road rise to meet you, 
May the wind be always at your back, 
May the sun shine warm upon your face, 
The rains fall soft upon your fields and, 
Until we meet again, 
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


P.S. Blow a kiss to Poof from all of us.....

Friday, November 15, 2013

The ZAP Report 11-10-2013

I little late with this, I was enroute to Morocco.... Not a lot of new data, more delays in the purported RV and prosperity packages, etc.... As usual comments in red are mine. -Bill

Greetings and salutations,

So more Web sites to check out: - Solara’s updates are available monthly and weekly by subscription, but she does have some free material, and she does release her prior updates for free a few months later. I have been a paid subscriber for years. In honor of the 11:11 today. - The Astrology of November 2013 – Finally – Carl Boudreau – The Power of the Grand Jury (34 mins long)

The theme this week that I’m seeing is about accountability and cooperation and coming in from the cold. If you have been in isolation for a while, are you feeling the desire to meet up with like-minded/hearted others awakening and coming out of seclusion, too? Are you tired of going it alone? It’s like the splitting of the worlds Poof often mentioned. It’s saying enough to war and competition and lack and limitation and fear.

Like the Buddha who sat under the Bodhi tree declaring he wouldn’t budge until he attained enlightenment. Are you feeling your inner buddha doing that with the conditions in the world in which you no longer want to participate? What’s different this time is that the energetics are supporting this upliftment. It’s saying, “I won’t be a slave anymore. I won’t give away my power to others whom I have been conditioned to hold above myself. And I’m not afraid of you anymore.” We’ve all been, more or less, conditioned to be this way. This is why change must start within each of us. You don’t need to march in the streets or call undue attention to yourself. Sitting in the quiet and privacy of your own home accomplishes the same thing. Live your knowing. If you work in a place that has been part of the waning energies, then you are in the perfect position to carry out your part by bringing that stable, centered energy to these places which have been things in place. You are shaking the foundations that are leading to the inevitable loss of power, break-up, disappearing of the constrictive structures that are way past their due dates. Another Poof truism.

Wishing you all a magical day as we walk through this 11:11 portal.

Poof said, 

Chaotic thought balls of slime are being thrown out to humanity to be used for Malice Purpose.

Look around you, have you noticed people in your life, family, friends, co-workers, Government's which you swear are running around with a whirlwind spinning above their heads? That folks, is the slime's negative effects in Full Regalia.

The word for today is "transformation".

No one can avoid the "slime"---but everyone has the opportunity to transform the slime into a positive change for the World.

"Now Is The Time. You Get To Choose Your New Realities". A new reality not of whirlwinds of chaos above your head but to chart a path to improving the world beginning with your own vision. 

Here’s ZAP: 

Hi All,

Holy stardust, there are purple pigs in the sky! And the banks are running out of money, they say.

It is true. certain banks that have been doing the redemptions of the historic assets have run out of money to pay for them. However, that is a small issue, as the elders are coming back to top up the accounts. The reason is that some countries waited until the last minute and flooded the buyer with tons of bonds out of nowhere. But no big deal. Only a week’s delay for that, so it does not affect any other timings, thank God.

The dinar is ready to go as well. Yes, it is about that time now, and all is in readiness from the top down. I expect the announcement today, actually, so we will see if the screens come alive. No reason not to see them, otherwise, now, as the servicemen in Iraq called their wives and friends all excited that the RV was done in Iraq. Putin booted the M guy to do a second speech announcing this after he failed to do it in the first speech. Way to go Putin! He is truly behind the effort to give humanity a helping hand. Surprised? Don’t be. He has been working to clean up his country and to help the others get on the ball. huge effort on his part. Same with the Chinese Elders who are behind this effort to help the USA be the strong and shining beacon it is supposed to be.

The global gold settlements are just about to be announced, and that will wrap it up so the new system can be activated. Yay team! Our work is about done at the moment, and the real work ahead is about to start. Yes, I am talking about the reconstruction projects. Finally we are ready for that one. I thought we would already be there, so the message went out a couple of months ago - and the response was wonderful - and then it stalled because of the pesky delays we have experienced. But, no matter; it is happening now. and, shortly, we will be answering everybody and giving them a heads-up.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The ZAP Report October 29, 2013

Your Mind is On Vacation..... 
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 10:28:54 -0400

Van Morrison: Your Mind Is On Vacation
Songwriters: MOSE ALLISON

Sitting there yakkin’ right in my face 
Coming on like you own the place 
If silence was golden 
You couldn’t raise a dime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime

You’re quoting figures, you're dropping names 
You’re telling stories, you're playing games 
You always laugh when things ain’t funny 
You try to sound like you don't need money 
If talk was criminal, you'd lead a life of crime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime

You know that life is short and talk is cheap 
Don't make promises that you can't keep 
If you don't like the song I’m singing, just grin and bear it 
All I can say is if the shoe fits wear it 
If you must keep talking please can you make it rhyme 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime 

Greetings and salutations,

Pay special attention to the words in our theme song this week, as it certainly explains why the entire "government structure" is suffering from total madness. It certainly may not feel like it, but all who are reading these words should celebrate yourselves as being the true warriors who have been holding the "Light" for the coming changes.

Whatever you believe, know that the President is receiving daily spiritual guidance from his appointed spiritual adviser, Joshua DuBois. Below is one example of the daily "devotional" in his daily spiritual pause of reflection.

"Dear God, in the night time, remind me of the day. In the darkness remind me of your Light. I have confidence in the coming morning, and until then I will stand strong.”

On a personal note, I thank all for your kindness and prayers. It has sustained me as my healing journey continues to progress. Your outreach has been extremely ...Susan
Poof said, “Your life is an occasion; rise to it....”

Here’s ZAP:

Hi All,

Feels like christmas, and there is snow on the ground now. Really. we got some inches.

Dinar is active. People are cashing out. Not official, yet, but some groups are getting theirs done (the ones that have been waiting so long).

More questions, and a few shots from some ghostly guy.

Q: Hello! I read at the Fourwinds Web site that Chase Bank, as of Nov.16th, will be in control of the American business’ funds, allowing only $50,000 for operational expenses. Other banks will soon follow suit. For recipients of the many programs soon to be paid out, what alternatives are there for us who will be implementing positive change in our nation? I know there are offshore options, but are there any other options we should be privy to? M

A: Sorry M. I cannot give out that advice. Not my province. Suffice to say that if you buy commodities, then they are transferable to other jurisdictions under various tax treaties, free-trade agreements, and so on. There are many ways to skin a cat, but I cannot give such advice. However, it is true that international wire transfers will be stopped by JP Morgan at first, with a $50k cap on domestic transfers per person per month. Other banks will follow, of course. This will happen unless there is an outcry. Again, write to your political rep, and give him ##### for not representing you the way you want or need. his job is to do it, and you are paying him to do it. So, what kind of employer are you when your employees run you?

Friday, October 25, 2013

The ZAP Report October 21, 2013

Comments in red are mine. -Bill

Greetings and salutations,

Susan is recovering from surgery. She appreciates the well wishes and donations that have been sent her way. Please continue, even alittle helps. Send thru Account is:

Are you experiencing events that you have had come around before, only this time they feel more intense and in your face? One thing after another. Sometimes there is rest in between; sometimes not.

What is going on? What is happening in the outer world is happening within us. Jim Self at is teaching about the importance and benefits of being in a neutral space as events, on all levels, are unfolding. Doing things the way we always have is often not working now. Because we have grown and changed and no longer wish to be where we were. Reinventing the wheel isn't an option. We are being urged and guided to open up our hearts and minds and to draw to us solutions. It doesn't have to be hard anymore.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The ZAP Report October 15, 2013

Comments in red are solely mine.  -Bill

Poofness Office & ZAP Update - October 14, 2013: The season of change

Greeting and Salutations,

Fortunately the Kabuki theatre [ooh like that term! or is that a threat like last October?] is nearly ended, and the currency revaluation is beginning. Pay attention to the activities after the banking holiday this coming week; I'm hearing it could be a very exciting time.

The best thing that happened in DC came from the chaplain of the Congress. Here is his prayer for the Congress and the country:

Opening Prayer 
Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, S.J.

Loving God, we give You thanks for giving us another day.

Lord, You know there are many Americans who look to the people's House as uncertainty about the future of the economy and their livelihoods hang in the balance. Petty partisanship and ever–politicizing rhetoric should have no place at all when men and women of goodwill come together to serve the common good.

We ask again that You bless the Members of the people's House with the understanding that it is their work to develop the strategies and plans to assuage the fears of their fellow countrymen and –women.

We ask again that You impel those who possess power here in the Capitol to be mindful of those whom they represent who possess little or no power and whose lives are made all the more difficult by a failure to work out serious differences.

May all that is done today be for Your greater honor and glory.


Poof said: “The boys behind the scenes are taking steps to take those "in" power, "out" of power. You all want to believe this but some don't. So its okay but wait and see! There has been some holding off to make the final checks on all changes that have to happen before this whole thing is turned loose.

You need to know that the "New World Order" is caving in and the "New Golden Age" is coming. The changes have been happening for a while now, and the world is actively engaged in a change of heart. Many things are scheduled to occur to make this a reality for all...

Here’s ZAP…

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The ZAP Report 10-7-2013

Comments in red are mine solely, all the rest is Susan and Zap.  I know Zap and company are frustrated and we love them all. Something much better is coming guys! You did great! -Bill

Poof's say[s]" "....What is important to remember is that many people think that all of this is a scam and that we should shut up and should go away. told you before that story has been repeated a million times - and so it has – but, in case you have not noticed, I am still here and still saying the same thing. Why? Because I know the damned facts, it is real, and that it is happening; the timing won't be what we might want, but it will happen. My job has always been to keep the vigil, to keep the flame aloft, and to make sure you people do not forget that it is to help you and to help humanity. That aspect they have likely forgotten. It is all one human family on this globe, and we are to share plus recognize the more we keep our options open and are willing to share just what is practical, the better our options are. That is how it works. How it is meant to work. Never forget that someone thought enough of you to invite you to participate in this program; what if he had not? How would you feel these days? What if you were on the sidelines? Making it a point to - I say this again - do your homework. That Parable of the Talents y’all know comes to remind is you bury it and don't use it, or hoard it and it isn't growing. You plant it and it grows. You work with it, and you find ways to create win-win situations for others. The world should be ready to dissolve all this greed and competition. No you say? Not so. Well wait and see. It will happen. It is you who must put your thinking cap on and figure out what your role is in all of this. Your attitude will count for a lot more than you think; I know this first-hand. So, doubt it if you want, or choose to pay attention."

Greetings and Salutations,

The drama being played out in D.C, rest assured, has an already agreed upon conclusion which will continue to be played out until the 23rd hour. So, sit back and enjoy the Kabuki theatre. Disclaimer: For entertaining purposes only. Grab your jammie's, a drink, and don't forget your popcorn. Oh, can anyone say "Global Settlements"????

And here's Zap...

Hi All,

Many events this last week have given rise to the cabal’s negotiating for their survival, as intimated last week. The war and martial-law scenarios that were to be enacted have gone by the wayside as a result, and that leaves the stage open for events to unfold.

The current effort to reinstate the Glass-Steagall act, and the efforts of wall street, will be critical to the america’s future. If wall street manages to pressure Obama and Congress to let the bailout continue and perpetuate hyper-inflation in the USA, then it is likely we will see many more us citizens die as the sequestration we have seen due to the us shutdown continues, escalates, and drives the people and economy down and down and down. civil war is likely then, and the resultant martial-law scenario. Not a good thing. we will see how the politicians react to the cabal interests.

Interestingly, although everything is in place for things like the RV to be executed - and there is absolutely no good reason for such things not to be done - they have not happened as everybody thought. Or as I thought. [but exactly as we said would happen! ;) Not that we like gloating, people just don't listen...]

Many were, and are, scratching their heads wondering “what the…” as everything is indeed ready, and there is no excuse for it not to happen.  [there will be no "phoenix" of the slavery systems"]

Monday, September 30, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-29-13

Hmmm... Dan Burisch linked in at the bottom. A nod to the off-world link in all this? I don't have much to say on this one, should be an interesting week to watch.... You all know my views by now... -Bill/AK

Poof says, “Everyone needs to hang in, be at peace, do the things that are in front of you, and be grateful. Gratitude goes a long way toward helping to free up the blockages that have been occurring. There is no way to know the outcome of all this when these funds are released through the spigots and the monies are on the street. The cons and the crooks are waiting. They know; they always know. And the bankers know. And they have friends who are in the know. So it isn't like you can be anonymous and think that no one knows. Too many know. You have to use discretion, and you have to play it cool. Be smart. Do the right things. If you don't know what those are, then do your legwork. It can be a melee or it can be high drama or it can be soft and easy. You will decide...”

Greetings and Salutations:

There have been some interesting "signs of the times” this week. Panama announced the closing of its banks from Friday, September 27th through October 2nd. The explanation to its people has been a software upgrade and a complete auditing of the country’s banking system. The German government announced on Friday "the world banking system is experiencing a complete ‘melt down’ ".

The changes are slowly appearing. The corruption this country has sustained since the US became a corporation in 1872 is beginning to be exposed with its long-awaited remedies.

The Fat Lady has entered side stage - mic in hand - and the band is queued up, rehearsing "The Party’s Over". The final sound-check has begun, and it's been awhile since she hit a "High C". Stay tuned; our "party” is about to begin.

And now from Zap: 

Hi All,

The pigs have been measured for their flight suits, and the runways have been cleared of the muck on the surface, but not completely clean yet for the take-off. Won't be long, though, so keep your shirts on, be patient, and smile. There is nothing more to do, worry about, make today's rumors into gospel the next day, or support the negative energies that lend well to the delays by manifesting negative thoughts.

The cabal and the good guys (first and foremost the Chinese families) have established a truce and worked out the details of what is to come. The cabal will be allowed to survive in some measure, but without their previous power. That power was dramatically stripped weeks ago by the removal of their vast wealth which they stole from humanity. Talk about a wake-up call.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-21-13

Comments in red are mine solely as usual.... -Bill

Greetings and Salutations,

I couldn't have said it better myself so here it is direct from Poof. “As a man deeply involved in all of this is fond of saying, 'it doesn't matter what it is, it takes a week for them to do it'. Massive things have transpired since last sunday, which actually began thurs, a week ago. Constant movement to completion has been taking place. Many are distracted by the media events, which have been like spooks chasing you in your dreams, scaring the crap out of everyone, who lends them an ear. The native american shamans teach one how to deal with the goblins in your dreams, ignore them with your focus forward and they won't activate”. 

From ZAP..........Hi All

Very good news on the historic bond redemption front, as funds have been released for this purpose, and the show is underway. As I said, everything was on a hair trigger, and this continues to be true. Now that funds have been released, the global settlements can happen (if not already done), and the RV can occur, and the Basel III protocols can be fully implemented.

Not bad, delayed, but not bad. They have been trying to get the rv done every single day, but for whatever reason, like bribing others in the food chain at wells fargo to throw a monkey wrench into the works, the RV keeps getting snookered every day.

They are running out of monkeys that can be bribed. And the word is getting out to all monkeys that their fate is sealed if they accept the bribe. They get arrested the next day or shortly thereafter. Idiot monkeys, but I guess greed is still a powerful motivating force.

Is the RV a scam? LOL. Ya right, sure it is. That’s why untold trillions of Dinar [Trillions??? Really?? and that big a number is not a bit suspect from tiny Iraq????] are changing hands, why monkeys get arrested, and the governments are purchasing – because it’s a scam. [There is a concept of markets on Walls Street called the "greater fool" buyer] Good call. Now who said this was a scam again? which version of crystal ball were they looking into?

Again, there are questions in respect of the prosperity programs. These are meant for the fulfillment of the divine plan [He really said that??? Wow!!! I Love ZAP's honesty!!! There you have it in black and white!!!] where our humanity gets a shot at breathing again. [loosen those shackles just a wee bit there buddy...your wrists were starting to chafe...all better now?] Many subscribed to it and waited. and waited. Meanwhile, the cabal was chewing away at the fabric of our financial infrastructure meaning to destroy any and all hope, and divide the populations into the have and have nots on a systematic global scale. They came close.  [Oh team contrast is persistent!]

Monday, September 16, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-15-13

I keep wondering, "What debt?" Its fraudulent debt, so why are they paying it off? - Bill

Greetings and Salutations,

When a society suffers collective amnesia, when it loses its historical consciousness, the values formed through that society's history inevitably erode. That decay undermines the society's political, social, and intellectual cohesion, and may threaten its survival. Introduction: The Mainstream of CIVILIZATION, 1989 

From Zap..........

Hi All

For some reason unbeknownst to me, some have decided my identity is really that of Marion Horn Jr. of Five Star Trust. Wow. Believe me, If I was Marion, then the other guys on the trust would be walloping me and giving me sh** for sending out these messages. Besides, I write about things other than “get me an audit so I can pay taxes and get the money released from the trust”.

That is Marion’s sole focus…get a print out of the account and go to the IRS, pay taxes, and by doing so, force the Five Star funds to be officially released. Marion does not have any time to do such newsletters, or bother with the project side – it is all about getting the trust monies released. He refused to give em up to the cabal, and paid a price for maintaining that integrity, and that is what he is all about now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-8-13

I wonder if the delay isn't so much the PTB as it is the queasiness of "the folks in the rafters" as to what comes next?  Just sayin'..... :) As usual comments in red are mine... -Bill 

Greetings and Salutations,

The waiting was to have been over long ago but the powers that be shifted all of that--one more time. Their ability to shift has been curtailed and the machinations are moving things albeit, very much slower than any of us had wanted. I am clear that I have said all that I can.

There is nothing new to report except that the prosperity programs and the attendant other programs are beyond any comprehension size wise and therefore, why would we be anything less than appreciative for the effort being put forth. What would life have been like without this event? Think about that. Go back to what it was like before you even knew anything about this? What would that mean for you today? Think about that. In the timing is everything and they do know what they are doing. The dragon family is aware and the others in europe are just as aware.

The feelings you are having are those of human ego and are natural. But for the sake of the society that will change and be better for them, hold your horses. This is not about you anyway. You seem to think that it is. No, it is about a shift in the thinking and in the mindset of people who will do what is best for their fellow man. How will that happen? That has been worked on behind the funny stage (scenes) for several years. Tried, explored, scrutinized and once more back to the drafting table. No reason not to trust that they know what they are doing. 

From Zap.........

Hi All

It has indeed started, and all systems are on a hair trigger now to perform the reset and get us all breathing again.

The blackmail sequence of the Syrian conflict seems to be unraveling with many intelligence sources reporting on the true reality of the chemical attack. Seems that a few rockets would have killed more people, but there is nothing like a good old chemical attack to raise the hackles of the world and provide a landscape for war.

Now, who would want another war?

If a war happens, then the global settlements could be delayed, as well as the historic bond redemptions, the EV of the Dinar and Dong, etc.

So who would want a war?

Rest assured that the powers that are in charge now do not want a war. They will intervene as necessary I am told. Humanity must be allowed to evolve and fulfill its destiny, and this is the “prime directive” at the moment.

The september 3-5 start date has come, and it has started. the coming week, I think Wednesday is the target here, will see announcements and release of funds for the redemptions.

Washington is all prepped to get things underway with the other governments, and it should be a pretty good start for all of us waiting in the wings.

One very good question that came in is of interest here.

Zap, is the debt the Federal Reserve owes that has to be repaid in gold about to be called? I've heard that it will immediately bankrupt the Fed and is necessary to trigger Reset. Thanks

It is not necessary to bankrupt the FED to get the reset done. Even if the debt is called, there is ample gold in numerous caches in the USA to support the debt payout. Few know of these caches and the reality of the debt structure.  [Interesting comment...the CAFR accounts?  What happened to all the talk of the FED being closed down and the UST taking over?]

There is very little I can say at the moment, as the next 3 days will see the unfoldment of all that we have labored for. Thank you all for your hard work and tenacity.

In love and light in our service


“God is; I am; We are”

“Be good, Be legal, Tell truth”

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & Staff

Office of Poofness

P.S. Many of our loyal subscribers have had trouble receiving the newsletter this past month. I have sent them.....but our email service located in Tel Aviv seems to be having server problems which is causing us problems getting the newsletter out. [Last place I'd put a financial email server!] Please tell your friends to go to reading room to view the lattest newsletter if they do not get their copy. [or go to!]

Thanks, Susan 

Monday, September 2, 2013

The ZAP Report 9-1-2013

Greetings and Salutations

The Syrian situation is a hotbed of horrid conflict. Once again the drama is taking the focus away from where it needs to be. When things get too hot to handle the good ol' guvferment folk create ways to take the focus away from what needs to be stretched and reviewed as truth, as real leading to more drama. We already know how to hold for higher outcomes, so lets do it.

Things are moving right along, steadily, as they have been for some time. The pieces on the chess board are always being moved around and that brings on more checks and continued attempts to balance the play of one set of potentials against another. That has been the name of this game for many years. A project like this which now will touch into the hearts of over three hundred thousand people has become far reaching and has taken an enormous amount of time but rest assured it will be worth it.

Remind yourself that we signed on for this game and said we would do our part. Now, right now, it is time to do one's part; cut the chatter and hold to the higher understanding that you already have otherwise you would not be here at this time. We tend toward playing short sighted but no one in this program can be that. You are on the list because you have a compassionate heart. Remember daily and clearly that the players in this monopoly game are not two bit. They play for keeps. Mine and your job is to be holding a space for Those who have been labeled 'white knights' and who barter with power And the Money knowing the rudiments of the game realizing they too are playing for keeps. How many times do we say, "This will change the world. And so it shall. Poof used to say this in every way that he knew how. Please, you've held on this long-- do not lose faith in the systems being realigned to bring about a level playing field. And from where I sit, that is what this is about: creating a level playing field....thanks for listening, Susan 

From ZAP.........

Hi All

This is the week that all changes, and humanity will breathe.

Last week I said that this is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over…..and it is. Now begins the next part of the reset process, the actual reset itself.

Expect many changes.

The time/date of this new beginning has been set at September 3 and 4. At this time, the redemption funds for the historic assets will be released. The global gold settlements will occur. The RV will be announced and Basel III will be installed.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The ZAP Report 8-25-2013

Zap's take on the RV below... -Bill

Greetings and Salutations,

Time to wake up! Many of you may have taken a nap the last few weeks as it appeared that nothing very interesting was traveling through the grapevine. At least that we could hear or see. Well, how about the NASDAQ shutdown last week which bleed over into the NYSE and many other global exchanges. I'm sure there will be an investigation to find out what happened. But will the public really "know the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" In time maybe they will. However, you are about to find out the real truth from, ZAP and friends, about the NASDAQ shutdown and the chronology of events leading up to present day.

Remember the Global Currency Reset, GCR, which is now underway is the culmination of many talented people from across the globe working around the clock for 20+ years to bring us to where we are today! So stop all of the grumbling and complaining and thank your lucky stars that they are finally ready to launch the planet into a new era of prosperity and that we are alive and well enough to be participating in this once in a 1000 years event! WOW!!!! 

From ZAP..........Hi All

This is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over…..

In respect of the Dinar RV…we are good to go.

In respect of the global reset…we are good to go.

One of the not-so-surprising hold-outs was wells fargo. Go figure that the settlement bank got greedy. Really shocking right?

Just like Obama finally striking a deal with the Chinese over the tax he was going to charge. He got his way. He is going to tax at 50%.

But regardless of the machinations, we are at the point where all will happen now. Hopefully before September 1 (the goal).

The FOREX system and the other back line systems are all in place. the shutting down of the exchanges was to install and test the systems we are going to be using in the future. No surprise there, and it was expected.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The ZAP Report 8-18-2013

Text in red is from AK/Bill...and not part of the original posting...
Greetings and Salutations,

We have definitely entered another round of "Rumor Du'Jour, Funny Season". It's very important to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. If you are paying attention many of these rumors appearing as FACT re-surface about every 3 months and this has been part of the ever-ending story for at least the last 12 years give or take. Remember the meaning of FEAR...False Evidence Appearing Real. Discernment is a mandate in this time of change. Don't take any wooden nickels.

The shark's are certainly searching for "Chum" out in the waters of the internet. Prosperity Programs have been closed for years. Be cautious and discreet with what you are willing to be bitten by. All those that have attached their energy to one or many of these programs will receive their promised returns. There will be other opportunities in the future but not until all the changes have been put into place. 

From Zap……….

Hi All

Oh boy. much talk out there. and even the grand disinformation guys have no choice but to mix a greater amount of truth into their rants.

In respect of the Dinar RV…There is talk that china does not want it to happen. why wouldn’t they? They bought a container load in preparation of buying iraq oil on the cheap. why would they buy cheap oil when their reserves are so huge? Because they want to use all that is available out there, and when others run out, they still have theirs, and will be able to sell for premium. Typical Chinese method of doing business. it has worked for many years. common sense right?

When will it happen? It could happen tonight for all I know. Remember I do not play in the Dinar arena, but do get interesting information directly.

This came to me the other night in respect of both the redemption of the historic assets and the RV: We have been told, the signatory for the buyer will be sending out contracts September 5th to the owners of the bonds (historic assets). That is only 2 short weeks away.

Monday, July 22, 2013

ZAP REPORT 7-21-2013

Greetings and Salutations,

Recapping the week we find more and more people are hearing from news channels about the Fed and FDIC voting in Basel III which means a metals backed currency for the US and approximately 200 other countries around the world. This is a huge turning point for our planet. Also, with the beginning of the acceptance and implementation of the tariff treaties for the countries last week this will help clear the way for the beginning of the new financial system. 

from Zap..........

Hi All,

Well, the release that was scheduled to happen last week got delayed a bit. It is scheduled for next week, and if they can not agree in full, we will have no choice but to wait some more. Rumor out (based on timing of the summer break coming up) is 60 days or less for restart and release.
Now this sucks the big one. If it is to be, ok…but bottom line is that it will happen now whether next week, or in 2 months. Either one.

Assume it happens next week. What then? When it happens, the signal will be the signing of the global gold settlements. Then the RV of the dinar/dong. then the installation of the Basel III protocols (metal backed currency requirement).

Timing? Within a week or two I would say. Timing of F&P and the release of the PP returns? Again that is something I do not know, as my work is focused elsewhere in the global financial infrastructure on another level, but I do get to hear snippets of that side, and it may happen within the 1-2 week time frame is the best guesstimate I can make from my vantage point.
important note:

Wish I could be more precise, but please remember that my work is towards the current cleanup of historical issues as they would negatively impact the new system, and more importantly, the propagation of reconstruction projects.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The ZAP Report 7-14-13

I am not going to comment a whole lot on this one, its ZAP's own viewpoint with interesting data.  I do think ZAP has very good intentions.  I hope he checks out the links to the OPPT on this blog.

We've said it many times before that "the divine plan" is not the same as "the absolute plan" or "eternal plan" of the Creator Source.  There's a reason they use that term over and over again. The "divines" are a type of being (most likely 5d-6d), some human in origin, some not, who have mixed character attributes (quite like most humans). They are not without ego or institutional inertia against change.  They appear to like making others feel less important than themselves, which is comical because they see themselves as being lesser than the angels, yet angels never believe any created being to be lesser than themselves, they serve all in complete understanding of the oneness of all.  Some day the divines will share that perspective. Hopefully soon, for their sake.

Some (not all) divines are identity thieves stealing the persona's of various past great humans, or even posing as Archangels in sincere and unsuspecting channelers.  The worst offenders in that regard are being dealt with in those realms and this.  Most turn to the light when faced with that choice.  There's been a huge dropoff in the volume of bogus channelings of this sort as a result.  

St. Germain, for example, is currently incarnated as a rather humble human being, Great Eagle. The bankers and Chinese and various US intelligence agencies know that too.  So whoever is posing as St. Germain in channelings is not St Germain.

The divines have been in control of this planet for a very long time, and they have played humanity against each other, altered and damaged the Earth's akashic records, and also manipulated both negative and positive ETs to maintain their energetic harvesting of the planet and its people.  The BIS bank is the energetic interface to them.  

Just because they call themselves "divine" does not mean their plans are the Creator Source's plans.  They are particularly fond of calling their boiler plate templates of control (which they use over and over) "the divine plan".  They never call it the "Creator Source's Plan", perhaps because they know better than to do that...and be that obviously arrogant.  "Divine" essentially means "almost god-like",  and can mean and malevolent yet powerful being, but most people on the street take it to mean a direct endorsement by the Creator Source.  It is not.

 I don't know if ZAP's use of the term "divine plan" is accidental or purposeful so I won't imply motives to ZAP. I sense his motives are honest and well intentioned.  Could be just a poor choice of terms.  It does have a meaning to those of us who have been dealing with this banking stuff however. -AK

Greetings and salutations,

This past week was a very busy week behind the scenes as we read in the newspapers that the FDIC voted to accept the Basel III accords. Everyday bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle lock into place. Yes, I agree with you it's never as fast as we would like to see it happen, but please remember a lot of these events are first time occurrences in the history books. Now let's get some answers from ZAP.............

From ZAP..........


Interesting week it has been. The rot that ate the foundations is being replaced by new concrete foundations, and our mother and her kids are about to take a deep breath and breathe.

All is poised now, and the countries have agreed to move forward now with speed, and install the new global financial infrastructure. This is by needs, a very complex process, and fraught with the usual amount of bugs that such systems have, particularly when the bugs are the terminally greedy folk that prey on a consistent basis.

However, as with all redundant systems whose time has come to pass away into shadows of years gone by, and dissolve into a grey formless and forgettable vapor, the cabal is vanishing into the ethers to be replaced by a strong and healthy system that actually serves the needs of the people in all countries: the divine plan.

I guess we can say that we are fortunate to be living at this time to witness such an event. Sure…but how about being part of it in much greater definition than just sitting back and straining at the thought of millions upon millions to fall into your lap, and what you can do with it.

Well, last week, the doors opened on a funding mechanism that has nothing to do with anything other than providing those that have been waiting with a venue for future funding. The response was wonderful. Hundreds of emails with various project ideas came forward, and the majority were truly inspiring as of spirit from unique methods of housing for seniors, to innovative water generation devices for kids in Africa. It was good to see.

I asked Susan to give a helping hand with all the submissions in organizing them with the help of some really good software that tracks each project, and is used by large trusts and foundations to perform their projects. Remember this is the first time this is being done, and that is why the time lag of 30-60 days before contact and first fundings can possibly take place. Logistically impossible even if trillions were available in the account. The infrastructure has to be put into place, otherwise the whole thing will become a morass of question marks if you get lost in the filing, and will not serve the needs of the projects.

Monday, July 8, 2013


This is the latest ZAP REPORT, it appears the dragons are ready to move. I am still a skeptic on the REVAL as I have heard that for almost a decade with both Poof and Casper.  Its all interesting timing given Heather's about the release the absolute value finance documents.  But perhaps they both go?  You might want to also read D's latest article on the RV and where Heather's at on the UV INchange documents HERE.  I don't own Dong or Dinar, mostly because I thought it was all a scam. The Dinar RV being based on an illegal war in Iraq for one thing. And I didn't have the contacts D. had in that area.  D. does have some Dinar and Dong and I hope it does come off because she's got one big family to feed! :)  Nothing would make me happier to see her get a return on that investment!

The figures below are a small fraction of what each individual is due, but its a start to getting people re-employed and moving the world away from the cabal's slave system.  There's much unstated here, such as the process of choosing worthy projects and it also implies the continuation of the existing credit systems (which is a form a slavery).  Still its data, consider it well, use your heart discernment. 

We know the "old man" (nobody knew moniker for the 5000 year old Chinese royal patriarch until Heather mentioned it in our interviews) does seem to have good intentions and he does seem to go to and fro our 3D world to some higher energetic realms who knows where (Poof called this the rafters I believe). I want some of his vitamins! :) The dragon family is a very big family and not always in agreement. Keep that in mind. You may remember Brian and my little encounter with the Hong Kong faction last year. Sibling rivalries like any family.  As usual any comments below in red are mine, I have changed the case to mix case for readability, and did minor grammar editing. -AK

Greetings and Salutations,

Today we are introducing you to your future! ZAP has provided  a step by step guide to help us all understand the events about to  take place this week and launch us into our bright new future. As an added bonus he has included a detailed method for you to jump  start your life and income by doing something you like and helping  your neighbors on THE BLUE BALL.

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off in 3,2,1........BLAST OFF!

From ZAP..........Hi All,

Elvis has left the building.

In other related news, there has been an increase in Elvis  sightings around the world this last week. psychics puzzled at  last.

So very quiet week.almost too could hear a pigeon drop a mile away.

In the background, the old man has been very busy with the families, and ensuring all is in place for this coming week.

Multi-T releases have been made, and all the banks are flush with money. By Sunday night, they will be at the height of flush, as that is when they have been told that they must stop all trading activity. The assets they have brought into their banks  have been massively leveraged, and the bank paper is being cut at  an incredible rate to satisfy this monster appetite.

So what does this mean? Well, the PP are (of course) dependent  on trading. What is trading? Trading is buying bank instruments  (like bank guarantees for example) at a very low price, and selling them to an exit buyer at a higher price. Really complex right? They make a spread (profit). For example, 100 million will  buy you (x) amount of paper. The resell of that paper will make  you 10-20 million on 100 million. Do this a few times a week, and  you get a very high weekly return.

This is often called the roll program or trade program,  etc, but in plain talk, it is a buy/sell of securities at the  highest levels of finance, and is vehemently denied, by the powers that be, as fraud (as per the official websites). Who really knows if this happens? [we know!] If it does not, why is it denied so well like UFOs, and why is this a constant topic of conversation, like UFO, savvy?