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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Removing the Shackles: Tantrums, Spinning Wheels and falling off the top of the mountain

A comment by American Kabuki:

I nearly made myself sick during the Bush administration trying to convince everyone that everything since 9/11 was a lie.  It took me a while to realize that you can show people truth, but that doesn't mean they will recognize it.  It depends on what wavelength their emotional sunglasses are letting into their eyes. The situation gets worse when money or greed, or outright desperation for better news gets involved.  The cabal has always used these emotions for control. Greed and fear feed them (or more accurately their masters) directly,  hope is useful to them if only to raise it to such a height that they can then drop it and harvest the resulting negative emotions from beautiful beings.  Buddhism has some very wise words on the dangers of attachment, read what they say about the "middle way". A lot of people have a very big attachment to money, as most of us have had very little of it most of our lives.  

The Iraqi Dinar RV things always felt like a scam to me, given the illegal nature of the entire Iraq war.  It didn't take a special genius to see that IF the WTC was brought down by some rogue men in Afghanistan (evidence indicates the story is quite different) that going into Iraq was just plain illogical.  It was a war for oil, and the way the oil was signed over to energy companies (not the USA) proves it.

NESARA has always been so ridden with false information, distortions and disinfo ranging from esoteric channelings to purported expert sources in the Patriot movements (most of which are CIA plants). That's because NESARA is real, but powerful people knew if they couldn't stop it, they'd try spin it.  Both subjects I have kept well away from because I could not determine what the true situation was.  I still get asked almost every day about the Iraqi Dinar and lately the Vietnamese "Dong" (which I know nothing about - that's a new one for me).  I have never thought anyone would get rich on Dinars, which essentially is getting rich on innocent Iraqi's enslavement to energy companies. And if you understand where we are in history on this kind of behavior, this just ain't gonna happen.  The biggest beneficiaries of a huge jump in Iraqi Dinars would be the Texas Camp and JP Morgan.  You think that's gonna happen? Think again!  JP Morgan is dumping Dinars as fast as it possibly can so it has enough money to pay its lawyers...

What I have known is that once consciousness changes all else follows... so that's been my focus. I haven't been right on everything, there's some experts I have posted and channelings I have posted that I wish I never did put online.  But it was the best information I had at the time, and you might have noticed that I don't do a lot of commenting and pre-digestion of data. I respect my audience for its intelligence to connect the dots. And they get better at it the more they do it.  Examine all data in the larger context.  If X happens and Z and Y go into a panic, its pretty easy to understand cause and effect.  In fact this is all that the intelligence agencies do with their analysts, most of the time they are working with freely available information, methodically piecing the puzzles together.

I started this blog half expecting there was a very long slog ahead.  My error has been thinking it was going to be a very long slog... things are moving quite faster than I ever dreamed.

It was very clear to me after the David Wilcock paper on Financial Tyranny that the banking system had a very strong esoteric element in it.  The simple ready proof of that is simply the symbolism on the Federal Reserve notes and the fact that you can't go 20 minutes on CBNC or Bloomberg and not see a pyramid, a cyclops eye or both appearing. These symbols are repeated ad nauseuma until they are burned into the subconscious.  The Bureau of Engraving may deny the origins of these symbols but their use is ubiquitous.  

Cabal banking has depended on manipulating the mass consciousness into a pyramidal hierarchal slave-master mindset.  The Free Masons descended from the people that built pyramids and monuments with stone and knew how to handle slaves. That symbol means more than that - but like many symbols they have twisted and corrupted meanings to their own distortion of what IS.  They prefer you do not know what IS.  They prefer you do not BE, that you exist only as a name on a sheet of paper they own and use trade your life in commerce and that YOU think you have no existence independent of that.  Besides when you die, you're Walmart employer will just collect the dead peasant insurance on you which your family will never reap the benefit from. 

I'm tired of being the copper top battery in some matrix world that uses and abuses humanity.

This article from D. below is a very interesting perspective and some information I did not know.  D. has contacts that I do not have - some of them very deep in the military.  I absolutely love D.'s energy and her warrior spirit.  If I was in war, I'd want this woman on my side.  Women in combat? If they are like D. I'd say HELL YES!  This is a no-bullshit woman.

-American Kabuki

Posted by D. from Removing The Shackles

Tantrums, Spinning Wheels and falling off the top of the mountain
Ok, so I thought that going on a radio show and explaining everything that has been happening and the realizations that my inner brain finally beat my outer brain to accept.... against it's will I might add was the best way to get the information out. But obviously the problems with the audio caused issues  and that didn't really work out so well.  So let me try this again.

As I said on the show two days ago....

One of the biggest problems when gathering intel and information is maintaining neutrality.  I have always prided myself on the fact that I have been able to keep things in perspective (most of the time) because I don't have a political, religious or racial agenda, which makes analyzing intel and data in neutrality much easier.   BUT... what I hadn't factored into that is the fact that when you want something so badly, you use that want to block out other information that your subconscious picks up.

For the past six months as intel and information about the "RV" and the new financial system has been coming to me through various sources, I have had niggling doubts and questions about everything that has been happening and the people/organizations that have been involved.  Some of you have also had these questions pop up in your brain because I've read them in your comments.  Each of these comments furthered the doubts in my own mind and drove me to try to understand the situation on a higher level.

When I got involved in digging for intel on my own- because I realized that there were huge missing pieces in the information being put out by the "gurus"- I spent months researching everything: NESARA, World Global Settlements, Wanta Funds, St Germain and the World Trust Fund, the new financial system, the Collateral Accounts, etc, and storing all that information away for future reference.  This also included a crash course in American Politics and Economic/Financial History. The more I researched, the more questions I had about the intel that I was getting and the motives behind it.

For example:

- If NESARA would also be opening the Patent Office and releasing the "new technologies", then why are the Chinese making arrangements with the various Dinar Groups to buy up their IQD  at higher rates for Oil Credits?  If all these new technologies are going to be opened to the public, (and yes they are real and yes there is such things a zero point energy and free energy devices) , then the use of oil was about to be radically diminished.  So why is China buying up all the oil credits they can get their hands on?

- If "Debt Forgiveness" is part of NESARA, and if the Cabal are going to be arrested for their crimes- including the financial crimes that have plunged the world into economic turmoil,  then why are these massive amounts of money being shipped all over the world to pay off "National/Debts"?  Debt "Forgiveness" in my mind didn't mean paying off those debts to the cabal bankers/controllers that were holding entire countries hostage over those "debts".  That made no sense to me. The Cabal controlled Central Banks are the ones that got us into this situation, why would "they" pay out money to them to get rid of a "debt" that in reality doesn't even exist?  Yet I had incontrovertible evidence that this was EXACTLY what was happening.

- Yes, China holds a lot of the US's "Debt", and is obviously part of the BRICs and non- aligned nations that have supposedly said "Enough is Enough!!" about the horrifically corrupt US Federal Reserve bank's strangle-hold on the global economy.  Yes, the US has tried to rip China off by paying them in Tungsten filled "gold bars".  Yes, China's falling economy is directly linked to the failing economy in the US as American consumers can no longer afford to by Chinese made goods. Yes, China has over powered the Federal Reserve dollars by doing all trade in their own currency..... hmmmmmmmm..... none of these are motives that say "saving humanity and ushering in the golden age".

- Yet intel sources and "gurus" are trying to laud China as being the "Saviour of America and it's peoples".  We've been told over and over again that a certain Chinese woman has been working with the new UST, with the IMF, with the BIS with the United Nations and Wells Fargo, to push the Global Currency Revaluation and the new Financial System through..... ummmmmm UST?  IMF?  BIS? Wells Fargo? United Nations?  These are all Cabal controlled agencies that are just puppets used by the grand puppet masters to control all of the world.

- Then there is the intel about how this certain asian lady has been bribing a certain high(est) up American official to "stand aside" and sign off on the RV- to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.  Bribing?  In what universe is THAT part of debt forgiveness or arresting the Cabal or NESARA?

-  And then there is the fact that NESARA is suppose to roll out world wide.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but NESARA is based on the American Constitution.  What Right do they have to push the American Constitution onto other nations and people?

These are just a few of the questions that have been nagging me over and over again for months and months.

BUT, like most of you, I am Desperate.  I want all these things to roll out world wide- so much so that for months I continuously shushed my inner mind on these questions and just kept pushing forward with the idea that it would all work out just fine.  And when I laid in bed at night and I couldn't shut my inner brain off that was screaming that this is all about corruption and lies, I consoled myself by saying "Well, when the money comes through and I set up my foundations I will be able to help so many people and be able to get things in motion to create REAL change!"

Right up until about 10 days ago, I continued to force myself to believe in the charade that was being perpetrated on the people of Earth under the guise of the golden age of freedom.

Yes, the arrests took place on Dec 5th.  Yes, Boehner was sworn in as Interim president on Dec 6th.  Those are facts.  I don't care if you don't believe me, that's your choice.

December 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.... we were told that the announcements and full disclosure would roll out immediately.  They didn't.  For WEEKS we have been told to expect the announcements "imminently"..... Not just my sources, but all of us have heard this from all our sources from all levels of government, 3 letter agencies, foreign gov people, military....  BUT.... nothing happened.

When I got in touch with Heather, Trustee for The People's Trust, for the first time, it was like speaking to my best friend whom I hadn't seen in a year or two.  There was an instant connection that was unbelievably intense.  When I read the UCC documents and each of the Releases that have been filed, they jumped out at me like fireworks- while I struggled with the legalese and the non-3D language of the documents, I KNEW at the deepest level of consciousness that THIS is what I had been waiting for to happen.

As we discussed more and more of the background of OPPT, the Trustees, and the current Intel, Heather and I didn't always see eye to eye on everything.  I had a smug superiority over everything to do with the RV and the new system, thinking that I really had a much better understanding of all that had been happening (and to Heather's credit, she didn't laugh at me even once!!). Heather was the epitome of saintly patience as I explained to her over and over that NESARA would be announced and that everything would be wonderfully fixed.

And of course, all during these days and days of discussions with Heather, I had continuous conference calls with various people- all of whom are telling me "Announcements Today/tonight/tomorrow"..... and of course, none of them happened.  And certain sources of mine (who are in a position to make this statement) by last week were almost working themselves into an apoplectic  fit and spluttering that there is no way on this earth that they would allow the inauguration to go forward....  and yet, of course, we all saw it happen, didn't we?

Finally, after weeks of refusing to listen to the inner voice that was by this time screaming at me at the top of it's proverbial lungs I woke up one morning last week and the entire situation was crystal clear.

NESARA and all the package that comes with it has been usurped by the "Cabal" and twisted to suit their needs.  Turned into a pretty, shiny present wrapped up in beautiful paper and sparkly bows.... to distract from the fact that the box underneath is empty.

A few months ago, a good friend of mine told me about a conversation he'd had, about the history of China.  Apparently China for thousands of years have been using the same method for controlling their population- which is that whenever the people get really really mad and start to think about uprising against the controllers, they would have a dynasty change: bring out a new face  to be the leader and roll out prosperity to the people... making them all happy and complacent for a generation or two.  Meanwhile it is still the same controllers in dominion over them- just disguised under a different mask, and within 50-100 years they would be right back where they started.

Does that sound familiar to you?

THIS is EXACTLY what the Cabal has tried to do with NESARA.  Time for a Dynasty change.  So they removed the one face of the Cabal dynasty that is in power now, and exchange it for another cabal dynasty wearing a different mask- roll out prosperity and the milk and honey, make the people happy and complacent ..... meanwhile they are still under the control of the Slave System of the Cabal.  With in a few decades we would be right back where we are right now.

.... these people don't give away money or power unless they know they can get it back, plus extra, later on.

So.... we're waiting on those all important announcements.  Waiting on the RV to "go live". Waiting on the New Financial System. Waiting for the milk and honey.

But it isn't' happening and everyone- even those who are involved up to their eyeballs, are scratching their heads at the very least, and throwing tantrums.

What happened to interfere with their plans?  What rolled out publicly during this time?

The People's Trust UCC filings.

Now, the naysayers don't want to believe that these papers/documents mean anything. Yet anyone on the inside of Washington knows that the puppets are shaking in the boots and freaking out.

Both Boehner and Obama have ordered the Media to NOT report on the UCC filings or OPPT.  The petition to the Government, that was filed TWICE in the last two days with regards to The People's Trust has been  removed both times within hours if it being uploaded.  Boehner called a national press conference the other night at 5pm est- he walked up to the podium then walked away for an hour and showed up with a rag tag group of congressmen and women and talked about the budget.  Then it was said that he'd be on live TV on CNN at 11pm that same night to make an important announcement..... and never appeared.

These puppets are desperately trying to continue the ruse that they planned to play on the people of the planet... yet they CAN'T.  They are in Stalemate. Obama was "sworn in" because they couldn't even sort out THAT part of the issue and were forced to keep playing the role that the public expects to see.

They know what the OPPT filings have done- that they are now officially foreclosed on and powerless.  More than that though, is the fact that they don't have the MONEY to move ahead!!

See, the biggest shortcoming of the Cabal is their arrogance and superiority- they honestly have convinced themselves that they are all powerful- verging on omnipotent!  They thought that they could bluster their way around the "trouble makers", they thought that they could force everyone to play their game....  They thought that they were king of the mountain

.... except that the "old man" who they were dealing with back in the early 1900's is still around to this day and he's NOT going to let them have the money!!  Sorry guys!  You've been outsmarted by your own stupidity!!!  And the people that have hamstrung the world's governments and their puppet agencies can NOT be bought!!!  And a big wind storm just came through town and blew them right off the top of their mountain.

 ........ AND..... the big guns that they though they had behind them- their bosses BOSSES.... just up and disappeared.  hmmmmmmm, now what are you going to do, knowing that the big guys you thought you had on your side to back you up suddenly have vanished?  Who's going to tell you what to do now?  Who's going to have your back in the BIG battle now?  Feeling a bit.... naked are you?

So here we sit today.  The government/cabal is spinning it's wheels in frustration because it can't go forward regardless of how many tantrums they throw and who they try to buy off.  Sucks to be you guys.

As for what comes next?  There WILL be full understanding of everything that is and has happened and the information will be made very clear.  We are waiting for that moment.

Please my friends, I know that you're confused and impatient and angry (rightfully so!) and desperate. We all are.  The moment I have more information to give you on all of this I will post it immediately.   I am doing my best to wade through upwards of 300 emails a day, hundreds of skype messages and to read and respond to the comments here on RTS.  I'm not ignoring you, I'm just swamped.  (note: emailing me the same question over and over isn't helping me make time to respond- just sayin')

Our job for this moment is to hold the light.  To spread the knowledge of OPPT and the UCC filings and what that means for the people of this planet - FREEDOM.  Our job is to pull the energy of Gaia up to where it should be- to play with the gold in our imagination and to manifest - not the world that we are afraid of, but the world that we KNOW we should have through our birthright as FREE human BEings.

All it takes is ONE..... but ONE backed by millions more is so much more fun!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


This information was posted at the United Nations, all rates show are in reference to the US Dollar.  

UN Operational Rates
United Nations Treasury
Country Currency Code Currency
Effective Date
Operational Rate
Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghani AFN 12/31/12 0:00 52.05
Albania Albania Lek(e) ALL 12/31/12 0:00 105
Algeria Algerian Dinar DZD 12/31/12 0:00 78.08
American Samoa US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Andorra Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Angola Angolan Kwanza AOA 12/31/12 0:00 95.57
Anguilla E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Antigua and Barbuda E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Argentina Argentine Peso ARS 12/31/12 0:00 4.91
Armenia Armenian Dram AMD 12/31/12 0:00 403.4
Aruba Aruban Guilder AWG 6/15/96 0:00 1.79
Australia Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Austria Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Manat AZN 11/2/12 0:00 0.785
Bahamas Bahamian Dollar BSD 2/25/94 0:00 1
Bahrain Bahraini Dinar BHD 11/2/12 0:00 0.377
Bangladesh Bangladesh Taka BDT 12/31/12 0:00 79.5
Barbados Barbados Dollar BBD 8/1/08 0:00 2
Belarus Belarussian Ruble BYR 12/31/12 0:00 8540
Belgium Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Belize Belize Dollar BZD 12/14/05 0:00 2
Benin CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Bermuda Bermuda Dollar BMD 3/16/94 0:00 1
Bhutan Bhutan Ngultrum BTN 12/31/12 0:00 54.93
Bolivia Bolivia Boliviano BOB 11/2/12 0:00 6.96
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark BAM 12/31/12 0:00 1.475
Botswana Botswana Pula BWP 12/31/12 0:00 7.65
Brazil Brazilian Real BRL 12/31/12 0:00 2.053
Brunei Brunei Dollar BND 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev BGN 12/31/12 0:00 1.475
Burkina Faso CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Burundi Burundi Franc BIF 12/31/12 0:00 1527
Cambodia Cambodian Riel KHR 12/31/12 0:00 3965
Cameroon CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Canada Canadian Dollar CAD 12/31/12 0:00 0.993
Canary Islands Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Cape Verde Cape Verde Escudo CVE 12/31/12 0:00 83.14
Cayman Islands Cayman Is. Dollar KYD 8/1/12 0:00 0.82
Central African Republic CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Chad CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Chile Chilean Peso CLP 12/31/12 0:00 470
China Chinese Renminbi CNY 12/31/12 0:00 6.235
Colombia Colombian Peso COP 12/31/12 0:00 1771
Comoros Comoros Franc KMF 12/31/12 0:00 370.944
Congo CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Congo, Dem. Rep. Congo Franc, Dem. Rep.of CDF 12/31/12 0:00 928
Cook Islands New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Costa Rica Costa Rica Colon CRC 12/31/12 0:00 493.1
Cote d'Ivoire CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Croatia Croatia Kuna HRK 11/2/12 0:00 5.782
Cuba Cuban Peso CUP 11/1/95 0:00 1
Cyprus Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Czech Republic Czech Koruna CZK 12/31/12 0:00 18.89
D.P.R of Korea Korean Won, North Korea KPW 12/31/12 0:00 98.95
Denmark Danish Krone DKK 12/31/12 0:00 5.621
Djibouti Djibouti Francs DJF 2/1/01 0:00 177
Dominica E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Dominican Republic Dominican Peso DOP 12/31/12 0:00 39.85
East Timor US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Ecuador US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Egypt Egyptian Pound EGP 12/31/12 0:00 6.188
El Salvador El Salvador Colon SVC 12/31/00 0:00 8.75
Equatorial Guinea CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Eritrea Eritrea Nakfa ERN 6/30/07 0:00 15
Estonia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr ETB 12/31/12 0:00 18.11
Fiji Fiji Dollar FJD 12/31/12 0:00 1.74
Finland Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
France Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
French Guiana Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
French Polynesia CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
Gabon CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Gambia Gambian Dalasi GMD 12/1/12 0:00 30
Georgia Georgian Lari GEL 12/31/12 0:00 1.641
Germany Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Ghana Ghana Cedi GHS 12/31/12 0:00 1.899
Greece Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Greenland Danish Krone DKK 12/31/12 0:00 5.621
Grenada E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Guadeloupe Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Guam US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Guatemala Guatemala Quetzal(es) GTQ 12/31/12 0:00 7.95
Guinea Guinean Franc GNF 12/31/12 0:00 7055
Guinea-Bissau CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Guyana Guyana Dollar GYD 10/1/12 0:00 202.5
Haiti Haiti Gourde HTG 12/31/12 0:00 42.85
Honduras Honduras Lempira HNL 12/31/12 0:00 19.94
Hong Kong HongKong Dollar HKD 12/31/12 0:00 7.752
Hungary Hungary Forint HUF 12/31/12 0:00 219
Iceland Iceland Krona ISK 12/31/12 0:00 127.5
India Indian Rupee INR 12/31/12 0:00 54.93
Indonesia Indonesia Rupiah IDR 12/31/12 0:00 9728
Iran Iranian Rial IRR 12/31/12 0:00 24296
Iraq Iraqi Dinar IQD 3/1/10 0:00 1170
Ireland Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Israel Israel Shekel ILS 12/31/12 0:00 3.722
Italy Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Jamaica Jamaican Dollar JMD 12/31/12 0:00 92.85
Japan Japanese Yen JPY 12/31/12 0:00 86.07
Jordan Jordanian Dinar JOD 11/2/12 0:00 0.708
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Tenge KZT 10/1/12 0:00 150
Kenya Kenyan Shilling KES 12/31/12 0:00 85.9
Kiribati Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 10/1/12 0:00 0.281
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Som KGS 12/31/12 0:00 47.35
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. Laos Kip LAK 12/31/12 0:00 7971
Latvia Latvian Lats LVL 12/31/12 0:00 0.525
Lebanon Lebanese Pound LBP 12/31/12 0:00 1499
Lesotho Lesotho Loti LSL 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Liberia Liberian Dollar LRD 9/1/12 0:00 73.5
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Libyan Dinar LYD 12/31/12 0:00 1.25
Liechtenstein Swiss Franc CHF 12/31/12 0:00 0.911
Lithuania Lithuania Litas LTL 12/31/12 0:00 2.602
Luxembourg Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Macao Macao Pataca MOP 12/31/12 0:00 7.984
Madagascar Malagasy Ariary, Madagascar MGA 12/31/12 0:00 2258
Malawi Malawi Kwacha MWK 12/31/12 0:00 334.06
Malaysia Malaysia Ringgit MYR 12/31/12 0:00 3.059
Maldives Maldives Rufiyaa MVR 6/1/11 0:00 15
Mali CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Malta Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Marshall Islands US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Martinique Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Mauritania Mauritania Ouguiya MRO 12/31/12 0:00 303.76
Mauritius Mauritius Rupee MUR 12/31/12 0:00 30.3
Mexico Mexican Peso MXN 12/31/12 0:00 12.81
Micronesia US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Monaco Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Mongolia Mongolia Tugrik MNT 12/31/12 0:00 1396
Montenegro Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Montserrat E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Morocco Morocco Dirham MAD 12/31/12 0:00 8.411
Mozambique Mozambique Metical MZN 12/31/12 0:00 29
Myanmar Myanmar Kyat MMK 12/31/12 0:00 854.5
Namibia Namibia Dollar NAD 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Nauru Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Nepal Nepalese Rupee NPR 12/31/12 0:00 87.9
Netherlands Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles Guilder ANG 8/3/95 0:00 1.79
New Caledonia CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Nicaragua Nicaragua Cordoba Oro NIO 12/31/12 0:00 24.17
Niger CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Nigeria Nigeria Naira NGN 12/31/12 0:00 156.9
Niue New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Northern Mariana Islands US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Norway Norwegian Krone NOK 12/31/12 0:00 5.562
Oman Oman Rial OMR 11/2/12 0:00 0.385
Pakistan Pakistani Rupee PKR 12/31/12 0:00 97.58
Palau, Republic of US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Panama Panama Balboa PAB 2/25/94 0:00 1
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Kina PGK 12/1/12 0:00 2.02
Paraguay Paraguay Guarani PYG 12/31/12 0:00 4250
Peru Peru Nuevo Sol PEN 12/31/12 0:00 2.55
Philippines Philippine Peso PHP 12/31/12 0:00 41.1
Poland Poland Zloty PLN 12/31/12 0:00 3.068
Portugal Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Puerto Rico US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Qatar Qatari Rial QAR 12/31/12 0:00 3.639
Republic of Korea Korean Won, South Korea KRW 12/31/12 0:00 1072
Republic of Moldova Moldovan Leu MDL 12/31/12 0:00 12.02
Republic of Yemen Yemeni Rial YER 12/1/12 0:00 214.86
Reunion Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Romania Romanian Leu RON 12/31/12 0:00 3.334
Russian Federation Russian Rouble RUB 12/31/12 0:00 30.24
Rwanda Rwanda Franc RWF 12/31/12 0:00 630.37
Saint Helena St.Helena Pound SHP 12/31/12 0:00 0.619
Saint Kitts and Nevis E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Saint Lucia E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Samoa Samoa Tala WST 12/31/12 0:00 2.2
San Marino Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome Principe Dobra STD 12/31/12 0:00 18497
Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyal SAR 8/3/95 0:00 3.75
Senegal CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Serbia Serbian Dinar RSD 12/31/12 0:00 85.45
Seychelles Seychelles Rupee SCR 12/31/12 0:00 12.75
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Leone SLL 10/1/12 0:00 4300
Singapore Singapore Dollar SGD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Slovakia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Slovenia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Solomon Islands Solomon Is. Dollar SBD 12/31/12 0:00 7.3
Somalia Somali Shilling SOS 4/1/12 0:00 24300
South Africa South Africa Rand ZAR 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
South Sudan South Sudanese Pound SSP 12/31/12 0:00 3.05
Spain Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee LKR 12/31/12 0:00 126.9
St. Vincent and the Grena E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Sudan Sudanese Pound SDG 12/31/12 0:00 5.969
Suriname Surinamese Dollar SRD 6/30/12 0:00 3.33
Swaziland Swaziland Lilangeni SZL 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Sweden Swedish Krona SEK 12/31/12 0:00 6.488
Switzerland Swiss Franc CHF 12/31/12 0:00 0.911
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Pound SYP 12/31/12 0:00 74.37
Tajikistan Tajikistan Somoni TJS 11/2/12 0:00 4.76
Tanzania, United Rep. of Tanzania Shilling TZS 12/31/12 0:00 1576
TFYR of Macedonia Macedonia Denar, the former Rep. of MKD 12/31/12 0:00 46.86
Thailand Thai Baht THB 12/31/12 0:00 30.64
Togo CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Tokelau Islands New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Tonga Tonga Pa'anga TOP 12/31/12 0:00 1.61
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD 12/1/12 0:00 6.37
Tunisia Tunisian Dinar TND 12/31/12 0:00 1.542
Turkey Turkish Lira TRY 12/31/12 0:00 1.79
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Manat TMT 1/1/09 0:00 2.85
Turks and Caicos Island US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Tuvalu Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Uganda Uganda Shilling UGX 12/31/12 0:00 2652
Ukraine Ukraine Hryvnia UAH 12/31/12 0:00 7.93
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Dirham AED 8/1/12 0:00 3.673
United Kingdom U.K. Pound GBP 12/31/12 0:00 0.619
United States of America US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Uruguay Uruguay Peso UYU 12/31/12 0:00 19.04
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Sum UZS 12/31/12 0:00 1980
Vanuatu Vanuatu Vatu VUV 12/31/12 0:00 86.37
Venezuela Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte VEF 12/31/12 0:00 4.289
Viet Nam Viet Nam Dong VND 12/31/12 0:00 20818
Virgin Islands (UK) US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Virgin Islands (USA) US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Wallis & Futuna Islands CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
Zambia Zambian Kwacha ZMK 12/31/12 0:00 5190