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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Challenge & Award: Free Energy - Steven M Greer

April 22, 2014 Please post and circulate widely

$100,000 STAR Challenge and Award
Dear Friends and Supporters of Sirius,

On the one year anniversary of the launch of "Sirius", I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, which has made "Sirius" the most successful crowd funded documentary film in history!

On this one year anniversary, Earth Day 2014, we are announcing the STAR Challenge and Award. While we have not raised enough funds to open a professional research and development lab, thanks to your generosity we have enough funds to announce this new Award of $100,000.

Many have sent us reports of open-source "free energy" devices seen on the Internet. We do not have a lab or personnel to experiment with such possibilities.  Therefore, we are announcing this Award to incentivize the interested new energy public to come forward with such a technology.

As many of you know, we have spent many years and over $900,000 traveling the world testing, providing grants to individuals and attempting to find such a device. Many were frauds, others were legitimate- but the inventors wanted to keep the technology secret. In a 2010 case, we provided a grant to a scientist who works for the intelligence community and government (I had seen his lab and what he could do- it was impressive!) and whose supervisors had cleared him to make a Tesla-like device for us- only to later have him threatened by others outside his command.

Dozens of times we have gotten close to finding such a system- only to have it vanish. The Stan Meyer Collection was bought by a corporation which we have just learned is being threatened. Why? They are doing their work secretively and without the support and knowledge of you, the public.

We have concluded that in order for this technology to succeed, it must be open-source, independently verified and completely reproducible- and this must be done fully in the open, with the whole world watching. Secrecy is our enemy, and has doomed countless inventors to failure. We must learn from history and not repeat it.

Of course, if we had adequate funding our Lab would operate in this fashion- literally being streamed on the Internet.  But since we do not have enough funding to staff and outfit a high energy lab, we are making this Award available to anyone who meets the criteria of the Award. Each point in the criteria is the result of 24 years of research and investigation into  how new energy is suppressed, how some unscrupulous people have tricked the public in the past, and what is needed strategically to launch a new technology so that it makes a real, practical difference for the Earth and her people.

We have an amazing network of people all over the world who can help get such a device secured, funded and launched to the public- IF the technology is legitimate and can be properly vetted. Many powerful people, while justifiably skeptical, will come forward to support us if we can put in front of them something that is real.

This is necessary. A set of plans on the Internet will not, by itself, solve the problem.The average person (me included) could not make a toaster from a set of schematics !

Ultimately, this technology will need to have enough support that it will be able to be developed and manufactured- and made available to 7 billion people on Earth.

I believe we can do this - IF we are provided a technology that meets this criteria.

For the sake of all of us, and for the beautiful Earth who suffers under the weight of the burden of humanity, I hope that we will soon be able to provide this Award to someone.

Spread the word- and let the STAR Challenge and Award begin!

In Universal Peace,

Steven M. Greer MD

Albemarle County, VA

Earth Day

22 April 2014

Click here for the technology criteria and evaluation form.

Please read them very carefully.

If you have a working device and wish to apply for the award,  you must print out, fill out and then sign the device criteria and technology evaluation form and submit them.


Monday, April 14, 2014

The Word

The speed with which decisions are made by you is an indication of which part of yourself you are listening to.  So many times the thoughts used to direct your life and monitor your activities are thoughtless regurgitations of things you were taught by your elders in a very different time.

Habit is the reason so many of us end up unhappy.  It sort of takes over and replaces conscious choice with behavior that does not serve you or help to attain any of your goals.

Habits are a form of addiction and we continue them not because they bring us any pleasure but because we cannot seem to stop.

What does it take to end a behavior that, if you were thinking clearly, you would not engage in?  Habits are broken only when something better shows up – when you have replaced them with something you’d rather do.

This seems so straightforward yet it is not.  The key is to find something that yields a more desirable result, or gets you something you deeply long for.  Reminders are necessary, as well as support.

It helps to talk about the habit you are attempting to change.  Words are creative.  So many of us miss that aspect of the creative process and keep our most cherished dreams a secret.  We harbor them as if speaking them aloud would take away their specialness.   

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Speak about the things you wish for – to anyone who will listen.  As scripture says, “In the beginning was the Word”.

Words are a powerful creative force.  You have not been told enough about them.  Saying things again and again, habitually, only reinforces some part of your life you are most likely not enjoying.

Phrases like “I can’t ________”, “This never works”, “I’m too _____” “It’s my bum leg or my bad ear or my weak eye” only reinforces a physical condition that may not be serving your life’s goals.

We’ve grown up thinking that complaints like this are just the facts, and are harmless.  It is time to understand how effective words are.  Advertising is a trillion dollar industry and it is blasted into your ears at every turn.  It seems passive and harmless yet annoying, when in fact it is a creative bit of control and is affecting your life in a very real way.  What you hear registers on some level and you make no choice about it; you are accepting it as truth.

Advertising reinforces ideas around illness, weakness, disease, beauty, success, fear and strength that are sitting in your psyche for the most part unchallenged.  If you don’t give thought to what you hear on a continual basis, you are more likely than not going to repeat whatever it is telling you in your own life. 

Choose carefully which words you surround yourself with and those that come out of your own mouth. Words are real, and effective manifestors.  Even without intent they create your life – merely by repetition.

All of life is a creative act.  It is your masterpiece.  The colors in your pallet are many.  Thoughts, words and actions that are spoken, heard, felt and witnessed all work together to create your everyday.  Once you are alert and aware of the way they mix together you can alter the hue.  This takes consciousness and everyday awareness.  It is not necessary to stop, but to start.  The focus on stopping only brings that thing, (the thing you are attempting to stop), forefront in your mind, creating more of it.

Start to speak always with purpose and you’ll watch your life play out exactly as you’ve planned.  Listen.  Appreciate the power in the word.  This is a power you hold right now.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Experiment: Doomed to Fail

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Wayshowers Shoes

There is not much sense in living out the days ahead as if all that matters is the physical existence you know now.  All of this can and will change as the evolution of the species takes place.  These changes to the physical you are a process that takes place gradually and all at once.  You are not the same human of a year ago and won’t be in a year’s time. 
What changes have occurred, have allowed a greater un-folding of the multi-faceted you that is truth.  This version, the true version of the human, has within a vast collection of memories and abilities.  As these begin to surface, life as you know it will dramatically change.
Today there are things you consider miracles and people you regard as saints, prophets and mystics.  They stand out as anomalies because they have access to the latent abilities we all possess.  They are “turned on”.
This activation is what is happening now, very soon in a dramatic moment that has been foretold, an “event”.  All of the 2012 lore was intentionally planted in the global consciousness as an energy harvester.  It worked and many now have either forgotten completely or given up or see things moderately different but not radically switched.  Most carry on with their lives as a form of forced participation without understanding or true fulfillment. Once an “event” happens, it will be as if all of this was a bad dream.
The youngest among you will not remember this time or energy, the energy of control, limitation and inhibition. They were born activated.  So what does this mean?
It means they are aware of all of their lives, this one included.  They look at this life as an adventure and see it brimming with possibility and promise.  As they watch the defeated faces of their elders they do not understand.  They are not seeing “beaten down” as one of the choices for life’s expression.  They are psychically connected to you, whether or not you connect that way intentionally.  It may be that they ignore it because everyone else seems to and they are in the process of learning to adapt and live here.
The promise for a new world can be seen in their eyes.  Soon, it will be evident in the eyes of each other.  This, after global activation occurs.  The timing of this very much depends on the collective.  Are you inviting it now with anticipation and expectation?  This too is part of creation – yours.  Although the fact of your evolution is inevitable, the speed is self-determined.  This was a choice made by all of humanity.
The thing about the human is that you can and do demonstrate your own way of doing just about everything. Part of the desire to control and own earth is found there.  You are brilliantly diverse and unique.  It took a master plan and genetic alteration to change that.  Even then, the anomalies were always present and the stories in your history tell of great beings and miracles among you.  All of this can be considered evidence for the possibility of you.  Inside, you hold all that you’ve been told of and more.
In order for an “event” to occur, there has to be a willingness, openness and expectation from part of the population.  You will be the wayshowers, explaining to the rest of the populace what has taken place.  They will feel it and understand on a very deep level that all has been altered, yet without background or history the potential of what is now their lives may be a gradual realization.
Understand that because you are aware of what is happening does not mean you are more gifted or advanced.  It simply means that this was the role you chose for the shift.  Some of us had to be wayshowers.  Some of us have to demonstrate the truth of the human.  If you are reading this now, this may be you.
It is okay that you don’t yet see with wide open eyes or demonstrate magic.  You will do all of these things, knowing that by demonstrating who we actually are, you are accelerating the shift for all of mankind.  You are in exactly the right place now and will be when the activation “event” takes place.
There is nothing to prepare or to know, this is a memory re-surfacing that is familiar and natural for you.  It will be like stepping into an old pair of favorite shoes.  You’ll walk quicker and in greater comfort and will feel like you are home.  You are. 
You are the Ones you’ve been waiting for.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Weather Vane

Picture This time now brings with it direction.  Like a weather vane, you’ve been turning with each shift of energy.  These winds are slowing down now, and you find yourself focused or at the very least starting to focus on one place.

All of the preparations and “upgrades” if you will, have changed both you and your life.  You are not the same you that you were prior to 12-21-12 and probably not thinking about the same things.  This evolution taking place for so many has and is altering the course of the planet.  You are One.

So where are you headed?  As you participate in each day you will be shown your answer.  Whatever it is you seek more of – focus there.  You pretty much command the weather vane and always have.  With consciousness now, your direction and arrival is not a surprise.

Creation is not magic, it is how life works.  The timing and appearance of things depends on the clarity of your intent and that of the universe.  It works every time.  Consistency and perseverance speed up the process.  Keeping your weather vane steady guarantees you’ll arrive precisely where you intend.

The thing that slows down the process is doubt.  Disbelief is something we are all familiar with.  My son wrote a comic when he was 12 years old.  It had 3 panels. In the first was a man jumping off a roof.  In the second was the same man flying through the air with these words in a speech bubble “I’m flying!  I can’t believe it!”  In the third panel, he falls to the ground.

Faith may have gotten a bad rap.  It’s been used to manipulate us and asked us to assign it to things we can’t see but were told were true.  Having faith in a book or an invisible God is not the same.  What is necessary now is faith in you, in the act of creation and the law of attraction.  These ideas may have felt counter to “reality” when you believed all that you were told by your institutions and their mouthpiece – the media. You have other information now and can decide for yourself what is real. Believe in your dreams and watch them play out.

This is as much doing as it is self talk.  This physical plane requires action as well as faith.  There’s a difference between doing something you’ve been told to do and doing something as a means to an end you’ve picked out yourself.  Thoughts and to a greater extent, feelings determine the effect our actions have.  It has to feel good in order for it to have the desired effect.  This means you have to feel good.  Happiness is not frivolous, it is imperative.

Ideas of a “work ethic” and “dedication” and “productivity” have been force fed to you for generations.  These fictitious attitudes are seen as necessary ingredients to “earn a living”.  Each is presented as a “good” quality to have, inspiring trust and dependence.  These are not “bad” qualities to possess, yet they are not able to be accurately determined by anyone else.  That is, without using their own agenda as a marker. When judged from the outside, they are indications of reaching someone else’s goals, not your own. Thus they stand as opinions, not truths.

It is not possible to earn what you have.  This is difficult to wrap your head around; this lack of necessity to “earn”.  Yet “earn a living” is an intentional idea placed in the populace to pave the way for servitude.  If you “earn” something like a living, it means you are dependent on someone else to give it to you.  It also means it can be taken away.  You are living.  No earning necessary.

Words have been played with and placed in our dialogue.  This, so that we’d proceed, without hesitation, and follow the plan.  You can’t help but be dedicated or productive; everything you do is a means to an end.  Be clear on where your weather vane is pointed so that you get to the place you’ve consciously chosen.

This is not to say that you are somehow failing if you keep your job.  It is asking you to re-think any judgments you hold about alternative options.  All judgments are separators and this particular judgment only keeps the current system of slavery in place.  Ultimately, we all thrive without any ideas of “earning a living”.

If you harbor beliefs around laziness, or a welfare state, understand that you’ve been fed them.  Each of us is equally worthy of food, clothing and shelter regardless of circumstance.

A lust for “more” is prevalent in man today.  It is seen not because of any inborn trait, but because he was created to serve and then surrounded in opulence he could never have.  He was then told he could work for it - if he made himself favorable to the one in power. Having “more” became the carrot on the stick.  A 14 carat carrot.

Man’s true nature is found internally.  Reaching deep within you’ll find that freedom, comfort and health is in truth what you seek, as opposed to “more”.  Today on earth these things come with wealth. They don’t have to.

So choose, focus, and intend. Have faith in you.  Trust the process. By these means you’ll arrive wherever you have pointed that weather vane.  Do so without opinion as to the directions of others, and the freedom to direct our own lives, unimpeded, will lead all of us to sovereignty.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

     April 11th on Double Dutch Radio there is an interview with Lucas and I!  Listen here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everywhere Angels

You can see what it is you are creating when you look beyond what shows up in your day to day, to who does. You are each other’s angels in a very literal sense.  You show up at critical moments in each others lives to move things forward, fulfill prior arrangements and assist in the manifestation of dreams.  None of these things could happen without the “other”.

These “others” show up for you in many ways.  Today, with the internet as well as hundreds of cable channels, it is possible for your angels to be located anywhere on the planet.  Every word you hear, or scene you watch, has an effect.  No moments are wasted moments. 

Life was not meant to be a solitary journey.  Even the quietest and most isolated have in their day some human contact.  We are a social species for a reason.  That reason is love. 

Love in physical form can be demonstrated by “strangers” as well as those you have come to know intimately.  It is a word or action that on some level alters your day. Sometimes you find your whole mood shifts after catching a clip of a comedian on you tube.  This is not a small thing, it is everything.  Those artists devoting their life to lifting the spirits of others do so for love.

Laughter is an equalizer, a field changer, a stabilizer.  Once the air is cleared with laughter, even for a tiny moment, the possibility for new manifestation occurs.  Creation starts with emotion.  Depression, sadness and being “stuck” sort of stops up the works and brings forth only more of that energy.  This is not expansive or growth producing, but more of a platform from which the good stuff can take off.  Now, we need beginnings and contrast to get us going – but we don’t need to hang out there for very long.

Appreciate each moment of frustration and difficulty for what it is – a point from which you can fly.  How many things, in hindsight only, seem to be the best things and most life changing?   How much easier would life be if we appreciated each moment as it was happening?

Moments have players in them for you alone.  Your life and each act it includes is being performed for only one person in the audience – you.  Each joke has a private meaning, each painful incident specifically placed for you alone.  Life is a subjective occurrence.  Only you understand what the people in yours mean.

That is not to say that some people are not more important to our everyday than others, they are.  Not because of what they do specifically, but how often interaction occurs.  Those we live with have chosen to share more of this lifetime with us than those we get our mail from.  Yet amount of contact does not diminish the potential to effect change.

When you look at everyone you see today as angels, life changing beings who crossed your path just when you needed them to, the world looks different.  You are not surrounded by strangers, but by unknown assistants.  There is no such thing as a solitary life. We are here for each other; that is why we incarnate.

Connections to people on the street or online occur at your command.  A feeling of knowing someone, however brief, is real.  Each contact has value and purpose.  In our busy lives, it becomes perhaps easy to dismiss or ignore each other.

We are surrounded by angels.  They ring up our groceries, walk into buildings with us, deliver our mail and wait behind us in line.  Why not look them in the eyes?

We stare at screens for a good portion of our days and yet while doing so miss another facet of equally vital contact – real people.  That person sitting next to you on the train may have written the really powerful blog you just read or produced that funny you tube clip.  He also may have something to say that you could use right now.

It has become habit to avoid each others eyes as we move through our daily activities.  This is a loss for all parties.  The most mundane tasks take on life and meaning when a connection is made.  Try it.  Create moments wherever you are.  Meet each other in the place where everyone is home – in the eyes.  You may find 9 out of 10 uncomfortable and avoid your gaze but you’ll change everything for that tenth one.  This is why you both showed up just now – to connect.

Love cannot be dismissed as unimportant however brief.  Accept it from wherever it shows up and seek it in every interaction.  It is there.  You may just be the angel who uncovers it for someone else today.  As you allow each moment to present to you its miracle, welcome the angel who participated.  An open heart changes everything.

Everything ends.  This means that each moment and contact is a new beginning.  Embrace them all.  They showed up for you alone.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Elixir of Youth

There is something to be said about the heart.  It is your most powerful organ.  Once it stops, so do you in this realm.  So it functions as a motor; beating out a daily rhythm to the life you are living.

It is more than that.  It has a role as the guide, the conductor of virtually every other facet of life.  The energy supplied by the heart does more than pump blood through veins and arteries.  It supplies feeling and infuses life with purpose.  You are more than a physical machine.  You are a biochemical love producer.

As the amount of love cannot be measured or weighed or even seen, how can it be known?  What is its purpose in the overall plan for life?  It can be felt and it is here that it alters everything else.

The climate and environment in which all human organs swim and live can be altered by emotion.  Stress, hatred and sadness have a harsh effect on a biochemical level.  Love creates the opposite reaction. The emotion of love supports health and increases longevity when all other factors are operating normally.  It is an elixir of youth.

I speak here of the love that is felt through your body, generating an effect that actually shifts the chemical balance within.

None of this probably matters to you on a day to day basis.  Love just feels good.  It’s what we are all searching for.  It’s what propels us forward and sets a kind of equilibrium for the rest of your days.

What is the rest, if not love?  For love is a part of every action and interaction.  Each moment holds within it a possibility to love and to both give and receive the blessing it offers.  You can pump gas with love, make breakfast with love, answer the phone with love and pay your bills with love.  Love does not exist for some and not others.  This includes moments as well as people.  There is always more love.

If you see a place that appears devoid of love then you are witnessing the effect of confusion.  It is possible to alter circumstances in such a way that they appear hopeless and hateful.  It is not possible to remove love from the situations.  Guns, anger and fear are powerful techniques to hide the love that is present.  Yet they do not have the ability to eradicate it.

Fear is the opposite of love.  It is present when confusion shows up and truth is not remembered.  It cannot force out the fact of love, although it can appear that way. 

It may seem pointless to consider loving when you are hurting, possibly sick or in less than perfect physical circumstances.  Yet nothing would aid the situation more than love.  It is magic when understood.

How each idea and moment is approached can determine its outcome.  Love looks like a smile, joy, confidence and hope.  Love sees truth and colors it with patience.  There is a moment today when you will have the opportunity to either love or be afraid.  Love, because fear is a fruitless enterprise.

Your life is limited only by your ideas about it.  You can see it as cold or view it as warm and with possibility.  It is difficult to speak of love and not include the opinion that to love is very much dependent on circumstances and luck.

It is your choices that determine your life, and included in them is the choice to love.  Say “yes” to love and do it despite all opposition.  Loving anyway creates a field of positive energy around you and every part of your days.  Love your cat, your mail carrier, your banker and your ex.  Love in each moment and the effect will be exponential.  You’ll find a string of days filled with promise and know a deep peace that does not exist when fear and “no” instead predominate. 

The amazing thing is this.  Say “yes” for you – not because it’s the right thing but because it’s like swimming upstream with the current – easier and faster without struggle.  Say “yes” because of how good it feels for you.

Then watch the world around you change.  Everything becomes crystal clear through lenses of acceptance.  Through eyes of love your world unifies.  It becomes One. What feels good for you, feels good for everyone else. 

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Monday, March 24, 2014

And what about love.

For three years there’s been Quests for Agape.  Searching, losing and finding deeper and still deeper levels of what we call love.  Still now, surrounded in answers, the question remains.  How do I love?  How do I wake up, go to bed, day after day love?

I can talk about what it means to love.  It does not mean the things you imagine.  It does not mean always getting your way or having someone cooperate and do things for you; even do things with you.

It means honor the ground they walk on.  Be a positive force for them.  It means gently absorb them as if they were your final breath.  Not gasping and clawing for them but breathe them in quietly for the gift that they are.

Love does not hurt and does not have an opinion.  Do you know a relationship that does not include an opinion?  If you do not, it is not because you do not love, you do.  The thing you do not do is unconditionally love.  The one you do not unconditionally love is you.

Regardless of question asked or reason given, when you speak about loving another it is always an illusion.  For “other” does not exist, all is One.  If you understood that, all questions would cease.

“Other” is a reflection.  Relationships are played out versions of self love.  For you are creator gods.  You imagine there is a way for some “other” to hurt you.  Your imaginings cause you real pain.  You came here to help each other.  To teach each other.  About love. 

All love is self love.  All questions are questions about you.  It is always you. So turn it around.  Everyone is right.  You will have to see with new eyes.

What do you want?  What do you intend?  It is your intentions that create your life.  Sometimes, you will have to let go to get what you want.  You do not understand love and still imagine it requires some “other’s” response to you before it can be felt.  While it is true that the physical expression of love requires a partner – it is untrue that love does.

To love is to give to the world all that you are.  Holding back or having an opinion is not included in the expression of love – but only evidence of fear.

You can hold in your heart a desire for love, for its true expression.  You can let go of judgment, expectation and opinion for none of that is love.  You are lonely not because the “other” doesn’t give you want you want, but because you don’t.

You do not need the “other” to be a certain way in order for you to be happy.  The need is self-imposed.  Allow yourself to be happy.  Allow yourself to be loved. 

Make no mistake.  You are working out self love in every relationship.  There is something honest about being who you are everywhere you go.  It is up to you.

You have truth.  The answer you will give yourself. 

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rat

There are conditions of daily life that occur on a regular basis for the majority of humans.  These include a lack of opportunity to experience self-determination, a pre-arranged location, and an income; without which you’d be unable to survive.  These conditions, seen as normal and necessary, are actually preferred.  When an adult has reached the age of eighteen years, most of their orientation is focused on creating them for themselves; this, in order to achieve “worldly success”. 

In fact, under the current arrangement, you congratulate each other for having secured a “good” job.  This “job” grants you “freedom”.  “Freedom” in this case means moving out of the home of your parents.  It means being on your own.  It means having the chance now to stop living off the “job” your parents held, and starting your own.  You are “free” now and willingly join the ranks of the others in volunteer slavery.

You see, freedom is an illusion in this scenario.  It is dangled out there like the carrot on the string.  This carrot is never to be eaten.  It merely hangs there, inches away, just out of reach.  It is the unattainable dream and it keeps humans eagerly moving out of situations they consider confining and constricting into brand new cages, created just for them.  There is a reason it’s referred to as the rat race.

The rat is free to move – yet just in a specific path and within a pre-defined area.  It can only do so when the door is opened by someone else, someone who owns the box.  The rat is fed according to how “well” it “performs” and thus kept alive – all by the owner.

The lack of ability to choose how you spend your days is a condition of slavery, not freedom.  This is regardless of compensation. Reaching the age of maturity and choosing the same path chosen by the adults before you is the single choice offered.  It is inside of an enclosed system that depends on continued servitude.  If choices are limited in scope and number, you are controlled.

In a system that included self-determination, things would look vastly different.  There would still be adults providing for children and each other, yet they wouldn’t necessarily start and end their “work” day at the same minute.  Variation would rule the process and each day would differ rather than follow a specific and predictable pattern.

“Work days” would be replaced by days.  In such a system the continuation of the race would be the driving force. The purpose of your chosen activity would be visible and understood by you, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a paycheck.

This way of life is unimaginable not because it wouldn’t work.  It is a vision of life that exists elsewhere, just not on earth.  On earth, self-determination of each sentient being has been replaced with servitude.  The many work for the few, follow orders and obey.  To join the ranks of “adulthood” means you willingly engage in this prescribed path.  Chains are not necessary; the invisible tie that binds you is the necessity of money.

In a system that is not controlled by beings with an unspoken ownership agenda, life is very different.  There are conditions in place that provide life sustaining necessities for every man, woman and child.  The whole notion of debt is not present and its opposite holds no meaning.  Freedom is a hollow notion without enslavement.

Control is another empty concept in a world of self-determined beings.  Certainly care for the young and their safety means providing safe places for them to thrive. Yet it does not mean a strict schedule of mandatory schooling and regular testing to ensure conformity.   Unique abilities are sought and discovered in such a world.

The whole idea that an entire population could successfully run their own lives sounds ludicrous, not because it is, but because the generations of elders before you have paved the path so well you see no other possibilities.  Ideas of right, wrong, good and bad surround and include adjectives like success, failure, respectable and disgrace.  These ideas have been fed to humanity as a steady stream so that policing them is no longer necessary, you police yourselves.  You do so not with guns but with words.  Congratulations are generously offered when a “job” is secured.  These affirmations by your peers and society in general hold a great and invisible power over your actions.  Going outside of the expected ands accepted behavior of polite society is frowned upon and seen as selfish, perhaps childish; strong words for a people who value freedom as much as you do.

The effect of failure and disappointment is more than enough to hold the system of slavery in place.  The reference here is to areas on the planet that have systems in place to provide these “opportunities” for paid servitude.  There are countless areas of rampant starvation, illness and poverty that could only exist within a system of hierarchy.

You have not been told the truth about how it works and therefore move through the maze unaware of your effect on the whole.  The restricting of each being to a daily struggle for survival creates conditions that seem beyond your scope and ability to change.  This is by intent.  Hopelessness is a false notion and one you had to be taught.  Children have no such notions.

You can change all of this with a systemic alteration of core beliefs.  These would include a shift from “owe” to “embrace”, “learn” to “become”, “earn” to “expand”, “follow” to “be”, “debt” to “give” and “fear” to “love”.  Sustainable freedom includes ideas that fly in the face of societal norms, conformity and current standards of success.  These will take time to understand and appreciate as valid options.  Every step towards unbinding the ties of slavery moves in that direction.  This cannot happen overnight.

Pay attention to the youngest among you.  This does not mean handing them the reins yet it does mean considering their ideas for life as valid options.  Their focus on community and play and a constant sharing of information is evidence for the truth of your connection. 

You are One.  The “success” or stagnation of just a single human affects the whole in ways that are felt rather than seen.  When each component of life is provided for equally – the whole thrives. 

Change is necessary.  Maintaining a focus on self-determination and allowing alternative paths will provide fertile ground.  Patience and acceptance are key.  Let go of judgment, and understand that ideas around good and bad have been fed to you intentionally as a steady diet of manipulation. 

Decide what freedom really means.  It is never true if slavery exists for any one of us.  Freedom cannot be granted; it is synonymous with life and can only be realized.  It exists because you do. 

Freedom has not been taken from you so much as hidden.  It is visible beyond the maze.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Bully

There is little need for a judge and jury in a place of equality and sovereignty.  In fact, these terms would be obsolete; reminders perhaps of such notions from a time long ago. 

The whole concept of one sovereign being standing in authority over another sovereign being is very much like the bully in the playground.  Cartoon depictions of this child show him to be typically male and larger than average with less intelligence.  This image defines the justice system as it currently stands.

For what is the definition of justice?  Fairness and tacit compliance with the law of the land.  And what is the law of the land?  Responsibility for self, love your neighbor and equality seem to have nothing to do with it.  The law currently followed assumes division, ownership and punishment as inherent components.  It calls up images of protection from harm, locks and keys, fear and potential damage.  Each of these applies when you are dealing with a playground bully and not another sovereign being.

It is true that there are disputes among equals that could and do benefit from expert arbitration, as such guided by someone not personally involved.  It is not true that a firm hand is necessary to settle situations.  What is required is time, patience and indifference.  The playground bully has a definite agenda, as does the justice system.

When judges are elected or appointed and paid, there is present a debt to those doing the electing or appointing.  This fact colors each “decision” made by the judge.  The fact that you would stand in a room and submit to such a system of judgment and then abide by any decisions that result indicates the level of fear that is present.

For it is fear that is running the show, the same gut level emotion utilized by the playground bully.  Make no mistake, if you are ever in a place that requires you to abide by its demands and obey its rules – you are being manipulated.  Manipulation is not the same as justice.

When harmful intent is assumed, a chain reaction of false ideas begins.  It is necessary to believe the “other” has an agenda that is potentially damaging.  For justice to be necessary, the playground bully must exist as a constant threat.  That bully is seen as potential in each situation.  Someone else is out there always, wanting to harm you or to take your stuff.

Ideas around the need to stop the bully are begun from thoughts of separation, “value” and “more”.  There is a pre-supposed condition present from the start.  That thought includes an idea that separates you from each other.  Words like more and less, good and bad, need and lack, strong and weak all stem from a system of slavery.

If instead of guilt, honor is assumed – the whole thing changes.  The view on an equal playing field is very much different than a hierarchal one.  A “justice system” was necessitated and begun by the thugs who initially decided they had something to protect that was more valuable than anything else – their power.

Misunderstanding of the source of that power begat fear and the playground bully.  The bully needs someone to steal from or control with force, or he considers himself weak and without power.  The same is true of today’s control/justice system.  The game ends when you stop playing.

A court room where authority dispenses justice is merely a dressed up playground.  It is only necessary when there is an agenda of “power over” rather than a mutual recognition of “power within”.  In fact, a courtroom only recognizes the power of one thing – “the law” and the person paid to dispense it, the judge/bully.  Any system of power that is dependent on another to thrive is weak.  The justice system currently in place serves the playground bully with subservience.  It does not serve justice.

The whole notion of good/bad, gain/loss has no place from a sovereign state.  Imagine a room of your peers and within it, a disagreement.  Harmony will ask each of you to participate in a solution.  The solution will serve the group, using discussion.  If there is a law guiding the discussion, it is “love one another as you do yourself.”  Guilt and innocence doesn’t enter the picture because they are recognized as subjective opinions rather than statements of fact.  For what is one guilty of other than life? 

Relationships demand discussion.  Guns and fear enter only when one party misunderstands the origin of power.  It is within.

We are the ones we are waiting for.