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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I wish I was the real Santa...

It seems as if life, love and questions are bursting from me without effort. This is not a singular path, with a foreseeable destination. It feels like an explosion of experience.

I will confess to having not kept up with any current predictions or astrological forecasts; aware only that the winter solstice and equinox are fast approaching. It is now, that is what I can count on. And that is complete and enough.

I have had my share of loss, and today I am witnessing yet more. I do not know the reasons for it all... I speak and write about the necessity of self love and the ability to maintain a state of pure love in the midst of great pain. How is this done?

I recall a decade ago, facing a tragic, unexpected and unexplainable loss. I spent many many days wondering how the sun could rise? Did not it know that my world had ended? And yet, it rose anyway.

It rose again today. Someone very dear to me sent me this:
Click here
I responded: “I wish I was the real Santa.”

I have no snappy sayings or helpful quotes today. Life goes on, choices are made and accidents happen. It isn't always pretty or fun or in our plans. Yet the sun comes up regardless. Perhaps the lesson is found there. The sun has been called the giver of life. This life, the one this body is living, is not a guarantee of anything permanent. It is merely an opportunity. It is upon us to take full advantage of it.

“if you really want to know what the body looks like, look up into the evening sky and see the stars, cells of cosmic energy scattered in the infinite vacuum of the dark night sky. If you really want to know what the body sounds like, listen to the waves and the wind for the energy they carry. If you really want to know what the body's energy feels like, be aware of a gentle breeze caressing your cheek and sense the information carried in the molecules breathed in and out by every person and thing that has ever lived.”
Paul Pearsall, “The Heart's code”

Listening to this today moved me to tears:
Click here
It is the work of Stuart Mitchell, using the translations of geneticist Susumu Ohno. He transposed adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine (the four nucleotides on the strands of dna) to musical notes. Hearing it caused waves of excitement throughout my entire being. It was not just my ears that were engaged, it felt like my soul heard it too. Who we are is musical, rhythmic and beautiful.

We are one. Perhaps what we can count on is that we have never been alone and we never will be. Regardless of how many leave too early and seemingly against our wishes, there will always be love. In the decade since I lost my loved one, I have gone on to love still. That phone call carrying the news of great loss was not the death blow I had imagined it to be. It has changed everything, yes, yet it did not stop my heart from loving. If anything, it accelerated my awakening. Love is more than I had imagined.

If I was the real Santa I would give everyone enough love to hold them together; with just enough extra to spill out the top. Then, I’d catch what spilled out and give it again...

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I wish you the most blessed of holidays...

You are the One you've been waiting for.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Your Value Cannot be Monetized

You Tube Link here

Hundredth Monkey Project

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waiting for the Hundredth Monkey...

Interested in being the ONE?
Details on the Hundredth Monkey Project found here.
It's about the embodiment of Pure Love.
We are the One's we've been waiting for.
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Friday, December 5, 2014

WHAM! You are there.

The thing about this trip is that no one can tell you exactly where it leads. Google doesn't know. Siri doesn't know. The moment of arrival can't be predicted or plotted.

Traveling this way is disconcerting at first. In a non-linear world everything is sort of vague and non specific. Surprises are everywhere. Times, deadlines and even destinations have little relevance. What matters is the doing.

The Pando reminds me of what we'll find there. The Pando is an ancient clonal colony of quaking Aspen, found in Utah, USA. Estimates of its age start at 80,000 years but reach back to 8 million years old. What is clear is that these trees are connected, but that connection (a single root system) is invisible and sort of a distraction as they are all parts of a single living organism, one of this world's oldest.

We are ONE. We exist as separate looking versions of ourselves, with separate sounding opinions, names, birthplaces and histories. Once we reach awareness, it'll sort of be like reaching Utah. We'll look around and notice that everyone looks exactly the same. If we decide to dig deep, we'll see that not only do we look alike above the ground, but we are ONE organism beneath as well. If we decide to ascend to the skies and look down, we'll again see ONE colony of identical trees. There will be no escaping our ONEness.

With awareness comes simplicity. No longer are the reasons for your feelings complicated. It will not matter who got there first, who tripped who on the way, or who has the most souvenirs. Once you reach awareness, reasons fall away and whats left is the feeling. There is not a single path to Agape because, like the Pando, roots/connections exist in every direction. As part of the ONE, you will throw out your own shoots along the way. This journey cannot be mapped.

The whole point is Agape. Like an invisible root system, this is the binding that forms who we are. It's not like we are separate things, held by an idea. We are one thing. The discovery of that singularity happens and WHAM – you are there. No one can tell you when that will happen. These journeys point to what you'll see along the way; they cannot put into words its magnificence.

So, let everything go and you'll be there. It's that simple and the most difficult trip you'll ever take. You are here now to do this. Your success and your arrival is guaranteed. Expect only love and what you'll find is that you were never alone. I've been growing right beside you the whole time, as has every “other” you have known. We all love you. We all ARE you.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

This ends our Love Quest for December. We will begin again in January, look for an invite/announcement next week. Also in January keep your eyes out for the “Hundredth Monkey Project”!

Have a blessed holiday and know that in every moment you are love. I love you.



The Road to Awareness/Agape

(3 days of Love notes...)

This is not an ordinary journey. It asks you to frequent places you'd prefer to avoid. The awareness of who you are in every circumstance is not comfortable at first. 

There is only one thing to pack. It is called acceptance. There are at least ten to leave behind:





-finger pointing





-reasons – any

You see, on this trip you'll confront yourself in every disguise. You'll look like lovers, cheaters, liars, bosses, strangers, bullies, friends, parents, siblings, children, people you've trusted and those you’ve hated. Don't be fooled. It is you every time. In each meeting you'll think the circumstances differ and the questions asked of you are many. In truth, there is only one question and it concerns just one being. “Do you love me?”

As you move from place to place and person to person, understand that in every utterance and with every interaction – this same question is before you. As you begin to see the language for what it is, and hear the “soul talk” that is universally understood, you'll comprehend an even greater truth - “you do” (love you). For to love you, is to love me, and I have felt your love. We are One.

There is no shame or blame or fault in love. To love is really the only point. The rest? Drama, window dressing and imaginary monsters and masters under your bed. These are the playthings of your ego self. They are interesting and fun for awhile. They are absorbing; fully formed bridges that move us from place to place. They are not destinations.

Do you love me?” is the question. “I do” is the answer. Now, with an awareness of love – proceed. Which direction would love turn? What would love say? What would love hold onto? What would love do to whomever was loved? Each of these questions is answered within. This journey is entirely self-directed. Your heart knows the way.

Once you accept each version you encounter, the road smooths out, the weather clears and the food tastes better. There is no bitterness left in your mouth and no emotional debt weighing down your footsteps. You are unencumbered.

Acceptance of who you are asks you to first acknowledge your many disguises. No more pretending. The charade is over. Every inch of you is out there and its all okay. Perfection does not follow any blueprint “thought up” with your mind. Perfection is drawn in your heart, and your heart has not been trained. It doesn't stay within the lines or even understand the need for any of them. It simply loves. As you move further along, you'll feel the intelligence of its method.

To your rational mind – this Agape trip is nonsense. There are reasons and deadlines, lies and faults – each of them holding you up. You'll have to let them go in order to proceed. To accept without blame or “but”, every “other” version you've met on the path – this is agape. See me with all of my “faults” and know that I am you. I will stand in your way until you recognize yourself.

Then, once accepted, I'll join you. Together we'll reach the Awareness Field and notice the absence of mirrors. There we'll finally see each other. There, we will know Agape. We'll look into each others eyes and accept ourselves without hesitation. We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

I love you. See you tomorrow.

There are points of focus on our journey that look more like obstacles than mere scenery. When encountered, these hills, valleys and waterways of angst feel insurmountable. Here's a partial list of love's dangerous territory:

-Disappointment Hill

-The Valley of Pain

-Hurt Mountain

-The Lakes of Liars

-Retribution River

-Insult Island

-Mount Cheat

-Controlling Canyon

-The Ocean of Abuse

-The Crying Cliffs

-Disrespect Desert

-Broken Bay

-Heartbreak Cove

-The Lost Falls

-Payback Trail

-Anger Swamp

-The Devil's Cave

-Evil Prairie

-Tundra of the Used

-The Glacier of Tears

We've assigned them with labels and as a result, pack plenty of appropriate and sturdy gear to prepare for each venture out there. This, our attempt at safety and protection, will one day become the bars on our prison.

Your heart is not meant to be protected. In fact, there is no gear available to keep it safe. Your heart is relentless in its push towards love. Regardless of terrain, it will reach always for the silver lining. 

Looking for truth, your heart knows that from each perspective springs a sound reason/explanation. We do what we do because it seems like a good idea at the moment of our doing it.

We are not stupid, soft, easy or hard – we are human. That puts us all on one path. Whether we know it or not, this road to Agape is one we all share. More movies, songs and stories are written about love than any other subject. We are obsessed. We tell stories of the dangerous terrain in an effort to understand. Also to warn each other; “Stay inside!” “You can get hurt out there!”

All of this, the protective gear, the warnings and the stories don't stop the wanting. More than perfection, what we yearn for is love.

The trip feels dangerous, painful and hard. At the end of each effort a decision must be made – either do it again or put on more gear.

There is a way to move forward without gear or fear. It comes from the deepest part of your heart. It is not a technique or a specific route. The challenging terrain will always be out there. It is a decision.

This is not a decision about anyone or anything but you. It is the only decision you are qualified to make. It must be made every day. You can speak the decision once. Be very specific. Then for every day and/or moment after, that it needs to be restated, declare: 
I invoke my love choice now.”

What is this choice? It goes like this:
Under every circumstance, with every being, within each relationship and during all encounters and journeys – I love myself without condition, judgment or exception. And so it is.”

No obstacle, person, place or event can alter this declaration. It is a now statement. It is an Agape Announcement. It is unconditional love by Intention.

Once you engage Agape as an everyday part of your life, you can stop worrying about being prepared, being protected or “being” anything at all. You are free to just be. You see, plans, rules, specific responses, outfits or equipment are cages. Agape doesn't thrive in or care about cages or any of that. Agape will ignore them all.

It's not perhaps what we imagined. It doesn't always feel good and it's not always easy. But it's always free. Freedom is a decision to honor the light that you are, regardless of circumstance. Agape happens when you shine that light indiscriminately on the world. You see, unprotected and unencumbered, your heart beats love to everyone it reaches. Just allow it to. Invoke your love choice and watch us all light up.

You are the One you've been waiting for.
See you tomorrow.
So, this Agape trip is something new. It is not so much a love story as it is a family reunion. What we are attempting is complete integration – Eternal You with ego you.

Many parts of the journey have gotten a bad rap. There is the “ego”. There are the “bad relationships”. There are a host of conspiracy theories, all plotting to make your life miserable.

As you move further into the Awareness Field, you notice something – none of these people, plots or parts of you seem to be hanging back. We are all coming along. It's Ohana in action - "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.... or forgotten."

This is not the oneness that we've dreamed of, it's the oneness we've created. Everyone included – regardless of past or current attitudes or actions.

Well, shoot. What now? Now its time to dig deep into that pocket of acceptance and pull out understanding. There can be no judgment in Unity. No parts of us are wrong or need to make amends. All that was done, is. All that is, was done. We are parts of a single unit, moving in a circle. We have been each other and we've been here before. We may not have liked it much then either. Yet we are here, together again, reaching for absolute truth.

Absolute truth is what your heart knows. Each and every one of you have felt it. Perhaps while making love, holding your child, hugging another or laughing til you cried. It's the indescribable glue that binds us to each other.

This super glue is invisible. It cannot be measured. It must be lived and breathed and felt and exhaled. We are learning of the real power of our heart only in this last decade. It has a unifying function and seems to be the organizer of the human being. There is a book I'm reading now that talks about this - “The Heart's Code” by Paul Pearsall. It validates the intelligence and memory that is held in our heart. 

Words aren't adequate when Oneness and Agape are the subjects. Agape is a knowing. It is an understanding of everyone else simply because you are everyone else. It cannot be discovered but must be allowed. Agape is Unity experienced viscerally. It is Walking Oneness.

You cannot find Agape because its never been lost. Not really. What you can do is reveal it. You do that by opening your heart to you. Then to me and to every enemy, friend and “other” you encounter. You do that by opening your heart, period.

It will come to a choice and it'll be some version of this: “You can be right or you can be love. Choose now.”

Invoke the love choice. You are worth every snippet of love available and then some. You are priceless and perfect and oh so much more than “right”. You the the One. The One you've been waiting for. Welcome home.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Awareness Field

There is a field of Awareness. In it, grows love. What surprises those who happen upon it is the stark contrast found there. This is not a planned garden of pruned roses. It is rather haphazard. There are thorns as well as barren spots of dirt. Vibrant poppies and delicate violets thrive amidst dandelions and weeds. In some places, there are rocks.

It is shocking more for what is not seen there, than for what is. The prize-winning orchid is no where to be found. Awareness and love cannot be systematically bred for perfection. They are found in common places where no special effort was extended to produce them save one – life.

The gift of life carries with it every potential. There is now the possibility to see the vastness of the universe in a you tube video. (Click here) Life reaches beyond infinity and our ability to comprehend its sheer magnitude. We ARE that life; a microscopic human version of the Universe, all wrapped up in a single being.

There is no reason for us to be here; yet we are. It is upon us to supply the reason – to create and become the purpose of our existence. We are swarming all over this tiny planet in this inconsequential Universe. We may as well do so consciously. As I looked at the images shown in these videos, I cried. Not for the fact of my miniscule part but for the gift and intelligence of life itself. I AM.

We can no longer pretend to be small or unimportant. We have seen the truth. Like the dandelion, life seems to be everywhere. The further back you go, the more common it appears to be. This latest discovery, (click here), seems to indicate it was found on a rock. Of all places, why there?

Because life does not discriminate. Once you happen upon the Awareness field you realize something gradually and absolutely. Like life, dandelions and rocks, awareness rests in every possible setting. It defies definition, carries surprises and seems to be expanding. Love is like that too.

Once realized and allowed, self love pops up in the unlikeliest of places. We have believed, possibly, that the perfect combination of elements were necessary for agape to be possible; like orchids. Instead what you'll find is that perfection is not possible to manufacture – it exists simply because you do.

Every part of you is beyond comprehension or description in its beauty. Like the trillions of stars now visible, each part of you is Source itself. There is no such thing as solitary. You are One.

As we reach this Awareness field we stand in awe of the brilliance we embody. There is nothing common about you. What looks to be ordinary is in fact sacred and one of a kind. Without even thinking, you breathe in air and exhale while your heart pushes life through your veins. This, regardless of what your feet and hands are doing. You have trillions of cells, each uniquely intelligent with their own memories and ability to respond to your command.

Intend love. Watch each of those cells work their magic to support your plan. You are the brilliance beneath every part of your life. As we venture this week into Agape, we'll embody the Universal Intelligence that runs through everything – emitting love signals to every other part of life. Connected and Aware, there is nothing left to do but love.

It all matters, the bills, the heartaches, this world and the cosmos. It all responds to love. The exquisite beauty of life is what we'll see once we love ourselves. Love, like life, is everywhere. It is not so much knowing where to look, but knowing how.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, November 28, 2014


And for one more day, BRAVE Mandala will guide your visual journey with the CHAK-Dala above and the words below.

3. VASTness

A drop in the ocean, and the ocean in a drop.

Within us is all the wisdom, all the deep feeling, of all things that have ever lived.

Trees, who have witnessed and felt for thousands of years.

Humans, who have struggled and laughed, thrived, learned and then transformed into something else.

We exist as a momentary collection of star dust while we worry about money and traffic and whether we are working hard enough. Then in the blink of an eye we will exist in another way, as the air that is breathed by countless plants and animals. Then in the next heart beat of the cosmos, an astroid moving from one solar system to the next. We are and have been All.

 One with, and surrounded by, all the souls that we are.

   Light condensed long enough to see light.

As we wrap up the quest…

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BRAVEmandala....audacious visuals of infinite love & strength redefined...BRAVEmandala

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Today again my friends at BRAVE Mandala will explain the journey you'll take with the Chak-dala  above...

Todays Mandala is about Coherence. This quote was part of the inspiration for it:

"The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

Eckhart Tolle 

    2. Todays CHAK-dala is about Coherence. Being whole, undivided. Bringing all our disparate and desperate thoughts into alignment with our soul. Integrity.

The world outside and the world inside move toward mirroring each-other. It is far easier to change the world inside. Fighting the outside world is like putting makeup on the mirror. 

The disparate things happening in our macro communities come from the fragmented thoughts and feelings of us, the people in those communities. 

Until we can unify all of our own thoughts and energies we are powerless to create in the world, we are at its whim. And once we unify our energies the world is at ours.

BRAVEmandala....audacious visuals of infinite love & strength redefined...BRAVEmandala

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Being in Oneness

For this week of Gratitude, I'd like to share some powerful, beautiful work with you, work I am extremely grateful for as I walk this road of consciousness.
For the next 3 days take a visual journey, courtesy of my gifted friends at BRAVE Mandala.

The CHAK-DALA in the photo above is the first of the 3, and is meant to be absorbed visually. Enjoy.

See you tomorrow,



Welcome to CHAK-DALA Quest….buckle up your precious, gorgeous self and soul. The visual ride begins now!

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.”

- Chief Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux, 1877 

We are modeling CHAK-dala Quest after our friend Sophia’s “Love Quest”. They are both about the journey into our selves and into Love. Sophia does her’s through her exquisite artistry with words, our version is through the art of Mandala….CHAK-dala.

This is our first foray into doing public and/or guided work with our CHAK-dalas and our work is always in a “State of Flux”.

We are spacing the Quest out over a week to let ideas and energies breathe. Because everything is a process even break-out, over-night successes are years and lifetimes in the making. This Quest, this journey is about standing in One-ness with the Vast-ness of the universe.

Disclaimer: we take every liberty with the words we use. Working with the energy of mandala and all its tendril-like connections…. is an area that needs new and more language to express what we are doing and sharing.
If we use the word prayer it has nothing to do with religion, when we use the word power, it has nothing to do with politics or electricity, maybe your own personal governing or personal electricity, but that is yours. Yours is up to you and only You.

Our intention is to gently steer you toward an experience of your true greatness by showing you reflections of you in sacred color and art.

The theme(s) this week is ONEnessCOherence and VASTNESS.

1.Today is about being in our ONE-ness.

ONE-ness with the many parts of our selves. This goes beyond being a mother, a professional athlete, a healer, a man or a woman, etc.   This is about rooting into our selves as spirit.

Allow yourself to go to your roots, in the mandala, in your heart……..

integrating our selves in light.


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Glimpses of Oneness

This journey we are collectively taking does not begin at a starting gate and cross a finish line as if in a race. It is more a meandering...

Yes we are born here and one day will die, yet we do not know the length of this momentary life. If in fullness you embrace each now, you will catch a glimpse of eternity. In a perpetual dream state, there are some fleeting images and others that seem to regenerate tirelessly.

We are not built to “hurry this along” or “get there first”. We are, instead, here to absorb every nuance available; to accumulate a knowing of creation. Like sponges, with absorption there is a fullness. What spills out then is our knowing and the cycle begins anew. Saturated with awareness as creator sponges, we continue to allow for this knowing. Thus, excess creative drops are dispersed.

Still ours, yet “separate” from us. These sponge drops of creation can be observed now, as the absorption continues. Each piece complete unto itself, as well as part of the whole. There is a point, a moment, a realization that comes - “We are One”.

Glimpses of Oneness seep into our sponge self unbidden. This knowing cannot be called forth as it was never apart from you, just hidden. Once realized, desire emerges. It is the ultimate in satisfaction; complete awareness rests there. It waits for your discovery of itself. Patiently, joyfully and eternally this knowing is the very essence of creation – Your Eternal Essence.

Like memories of your first love, you hold these glimpses of Oneness deeply, fondly, and longingly. Found once, your existence can no longer be disputed. You are both weaver and cloth, weaving your thread into the fabric of creation with every now.

This human thread is held in the hands of Master Weavers. With skill and a willingness to take risks, true artistry emerges now. Self realizations simultaneously erupt universally and creation itself realizes its truth. We are unlimited.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

Join the next Love Quest here.
You tube link here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Humanity's Secret Weapon: 3 Facts

This period in our collective history is remarkable and unprecedented. What we are on the verge of today/now is something that's never been done.

The story is told in many places and with a variety of voices, yet the common theme remains. The human was seeded and its creators or their descendents have pretty much run things here ever since. At one point an “experiment” was initiated which put the human on a quest for enlightenment while in the grips of control; all beyond our conscious awareness. This experiment is reaching its conclusion.

We've made a choice now to run things ourselves. We have never done so. The impact of that may or may not be understood, but it is universally felt. Its time to get our act together.

This may mean little more than looking at situations we find ourselves in as if we put them there (as opposed to feeling that they “happened to us”). The implications for this start with something as intimate as what we had for breakfast and reach out to include global conflict. If there is a decision that touches you in any way, you've had some part in the creation of it.

What you may be unaware of is your power in all of this. It is:

  1. uniquely human
  2. the part of the equation that no one counted on or expected
  3. largely unrecognized/untapped

Before deducing that this is due to yet another conspiracy, consider this: the elements combined to create the human had never “met” before – humanity was/is experimental on multiple levels. The emotional generator you possess is not seen elsewhere. This is the reason that other races and species are interested in and observing humans – visiting and communicating via “channeling”. There is a great deal of interest in and speculation about what we are going to do next.

As we look beyond ourselves (to channelers from the stars) for solutions – those we reach out to look to us for those same answers. If there is a subtle manipulation in these repetitive hopeful messages of “soon” - it may be intentionally placed there to create within us a more positive direction. We may be the only ones not consciously aware of the secret ability we harbor within. It is in the emotional energy we use to direct our expectations that our power resides. Our emotions are our secret weapon and greatest treasure. They source creation here and once harnessed they alter our world.

It's not like we haven't known this all along, we have. Instinctively we reach for encouragement and love from each other. In this way, we support individual and collective growth.

As we grab the reins of this planet we will do so with the full force of our emotional power. Acknowledging our unique ability – owning our human potential – will serve us and whatever actions we take. The very fact of our humanity serves as a beacon for hope and untapped potential across the universe. There is no other who is more equipped for this than you.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.


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