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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lizards Behind the Curtain

One of the most surprising twists for me was learning about the existence of the immortals and divines that operate on this planet.  Its not a subject much discussed either in light worker circles or among the conspiracy theorists.

There's some asians that live extraordinary long lives. They seem to be the one who have the gold deposits.  Hints of this have come from Fulford, Keenan, Drake, and Heather confirmed.  One patriarch is said to be 5000 years old, and the elite bankers call him "the old man". We call these "immortals" because for all practical purpose they are.

Then there's the group  of what Heather and Caleb call "the divines".  These are trans or inter-dimensional beings who the Rothschild's and other banking elites report to.  They pull the puppet strings on the bankers (who are just brokers) for control and energy transference on this planet.

There may be some overlap between the immortals and divines, I am not too clear on that yet.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


New comments at the bottom of this post. -AK

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Reblogged, edited and added to from the original blog post at:

From Sheldon Nidles update:
...we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you.

Our friends have thus given us the weapons to push this governance from power and replace it with a temporary one that can set the stage for what are indeed fair elections, and governance that is true to your real needs!interesting....

 Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West.

These immense financial organizations intend to release funds that are to permit the setting up of a new financial system.

Heather's response:
 This system has been secretly hammered out by a group of individuals who are the individuals?...what is the system?....why the secrets?

From Sheldon Nidles update:
..."a group of individuals tied to policies that are to bring an end to the present illegal banking system and allow for a permanent prosperity to manifest across your globe."

Heather's response:
...what are the policies?  how are they tied to the policies? "This new reality is to be enforced by a world-wide disclosure that is to lead to the arrest and detention of the leaders and minions of this dark cabal."

 I thought they previously and repeatedly reported that arrests and detentions have ALREADY happened...that they left clones/holographic representatives in their place so as not to freak "the people" out.

From Sheldon Nidles update:
  Our point here is simply that once Heaven so directs us, the reality that you have lived under is most dramatically to go away.

Heather's response:
Heaven is Earth/Gaia...all of eternal essence's universe that reside within eternal essence....all these separations, divisions....dark cabal vs. light workers...secret allies vs. dark cabal...positive military vs. dark cabal/minions...ascended masters vs. those "we help to ascend/activate"...STOP...NO...I DO NOT CONSENT TO SEPARATION...all are one...all eternal essence embodied absent limit, dimension, level, condition, exception, judgment, and border....

I DO what I BE...eternal essence embodied...transparently absent secrets absent judgment

I cancel "versus"...I cancel the label "Powers that Were/BE"...I cancel all separations and divisions...I PAY ENERGY AND ATTENTION TO ETERNAL ESSENCE CONSCIOUS that is within each of its embodiments....TURN ON!  WAKE UP!  BE AND DO WHAT YOU BE! (heart)

From Sheldon Nidles update:
Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West.

Heather's response:

From Sheldon Nidles update:
   This new realm is to be the Loving environment that is to set the stage for your final journey back to full consciousness. This path is to be travelled by you with mentors who are to instruct you in the wonders of full consciousness.

Heather's response:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EUROZONE: The Finance Ministers’ Salon

The Finance Ministers’ Salon
by Paula Humfrey
April 1, 2013

I can't help it: the whirl of 'Eurozone finance minister' imagery in the articles that I've been reading since Cyprus' crash began in earnest last week is so evocative that there's no way I can resist bi-locating back to Paris, to the weeks just before the start of the French Revolution. Think 1789. The Bastille is still standing, but it won't be for much longer. We already know this.

I find myself channeling Julie Lespinasse, one of the more storied salonnières of the French Enlightenment. She knew how to bring a room full of intellectuals and their aristocratic patrons together and make it work like nobody's business. If the Enlightenment salon was the cultural hub on which Parisian arts and politics turned, she was at its epicenter. The regularly scheduled evening salon was the venue where big ideas got tossed around and serious deals went down; and the salonnière was the woman leading this largely masculine environment. Which is itself interesting.[1]

The Comte de St. Germain was said to have been a regular Parisian salon attendee (there are rumors of correspondence existing between himself and Lespinasse, in which he helped to arrange the terms of her difficult love affair with the Comte d'Alembert). We could speculate about what St. Germain might be thinking. Because this is my own private little exercise in bi-location, I imagine an evening lit with discussion of political and economic alchemy. Things are starting to look a little grim out there at street level with bread riots on the increase (as it happens, the rioting is led by women, too). Inspiration is required, and salon participants are hoping that St. Germain can provide it. He is said to be a master alchemist.

In the salon of my mind, they all come together in the moments before the revolution, these embodiments of eternal essence, to meet these Eurozone finance ministers standing around with drinks, hoping to be noticed. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch Finance Minister (who also happens to be the lead Eurozone finance minister), has a voice that sails loudly over conversation in the room. He is very clear in insisting that the Cyprus deal will serve as a template for future bank restructurings in the Eurozone. [2]

Removing the Shackles: Notes from Heather and D
from April 1st

AK Note: The following is from D's blog post today. I have fixed some of spellings and formatting for this blog, and changed the Galactic Federation from a mix of GFL and GF to only GF.  There appears to be a bogus group run by the divines posing as the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), and then there's the Galactic Federation (GF) a real group of Galactics who are here to help out. Its a different brand name if you will...  You've probably noticed a sharp decline in channelings from GFL sources since January.  The channelers mean well, the "divines" and immortals fooled many people. All beings are beings of light, that's what we are made from!  Its bit like saying toast is made from sliced bread.  Obama is a being of light.  That's true... So are you and everyone else. That's not saying much really.  

All beings are Eternal Essence, some just don't know it yet, or are fearful of it and being responsible for it. We've known for sometime there's a higher group of controllers who interface directly with the bankers, Heather refers to them as "the divines", they are found of appellations such as "master", "lord", "divine", "ascended", but as any reader of the Law of One knows, its possible to be ascended and not be in service to others. Its just a different energetic state and not necessarily indicative of a higher spiritual evolutionary state.  You know what a being BE by what it DOes.  

The same hold true with the purported St Germain channelings.  There is a real St Germain, he's an incarnated human, and he's awakening.  The Chinese and other various agencies know who he is too and have been trying to get him to sign off,  and have even at one stage poisoned him.  The thing is the St Germain accounts require his DNA presence and signature.


Notes from Heather and D from April 1st

From Heather this morning:

OPPT was a most visible DO'ing of value exchange...the question IS...what IS value?

For Transparency...

In absolute love, gratitude and peace:

It was a very interesting weekend. I did not get done what I expected but I did get done all that was absolutely planned.

I was with Loie most of the weekend as Loie is returning to pure eternal essence.  There is assistance only she can provide from that state and she will be working with us as the finale plays out. I love you Loie.   Then she will be preparing to take flight in her new embodiment of eternal essence.  [LOIE IS MY MOTHER]

I had very interesting calls this weekend...

One was regarding the "new financial system", they are fearful that with the "issuance" all will collapse and be known for what it IS ... there is nothing lawful and legal backing it in contrast to the I/ UV Exchange They want to meet with me.  Australia is apparently a hot spot right now and the PTW are absolutely desparate (BE'ing and DO'ing in Australia is more than they can handle and they don't want the people to know).  I was also offered R's passport and full report of "DO'ing" ([investment group name redacted] ... in all jurisdictions, accounts, Chinese and Texas Camp affiliations, etc.) ... so I considered it ... all of it ... and reaffirmed what I know ... ALL OF IT IS IRRELEVANT ... this is about eternal essence of all embodiments operating in Absolute Conscious of what they BE.  [speaking now to] R, I do not care what the sum of your role of the sum of your DO'ing in that role to date.  I absolutely know the eternal essence embodied in you and that is where I pay energy to ... you know what to DO ... what is it that you DO?  Know what you BE ... because then you DO what you BE.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated 2/8/13: What Do I Know?

What do I know?
by American Kabuki

I know there is a Creator Source who creates by many means. Evolution is just one means, so is engineering, so is spontaneous generation and manifestation based on patterns.

You can call it what you want, "Big Bang", "The Tao", "Conscious Universe" "God", "Allah", YHWH, or The Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Makes no difference.  The recognition of it is all that matters.

I like the term Source, I've used that term since 1995.  I was delighted to hear that usage from the OPPT Trustees.  Told me a lot about who I was dealing with. Its a nice inclusive term that avoids the religious battles that rage around specific letters, vowels, words and images the other names evoke.  We are all the Children of Source. Nobody can argue that.

What do I know?

I know I have never ever been abandoned by Source.  Neither have you.  We all CHOSE to be here. We chose to learn.  We chose to create our reality.

I have had a conversation with Source all my life. Its not exactly something I hear with words. No disembodied voice speaks. I have said my own words to Source.  Sometimes in anger, sometimes in gratitude, sometimes in desperation, and hopefully most often in love.  Is it any wonder when a gardner talks to the Source that exists in the plants she grows, they do better?  There's an exchange of energy and love and all works better with love.  Strangely enough so do inanimate objects, men love their muscle cars, and they are always in top shape.  Energy flows where attention goes.

The answers come in odd ways, for Source is in all things.  It might be the 11:11 1:11 digits that kept showing up on my clocks since 2009.  Source is in the atoms of the clock and in the impulse that causes me to look at the clock when those numbers align.   It is in the words of a friend who says the answer I need to hear without knowing why.  Source lives in their heart.  It might be in the words of a detractor who sends me an angry email who reveals not only what I may have wrong (or right as truth often elicits anger), but who and what they are and what motivates them. Source is in their heart. It could be in a random TV program, it could come out in Bloomberg News crawler at the bottom of the screen, its all in the timing, and you know when you see it.  And Source always there. Waiting for interaction.  Do you want to play?  Do you want to go through life consciously or unconsciously?  We've done the latter for 13 millennia already, why not do it with with you at the helm of your life?

The universe we live in is holographic. Its also conscious and we are part of that consciousness. The smallest part reflects the whole.  Children are a reflection of their parents, parents reflect their nationality, their nationality reflects humanity.  Its all a whole.  This planet reflects a galactic whole, a galactic family many of which look very like us.  Some don't. But the general bi-pedal form of the higher life in the Universe is pretty much the same.  There are non-pedal forms too.  But we're not likely to meet them for a good while, and certainly not before we get over even our national xenophobias, let alone the exo-planetary ones.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What If.....


What If.....

What If......

There was a new financial system
...... that left the same banks in charge of your money?

What if

There was total debt forgiveness- both national and personal
...... but you still had to pay rent, buy food & gas & necessities and to pay bills?

What if

There were Prosperity Packages for those who signed up for them
..... but only for those that knew about it in advance?

What if

There was a new government
..... but it was made up of the same ol' politicians?

What if

There was free health care
..... by the same doctors we have now pushing the same drugs that already exist?

What if

There was new Laws
..... enforced by the same thugs/authorities we have now?

What if

There was a global revaluation of currencies
..... but you don't own any foreign currencies?

What if

You were told that  it's a whole new system
.....but the same CEOs were still making millions
.......but the same mega corporations we're still making vaccines, GMOs, fast food, toxic chemicals
..........but the oil wells were still pumping and the gas companies fracking, chemtrails still cris-crossing the sky?

What if

You had no say in the new financial system?
...or the new money?
......or the new government set up?
.........or the new laws?

What if

Countries were still controlled by religion and their laws controlled by a few zealots in fancy robes with fancy titles?

What if

Those checks they sent you, paying you back all the illegal income taxes you've had stolen from you for your entire life is a payoff to keep you fat and indolent,  happily counting your shiny pennies for a few years?

What if 

Their new era of prosperity and freedom still included passports to travel in and out of your country, drivers licences and insurance to own a vehicle, government registration of who you are, and continued to force you to prove that you are not a criminal?

What if

Everything they told you was new and wonderful, was actually the same old thing with a fresh coat of paint?

NOW.........  Think about this:

What if

There were no countries and no borders ?
There were no politicians and no royalty?
There were no lobbiests and no lawyers?
There were no religions, no sects, no cults?
There were no businesses harming our planet and ourselves?
There were no wizards hiding behind the curtain controlling your life?

What if the universe had suddenly changed, releasing your mind from the confines of it's prison and allowing you to know WHO you are?

What if the YOU that they convinced you was you, was really a construct of their system and not the real YOU at all?

What if you looked inside and remembered WHO you are and the TRUTH of who you BE and what it means to DO?

What if THIS is what they are desperately trying to hide from you?

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updated 7/19/2012 Background on Poof

I was asked recently for more details about "POOF". Poof is slang for gay in Britain, but Poof is not gay. Not sure why he chose that moniker. I always think of "Puff the Magic Dragon" song by Peter Paul and Mary for some reason.  That's why I made the graphic above.  I also sensed there was a dragon society connection. 

Kauilapele's Blog has this article on Poof and his background.  Some of it I knew, some I surmised (the Dragon Society connection and St Germaine) from reading between the lines of his cryptic posts.  I had done the right research on St. Germain several years ago before encountering Poof'so I knew what he was talking about even in his somewhat oblique posts.  I was trying to figure out of OITC was a real organization representing the St Germain Trust in France.  I wrote an inquiry to the OITC in 2008 and I got a reply from David Sale who Neil Keenan has fingered as a fraud and con-man out to steal the collateral funds.  Funny how this stuff keeps connecting over the years.  Ask enough questions and have enough patience you finally get answers in the most obscure of subjects.

You might also want to listen to the Suzy Star interview at The 2012 Scenario.  I'm late posting this so you can catch the recording if you follow the URL.


Some Info About the Poofness… “Who is this Poof-er?” (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)
Posted on 2011/10/24
I received a couple of emails from Suzy Star, with some correspondence she had written about who this “Poofness” really is. What she wrote was fascinating, and she said it would be okay to post it here.

First is a correspondence to David Wilcock. Next is the text of a series of emails in chronological order that Poof wrote to someone re: Ben Fulford, followed by a couple of comments by myself and Suzy.

Hope some of you enjoy this. As always, no matter what is written here, one’s own Higher Discernment is the Final Guide.


From: David Wilcock
To: Suzy Star
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Question: Fulford?

Who is this guy? Isn’t a “poof” a gay?

From: “Suzy Star”
Date: October 18, 2011 7:55:54 PM HST
To: David Wilcock
Subject: Re: Fw: Question: Fulford?

Dear David,

St Germain
Not at all! I have known him since 1996. He is a walk-in who was sent here to help usher in Omega, a trust that was set up by Saint Germain back in the late 1800′s. Saint Germain appeared to him in his home in Tennessee and asked him to help oversee the program and that is what he has been doing all these years.

When I first met him, he was known as Truth Warrior and I used to talk weekly with Michael Kodosky and Michael told me about him and on a couple of occasions, we would have a three way conversation. Michael’s main desire was to end world hunger and Truth Warrior’s (Poof) main passion is to bring free energy to the world.

He is a very dedicated lightworker who is passionate about making the world a better place to live. There is much more to the story but perhaps this is enough to erase some of your scepticisim. If not let, me know and I will be happy to furnish some more background info on the Omega Trust.

There are about 300,000 of us involved and when the funds are released to us, our job is to help jump-start the economy and use our money for many different projects that we were sent here to accomplish. Check out my website [] to give you an example of just one of many projects that will take place with the assistance of the Omega Trust.

I have actively devoted my life to this mission and have recruited close to 200 fellow light workers who will assist in making these communities a reality.

Suzy Star


Dear Ones,

Below is some correspondance between my friend & Poof that I thought you might find of interest. I would appreciate any feedback you might care to offer.

Blessings, Suzy Star

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Question: Fulford?
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:47:44 -0400

We have talked many times and it is my understnding that the White Dragon Society are above reproach! They are the ones who are truly behind getting the US back to the Constitution and the world back on a gold or precious metal based money system. They also have more than enough money to buy off the world’s debt. So why would the WDS compromise themselves like this? It doesn’t make sense!!
Today’s Fulford report stated, “Rothschild family offers White Dragon Society $25 trillion to “go away.” When the WDS representative said “can you make it $50 trillion?,”

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: Question: Fulford?
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 10:44:25 -0400
ANSWER: Fulford is way behind the 8 ball. Yesterday they pulled all the military hard ware and software from the banks…ending any coup attempts. We are already back under the constitution, the announcements are all that’s necessary for the people to know. The real treasury that was frozen in 33, is back online ‘under the republic’. The rothschilds made their peace with the dragons some time ago and I know the white dragon and he doesn’t have a society. p [= Poofness]


From: Kauilapele@xxxxxx
To: Suzy Star
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: Question: Fulford?

Thank you so for this Suzy. I’m not sure yet if I would, or should post any of this, not yet. But what do you think about putting it out at some point ?

That answer will come. Right now I can’t.

Also, I’ve felt Poof has been right on about everything. As I’ve felt out the Ben, I’ve sensed that he sees as much as he can, and is doing as much as he sees as right to do and his intention is to assist and heal humanity and the planet.

This White Dragon society thing is there, it’s just that the name implies its an Asian thing. I get that it’s much larger than that and does not fit any concept of any previous “society”. Can’t put it in any boxes.

That’s exactly what I see as a Galactic ship being. A ship is a collection of beings working together for a purpose. Yet it is constantly changing form and composition as the needs change.

If anything is lacking from Ben it’s that his viewpoint is pretty much all Earthly 3D based.

So they’re all there doing there thang, each in their own way. Remember that the elephants head doesn’t see what it’s tail is doing. That’s maybe like all of us. We’re just each playing our heart roles, knowing we’re part of a big elephant. And that’s okay!

Aloha… KP

From: Suzy Star
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:15 PM

I blind copied a reply to you of David Wilcock’s email for I wanted to fill you in on Poof and I agree that he has be right on about everything. At some point yes, it should go out and that is one reason why I sent it to you for I value your comments and I know that the info needs to be made public at some point in time.

I know that David has done much to help Ben as he is coming from a more 3-D reality and that is alright for he is submitting a valuable piece of the puzzle that we might not otherwise have access to.

Poof tells me he has a good friend who is a member of the White Dragon Society and it is much more than just the Asian society for from what I have been given to understand there are members from all countires working for the good of the world. So you are correct in your analysis of a Galactic Ship.

I had to chuckle about your comment regarding the elephant as I just today sent a link to my email list of a baby elephant that is having difficulty figuring out what his trunk is.

The syncronicity is just too much and so have fun. viewing it.

Suzy Star

Updated 7/19/2012

From: F.
To: me 
6:44 AM (15 hours ago)

From Truth Warrior to Poof

Dear AK

In some of his past weekly news letters he has said that when the prosperity programs begin funding he will be gone in a "poof" never to be heard from again possibly moving to the coast of France somewhere.

So it's "Poof" like a magician, now you see him now you don't.

Maybe a new graphic image of Merlin the magician would be more fitting.

You're free to use this image or keep using the dragon, I found the free Merlin graphic here,

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Control Matrix Exposes Money Crooks

Greetings and Salutations;

What I'm about to introduce to you, explains why you have no concerns about any of the bad guys being able to steal your money. The 'matrix' has been engaged on planet earth. The new system is transparent and the matrix targets any one trying to do what they have no business doing, with money. As an example some folks tried to run off with a bunch of gold, as soon as the transaction began, it was targeted and the culpable folks were immediately arrested. It reminds me of a sentient computer. It's intelligence is faster than humans' and can't be 'negotiated' with. If your wrong, you're wrong and even you know it. It is responsible for these massive arrests and resignations across this planet. Free will does not cover you stealing, go ahead with the attempt but you'll never get away with it. The bad guys reading this will realize why many of their last attempts have failed miserably. There is no black ops operation that is not seen or a determination made about it. You could say, this is how the divine is interacting on the planet Now rather than some time in the future. The clouds have already parted and only they who really listen to that 'quiet voice' know it, because they need fireworks to get it. It's not about what people believe, what Is....IS. I suggest watching the matrix series again.

Because of this, the aims of the St germain trust will see their manifesto fulfilled and be unstoppable. "We are shifting the wealth of the world and the bad guys will not sniff any of this money". No one gives a hoot about politics. What is 'right' is taking place, and there's more power with it than against it. The dragons simply enhanced the operation. No sense in wasting your time, determining who's guilty of what and sitting on your 'judgement' of things, the shock to the reality will be quite consequential, no one is getting away with anything untoward. Cease burning up useless 's All being handled. If it's unconstitutional it will go up in vapors, you will be told so you never let this happen again to your country. The supreme court is not outside of this action, I suspect a few of them will be retiring early. The charge will be treason. The valkyries have joined the fat lady and they are singing in high c over c. So I suggest you men watch your attacks on women, they aren't pleased and you may be joining them singing in a high voice.

I see, folks have been joining in the dialogue on the dinar sites, trying to quell the hysteria, but few listen to them. There are 195 countries going thru a currency revaluation so it's world wide not just limited to the dinar. It All goes more or less at once, it Has to happen because there's new banking system engaging so, stop tripping. When you see the rvs show up in the treasury and forex, Then you'll know what that rate is, no amount of speculation and 'my source said' is going to change that, and the bankers don't even know the day. Some can tell you what's on the back screen but they don't know when it goes public. They don't run anything in the new system, they've all become employees on the new plantation. They just better make sure their own business is straight, inside of the matrix.

Oh, yea, the matrix is also creating Peace on the planet so, the neanderthals that still need to blow something up, will have a bit of a problem trying to perpetuate that concept of (living?) The drug companies are also on the list for going away for dispensing poisons to the people. There's one company that knows of a natural cure for cancer but can't synthesize it so, it remains growing where it does. Things like this, are before us to make this a better world. We are getting money alright, but there is some stewardship involved also. Clean this mess up. Some believe god gave us the earth to do as we like, well with thoughts like that, why would you be given more. You crapped all over the place and didn't even clean it up, like some 3 yr old so, I should give you something else so, someone can come in and clean that mess up, too? The problem around here is thinking who put us here is too far away to pay attention and we act in a vacuum, like little kids in the back yard of a big house. What'd daddy used to say? Don't make me have to come down there!
"It's the end of the world, as we know it' The money is in the wheel house, now.

Thanks for the heavy duty 'equipment' to get this long ordeal to it's logical conclusion. Sit down some where while the dust settles, you deserve it for your service for being here at such a juncture in human time.

Love and Kisses,