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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Removing the Shackles: Notes from Heather and D
from April 1st

AK Note: The following is from D's blog post today. I have fixed some of spellings and formatting for this blog, and changed the Galactic Federation from a mix of GFL and GF to only GF.  There appears to be a bogus group run by the divines posing as the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), and then there's the Galactic Federation (GF) a real group of Galactics who are here to help out. Its a different brand name if you will...  You've probably noticed a sharp decline in channelings from GFL sources since January.  The channelers mean well, the "divines" and immortals fooled many people. All beings are beings of light, that's what we are made from!  Its bit like saying toast is made from sliced bread.  Obama is a being of light.  That's true... So are you and everyone else. That's not saying much really.  

All beings are Eternal Essence, some just don't know it yet, or are fearful of it and being responsible for it. We've known for sometime there's a higher group of controllers who interface directly with the bankers, Heather refers to them as "the divines", they are found of appellations such as "master", "lord", "divine", "ascended", but as any reader of the Law of One knows, its possible to be ascended and not be in service to others. Its just a different energetic state and not necessarily indicative of a higher spiritual evolutionary state.  You know what a being BE by what it DOes.  

The same hold true with the purported St Germain channelings.  There is a real St Germain, he's an incarnated human, and he's awakening.  The Chinese and other various agencies know who he is too and have been trying to get him to sign off,  and have even at one stage poisoned him.  The thing is the St Germain accounts require his DNA presence and signature.


Notes from Heather and D from April 1st

From Heather this morning:

OPPT was a most visible DO'ing of value exchange...the question IS...what IS value?

For Transparency...

In absolute love, gratitude and peace:

It was a very interesting weekend. I did not get done what I expected but I did get done all that was absolutely planned.

I was with Loie most of the weekend as Loie is returning to pure eternal essence.  There is assistance only she can provide from that state and she will be working with us as the finale plays out. I love you Loie.   Then she will be preparing to take flight in her new embodiment of eternal essence.  [LOIE IS MY MOTHER]

I had very interesting calls this weekend...

One was regarding the "new financial system", they are fearful that with the "issuance" all will collapse and be known for what it IS ... there is nothing lawful and legal backing it in contrast to the I/ UV Exchange They want to meet with me.  Australia is apparently a hot spot right now and the PTW are absolutely desparate (BE'ing and DO'ing in Australia is more than they can handle and they don't want the people to know).  I was also offered R's passport and full report of "DO'ing" ([investment group name redacted] ... in all jurisdictions, accounts, Chinese and Texas Camp affiliations, etc.) ... so I considered it ... all of it ... and reaffirmed what I know ... ALL OF IT IS IRRELEVANT ... this is about eternal essence of all embodiments operating in Absolute Conscious of what they BE.  [speaking now to] R, I do not care what the sum of your role of the sum of your DO'ing in that role to date.  I absolutely know the eternal essence embodied in you and that is where I pay energy to ... you know what to DO ... what is it that you DO?  Know what you BE ... because then you DO what you BE.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You have the Right to know

Note: Regular text = D.
BOLD ITALIC = Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People's Public Trust
Red italic = AK


You have the Right to know

By D.

I started writing this around 11pm last night (first moment I had to sit quietly) but after writing around 6 paragraphs, I realized that it was disjointed mumble jumble.  The caffeine had obviously worn off.

This morning I realized that writing in a timeline was going to be too confusing for most people so I've decided to start with the major events, and then we can go on from there and I'll fill in some of the blanks later on. I'm pretty sure the moment I publish this article, more things will come to me and I'll start writing the next one.

Take a seat and get a coffee, this might take a while.  By the way, I sent this off to a few people for proof reading etc, and Heather from The People's Trust has added her own comments - they are in all Caps, and I've then responded to a few of her additions.

Now before the naysayers and negative nellies get their knickers in a twist I will preface what I'm about to say with this:  This stuff is not in the main stream media.  If you are going to ask me to give you links to news stories from CNN and Bloomberg to back everything I'm about to tell you up, you might as well stop reading right now. The media is the most controlled group on the planet- you all know this.  The Cabal is still in control of the media and will not allow anything out that goes against them or even hints that they are in trouble of any sort.  But go ahead and search if you wish- if you look closely, there are hints coming out all over the place.

What I'm going to write here is the truth as it's been told to me. As I have said several times over and over again, I do not consider anything "solid intel" unless I can get multiple confirmations from several very different sources- sources that I trust because I have already vetting their information thoroughly.  I will try to give details, but I will not give names in certain circumstances for legal reasons (lol), and I will not name my sources as that would put them and perhaps their jobs (at the least) and safety in jeopardy, which I won't do.  These people have a right to anonymity.

So, the most important thing that every American needs to know is that NESARA- the  National Economic Security and Reformation Act. (NOT to be confused with the National Economic Security and Recovery Act) is very REAL. As real as this computer I'm typing on. (for more basic info go HERE)

Monday, August 20, 2012


Subject: Detonation
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 16:55:22 -0400

Under Pressure Lyrics 
by David Bowie / Queen 
from Grosse Pointe Blank Soundtrack

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Control Matrix Exposes Money Crooks

Greetings and Salutations;

What I'm about to introduce to you, explains why you have no concerns about any of the bad guys being able to steal your money. The 'matrix' has been engaged on planet earth. The new system is transparent and the matrix targets any one trying to do what they have no business doing, with money. As an example some folks tried to run off with a bunch of gold, as soon as the transaction began, it was targeted and the culpable folks were immediately arrested. It reminds me of a sentient computer. It's intelligence is faster than humans' and can't be 'negotiated' with. If your wrong, you're wrong and even you know it. It is responsible for these massive arrests and resignations across this planet. Free will does not cover you stealing, go ahead with the attempt but you'll never get away with it. The bad guys reading this will realize why many of their last attempts have failed miserably. There is no black ops operation that is not seen or a determination made about it. You could say, this is how the divine is interacting on the planet Now rather than some time in the future. The clouds have already parted and only they who really listen to that 'quiet voice' know it, because they need fireworks to get it. It's not about what people believe, what Is....IS. I suggest watching the matrix series again.

Because of this, the aims of the St germain trust will see their manifesto fulfilled and be unstoppable. "We are shifting the wealth of the world and the bad guys will not sniff any of this money". No one gives a hoot about politics. What is 'right' is taking place, and there's more power with it than against it. The dragons simply enhanced the operation. No sense in wasting your time, determining who's guilty of what and sitting on your 'judgement' of things, the shock to the reality will be quite consequential, no one is getting away with anything untoward. Cease burning up useless 's All being handled. If it's unconstitutional it will go up in vapors, you will be told so you never let this happen again to your country. The supreme court is not outside of this action, I suspect a few of them will be retiring early. The charge will be treason. The valkyries have joined the fat lady and they are singing in high c over c. So I suggest you men watch your attacks on women, they aren't pleased and you may be joining them singing in a high voice.

I see, folks have been joining in the dialogue on the dinar sites, trying to quell the hysteria, but few listen to them. There are 195 countries going thru a currency revaluation so it's world wide not just limited to the dinar. It All goes more or less at once, it Has to happen because there's new banking system engaging so, stop tripping. When you see the rvs show up in the treasury and forex, Then you'll know what that rate is, no amount of speculation and 'my source said' is going to change that, and the bankers don't even know the day. Some can tell you what's on the back screen but they don't know when it goes public. They don't run anything in the new system, they've all become employees on the new plantation. They just better make sure their own business is straight, inside of the matrix.

Oh, yea, the matrix is also creating Peace on the planet so, the neanderthals that still need to blow something up, will have a bit of a problem trying to perpetuate that concept of (living?) The drug companies are also on the list for going away for dispensing poisons to the people. There's one company that knows of a natural cure for cancer but can't synthesize it so, it remains growing where it does. Things like this, are before us to make this a better world. We are getting money alright, but there is some stewardship involved also. Clean this mess up. Some believe god gave us the earth to do as we like, well with thoughts like that, why would you be given more. You crapped all over the place and didn't even clean it up, like some 3 yr old so, I should give you something else so, someone can come in and clean that mess up, too? The problem around here is thinking who put us here is too far away to pay attention and we act in a vacuum, like little kids in the back yard of a big house. What'd daddy used to say? Don't make me have to come down there!
"It's the end of the world, as we know it' The money is in the wheel house, now.

Thanks for the heavy duty 'equipment' to get this long ordeal to it's logical conclusion. Sit down some where while the dust settles, you deserve it for your service for being here at such a juncture in human time.

Love and Kisses,