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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is On To You,
Massive Telepathic Stock Market Conspiracy

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is On To You, Massive Telepathic Stock Market Conspiracy
Posted: 03/01/2013 3:58 pm EST  |  Updated: 03/02/2013 1:06 pm EST

Dilbert creator Scott Adams, best known for churning out decades of wall-calendar-ready workplace humor and an unusual endorsement of Mitt Romney, is apparently trying on a second career as a stock-market analyst.

I am happy to report that Adams is not much worse than most stock-market analysts. By which I mean his analysis is dangerous lunacy that should be ignored at all costs.

In a blog post entitled "Here Come The Market Manipulators," Adams unpacks a theory that the entire stock market is being manipulated by a few wealthy, mysterious operators. And he warns that these manipulators, having driven the Dow Jones Industrial Average nearly back to its all-time high, are just about to pull the plug:

My prediction is that there will be a correction of 20% or more sometime in 2013. That will be followed by a jerky climb for the next several months back to wherever the stock was before the fall.

Well, hey, that doesn't sound so bad. That's not any crazier than what some other analysts have warned recently, in light of a possibly over-inflated stock market. What is Adams's bear-market thesis? Too much austerity? European debt crisis flaring up again? Federal Reserve raising interest rates? Actually:

My prediction is based on the observation that the stock market appears to move as if it is manipulated by a network of big players. They lure in the excitable small investors by allowing the market to show a year or two of solid gains then they sell their shares, spook the world with predictions of doom, and buy back into the market at the lower prices.

As near as Adams can tell, these manipulators have some kind of mind meld that lets them know exactly when to buy and sell stocks, en masse. They don't even need those rat-telepathy implants!:

When I say there is manipulation and collusion in the financial markets, it doesn't mean there are actual meetings in which billionaires smoke cigars, drink expensive cognac, and make their evil plans. It might be enough that they are all so aware of each other's moves that they just play follow-the-leader and do so faster than small investors. The sort of market manipulation I'm describing only requires one billionaire leader who is closely watched by the other billionaires. When he sells, they sell, and they all understand why.

Most nefariously, these manipulators have the perfect cover for their manipulation: "The way the big players cover their collusion is by synchronizing their sudden exit from the market with bad financial news," Adams writes.

And to think all this time market-watchers have toiled under the impression that whenever a Lehman Brothers goes belly-up or the economy falls into recession, the stock market sells off because investors are worried about what such developments will do to corporate profits. Instead, it has emerged, these stories are just signals for a secretive cabal of wealthy people to sell all of their stocks at once, and then buy them back again at lower prices.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You have the Right to know

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You have the Right to know

By D.

I started writing this around 11pm last night (first moment I had to sit quietly) but after writing around 6 paragraphs, I realized that it was disjointed mumble jumble.  The caffeine had obviously worn off.

This morning I realized that writing in a timeline was going to be too confusing for most people so I've decided to start with the major events, and then we can go on from there and I'll fill in some of the blanks later on. I'm pretty sure the moment I publish this article, more things will come to me and I'll start writing the next one.

Take a seat and get a coffee, this might take a while.  By the way, I sent this off to a few people for proof reading etc, and Heather from The People's Trust has added her own comments - they are in all Caps, and I've then responded to a few of her additions.

Now before the naysayers and negative nellies get their knickers in a twist I will preface what I'm about to say with this:  This stuff is not in the main stream media.  If you are going to ask me to give you links to news stories from CNN and Bloomberg to back everything I'm about to tell you up, you might as well stop reading right now. The media is the most controlled group on the planet- you all know this.  The Cabal is still in control of the media and will not allow anything out that goes against them or even hints that they are in trouble of any sort.  But go ahead and search if you wish- if you look closely, there are hints coming out all over the place.

What I'm going to write here is the truth as it's been told to me. As I have said several times over and over again, I do not consider anything "solid intel" unless I can get multiple confirmations from several very different sources- sources that I trust because I have already vetting their information thoroughly.  I will try to give details, but I will not give names in certain circumstances for legal reasons (lol), and I will not name my sources as that would put them and perhaps their jobs (at the least) and safety in jeopardy, which I won't do.  These people have a right to anonymity.

So, the most important thing that every American needs to know is that NESARA- the  National Economic Security and Reformation Act. (NOT to be confused with the National Economic Security and Recovery Act) is very REAL. As real as this computer I'm typing on. (for more basic info go HERE)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Artificial Stock Price Support in Action

An analyst at CNBC pointed out this strange stock price pattern today in three blue chip stocks, IBM, Coca Cola and McDonalds.

Normally stocks follow a Fibonacci wave form (also called Elliot waves).  Elliot waves have a pattern of 5 upward waves and 3 down waves, and have a fractal quality to them over various time spans. The patterns below are sawtooth wave forms in the markets indicating machine trading on the hour and every hour.  Sawtooth wave forms are found in digial electronics, and its weird to see them mirrored in the stock market.  Some single individual or group is doing this strange buying behavior.  This is not normal crowd dynamics at work.