Monday, February 20, 2012

American Fundamentalist Preachers - Marching Other People's Children Off to War

Jesus called this sort "whitened tombs full of dead men's bones". They appear holy and spout wonderful great moral teachings while selling condemnation and death of other human beings. Jesus was never about destroying humans. These men are.  

They think that if Armageddon starts in the Middle East they'll force God to send Jesus back. These are sick people. They have no love for Israeli or Iranian people.  Indeed, their interpretation of Bible scripture says 90% of Jews will have to be killed off in order for Jews to convert to Jesus. They never say that on TV, but they do at church. 

They are Christians who have become the useful idiots of Zionism.  They infect modern American politics with sanctimonious blood thirst. They seem to forget that the Good Samaritan, in the story told by Galilean sage, was a Palestinian. Samaria is what Jews call the area where the Palestinians live.

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