Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Banker resignation list has been moved to a permanent page.


  1. Hey...TY for your work...This is ~jude/rockingjude ...just another dyslexic chic who went through the list and actually linked everything last night...feel free to copy & paste also I found a better link to the ukrain
    Sneaky WSJ keeps pulling posts off the Internet~

    Great work~

  2. (99) 2/28/12 (SRI LANKA) Sri Lanka Com Bank CEO Amitha Gooneratne retires this link was just blank page?...found this though

    (99) 2/28/12 (SRI LANKA) Sri Lanka Com Bank CEO Amitha Gooneratne retires..we signed the Innovative Financing Programme in the IFC very recently, which provided 65 million dollars as concessionary financing

  3. somethings big is going on.

    they all heading to their underground bases or what?

    the rats are getting off the ship, we're going down.

  4. i wonder what it all means - plus, there's the whole 'White Spiritual Boy' bank account that has millions of trillions of USD in it.... allegedly.

  5. It means that the rats are fleeing the ship before the so called proverbial $&#* hits the fan...I have the whole history of the banking fiasco but will need to pull some links...I had them all pinned to the front page but just took them down...Strangley enough, all the big banking news comes out at the beginning of August relating to I have info from 2009 -2012 most in August with one in May of 2011...


  6. Do you realize that in the first dozen or so dates you have some 2012 dates that have not even arrived yet? I imagine you just accidentally enetered 2012 instead of 2011.
    Other tahn that.... good job!!!!
    Thanks for all your work!

  7. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, no doubt about that. But, how many trillions did they walk with? New passports, new identities? There is a reason why the guvmint wants to pass that NDAA quickly, even though Obama has stated he "took out the sections re: american citizens. Just in time for the Occupy Spring offensive, they now claim no one can protest any of the leaders. I assume that means a House member, Senator, or a Bankster? With Bibi coming tomorrow, there is more pressure on the guvmint to cave once again to zionist pressure. An email I received this am, lists the names of the owners of all corporate media: CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FAux...all zionist. They will use there corporate media shills to overlook General Dempsey, and our 16 Intell agencies who have claimed Iran has no nuclear weapons, Iran is rational! So that means Israel is NOT rational. Leiberman, the closet case Lindsay Graham have got over l/3 of all the Senate signed on to a "sense of the Senate" resolution which is nothing more than a prelude to a declaration of war, all of it to undermine the President and our government for Israel, the neo cons and the zionists filling top government agencies. Freaks like Frank Gaffney, Retired General McClafferty and others are already brought out on CNN to stir the masses. In a poll done 71% of the american people believe Iran already has the bomb. The Ayatolah states that "nuclear weapons are evil and against Islam and he calls for all with nuclear weapons to get rid of them. So who is the sane one? Be on your toes people over the weekend and into next week, when the drums of war will be resounding on every TV network. Only Current TV,, Japan TV, China TV, LINK TV, Press TV are giving any truth about this...Occupy AIPAC March 3, in DC. Many groups are signed on for this demonstation. If you know anyone in the DC area, or any group tell them to join with Codepink, Answer and other groups who will be occupying AIPAC. Note: not one corporate network have delivered a PEEP about these banksters...

  8. Thank you for pointing out missing links and errors. I have corrected them. There is a new posting on the blog of 115 resignations as of 3/2/12


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