Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicago TV Station Reports GOP Primary Results 24 hours Before the Vote!

Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV posts GOP primary results before the vote takes place!



  1. I guess everyone enjoys a good lulz once in a while.

  2. Ech! Can i Have This Dance (waltz?) with You, You sillyhappy whabbit? Kiss, chinka

  3. " Those who cast the votes change nothing, those who count the votes change everything." -- Stalin
    As long as the ' Electoral College ' elects the president, we the people have no real choice or valid input, period. Our vaunted constitution, however the good intention, was seriously flawed by this debacle of mistrust of the regular guy being capable of actually making a educated choice. This was intentional. This document is hundreds of years behind the times in some areas, and must be updated to reflect our ' progress.' Ron Paul is winning in actuality, the mainstream media will not be allowed to show this as long as those presently in power remain in power.


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