Thursday, March 15, 2012

Court Says MF Global Executives Still GET Bonuses for 2011



Court Says MF Global Executives Still GET Bonuses for 2011! WTF? They Stole people's money and they are getting Bonuses?!

WOW the news is not stopping this morning 3/9/12 that is just mind boggling at how the people are getting raped by the banks!

Besides what I posted earlier that Goldman Sachs has demanded (when push comes to shove) that the banks are to be paid debt before Social Security and Medicare benefits for U.S. citizens.

It has been revealed that MF Global executives are still going to get bonuses of millions of dollars for 2011!

I am at a loss of words of what is happening and how those who have defrauded the world and have out right stolen money from the people and they are not just not being prosecuted for the stealing and out right fraud but they are being given money for it!

You just can't make this stuff up! How is this even possible? How is it a court is giving bonuses to those who stole billions directly from people's personal accounts?

Part of some of the executives bonuses will be on what amount of money they can get for the clients owed from the bankruptcy. But don't think those are the clients that had their money stolen from them. Remember the Judge put it as an Equity Bankruptcy so that means Wall Street banks are in line ahead of the people. So sounds like the bonuses will be based on how much more money they can give Wall Street.

Portion from link:

The payments could vary in size depending on progress with the estate and likely would be paid in batches throughout 2012, a person familiar with the matter said. The total payouts are expected to be smaller than bonuses received by the same executives before MF Global sank amid panic over the big bets made on European sovereign debt under Jon Corzine, the company's former chairman and chief executive. He resigned in November.
For example, Bradley Abelow, president and chief operating officer at MF Global, got a salary of $829,545 and a bonus of $1.25m for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, according to a securities filing. His total compensation was $7.6m. After the Chapter 11 filing, Abelow agreed to cut his annual salary to $60,000, another securities filing shows.
The other high-ranking MF Global executives who could collect bonuses under Freeh's plan are Henri Steenkamp, the company's chief financial officer, and Laurie Ferber, general counsel, people familiar with the matter said.
All I can ask is.... What Will be the trigger for the people to wake up? The way it is going, I can't imagine it will take too much more. We the people need to get the real news to those who have refused to see it up to this point, somehow.

This morning all I can keep saying is WTF! when I have read how the banks are moving in for the final kill of everyone's money.

Yesterday I posted about all stocks and bonds are actually owned by the Federal Reserve and how I then understood how MF Global got away with stealing the billions.


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  1. I wonder if the court is owned by these guys... perhaps they and are just playing out the arrests serve as "mental justice" for those who know what is going on & demand justice. when in reality it is just to appease us into thinking we are "winning" in the end the court gets paid and so do their GODs "the cabal bankers"

    business as usual? I hope not but that's how it seems to me right now.


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