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This article was sent to me by GW Hardin. I was contacted by Gary in 1994 based on an Internet posting I made to a USENET group. It will take me a while to digest this new post and its implications.  I have never had Gary lie to me.  And I can't think of anything he's told me that hasn't been true or come true since 1994.  So with that in mind, I present this message from GW Hardin.

by New York Times Best Selling Author,
 G.W. Hardin

The topic of suffering coming to an end for humanity is almost unthinkable; we have so long lived with suffering that we culturally expect it. Nonetheless, messages are already coming forward and gifts are already being bestowed by the angelic realm that make this utopian notion reachable and concrete. 

Three different realms of beings have spoken of the Avatar-Child: the realm of angels, the realm of the Ascended Masters, and the realm of the Elohim. Four different groups of people have witnessed the appearances of the Elohim, one of those groups being Native American. The Elders have been outspoken in what these Creator Beings are saying with regard to humanity’s movement into what they call the Fifth World (Ascension). Three faces or vibrational densities of the Elohim have been witnessed, each addressing a different level of manifestation of the Avatar-Child, whose archetypal consciousness dwells in what they call the “Golden City.” These Elohim echo the messages of the angels in stating that the highest manifestation of the Avatar-Child shall come through humanity. How many humans? That depends on us. As many as choose to welcome this Ascension Consciousness into our being. However, at some point, critical mass will be achieved and all of humanity will then hold the Avatar-Child within. I will discuss later one great option the angelic realm has given us. 

The Ascended Masters speak of the Avatar-Child from the perspective of the second archetypal manifestation. Born out of humankind’s choosing the path to Ascension Consciousness will come twelve avatar (adepts) children—six seen, six unseen. The six seen will walk the earth showing humanity its unending potential for divine co-creation. Each will carry a different archetypal facet of the Avatar-Child, showing up on six different continents. They shall be known as the “Children of the Timeless,” fully aware, super-adept protogenitors of where humanity is headed, in what the angels call the New Eden. 

The six unseen will take the spiritual miracle, that has blossomed out of the human condition, to other worlds—not unlike ambassadors. All these children will carry with them a purity that comes forth only from the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This purity will echo within us as the voice of this Divine Marriage—the coming together of the Metatron and Shekinah, Shiva and Shakti, Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky. 

The angelic realm points to the third manifestation showing up as the New Eden (or the New Paradise). Three components are involved as part of humanity moving into the angelic path to Ascension Consciousness: 

  1. Humanity taking its blinders off and stepping into its birthright—the realization that Eden awaits, with abundance, wellness, and wisdom. In an appearance on November 1, 2009, Archangel Michael referred to this coming time, “... all will grow in riches, wisdom and health. You must make ready that which is needed for [those who gather with the angels] to call forth and receive.” More later on the receiving. 

  2. An end to warmongering as we know it, and 

  3. The end to human suffering by way of entering a new kind of wellness. Two major paths are available to humanity. The first is the receiving of an angelic blessing of wellness and regeneration, called the Child of Light Process. The second state of well-being will be enhanced by the ending of the power structures that create war. Out of such well-being will come forth a new kind of wealth for the peoples of the earth. 

The Path of Wellness 

During an angelic appearance on February 14, 2012, the angels gave Joseph Crane (who I’ve written two books about ... www.gwhardin.com) a way of reversing his aging by regenerating the cells of his body. In subsequent appearances they showed him how this angelic blessing could be given to others. Crane, a man in his mid-sixties, immediately noticed that his everyday aches and pains began to subside. In medical tests, his doctors have twice made comments about his lab tests that show his tissue being that of someone 30 years younger. Along with the wellness, those who know Joe noticed that he began to look younger. In one affidavit, a friend wrote, “I've seen Joe have more energy, use his glasses less, his tummy shrink, wrinkles fade, and hair darken. It’s interesting to witness him ‘reverse age’ at this rate. He's looking thinner and younger, but let's hope we don't have a Benjamin Button situation on our hands.” 

Spreading the Wealth During an angelic visit on March 1, 2012, the angels returned again and said, “You have been given the gift of being made whole again. You are able to share that with others as you let this form of grace flow from you to another. You may do this whenever you wish. Yet you must tune others to the frequencies of the names of God. It is for this reason you were give the names of God, [tuning] forks, and oils along with other things to be done with them.” (The transcript of the full visit may be found at http://beatpeace.net/visits/2012.htm). The angels then talked about the upcoming Children of Light Conference in Denver, June 20-23, and how this gift of regeneration and wellness may be passed on to others. They spoke of the special conditions that will exist so that all in attendance may choose to receive through Joe Crane this gift from the angelic realm: “As the healing grace passes through the recipient I [the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother] will reflect it to a point within them that they may receive this regeneration.” The evidence to date indicates that the bodily organs and skin regain their life vigor. But the blessing is not limited only to the physical body. Other aspects related to karma, self-forgiveness, and the embracing of self-worthiness also will be a part of the blessing at the Children of Light Conference. 

The real clincher is not just the receiving of this magnanimous angelic gift. The real clincher is that those who choose, will be taught at the conference how to pass this gift on to others. In other words, all in attendance will serve to become the vessels of spreading this blessing of wellness and well-being throughout the world as it proliferates from one person to another. But this will not be the only way suffering will yield to well-being. Children of the Timeless As people across our country and then our world continue to extend this angelic gift, the Elohim tell us that the stage will be set and the vibrations released to prepare a place for the 

Children of the Timeless. 

These children will teach us the pure truth of what it means to be human as Children of God. They will show us our potential and our capabilities of not only living in this New Eden, this New Paradise, but co-creating an unlimited world within this Garden of Ascension Consciousness. The Elohim also speak to the coming role humanity will have with the rest of the star nations as all of humanity becomes aligned in oneness with the Children of the Timeless, who represent our magnificent future. 

At the Children of Light Conference there will be talks aimed at how we support not only the Children of the Timeless, but all children. If you haven’t seen the YouTube viral video on the atrocity being done to the children of Uganda (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc), then take the time to see the power that choosing has on our planet. Then consider making your own choices to bring about change. Here are what the angels have to say about the Children of Light: 
Holy. Holy. Holy. Blessings be upon you bringers of the Children of Light and Wisdom.... Blessed are you ... who receive the Children of Light. Blessed are all [those who] will clothe the children in love. Gather in great numbers each year that the light of wisdom will grow. Holy is your works. Holy is that which you do in the name of love and wisdom. The grace of God fills your hearts and souls. Peace is upon you as the faithful are rewarded in blessings. Go forth with your gifts as you walk through the Garden that even now grows beneath your feet.
Choosing Which Path to Ascension Consciousness As beautiful as all of this sounds, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Choices have to be made. And soon. Updates will be sent out and visits posted as more information speaks to choices we all make as these dynamic changes continue. The angelic realm has given us an amazing and simple way not only to enter into Ascension Consciousness, but an even more amazing and simple way of choosing the best path humanity can take as a whole toward a transformed world, through which we prosper in wellness, in abundance, and in wisdom. Check out the Children of Light Conference (www.gwhardin.com/child.htm ... www.beatpeace.com). 

From my heart to yours, GW

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  1. thank so much gw i raise my greatgrand children,and it is truely my blessings from god to be so blessed for all thay give me LOVE LOVE LOVE unconditional LOVE and JOY im truely honored for these 3 sweet angels


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