Friday, March 30, 2012

Many Decloakings Are About to be Scheduled

Your progress is watched with loving amazement.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
March 30, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

We begin today with a discussion of the current state of affairs in your world.  Many more have become, or are becoming, aware of the presence of divine and extra-terrestrial beings that are here to aid you.  Most are knowledgeable enough to understand the benevolent intent of our presence.

We wish to point out that, were there any ill intent on the part of the galactic peoples, they could have long, long ago taken control of your planet.  You have records of their presence from at least the last seventy of your years.  At that time, given the technology necessary to travel here, it would have been a matter of days to achieve any aggressive purposes.  They have not done so.  You have records of them disabling your most fearsome weapons temporarily.  After proving their point, the weapons came back online.  At no time has any aggressive action been taken against you, even though the converse cannot be said.  Many times they have needed to defend themselves.

Many decloakings are about to be scheduled.  Some will involve a number of ships.  This will continue until any fear of your galactic brothers and sisters dies down.  Your calm assurances to you neighbors and friends can hasten this occurrence.  Merely point out the above facts to them.  At the same time, you will begin seeing evidence of individual meetings and technological gifts that will help to allay any fears, as well.

There is an ever increasing need for our presence on the surface of the planet to commence.  Our primary objective is your attainment of higher consciousness, and this will be much more rapidly achieved when we can interact with all of you.  A huge energetic boost to that end is occurring and will continue to increase in strength.  Those who suspect your sun’s activity of providing impetus to your advancement are correct, but the truth involves many more factors than that.  Rather open yourselves to the divine influences no matter the source.  The entire universe is working to achieve that end.  Perhaps you are already noticing changes in your emotional and energetic selves.  Our advice is to see those as first steps in attaining all you have imagined.  Your progress is watched with loving amazement.  Tomorrow, then.  Good day.

May your freedom be swift in coming.

Michael channeled by Ron Head
March 29, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

At this time we are ready to give our support to the operations of our brothers and sisters on your planet.  We urge your earliest commencement of the planned actions.  We have received authorization from Creator to commence now.  Our plans are completed and we are ready to assure your success.  The timing of further plans for earth’s ascension has reached a point that makes further delay increasingly ill-advised.  All of our allies are aware of this fact.  We expect all to commence at once.  The ships will increase decloakings to signal our readiness and support.  All fleets are in readiness at this time.  We await your earliest move.  No interference will be allowed.  We will communicate further as the need arises.  Our blessings and support to all our dear brothers and sisters.  May your freedom be swift in coming.  Good day.

These developments are quickly clearing the way for your abundant life to begin
Michael channeled by Ron Head
March 28, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages 

You are seeing a marked change in the tone of all channeled messages now.  You are also seeing the same in the reports from your alternate news sources.  This message will be no different.

The reason is that all reflect the true current state of affairs.  Very soon you may see the true state of affairs in your own media, but that time is not here yet.  You know this on some level, and that is why so many thousands of you search out these messages each day.  Many developments are in final stages of preparation, and many are also proceeding as we speak.  Were your media at all responsive to the real news, they would be in a feeding frenzy, your term, over some of the developments in your financial world.  Instead you are given carefully laundered and spun versions.  The truth is, there is a rising tide of people fleeing for the lifeboats and trying to save their own skins.

Do not waste your beautiful energies worrying about that.  Instead, focus on the world that true equality of opportunity will bring to you.  Justice will be served without you lowering your state of mind by worrying over it.  That has always been the case, but the function of time has often hidden it from you.  In a time of instant manifestation, you will see the results instantly.  No longer will it appear as if anyone has avoided the just desserts they have earned.

These developments are quickly clearing the way for your abundant life to begin.  You really can have no idea what that will mean.  I will ‘sink in’, as you say; but enjoy the euphoria while you can.  Please do not panic when the necessary arrests begin.  Your normal police forces are not equipped to handle it, and in many cases they are indebted to the controllers anyway.  They will be ‘helped by others who have your interests in mind.  Please keep your neighbors from causing a panic as much as you are able.  Announcements will be made.  Your opinions will be sought.  This will be the time we have preparing you for.  Soon after the furor subsides, you will be meeting many new friends.  We do so look forward to that.

In the meantime, you will continue to feel changes occurring within yourselves.  These are all in alignment with the wishes of you and your higher selves.  Our advice is that you meet them with open minds and hearts.  You will love the new you.  And accepting the changes with enthusiasm will make them proceed much smoother.  Think of a swiftly flowing river.  Resistance only produces turmoil and will be washed away in any case.  We hope you are happily anticipating these events.  We are with you in each moment.  Good day.


  1. The age of enlightenment can start once things settle down.
    Peace space brothers. Were all very grateful for your support.

  2. Ruta, why are you leaving?
    That's a joke son, that's a joke.


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