Monday, March 19, 2012

The Method to My Madness

Writing a blog is an act of madness. So it seems with the first post. But if you're lucky, something goes viral and the whole world takes notice.  That has happened to me.

Who would listen to the fevered brow of an average American?  After all I'm nobody special. I wouldn't even make the Hollywood D list. Is there an E list? Probably never be a New York Times best selling author either. I never went to MIT or Harvard. My public school upbringing certainly did its best to marginalize me. Just a working class man's son. A prole. 

I worked for a while before going to college. I landed a job as a carpenter for a most amazing man.  He was a 2nd degree black belt in Judo, and flew with the Flying TIgers in China (my father was also a  fighter pilot). I understood this man instinctively.  He designed and built homes in the American Southwest, eco-friendly homes at that. Unheard of at that time.  We built amazing homes for millionaires and the quality was superb. He was married to a Japanese woman and spent many years in Japan training in Judo. I watched his amazing self-control while dealing with construction subcontractors.   I started in a crew of 100 and was the last one let go in 1976.  I came to appreciate his marshall art training.  I took his Judo classes after work.  The ability to defend oneself by using the energy of the opponent is a most useful concept.

I've been in computing for most of my adult life, its taken me into the bowels for Fortune 500 companies and around the world.  I've lived and worked in France and England. I was part of the team that installed the computer system for booking reservations on the French TGV railway as it expanded throughout Europe and the UK.  I have worked in banking, travel, credit card processing, electronic commerce, worked on porting the language translation system from a mainframe to Unix that is used today by many major search engines.  I have impacted your life and you never knew me.  You still don't.  You can get so much more done when you don't care who gets the credit.

I have been bounced around since 1975 by one Federal Reserve instigated economic circumstance or another.  I've reinvented careers so many times I lost count.  I've been a carpenter, printer, tool and die maker, CNC machine tool programmer, programmed mainframes, midframes and PCs.  There is almost nothing I can't fix or build, a gift of genetics from my Scottish ancestry.  But even given that its been a struggle. I've asked many questions about why my working life has been so turbulent.  I never had the economic stability my parents had post World War II.  My friends have had similar experiences, I am no lone exception. 

I've been through the wringer of organized religion, and in the early nineties was involved in a grass roots Internet based reformation of one such group.  Even ended up being quoted in somebody's book.  I struggled with sectarianism and how well meaning people could be so awful to each other.

I read a book a few years back by Ingo Swann called The Secrets of Power.  Ingo wrote those books for people like me who were completely lost as to why those who would be our leaders do the things they do, sometimes inhumanly brutal things.  The don't teach this stuff in schools because they don't want you to know. Ingo pointed out in those books the most potent forms of power were those of a subtle kind.  The sort of power that causes you to be mocked in school for asking the unaskable questions.  The sort of power that gets one labeled a heretic in religion.  The power to even shape the very definition of reality so that the brain, which will only do what it believes it can do, is disabled from its native intuitive talents given it by the Creator.  

People worry themselves sick over black helicopters, chemtrails, the Patriot Act (with good reason) yet will spend all evening giving up their personal power to the same cabal that serves them up their electronic entertainment.  They watch TMZ as they profit from the pain of celebrities, Jerry Springer as they profit from the pain of hillbillies and sexually conflicted people, and or stay glued to MSNBC as the Bill Gates/Universal-Comcast hybrid presents its nightly parade of jail cells and hopeless convicts march across the screen.  Suffering as entertainment.  What a concept.  What next, sewage as champagne?The cabal builds and profits off of talents like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, then ply them with addictive drugs to make their concert tour schedules, isolate them from their families with their entourages, and then when they collapse as all humans will,  they make money on the gossip TV channels off their human vulnerabilities.  When they die they spike the prices of their music albums!  They suck them in and spit them out, spit on on them, and then run them over with their own Mercedes.  The TV is telling Americans they are worthless, stupid, and hoarding fools.  They can't reason correctly about Politics, they have to have Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olbermann tell them what is the score.  There are no middle options, only a palate of extremes with which to paint their future. All is polarized and hateful.  People believe they cannot do better. Life will always get worse. And here's a pill for that, side effects may include death.  They are told this is all disconnected randomness of the the world.  Brownian motion of millions of competing self interests. That is a lie!

The truth is we have an ET economy. An Orion economy.  Its the best 3 card monty game ever invented. Its also on some other worlds.  This is not hidden, its all out in plain sight.  Although I think we have taken the level of how an economy can be abstracted to levels and complexities that astound even benevolent ETs.   A system that rewards elites and the house always wins.  But even the elites are not free, they're bigger slaves than we are, for they intimidated, brutalized and robbed or killed if they break ranks or don't cooperate. The invisible hand of Adam Smith is ET.  We are not masters of our world and haven't been for about 6,000 years.

So what seems like a crazy 3 legged stool on this web site: economics, religion and ufology, is actually very much interrelated.  The worlds great secrets revolve around these three things because these three things all have either ET origins or have been manipulated by ETS.  These are the lenses that blur your vision of reality on this planet, that limit your horizons of what is truly possible when we all stop behaving as animals from our reptile brains and start becoming fully human as the Creator meant us to be.

The above is a scary thought to be sure. But you need not despair.  There is a Creator! What they have done has been constrained by forces greater than either of us.  They could do no more than we collectively allowed, but since we have long lost who we are, where we came from, and why were are here, we have not known any better. All they have had to do for a long time is frighten us. Frighten us of death, frighten us of God, frighten us other nations, frighten us of each other.  That time is now over.  It was allowed for a time, for our soul growth.  We are not physical beings with a spiritual life, we are spirits having a physical experience.  We've been in a reincarnation loop for eons until we got a belly full of this kind of life.  The spirit never dies, I know, I died in 2009 and got sent back.  I've been in that white place.   We are about to be reunited with family from across the stars.  Many of them look just like us.  I'm not speaking of the greys with big black eyes as in the X-Files, they were interlopers and not long for this planet.  And not only are we getting to meet family, we are being restored to a state we once had, a time not unlike what the Australian Aborigines call the Dream Time.  This is not death but an enhancement of existing physical life. It will be the highest state the human body form can be.

And those of you who send me anonymous comments. I read them all. I don't always post them all. I make no guarantee I will post every comment made.  Some are wonderful, some are insightful, some have wonderful tips. I will not give energy to fear mongering, outright lies, anti-semtism, Zionism, Nazis, or any other group that exalts itself up and puts down another group.  Crass materialists, nihilists, known disinformation agents go away.  Shine your divine light.  Don't light your farts and tell me its a lighthouse. Just because it glows doesn't mean it smells good.


  1. A great, uplifting aricle! Thank you =)

  2. i first came here to read about the resignations and i'm very glad i keep checking in! just wanted to say thanks for sharing

  3. Excellent post I am so glad I found your blog recently and visit to absorb some precious common sense within the screams of disinformation . Light releases so much positivity to those who are receptive . Thanks for your welcome share. M. Wilson

  4. Anonymous 8:54
    First dis-qualifier on "most sites" is the instant link to the "thing" being sold, be it book, tape, information packet, or any other form of a product.
    I do not believe we should have to pay for information of any sort and see it as a flag for dis-information and self serving interests in a time when that is being seen for what it is. NEGATIVE.
    I don't find any of that here so, I have stayed since finding the initial resignation updates.

    1. Figuring out how to pay for miscelleanous expenses like HTML scripts, CSS templates, stock photos etc. is a thorny issue. I have an unabashedly optimistic view of the future, so I won't run knowingly survivalist ads, doomsday literature and that kind of thing. Some sites seek donations, and that's fine. Some sell books they've written and that is also honorable. Some are by subscription only (like Ben Fulford). The approach varies. There is no shame in how one or another chooses to do this. We live in the old system while we proclaim the arrival of the new. We have to survive. I'm not dependent on this blog for income. I choose the free-market ad route. I don't choose the ads served up by Google. I might add some others from Amazon too for books that might be useful. It might at least pay for some stock photos and useful web tools and perhaps some spending cash for my daughter's trip to Europe. But if not that's okay too, I will still blog. Google adsense rules are that I cannot encourage people to click on ads, and to be honest I am not even sure what comes up, I don't see them unless I log on through my Mac Airbook.

  5. I too do not disagree with a donation button. But a donation button along with a nag screen every five minutes is...pushy.
    I also do not disagree with selling a book (Literature, whatever). I recently was at a site that was pushing a book hard, but at the same time, had all the .pdf files that made up the book, available on the site.
    It's the sites that prey on fear and sell you their system to survive, via registration that bother me. It feels like paying you to take my lunch so you don't have to kick my ass to take it, ya know what I mean?
    If I want to be all about love then I certainly wouldn't sell you survival secrets, I would GIVE them to you because it is the right thing to do.
    Either way, your site is nice and I like the vibe. If you had a donate button, I'd probably use it because I appreciate the costs you incur and time it takes to create posts.


  6. I really enjoy this site, too. Just discovered it today. Really enjoy your perspective. I'm finishing work on a manuscript Mothership 2012, A Novel of the Shift, which I'm promoting via Facebook and digital-publishing through BookTango. It talks about the global shift in consciousness and how the Fall of the Berlin Wall was an anomaly which was a part of this shift. It discusses the intergalactic nature of corporatism, and the need to awaken to it, especially on that level. Occupying our Hearts, for that is where the true treasure is (and the interdimensional doorway)...Take Heart...We've got the bad guys on the run!

  7. I would probably subscribe to a blog like yours. You'd be surprised - even a $3 recurring debit could really help out. For instance, people sell their digital books very well at the 99cent level! Little gives can add up...


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