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Our Future is Glorious!

I'm reposting this from Kauilepele's blog, thanks to him, Kees, Steve and especially Kerry for filming this!

Bob Dean Tells it Like it Is…Our Future is Glorious! (mp3)
Posted on March 8, 2012

[UPDATE 3-7-12 1051 HST: Just added mp3s for the entire video] I’ve just listened to the portion of this video which Kees and Steve recommended, and have made an mp3 of that portion, with Kerry’s volume adjusted so she is easier to hear. Also I am mp3-ing the whole interview, and will add that link as soon as it is finished. So you may click on the link below to hear the mp3. I would encourage all to refrain from buying into any judgement about interview style or perceptions of the interviewer. We are all in this Earth boat together.

33:26 to 41:26 portion mp3: 

- Complete Video mp3:
- or in 30 minute parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Bob Dean’s Near-Death Experience and Reassignment by the Galactics

[Italicized portion below by Steve Beckow. (Welcome back, Steve!!)]

I agree with Kees de Graaff that the portion of this video from 33:26 to 41:26 is a must see.

Whistleblower Bob Dean died last October and still could find no rest! Apparently his spirit was taken aboard a mothership of the Galactic Federation for six weeks and he was told that he had more work to do and returned to Earth. I can assure you that if it were me, I’d be asking for time off for good behavior, but here is Bob back again, on further assignment as an ambassador for the galactics.

Notice this interesting turn of events. We here follow channeled teachings and all of this is well known to us. But Kerry Cassidy and Bob have never done so, apparently, and so now the distance between those who follow channeled teachings and those who listen to whistleblowers and insiders just got a goodly distance shorter. Now they are in on the buzz too. What does that portend for the future?

Notice Kerry’s expressions of fear. Notice the impact on her of reading Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End. The fears that Kerry expresses are similar to those who encounter this subject for the first time. Notice that Kerry does not know a great deal about the shift expected at the end of 2o12.

We’ll be able to watch her revise her opinions in the weeks ahead and it may be very instructive to watch. Hopefully she’ll be taken aboard the ships herself and be permitted an opportunity to satisfy herself about the peaceful and benevolent intentions of the galactics currently around the planet.

There are ample sources on this site (under “Negative Alien Races”) that say there is nothing to fear from the galactics around Earth at the present time. The Anunnaki/reptilians/Greys are almost entirely gone. The rising energies and the protective screen around us see that no negative aliens can approach the planet any more. We are finished with those years and fears.

I’m not sure if Bob’s trip qualifies as a person boarding the ships, but it’s a great story and one of a kind that we’ll be hearing a whole lot more of in the months ahead. I’ll be asking Ellen to see if she can transcribe Bob’s comments, which are ground-breaking. Thanks to Kees for the news and Shaunie for sending the video along.


Bob Dean Meets the GF
by Kees de Graaff, Galactic Channelings, March 8, 2012

Dear friends,

We don’t publish as many “Three Videos Worth Watching” pages any more as we used to, because since we created a Facebook page last year, we post most interesting videos there. This works much faster. But this next video is too good to be missed, so we post this one here too. This is a must watch!

Most lightworkers will know Bob Dean (on the right on the picture). He’s a retired command sergeant major for the US army, who became a whistleblower. He used to form an ideal interview partner for Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, because just like her he was primarily interested in all the fuss that was going on between the positive groups and the negative groups on Earth, the so called black ops, and the conspiracies. That’s why the interviews of Project Camelot are usually somewhat fear mongering I think, because the conclusion is always that this world could be in danger.

But now, Bob Dean has had a near death experience. In October last year, he fell into a coma due to viral meningitis, and in fact he died. For some reason, the Galactic Federation decided to catch up with his spirit while he was in the higher realms. This is quite remarkable, because Bob didn’t even know of their existence, and he still doesn’t know what to call them. He calls them “a third party” in this interview.

Maybe they thought he would make a good ambassador for them to spread the word in his circles about what’s really going on on our planet right now. And in this video he proves to be just that. Because after receiving him on one of their huge motherships and having showed him the glorious future that awaits mankind after December this year, they (no doubt in consultation with his guides) told Bob that he had to return to Earth, because his job wasn’t finished yet.

And here he meets up with Kerry Cassidy again, but now with a completely different mindset. Kerry, of course, still looks at the current world events from her old point of view. For which she can’t be blamed I think, because she just doesn’t have the new insight yet that Bob has (and I think most visitors of our site have).

But now, suddenly Bob won’t have any of it anymore. He’s a changed man, he’s full of confidence and hope for our future. Alongside with Clifford Stone, who is also spiritual and also used to work for the US military, as an intuitive, communicating with ET’s from crashed UFO’s. They both reject any scenario of doom and gloom, to Kerry’s astonishment. What develops is this pretty bizarre interview.

This video is almost 1.5 hours long. If you don’t have much time to watch, the most interesting part is from 33:26 to 41:26.

Hope you enjoy it!

In Love and Light,


  1. Funny, my take on Bob Dean, from the start, has been that he's telling war stories... exaggerating wildly... embellishing... lying.

    In fact, if you go to the part where he tells of "going home" and not wanting to come back, you can consider his completely inauthentic affect if you need to check.

    What did the ancients have to say about the veracity of hope? Asked about the world, they would ask back what we call the world. It might be concluded, then, that calling Bob Dean a truth teller makes the world a better place, but this fails to address the powerful ones who call the world their property.

    This then calls to my mind Dogen on doing. He stressed we should stop it and perform.

    Bob Dean is performing in the wrong sense.

    1. Hyperbole, embellishing is not the same as lying, as the latter implies intent to deceive. He's old on grandfather figure telling his story in the way of all good story tellers.

      Jesus used hyperbole, embellishment and even used scriptures out of context (like people today do with Shakespeare) to make his point on greater truths.

      I find his accounts to be very credible. Especially his near death experience, which I had in 2009, there are things he described that he would not know unless he had a real NDE. They are transformative experiences that shake you to your core.

      When you go into the hospital expecting not to come out, then wake up in a reality that is more real than the one you left, with full and complete consciousness, its rather shocking! And then when you are sent back to complete whatever it is in this life we are to do, you feel like "oh jeez...more of this grief?". Its not like the exactly clue you in on that either - that seems to be part of the mystery of this life in 3D, discovering that. He describes that feeling so well, in my eyes he's very credible.


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