Thursday, March 1, 2012


The Shape of Reality

I've never been hugely into astrology charts. But I do believe the universe is underpinned by what some call a sacred geometry.  

Sacred not in the sense of taboos, voodoo, secret societies of men in funny hats driving small cars in parades, or strange symbols on the back of dollar bills. Sacred in the sense of the architecture the Creator of All uses in the designs of reality, the math of geometry  to form reality.  

It is the geometry long ago seen in the genius of Platonic Solids, Pythagoras and sacred geometry. It been long held secretly by various groups over centuries of time, but lately quite widely known and studied.  It is true some groups of very dark intent carry this knowledge, however knowledge is neutral. With the knowledge of Aeronautics we create a passenger plane for tourists or a death dealing robotic aerial drone. Its all in the intent. Its not knowledge of even action that is evil, its only intent that can be evil.  We need not fear sacred geometry anymore than we should fear airplanes because some are used in war.

The six side star is the solfeggio of the universal masculine energy - the energy of change.  

This video below shows some interesting formations in the astrological chart for March.
Perhaps some in a certain middle eastern nation might take this as omen for war, but if they are wise they will see it for what it is, a sign of great impending changes of quite a different kind and any attempts to assert one's will in defiance of the divine will might just deliver particular unexpected consequences.  

"Beware the Ides of March"
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene II

Caesar: "The ides of March have come!"

(meaning fulfilled)

Seer:"Ay, Caesar; but not gone."


Now you might be like I once was, "what the hell does this have to do with me, this isn't science?", well not the science you'd see on TV that's for sure!  The empirical among us like our facts laid out linearly.  But we have a lot of preconceptions we've been fed from childhood which really are not the every day reality of the way things are. The models were taught were simplistic, and many of us never realized they were simplifications, abstractions of reality.

Our politics works nothing like we were taught in our civics classes in high school. We morn that fact.

Remember those balls and sticks they showed you in schools of how atoms were stuck together?  

That's not the reality of quantum world where atoms are glued together by whizzing clouds of shared electrons - there's no wood sticks holding them together. Nobody can tell you were those electrons are at any given moment except by probability.

Likewise the model of the solar system, is not as we are taught as children. Our solar planetary system is perhaps better thought of as comets chasing the Sun in a helical dance.

The video below from Nassim Haramein explains it well. Once you view this video you can better appreciate how astrological planetary positions can affect the energy structure of reality.


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  1. what did you use and how did you make the model of the solar system


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