Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Solar UFOs and Direct ET Contact in 3rd World Puts Illuminati in Panic

Sphere shaped UFO spotted in the Sun's Corona 3/11/12

Channeler: Wanderer of the Skies 

Greetings from the Federation:

What more can be said about all that is transpiring on your planet today? We have told you about these coming events and how they will come rapidly and in succession. You are only now beginning to see the domino effect of all that will happen.

Shortly, leaders of many nations will meet secretly to discuss again the topic of disclosure which has been shelved in the recent past to attend to other issues and events considered more pressing by these individuals and their national interests. Now, however, disclosure again is on the “front burner” and will be discussed more aggressively among these participants. We, however, do not consider that their actions will amount to any change, as we have seen them “drag their feet” in the past. Several matters of concern have brought them to the table once again. 

One of these matters is the discovery of anomalies in and around the sun which cannot be explained by your scientists. It is believed in the halls of power that this is a direct sign of the intervention of the Federation in earthly affairs on a more direct basis so the topic has come again to the forefront.

Another issue that has arisen is the direct contact made by the Federation with third world countries which has caused great concern with the Illuminati. They see this as a major shift in the power balance, and combined with their loss of position and strength in the financial markets, and the gathering storm of a highly organized and powerful opposition to them from across the globe, they are panicking in their otherwise methodical approach to set into play their “end game” to create their world government. 

You have much to look forward to in these coming days as more and more dominoes fall at a much greater and accelerating pace. Already, you are beginning to see the turn of fortune occurring on the financial front. This will be followed quickly by the media, where many will begin to pay from their crimes and many more will turn towards open, honest, and investigative reporting. This, in turn, will be followed by a move to “clean house” with your political leaders and the stepping forward of those who consciously have begun to awaken within the halls of power in your many governments to set straight their role as stewards of society.

This is a time where justice will be heard and hopelessness cast aside. [What] you are becoming, is a sight to behold. We watch in utter amazement at this process, and cannot contain our own excitement of what is coming to all and for the benefit of the entire universe.

A more definitive proof of our existence to you is in the works and more on this will be revealed in the coming weeks. You can, of course, expect ever increasing sightings from around the globe. We have, of late, concentrated on specific third world countries as part of the plan we have of direct communication with those regions. Now, however, we bring our focus back to those countries that can make a difference in the disclosure process. Expect that tremendous and awe inspiring displays will now occur with ever increasing frequency.

We are with you more than ever in these most exciting of times. This is what you have lived lifetimes for, what you have planned for down to the minutest detail, and what you are now experiencing. It is your right and deservedly so. We are with you in love, in respect, and in awe of your incredible abilities.

Be at peace.

Channel: Wanderer of the Skies


  1. Thank you for your candor. Can you give any recommendations for preparedness regarding these upcoming and continued changes?

    1. Breathe deep, relax, love those around you. Forgive others.

      What is happening is largely an energetic phenomenon, you can think of our current existence as being slightly underpowered spiritually, causing a condition known as duality consciousness. This is the "us vs them" mentality of this world. The hatred of the other. The idea that we are disconnected from God, and separate from each other. We are all one in the Creator (a lot of people just don't realize it yet - but they will).

      Healthwise eat as toxin-free food as you can given your circumstances. But don't overly freak out about toxins in our environment and in chemtrails, your body is changing as all life on this planet is changing to adapt to the coming energy levels in this solar system. Attitude is more important than diet, but diet is important to how you are going to feel during the changes. Headaches, strange pains that have no explanation and suddenly disappear. Some even experience brief hospital episodes that vanish as quickly as they come. Drink lots of clean water. Water is essential for consciousness in physical bodies.

      Its not a bad idea to have food and water to survive a couple of weeks in case of supply chain disruptions. Remember all commerce in the modern westernized world has a Japanese-style just-in-time (JIT) inventory system where things are not so much warehoused anymore but continually in the transport system. These supply chains are driven by two factors, fuel availability and letters (and lines) of credit. These driving factors can have disruptive effects on the world's supply chains. Anyone who has ever lived in Atlanta can attest to what happens there when an snow storm is in the weather forecast, Atlantans empty the local Kroger grocery shore shelves - as they know their city has no snow removal infrastructure - and their city becomes impossible to travel in.

      Do what you can to help others, stand up against injustice in creative non-violent ways. The days of placard carrying protests are probably gone as governments cleverly legislate "free speech zones" in locations the press will never see. A good example of creative thinking is the French Football (Soccer) coach Eric Cantona call to social action by having people withdraw their money from offending banks:

  2. I am considering investing all of my resources in ALCOA stocks (or some other aluminum foil manufacturer). It would seem that your tin foil scull cap (blocking mind reading) may still need a few layers.


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