Sunday, March 11, 2012


For those of you demanding proof, tell me what this sphere is!

updated: 3/12/12
Here's a shot of the object from Sunday in red, you can see the sphere suddenly move away. 

I found this image from Stereo Ahead in 2009.  The dark occlusion disk in the center is used to hide the face of the Sun so that the solar corona can be studied without blinding the cameras.


  1. You've got to check this out:

    Go to and right-click and save the 48 hr mpeg under AIA 171 (top right)

    Watch the object slowly detach then take off at incredible speeds!

    Then download the other videos and see the same thing! It's amazing!

    Do it quick though, NASA updates it's videos so the ones there will be gone.

  2. I uploaded the video I mentioned above on YouTube, feel free to post here A.K. :)

    Strange things to notice:

    1) It remains stationary while the sun rotates
    2) It appears to be "docked" by some sort of huge, long vortex
    3) when it departs, it first moves slowly, then increases in acceleration. Notice the vacuum it creates which clearly has an effect on the surface of the sun.

  3. If you are unfamiliar with Nassim Haramein then listen to his lectures on YT. Start with the Rouge Valley lectures. Some videos of this are uploaded in 2 parts but recently it was uploaded in one part so try to find this one. If we can exist on this planet why can't others exist elsewhere on other planets?

  4. Professor James McCanney is also worth checking out. I listen to his weekly Science Hour lectures which are archived at his site (or live Thursday nights via shortwave). James Horak is also very interesting & he seems to know much about the Sun & the Universe. They both have very informative websites.


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