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Gab1159 has done a remarkable job of providing information regarding, what appears on the surface, to be a mass wave of resignations from the financial sector.

Massive Wave of Resignation (Part V): The New Bandwagon!

I urge you to read his work before preceding further in this thread.

If true, a huge exodus of the top brass from the financial sector would mean.... well, I am not sure, but it sure seems important. Upon reading his work, there was always the nagging thought in the back of my mind that, "Maybe there aren't more resignations, it just seems that way because either (a) the media are reporting on them more frequently or (b) we are just paying more attention." This thought has been raised in each of his updates, but nobody seemed to be able to quantify what is a reasonable number of resignations.

In the most recent update, I posted a comment, wherein I used the EBSCOhost Business Premier database to search for articles that contained the world "Resign". You can see my chart in Gab1159's thread, but saying that the results were inconclusive is being generous.

Then I had an idea. The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires that publicly traded companies must report to the SEC whenever a member of the Board or certain officers resign. Also, the SEC has a database named EDGAR that is open to the public. After a little research, I discovered that corporations must report said resignations on Form 8-K, Item 5.02. From there, it was a simple matter of searching only Form 8-Ks within a specific range of dates, and including the boolean search terms "Resigns" and "Resignation".

I felt this would at least offer us a baseline comparison to see if there is truly an uptick in resignations, or if it just appears that way. I think you will be interested in the results.

A few details I should point out. One, these results are not broken down by industrial sector, but encompass all "SICs" or Standard Industrial Classifications. Also, when dealing with such a large number of results, EDGAR gives an approximation on the number of filings. For example, in 2Q 2008 there may have been 1786 filings, but it gives me 1800 as the approximate result.

I must admit, when I started compiling the data, I did not believe I would find much. Possibly a slight upswing in the number of resignations, but I am simply blown away by the results.


  1. I was skeptical. I went to the database and queried it, quarter by quarter. It's true. It seems shit hit the fan sometime after January 15th.
    Here are my results (The search count rounds the numbers)
    2008 Q1 800
    2008 Q2 5200
    2008 Q3 4600
    2008 Q4 5200
    2009 Q1 4500
    2009 Q2 3900
    2009 Q3 3800
    2009 Q4 4400
    2010 Q1 4100
    2010 Q2 4200
    2010 Q3 4100
    2010 Q4 4100
    2011 Q1 4300
    2011 Q2 4400
    2011 Q3 3800
    2011 Q4 4400
    2012 Q1 8000+

    Because 8000 is the record limit, I queried 2012 quarter one by the months individually. January by itself had 8000+. February by itself had 8000+. 03/01/2012-03/14/2012 had 8000+.

    To zoom in a little bit further, 01/01/2012 to 01/15/2012 only had 600, while 01/15/2012-02/01/2012 had 8000+.

    Here is the link, so you can search for yourself.

    1. I think one of the big hurdles for mankind will be just believing change has come. I see changes occurring but a lot of people want it printed on the front page of the New York Times before they will believe it. I am not sure why people delegate their perception to the powers that be.

      I remember back in the Soviet Union days Russians had been so beat up and so oppressed they no longer trusted anyone, and never ever expected anything would ever change. This mentality crept into even the reformers, Gorbachev just wanted to Tweak communism with Glasnost rather than chuck the system. He was swept aside by a tidal wave of change and became irrelevant when the people said enough is enough!

      I fear America has reached a similar state of mind under George Bush and that Obama is another transitional figure trying to tweak the system rather than clean it out. We shall see how that plays out.

  2. I agree that America has definitely fallen into a closed mindedness we won't believe anything that isn't *BREAKING NEWS OMG* on nighttime TV.

    I wanted to note that the searching for "resigns" and "resignation" brings up lots of documents of hirings, not just resignations. That helps account for such high numbers. But that definitely doesn't take away from the fact that there is clearly a MAJOR SHIFT going on. The Goldman Sachs resignation open letter reveals something big to me, that reminds me of what most of the channelings say; that duality is coming to a head. We can see lots of conflict going on between the good and the bad, the optimistic and the naysayers. Each side is getting louder and their messages more clearer. It appears that the shift may indeed be in overall consciousness.

    I can't wait to see how big the Occupy movement grows this year!

  3. All three of the above comments are clear minded and dead on.

    If you believed that all the dirt you had done would soon be revealed, the obvious thing to do is git the heck outta Dodge while
    the gittin's'd be stupid not to git.

    Most likely whatever treasure the rats deserting the sinking financial ships took with them, by now, is most surely well and truly hidden.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could access the 'spike' in transfer of US funds to off-shore accounts took place concurrently with with the mass exodus of financial sector big kahunas. Would there be any
    correlation? Hmmmmmm,

    Personal freedom and the right to privacy is all well and good, where there is smoke there is...a good, very good reason to demand audits from the 'usual suspects' banking and financial organizations.

  4. I'd like to think that these resignations are a result of their guilty consciences, and that they will/are also spreading their ill-gotten gains back to 99% that they screwed over (directly or indirectly).

  5. I too have searched this database using the description you refer to above, but if you open the links, the word 'resign' isn't a resignation of such, if may be that the company 'resigns' itself to the blah blah blah. Plus, if you serach the text when clicking the link, sometimes the word isn't even in the article. So, I'm a little skeptical at how you have managed to draw these conclusions. Can you enlighten me...

    1. It isn't my research. Whatever problems you have with it should be addressed to the author at the link at the top of this page.

      The author did a SQL search of the SEC EDGAR database containing thousands of documents. Validating every single instance would require many months. But feel free to do so! The more researchers and proofreaders the better as far as I am concerned! He did that search because he did not believe my list was a trend. Not only is the trend I see there, but its also a trend in all pubically traded companies in the USA. He is now a believer.

      I'm am busy enough with the 300+ on my list that I have examined, and even then I sometimes slip up.

  6. Hey guys! Sorry to say that, but the EDGAR database seems to have a bug. Try to repeat your research setting the number of results per page to 100. Actually there is no growth on the number of resignation. Like 1000 or a bit more per month.

    Don't know why this bug happens, and why give us a growth in the number of resignation during the last period of time, but, hard to say, is no more than a bug.

    I thank you American Kabuki for your work, but probably all this hype about the resignations, seems to me, without any scientific proof.

    Anyway, I'm convinced that something revolutionary is going to happen soon, and probably is far more than we can even imagine.

    So keep focus on a exciting future, and just prepare ourselves for that!

    1. Thank you, American Kabuki, for staying on top of this. I'm impressed and will check out the EDGAR db myself.


    2. @Guerriero

      I repeated what you said and also found the same thing. But something strange happens when you mess with the date range a little bit.

      For instance, if you search from 01/01 to 01/31, you only get 1300 results. You get the same amount of results for the entire month of February. But then, if you combine Jan and Feb, the results show 8000+ instead of 2600!

      What's going on here? Is it a mere bug or is there some sort of tampering going on here? The government surely knows that many people are talking about the EDGAR database, and if the initial research is true, then some sort of panic censorship wouldn't be surprising to see.

    3. Ok, after playing with the database some more at
      the only thing I can tell you is that it is extremely buggy. Different date ranges give out extremely differing results. Not sure if it was always this unreliable, or it is just now, but either way it cannot be used anymore for any reliable research regarding this topic.

  7. It is also worth noting that the keyword "resign" is not limited to human capital. It also covers corporations which resign a title or authority. As in "Foo bank resigns as owner trustee for the company". Additionally hits include modifications to corporate policies regarding resignations and attrition. We may be seeing growth in the numbers as companies revise policies pursuant to recent changes (health care, Dodd-Frank, etc) implemented as a (direct or indirect) result of the 2008 collapse.

    The data you found in indeed interesting. I would love to review a dataset which eliminates false positives to get a better view of actual human resignations.

  8. Nobody can hide from TRUTH revealing itself!

  9. Hi Mr. Kabuki,

    It's 5/22/12 and I wonder if you have an update on the resignations. Your link above takes me to an error message (

    The FB Group "Global Mass Resignations List" has stopped at 773 and it looks like they have stopped talking about it.

    Does this mean we are in the clear?

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Sorry it looks like the ATS link is now broken. Not much I can do about that.

      I've stopped counting the resignations I don't think they have stopped. Its a very time consuming process to count them all from google searches.

      Not sure what you mean by "All Clear"?


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