Sunday, March 11, 2012

The World Is Our Stage - Defy Gravity!


  1. Human expression knows no bounds! :-)

  2. Thanks for posting this clip among your other (seemingly unrelated) information and interests. It's all, of course connected. Here is a dancer who is moving in new ways - never seen before ways (of course others dance in this style - and I'm not saying that the moves are completely unique and novel to this individual dancer - analogs and comparisons can be found and made - that's not the point). The point is: learning from your own body, yoking the mind and body to create new types of articulation, searching for and finding new perspectives, challenging conventions, composing new body language, demonstrating beauty in motion - the artistic gestures of overcoming gravity in dance point to the overcoming of gravity in reality and practice across all fields. The ascension is happening! NOW!


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