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Bearden: How to Neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 minutes

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How to Neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 minutes 
It is possible to NEUTRALIZE radioactivity

It is a true tragedy that so much highly "advanced" technology is kept secret and hidden by the so-called Powers-That-Be, or otherwise suppressed by whatever means possible. This theme was touched upon in Susoni's recent post. See:

One hero who has worked against this suppression (for decades) is Col. Tom Bearden who has bravely laid out his entire life's work on his website His website has become a vast compendium of knowledge about the amazing new field of scalar electromagnetics and the direct engineering of spacetime itself.

Among the many wonders made possible by this spacetime engineering is the treatment of radioactive materials to make them non-radioactive. If only our mainstream (i.e. backward) scientists had understood and followed Bearden's lead they would by now have had the technology in place to deal with the horrendous leakage of radioactivity now taking place in Japan.

Bearden says just this very thing on the current front page of :

"If development funding for Energy from the Vacuum had been made available, this Japanese nuclear plant would never have been necessary."

This statement can be understood in at least two different ways. The first is that if the the "free" energy-from-the-vacuum systems had been developed instead of suppressed and kept secret then would be no need whatsoever for any kind of nuclear energy sites anywhere.

And there is a second lesser-known aspect: the same principles of scalar electromagnetics which make free-energy systems possilbe also make it (theoretically) possible to transmute radioactive materials into non-radioactive materials. Example: the tons of dangerous nuclear waste around the world could be rendered harmless.

A page at has a "provisional patent application" for methods of treating and altering matter using scalar (longitudinal EM) waves. This includes the treatment of radioactive waste and other radioactive materials.

Source: Tom Bearden - Method for altering Matter

The top of the page starts out like this:

Provisional Patent Application of
Thomas E. Bearden


Inventor: Name Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D.

Address correspondence to: Name: Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D.

Prepared by: Thomas E. Bearden and Marcia Peters
Filed by: Anthony J. Craddock

References Cited: [many references listed here...]

A related diagram shows how the two beams of a longitudinal wave interferometer are made to cross or intersect and how the radioactive material is placed in that interference zone to be altered by the interference of the scalar waves.

From the above mentioned document:
Fig. 18 illustrates an embodiment that may add or remove spatial energy from a distant target, and/or deterministically alter matter in the target zone, by means of interference of conditioned scalar potentials.
Scalar interferometer transmitter system 1600 is preferably comprised of transmitter systems such as 1520 or 1605, and a controller 1200. Antennas 1710 may be of a conventional type suitable for transmitting a selected carrier wave frequency such as a radar frequency. The output of each antenna is a carrier wave with selected spacetime curvature engines modulated upon it, as previously described.
In the Fig. 18 example, the target zone 1800 may be a storage area for dangerous or environmentally harmful substances such as hazardous chemicals, nuclear waste, pathogens, and so forth. By selecting suitable spacetime curvature engines and causing their carrier waves to interfere in an interference zone 320 within the storage area, the substances may be altered from a safe distance by converting them to materials that are not harmful.
It will be apparent to one skilled in the art that the Fig. 18 technique may be applied to a variety of materials, which may be located at remote distances from the site of interferometer transmitter 1600. It will also be apparent that the alterations may consist of the breaking of chemical bonds by heat; transmutation of an element to a different element or isotope thereof by flipping of quarks within the element's nucleons, causing protons to change into neutrons or vice versa; and so forth.
In another aspect, the apparatus of Fig. 18 may be used to hasten the decay of long-lived and dangerous radioactive isotopes.

Among another set of slides covering the topic of scalar weapons is the following image showing the use of spacetime engineering to neutralize nuclear waste.

Admittedly the details of all this are well-beyond the grasp of most of us but the important thing is simply to become convinced of the possibility of it. Even that much will require as much study as one can muster.

For example, in a slightly different version of the above slide we can pick up a further clue: that one way this all works is by dramatically speeding up the rate of radioactive decay in the targeted materials. We can remember that we are dealing with spacetime engineering, the key being time, operations in the time domain, as well as the dimensions of space.

Many other hints and clues can be found by using the search engine at Bearden's site.




  1. I love your work. I know this comment is not directly tied with this post, I thought you would find it interesting.

    Timewave Zero Update - 4/4/2012 (Big Changes To Begin After 4/11/2012)

    Timewave Zero - Novelty Theory - Terence McKenna (2-3)
    Around 5:00 mark.
    "Not only must the entire last 4,000 years of history be compressed into a 67 year period between 1945 to 2012.
    But, there is a 384 day period preceding December 22, 2012, when the last 67 years AND the last 4,300 years have to be compressed into that.
    Then there's a final 6 day period, when all of these things are compressed again."

    God Bless

  2. For Susoni's recent post.

    Your welcome.

    1. I see he's posted another:

      Is all about waves and energy in the end. Creation is a form of music.

  3. Although he is usually on top of things it is possible that Japanese resident Benjamin Fulford may not be aware of this type of nuclear neutralization technology so please forward him a copy of it.


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