Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 Towers Near Primm Nevada Are Solar

Kade writes:

wow - Solar Power tower

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  1. You can see this installation on Google Earth.
    Go to:

  2. An albatross project. Too bad this antiquated technology wasn't developed years ago. I can't believe that this is less expensive than a solar farm of thin-film amorphous solar panels that sit in a fixed position. Every mirror in this scheme needs a 2-axis tracking motor. It makes steam to power turbines, really old technology. It doesn't help the peak power demand after sundown. Solar energy is a dead end, the kind of "alternate energy" Big Oil has permitted to be developed, whereas real Free Energy, coming very soon from out Galactic family, will make this nonsense appear quite frivolous. More centralized power for companies to sell after they build more high-voltage power lines to carry it to the customer. Yawn.


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