Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Purse Overflowing

Who will you be?  This is the choice before you now.  Love or fear? 

Everything you do, everyone you run into, everything you eat and wear and say and think – it’s all a statement of who you are creating.  She’s who will walk through the last third of this year.  By choice; your choice. 

He is the manifestation of your thoughts.  It does not matter who said or did anything to you.  It matters how you loved.

Every Quest, every “other”, every moment, it has always come to this. How do you love?  Not the passion or romance, but the love.  What is your heart to give now? You cannot give what you don’t have.

What are you carrying in your heart? For this is what is felt by you.  From you, to you – the circle is much smaller than you have imagined.

For every uncomfortable, negative emotion that erupts is indeed you – it springs from you.  It may begin when you encounter anger or discomfort or fear yet this is absolute truth – you can only give from what is in your purse.

What is in yours?  This is the purse that you use for everyone and everything.  This is your abundance, your supply.  Are your coffers full of sadness? Self pity?  Anger? Loneliness? Fear?  Are instead you replenishing your purse with agape?

Once you truly understand the love circle, you’ve got it – going anywhere isn’t necessary for you’ve found the way home.  The path of your heart will take you always to greener pastures.  You are not barren and there is no “other” who can give you your supply.

Come to understand deeply the way of your love – for the path to ascension is there.  Many are calling for specific practices and places, methods and beliefs. Yet truly there are none.  The most isolated person, hearing nothing of ascension, but living each day from his strong heart will be in this vibration of love – right alongside one who activates everything according to the schedule. 

This is a time when your heart holds all of the answers. 

What is your heart telling you now?  Respond without reacting.  Love without expectation.  Give from a full heart and you will remain in a place of love.

Ascension is, simply put, a going up.  This implies we have been beneath where we are headed.  We have used numbers to indicate levels of awareness or “density”, yet they are merely markers – it all leads to Agape.

The One that we spring from has no need for self pity or any other form of self indulgence.  The One is pure Agape.  This is why free will exists.  Actions cannot mar the love that the One extends to itself.  There are no conditions that would cause the One to change its mind. 

The One is pure unconditional love.  This is the One that we are.  When we embrace this with our very souls, we will have ascended.

We are the One we are waiting for.

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