Monday, August 6, 2012

Before me now is an old fisherman with a minnow bucket followed by two dark haired women in sunglasses and visors, deeply engrossed in their conversation; all of them waiting for a brightly orange vested gentleman on a brilliant blue tractor pulling a grader.  This is humanity; diverse, individual and unique.  None of these folks know each other, yet all of them silently communicate and get their needs met on this path by the lake this morning.

Now a gaggle of geese move in front of me, with one amongst them lame.  He hobbles a bit, and at times uses his wings to propel him.  He gets much further this way, yet the effort exhausts him; he stops and rests often.  The rest of the group slows down, and one in particular sticks close by so as not to lose him completely on their breakfast stroll.

As we walk into these last weeks of summer, I am reminded with each passing day just how much closer we are to the final season in this pivotal year.  Time seems to be rushing us towards the answers to all of our questions.

What will happen?  Will we do what is necessary to ascend?  Will our off planet family ever show up? What will they look like?  What will we look like?  How will we supply ourselves when everything collapses?  Is it all going to be okay?

It is time for faith.  The answer to all of it is YES.  Not because we sat on the sidelines and waited.  The lame goose had to use his wings to catch up.  The others understood and patiently acquiesced.  This is life – created in this brilliant, intricate balance that demands collaboration, action, patience and love.  This is who we are.  We are love in physical form, light, expressed as a fragment of humanity. 

Without conscious thought, we move always towards more; more love, more light, more life.  The end result is a sure thing.  Our bodies are morphing with no verbal instruction.  They are begging us to move ahead and allow this full force of light to emanate.  Can you feel it?  Each day there seems a physical shift; something that no longer agrees with me or works the same. 

The goose gave up on his foot and used his wings.  It is up to us to do the same.  Let go of what doesn’t work, be it a kind of food, relationship, type of bank or form of government.  Trust.  We will go much further with wings then we will with lame feet.   

Life always continues its relentless push for more.  We cannot grasp this light that is before us while hanging fiercely on to what is present now.  Have faith.  Somewhere inside you know what to do.  You have to let go. 

We are brilliant beings of eternal light here with a definite plan.  Our plan will carry us ever forward, with our lights blazing.  This shift will happen because of us.  Our efforts, our love and our light insist on it.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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