Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FDIC and Fed issue "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking"
to adopt Basel III

Thanks to Les for this information:

FDIC and Fed issue "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" to adopt Basel III

Last week, the FDIC and the Fed issued a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" to adopt the Basel III capital requirements. If this new rule is adopted as proposed, gold would shift to a zero-risk weighting for purposes of calculating bank capital by the year 2015. Such a move would eventually place gold at the heart of global currency and payment systems -- seemingly a shift back towards a gold standard.

This action is a strong confirmation that gold's primary trend will likely continue.






  1. This is a potential bullish game changer of epic proportions for the value of gold, to at least double by January, 2013 when the Basil lll ruling goes into effect.


    Thank you for this coverage--mainstream media is quiet as usual.

  2. How can the Fed still be making any rulings...haven't we globally established they are the criminal cabal...are these organizations going to closed down and the criminals charged...or is t all just hockey?!

    Thoughts anyone, and I'm not really looking for channelled messages here, more likely proof that the REAL people are actually being taken out, the top level?


  3. when gold is money. They will take it. The USD will be burned. A new currency will be made and to sell it they need gold to back it. Your gold.

  4. The 99% VS the 1% - A battle to be fought and won with truth and unity!
    Now is the time to join forces with those you would not normally consider. This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media... finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
    WE need to come together with people we wouldn't normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.
    JOIN US, this is YOUR cause too (Click the “LIKE” button and spread the word: www.facebook.com/BankAndPoliticianFinancialCorruption


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