Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finding our Wings

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Their beaks buried in the damp lake grass, the gaggle of geese eat, oblivious.  All but one.  He stands removed, head up, ever vigilant, taking in everything.  Three quiet honks and the group stops grazing and moves on, crossing the sidewalk.  They move as One.  Only when all are safely across does this lone goose stretch his neck down to nibble the grass.  As he does, another head pops up to take his place; the Guardians. Nature offers her own definition of this term that seems to be cropping up lately.

Who are all the players in these End Times?  There are whistle blowers, walk – ins, Galactics, Celestials, starseeds, the Resistance and the Guardians.  Lots of labels, 7 billion people, one voice.

Names separate us and yet we seem to need them in this level of density; they help my brain to organize information.  If I have a sore toe, it matters what type of doctor I consult – a podiatrist or a psychiatrist.  Although both may help me, only one of them will know what to do with my toe. 

We are light workers, here to usher in the next era – the one that comes after these “end times”.  Why are we interested?  What propels us to share or meditate or march or speak? 

Somewhere deep within you’ve heard the call, and like the quiet honks here this morning, it has spurred movement.  It is time and you know it.

We are being asked to do what we planned, nothing more or less.  Each of us has a part and it’s all necessary for this group to move on.  I like the word “Guardian” because it implies protection for the benefit of the whole; wisdom.  This planet is destined for ascension and we are here now to see that she does just that.

I think it’s a mistake to view all these players as “others”.  These roles are not outside of us, they are us – Moms, sisters, Dads, uncles, starseeds, whistle blowers, guardians.  We’re all here, right on time.

The real wonder and amazing part of this show is us.  We are the magic, we hold the key.  There is no accident that we’ve found each other here, online.  It’s the closest humanity can get to non verbal, non local communication.  Have you had that experience where you read something and it goes right through you? That is instant recognition.  Pay attention to the writer.  This is someone you know.

As One we move across the sidewalk – some of us quietly honking, some of us distracted, some of us leading and the rest following.  From a distance we are a single moving entity.  Unity.  From a distance, you cannot distinguish the honkers from the followers.  The label doesn’t matter, what matters is the One.

I’m beginning to appreciate our Oneness.  It’s fascinating to listen to and contemplate each of our labels, yet that’s not truth, not really.  Truth is unity.  We are One.

You are absolutely perfect and in just the right place.  As you negotiate traffic and lunch, you’re moving us forward.  I bet if we let go of all doubt about the importance of our singular lives, we’d catapult ourselves ahead.  That lame goose I mentioned two days ago has now discovered his wings.  Today he flies ahead and waits patiently for the rest of the gang to catch up.  They are all now clipping along.  I had to really look to locate this straggler.  He got over himself and figured out what he was there for.  He came to fly.

So did you.  Your wings are already in place.  It is time to remember how they work.  You will, and we are all here to help make sure that you do.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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  1. Facebook, twitter, youtube social networks are helping us come together and making the world seem smaller.


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