Monday, August 6, 2012

Frequency Levels and Dimensional Organization
of The Universe

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I found this image on Facebook, and then found a larger version of it through the TIN EYE search engine.   This is from the Urantia Book, a kind of guide to our strange universe.   The Law of One Series implied that some of what is in the Urantia book is not completely accurate, but I thought this image is instructive of how vibration levels affect the organization of physical worlds and galaxies.  We would be  in the top image the right most band of existence.

Perhaps when we meet our star brothers and sisters will have a better understanding of how all this works.


  1. Morning AK,

    I have had this as my desktop background for nearly 2 years; I was, and am still, totally blown away by this wonderous illustration.

    The version you have here AK has had its aspect ratio altered as the res of 1600x1086 is different to the original of 1777x1206!

    The original can be found here:

    The artist is called Gary Tonge who worked for the Urantia Foundation in 2002, I believe this is what he was commissioned to do.

    There is also a animated version here: (it's in Russian)

    The Urantia Book:

    Downloads in multiple formats here:

    This map has helped my understanding immensely, I hope others find it as useful.

    Love & Light.

  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for posting this wonderful image. Urantia, the name of our planet, is located near the end of the outer arm in the Super Universe Orvonton imaged as the spiral system at 4 o'clock near the Central Universe. The bands of stellar matter are known as the Region of Outer Space Levels and are as of yet uninhabited by material beings.

    You can see the details of this graphic better at .

    As for the meanings and explanations, they are spelled out within the Urantia Book. Although published in 1955 most of all of the Revelation is holding true and quite prophetic.

    Only by reading the material can you discern its validity.


    1. The Urantia book is a channeling, and as such it comes through a 3D individual. All channelings can have inaccuracies in them. I'd give the same advice about the Bible or any "holy" text.

  3. AK,
    Actually the Urantia Book is not a channeling. Technically it was transmitted in a different way. Dr. William Sadler (M.D., Psychiatrist, respected colleague of Freud & Jung) was the foremost parapsychologist and expert debunker of so called "channeling" in the post WWI era. In fact as stated by Dr. Sadler, the transmittal of the Urantia Papers was "the one peculiar case I have not been able to solve". For more details see the eBook "A History of The Urantia Papers" .
    For those that have been drawn to read through the over 2000 pages the Urantia Book is indeed a Book about Everything with hundreds of Revelations. The Bible, and other "holy" texts are referred to from the perspective of the many Celestial authors.
    The papers were not verbally transmitted. They did appear fully formed over a period of decades. Those in charge of this Revelation were sworn to secrecy until the publishing of the complete Urantia Book in 1955.

  4. This reminds me of some of the crop circles I've been looking at recently.


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