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Future Automobile Engine: Noble Gas Plasma Engine

August 19, 2012
Dear American Kabuki,

I posted a comment on the three solar towers, but it never appeared. Follow the links to the site that explains the solar project where an almost identical comment appears, being quite negative about solar energy. It is IMHO a dead end. Real Free Energy will soon be here, and solar power will fade away.

Three years ago I sought funding over here for a solar panel manufacturing plant, but it needed $150m, wasn't successful.

Right now we have an investor very ready to fund about $35m for a plant to make transition plasma noble gas engines. These are ready to roll from a US developer.


Keep well, your site is one of the first I check every morning (we are 14 hours ahead of California time)
Cheers from Indonesia,

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 6:57 AM,  American Kabuki wrote:

Can you tell me more about the plasma noble gas engines? I agree on Solar. It was obsolete 30 years ago. But that's all people can wrap their heads around here in the USA these days. People are so brainwashed into thinking fossil fuels is all there is.

I thought I posted your comment. There was some that were repeats from people and I've posted the info I got on the solar plant. Sometimes I hit delete instead of publish too. Fat finger the keyboard now and then.

Z wrote:

The transition plasma noble gas engine uses a mixture of helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon that is injected into a sealed cylinder that has no intake or exhaust. These are inert gasses, as you probably know, but can be ionized readily. each cylinder has 4 spark plugs and a coil that is excited with RF energy to form a plasma. The plasma expands strongly and pushes the piston down. Before the lowest position the plasma is extinguished and it transitions back to the initial gas, developing a degree of negative pressure (vacuum) that helps bring the piston back to TDC (Top Dead Center). Two cylinders are in line operating a80 degrees out of phase. The cylinder capacity is about 1300 cc. It develops around 350 HP, possibly as much as 500. The gas remains in the cylinder and only needs to be recharged or replenished about once every six months. The production engine will have a small gas cylinder or canister around the size of a medium aerosol can that will sell for $10 or less, and this will recharge it several times. So it is indeed essentially free energy.

You can couple the output to an electric generator, 350 HP is equal to around 250 kW. There will be a six cylinder version, which is basically three of them in tandem, but the timing control electronics, which is actually quite complex even for the two-cylinder version, has to coordinate all six sets of coils and spark plugs. It may deliver as much as 1500 HP.

Here in Indonesia we see to immediate applications. First is a generator set (genset) that can make cheap electricity for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and especially for housing compounds or villages (kampung). We have 6000 islands with permanent settlements and many are dominated by fishing along the coast. Aside from Canada, Indonesia has one of the largest coastlines and all in tropical/equatorial waters. The second application that is needed is to replace Diesel engines on fishing boats. Many small-scale fishing enter[rises are continually hampered by the problems of paying for Diesel fuel, the tank size on the ship and often having to return to port to refuel with less fish caught than desired, making it a break-even trip or even a loss. Being able to replace the engines and fuel tanks with limitless energy source is ideal -- they can stay out longer and bring back more fish at low cost. Refrigeration can also be operated.

Of course, I have no idea how Disclosure of RT technology will impact this, how Ascension to a >3D existence will play out and whether enough people will choose to remain in 3D to make this viable. We'll have to roll with the hunches.If you listen to Tolec, he says that about 50% will choose to remain in 3D and will be moved to another planet. Others say ascension is for all. That "splitting" aspect is the most baffling one to try to second guess. That's why I say to take it as it comes.

This page has an interview with John Rohner who is bringing this technology out:

This page explains the theory and details of the motor operation:




  1. Great expectation with new idea,really it is very useful and applying in our modification process will best effective with economical point and technical view.Also it can be collected not so much costlier.So the plan will surely make new revolution in a car market.

  2. One problem with Earth based Solar Power is that it has to pass through the atmosphere. Consider that they are spraying aluminum micro-particulates via 'chemtrailing' and solar power just got a lot more useless. Aluminum has light scattering properties, which turns direct light into diffused light. In the realm of photovoltaics, this would drastically reduce efficiency. Solar is a great style to power space/orbital based applications, however that which is being powered would have to be relatively close to the star. It is fairly low maintenance, requiring few, if any moving parts. Even devices with no moving parts would have components that suffer decay from the static shock of electricity production.

    All of that aside, I am in complete agreement that Solar is outdated. There are better ways to produce clean, near infinite energy. This is the first I've heard of The Plasma Noble Gas Engine; color me intrigued. I love to hear about all the new devices and have been researching the field of 'Free Energy' since 1999.

  3. I checked out the links supplied above and found this more recent post on the same site:

    It seems the validity of this whole thing is at least somewhat in question.

  4. Great expectation, but the objections from are also valid:

  5. I went to the first link about Inteligentry, and there was a more recent post on Pure Energy Systems that you should read. This sounds like a viable system, but the CEO of Inteligentry, John Rohner is looking like a scammer!

  6. Even this technology will pale in comparison to what is coming...

    Not bad for a very short transition period though. I do wonder how this engine’s moving parts (based very much on internal combustion principals) will be lubricated.

    It is sad that someone like Mr. Rohner appears to be discrediting the validity of new, sustainable technologies through his shady actions.

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