Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Dad!

The day of my mothers 90th birthday party I got my camera out and photographed a water color painting of my father done by a famous cash starved Vatican artist during the Allied occupation of Italy.

It's a remarkable watercolor as its so life like and really captured my father at age 24. I snapped a few off and hoped they would capture enough of the details so that I could later process it in photoshop so and have a copy to hang on my wall.

I walked out the room and there was a loud racket. Mom thought Sam the cat had knocked something over. My dad's photo had fallen off the wall! What was really odd was one of the nails that holds the hanger was missing from the frame. I laughed and said "hello dad!" Seems he was letting us know he would be there in Spirit at this milestone family event!

I often wonder what becomes of the dis-incarnate at ascension? Do they get a light body? Or do they have to incarnate into one through the birth process? I don't know the answer and I have never seen that topic addressed.


  1. Enjoyed this post. Was just pondering the same question this morning. Sure seems like they would ascend along with everyone else, if they choose to. Does free will end with an incarnation? I choose to think it does not.

  2. If you check the archives at Matthews Messages, I believe he said at one time that they also ascend, but you might want to check for yourself.

  3. Beautiful painting of a lovely gentleman.

    My father was from Riardo, Italy.

    Where do all these people go?
    It doesn't make any sense to me.
    But I think we will soon find out
    so we can put our hearts at ease.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom. Mine mom will be turning 80 later this week. Nice that we still have our moms.

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