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Kauilapele: Galactic Soap Operas…
I Am Not Taking Part in Them…

This is pretty good, its much the way I feel.  I have had this certain detachment from drama since my NDE in 2009, I just find it hard to get into any dualistic human drama most of the time.  US against THEM flew out the window in 2009 when I found out (the hard way) we are all ONE!  

People often wish I'd weigh in more on somethings I post, but in many cause I don't know how this all comes together - I just know it will for the benefit of the planet.   I do speak against outrages against humanity as I understand them and encounter them.  I also try to balance that with positive news of changes in the world.

After you get over the idea that you can know it all, or even try to explain it all, you learn to get comfortable with AWE and MYSTERY in your journey through life.  We will never know it all when it comes to how the Creator Source works. How that intelligence can use both willing and unwilling actors to accomplish its will all the while preserving individual free will is an act of intelligence far beyond our understanding.  We are in the hands of a master potter, an artist of souls working with flaws and gifts to create a unique work of art in us all.   It always makes perfect sense in hindsight, for most events we encounter could never be any other way for our growth.  We learn from our successes and failures, its all in how we live during them.   -AK
Galactic Soap Operas… I Am Not Taking Part in Them…
Posted by Kauilapele

Posted on 2012/08/01
Part of the recent events around the globe have included a number of reports about Galactics appearing here, there, going to land here, there, on this date, that date.

“Well, they said August 4.” “Yes, but somebody said that those who said that were wrong.” “Who should we listen to?” “The Andromedans, or the Pleiadians, or the Arcturians, or the Agarthans, or the funny little green ones with big eyes, and no noses? Or maybe only the ones over 15 feet high?”

“Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

“Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?”

“Should I listen to Sierra? Or Steve? Or Tolec? Or Little Grandmother? SaLuSa? Galactic Federation? Or the Galactic Federation of Light? But somebody said the latter was kind of messed up.

“Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me!!!!!!”

Sorry, folks, that’s not my game. Don’t expect any answers from me about those things.

Bottom line… We are here to learn to follow our OWN Guidance. Not the “intellectual” kind (which is really no guidance at all). The Guidance that you “GET” within. Instantly. You KNOW what “Rings the Bell”. And when the Bell is rung, that’s the Guidance.

What I do for my own Self, is to let go of having to know anything, and especially, having to figure everything out. And just go out and BE the Essence, the Energy, of who I am.

That Energy, that Vibration, that Frequency, will immediately draw me to whatever is mine to do (or not), or to participate in (or not), to go on an Energetic mission (or not). It is a full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away. Nothing.

And it is Full on, Forward moving, Upward moving, definitive Guidance, one micro-moment at a time.

No thought, no questioning, no “intellectualizing”, no fear… AT ALL.

So when I go on a mission, or any of those things, and I am in that “full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away”, do I really NEED to know who is calling, or what? NO.

Sometimes I DO get who it is, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Hawaiians, the Lemurians, Pele, or other Spirit Guides. BUT I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO KNOW, OR TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT, for a mission to be completed. NEVER.

So this Galactic Soap Opera of, “Who’s Right? Who’s wrong?” That is not my opera. Do you think it’s theirs (the Galactics, that is)? These kinds of soap operas are just not part of my mind these days. (And I never have liked the taste of soap).

My question to anyone reading this message would be, “Do you know what your mission is?” If you have “got” what it is, then perhaps it’s time to follow that. If not, perhaps it’s time to ask the Universe, “Well, what is it? I want to know.” Maybe you’re already “doing” it, or “being” in it, and just haven’t recognized it yet. In any event…

You will get your answer. As I have got mine… one momentito, one micro-moment at a time.


  1. YES, YES, YES and YES AGAIN!!

  2. AK,

    People respect you because of the articles you choose to post. Naturally we'd like to hear your thoughts and opininons. But...if you do share then your comments will become a target rather than the content of a given articl--such is the nature of the blogosphere. I for one support your quietude and would much rather you spend your time finding and posting these articles than defending your views. Thank you so much for your time, energy and attention to this "cause"
    Dennis Patterson--Deer Park, WA

    1. AK, your thoughts and reflections are as welcome as rain in a desert despite what others may imply.

      Everyone's thoughts are valid, and should be respected. It matters not who becomes a target, or if people become over-zeolous in their response to comments (although I for one have not noticed that anyone has been "targeting" AK for what he has been saying, rather it seems to me that there's a whole lot of love and respect out there for American Kabuki, which is good).

      Denis, if I may call you by your first name? You should be English, since you have mastered the ability to use calm words, almost diplomatic in their nature, to hide what might be interpreted as an insult. As an Englishman I'm impressed, slightly.

      Actually this national characteristic has never been one I am particularly proud of, so make of that what you will! However, do not worry about AK having to spend valuable time defending his comments, all endeavours that are based in the search for truth, and are mindful of the variable nature of that most rare commodity, are valid and progressive. There can be no "time wasted" on such pursuits, because all reflections and opinions are like bricks in the foundations of a house.

      AK, as you know, most of us who read your blog, are just as interested in your views as in the articles you source and present. We may not always agree wholeheartedly with your comments, but such is the nature of all good discussion. Keep doing what you feel is right, I have faith in your capacity to defend your views if you ever feel the need to do so, which I suspect you probably don't because you write from the heart, with your mind open, yet not so open your brain falls out, and this is a measure of wisdom.

      With great respect and sending love and light

      Ian Luckett - West Midlands UK

  3. Timely and lovely...the only thing stopping us is us..<3 to you all..Release-Chace


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