Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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My dreams changed last weekend.  I was away from home, and they took me even further.  I was not in a place I’ve ever imagined or with anyone I’ve consciously known this lifetime.  I believe I had a glimpse of what life can be like when we are outside the constraints of this dimension. I loosed the bonds of the systems in place and saw a world with different priorities.  It was beautiful and very different.

I was part of a group that went by the moniker L.O.H.  I do not remember what it stood for, only those three initials. We were in New York City.  I understood that crime still existed and we were there for the victims.  There were hundreds of us.  We wore clothing unlike any I’ve ever seen; it was iridescent.  We were strong, vital and committed.

My best friend tells me that maybe L.O.H. stood for “Love Over Head”.  Here’s why.

We went into the apartment where a murder had just occurred.  There was no one there but the body – no police, no yellow tape, no news reporters or eyewitnesses.  Our job was to grant dignity and love to the victim and to care for the body.  It was a different New York – yet not everyone was “on board” and some violent physical dramas still played out.

We were the transitory team – loving the soul who had volunteered to experience this crime as a victim.  I see a long line of us, physically and energetically loving this body.  We lift him up and pass him carefully overhead; carrying the body from this dimension to the next.  

This is someone to be honored and gently moved to his next destination, and we are here to do just that.  Each of us handles him, loves him and thanks him.  We create a path of love he travels on over our heads, cushioned in our light.  We sort of glow and are all beaming with joy.  It is a privilege to do this work.

I understand our next soul is a rape victim and we move on to another apartment.

We do not stop crime, we honor souls.  I have no sense of when this is.  I do have a sense of living in a way I could not imagine with my 3D brain.

There are no police or jails or front page crime stories.  We just went where love was needed and we knew where that was.  It was, I imagine, what it would be like to live truly as One.  We all felt the crime, we didn’t need to read about it or punish it.

I had an understanding that many of us lived this way, and this work was deeply important.  We were close to living as love, but were not yet there completely; some crime existed.  The crimes were not the point, the love was.

I knew in the dream that another group loved the perpetrators of the crimes, but I did not see that.

What I saw was beautiful and the image of hundreds of smiling, shining humans lovingly passing a body from one to the other will remain with me forever.  We are so much more than we see here now.  We are extraordinary beings of incredible power.  We are headed for amazing; a place beyond our wildest imaginings.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


  1. L.O.H. sounds a lot like Elohim. From what I understand, the Elohim are a group of spirits both on earth and above who are all about love. A gentle loving presence that was needed and brought to earth. I heard this from a workshop given by Wynn Free, who co-wrote the book 'The return of Edgar Cayse' about David Wilcock. He mentioned that the Mormon church begun by Joseph Smith was intended to give a pathway for many loving Elohim to enter bodies on earth where they would have a more nurturing experience with less trauma (don't know what happened to Mitt Romney). There was also a 'RA' group, who were more about action. I was raised a Mormon and did find it a gentle upbringing, though I now relate more to the Elohim group. (I'd post with an ID but don't have many choices there). I love your blog - it is one of three sites I check regularly. AnneD

    1. I hadn't heard that about the Mormons.

      I have heard of someone channeling Eloheim today, her name is Veronica Torres. I haven't read any of her books, yet she has many of them on Amazon. They are from "Eloheim and the Council". I know someone who is a close associate of hers. Maybe now I'll check it out! She is in Sonoma, CA.

      This dream is one I cannot get out of my head. It was so beautiful...there was only love. I was there. It was, I imagine, one of those "other timelines" we keep hearing about. I can't wait to dream there again!

  2. I must be one of those who love the perpetrators. It all kicked off a couple of years ago when I felt 'called' to offer up prayers for those committing the most heinous of crimes. As you wrote: "The crimes were not the point, the love was."

    I have since been loosely associated with the 3D justice system - for no reason that can be demonstrated from my former life. Indeed I often wonder if I became insane, without knowing it! Amazing to find indirect affirmation here for the first time.

    My dreams are mostly as a student in different settings; recently I was a school parent, then a teacher.


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