Thursday, August 9, 2012

Updated: 8/10/12 NASA Confirms ->The Cold Fusion: The holy grail of energy production is a reality
Translated from German by Google Translate:

The Cold Fusion: The holy grail of energy production is a reality

The Italian physicist Andrea Rossi put the middle of last year, a device from the public, with the help of cold fusion steam generated and should come under the name E-Cat on the market. The environmentally friendly method is based on the conversion of hydrogen to nickel and copper. The resulting heat is used to evaporate water and to drive a turbine which then generates electricity. Many media had ridiculed the physicist recently still, when he presented his invention. Now, NASA has made its views public, and confirmed that the procedure works by Rossi. Since its publication, the efficiency can be further optimized. A previously unknown buyer Rossi meanwhile also found. Rossi currently has patent protection in Italy, but still no international patent. Such an innovation could solve our energy problems in the long term but also the energy and oil companies be a thorn in the eye.

Updated 8/10/12 Here's the NASA video on this technology.  Thanks to Thomas for finding this!


  1. And I thought it was the Italians who built an airplane engine that rotated the pistons around the crank shaft. Go Andrea! Stick a stick in the Rothchild/Rockafellers eye twice.

  2. you may add the Keshe foundation to the list of the (even more) promising inventors.

  3. This is big, though we do not realize it yet.

    It's not about Rossi anymore, read also comments, some are better than the article itself.


    "Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than chemical..." --Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center.


  5. I found this fascinating, and checked into it further. As far as I can tell, the claims about NASA confirming this are simply not true. There was a NASA employee who said it warranted further investigation, but he never confirmed it actually worked. You can view his statement here:

  6. Howdy, is anyone else experiencing a "blackout" of sensitive video on youtube, David Eick, AK, etc. or is it me?

  7. thanks for sharing.


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