Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not All Of You Will Awaken In The Same Moment

08/19/2012 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening is at hand.  Of course you keep hearing that, because it is a fact.  Within the illusion however, time often seems to drag slowly and relentlessly onwards without an identifiable destination or purpose, as pain and suffering continue to plague your lives.  Time is illusory, and in your perception it generally slows down when you want it to pass more quickly, and it passes more quickly when you want it to slow down.  That in itself should demonstrate very clearly to you that it can only be illusory.

Reality is constant, without inconsistency or imprecision of any kind.  It is perfect, clear, transparent, and authentic, just as God created It.  Reality has no need of time, and within It there is only the eternal now, the permanent moment in which God and His creation exist eternally.  While you remain apparently enslaved within your illusory time-determined reality, that is an idea that is totally inconceivable to you: everything must have a beginning and an end; any concept other than that seems utterly insane.

Since the Big Bang, or whatever other beginning you choose to believe in, it seems that everything has been moving away from that point towards a final disintegration, because nothing lasts forever.  And yet, modern physics has shown that all that does exist in your illusory reality is composed of energy which is indestructible.  This presents you with quite an enigma.  Nothing lasts for ever and yet nothing can be destroyed.

Each one of you is pure energy and therefore indestructible.  Your bodies age, decay, and disintegrate.  Then you lay them down, but you return to the spiritual realms.  The vast majority of you have had many, many lives during which you have been continuously evolving, sometimes very slowly, while at other times it may well seem that what had unfolded and been learnt in one life was lost in a later one.  However, every life you have led has been a learning experience, and although the knowledge learnt can remain hidden for long periods, nothing you have learnt is ever lost.

Over the last seven or eight decades, humanity’s spiritual evolution has been accelerating very rapidly, bringing you forward to this point, where it appears to many that all that remains is for the military-industrial-corporate-insanity conglomerate to complete its destruction of all that enables life to exist on the planet as it continues to expand without let or hindrance.

However, it is also the point where you are about to awaken into the realization that you are all one with each other and with the divine Source of all consciousness – awareness, aliveness, sentience, intelligence – and into the wondrous state of euphoria that that realization will deliver.

Thus it is very difficult for you not to be hugely distracted by the extreme contrast between the enormous and apparently insoluble problems facing humanity and the world, which are being constantly discussed on the mainstream media, and what you know is about to happen.

Nevertheless, you are the Light-bearers — the ones who chose to come and assist humanity in its awakening process.  And because of the task that you have taken on you have infinite help and assistance from all in the spiritual realms to ensure the success of this divine plan.

You really do know, deep within yourselves, that this is your task and that your success in bringing humanity to wakefulness is divinely guaranteed.  The divine Will is for you all to awaken, and therefore no other outcome is even remotely possible.  However, not all of you will awaken in the same moment.  This is not a contradiction!  The field of divine Love enveloping humanity is going to bring about sweeping changes in the way in which you relate to one another – very suddenly.  For those who have chosen to awaken, this will be the moment for which you have been waiting so patiently and with such excited anticipation.

For those who, for the time being, have chosen to continue in the illusory reality to which you have all become so acculturated, the world will change just as suddenly because the corruption, dishonesty, betrayal, and conflicts between self-serving individuals, groups, and organizations (political, corporate, industrial, religious, etc.) will cease instantly.  This new environment will be one in which all karma, judgment, negative destiny, expected restitution, or just deserts will have been dissolved.

A peaceful world will be born in which cooperation and new technologies will be combined to resolve all the problems that have previously divided man against himself.  All will live abundantly and happily in creatively stimulating and inspiring environments of intense beauty as they continue their onward journeys towards awakening.  However, these changes will not be apparent to those ones who choose a slower path!  It will just seem that this new system of honesty and transparency has always been the way in which relationships have been conducted.

On the other hand, for those who awaken instantly, the contrast will be startling, inspiring, and uplifting.  It will be what they have always yearned for.  They will have the option of continuing to experience the illusion – a truly enjoyable and enticing dream world – or continuing with their ascension process to new and inspiring dimensions far beyond anything you can possibly imagine in your present state.  Whatever your stage of evolution, the fast-approaching future is going to bring you joy and happiness of an unparalleled nature.

With so very much love, Saul.


  1. Cool! Great message. Excitedly looking forward to the coming, sweeping changes.

  2. As always, the encouragement to continue the art of ascension is appreciated. We do need to keep in mind however that as long as we are inhabiting these biological bodies we need to take care of them. Our spirit is linked, in this existence, to our mind and physical bodies. Unfortunately this means we still have to go to work to feed and protect our bodies from the elements. This takes an extraordinary amount of time and attention for those of us in the working class. May I suggest a realistic solution is to incorporate in our daily routines a sliver of time used to re-center our spirits. This helps everything function more productively.
    Dennis Patterson--Deer Park, WA

  3. lmao. THIS was the post I was waiting on, where they cover their tracks when this Ascension doesn't happen. That and the whole "two timelines" thing. It's a nice way to smooth over "we're full of shit" I was optimistic as everyone else about 3 months ago but I'm sick of the run around. You guys want to return to your divine state? Connect with the source better and understand your purpose? Either work on astral projection and connecting with the source if you're determined and want to persevere or do DMT. Then if you want things to change, then change it yourself.
    We have social networking but a broken network. Nobody actually pickets congress, they just bitch about it all the time. We want the central banks to end their reign but don't make a move over it. We sit and mope while they pass more and more laws. Nobody really demands anything from congress. We send letters and try to sweet talk them into working for us so they don't. They feel no real threat. They don't have any fear. Why should they? They make the rules right?

    You want change, then you better be willing to do what the founding fathers did and kill for it. And its really that simple. This nonviolence shit is complacency and we are all guilty of it. It would be great if the world operated the way these blowhards lay it out, but right now it doesn't work that way and it won't till people who see it like we do make it that way and for the time being that means you HAVE to fight fire with fire and conform with the paradigm just a little longer, or you're gonna see an economic disaster like no ones business and when the world economy tanks and you're sitting here waiting on relief, these messages will stay the same.

    "The cabal refuse to let go of power and funds aren't released blah blah blah we're assholes and you're gullible."


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