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Obituary: Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, AKA??? The Real James Bond

Benjamin Fulford – Extra Update

Obiturary : Dr. Michael Van De Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, AKA??? The Real James Bond 

August 22, 2012

The fictional character James Bond does not hold a candle to the real McCoy, the man I knew as Dr. Michael Van de Meer. In one of his rare moments of immodesty, Dr. Van de Meer once told me that “what James Bond does is rather tame compared to what I have done.” This man was unique and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

When I first met him in person, he showed me an attaché case containing an Uzi and 7 passports, all real and all with his photo on them. The attaché case had a bullet proof lining. While I was visiting him in the Philippines somebody tried to kill him by dumping large amounts of insecticide into the ventilating system of his hotel room. This was apparently not an unusual sort of occurrence for him. In any case, I was privileged to get, through him, a glimpse at the reality of top of world espionage and intrigue. To him CIA stood for Christ In Action.

Dr. Van de Meer used to go by the name Dr. Michael Meiring until he had both his legs blown off by a bomb he said was set by people working for his arch-enemy George Bush Senior, the head of the Nazi Odessa group.

Although Dr. Van de Meer was very reluctant to discuss his past, every once in a while he would release little nuggets of information about his extraordinary life. He said he grew up in a castle near the ancestral home of Sir Francis Drake. He also once let slip that he was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth and Evelyn de Rothschild, who he described as “not very nice people.”

His father, he claims, was a senior official in the British Raj, who worked with Mohandas Gandhi. My own research has led me to believe he at one point held the hereditary title of Lord Mountbatten, something he always denied.

What I learned through him is that when the British overlords left India, they took with them all the historical gold and treasure they could get their hands on. This gold was then allocated to a fund meant to be used for the benefit of the planet earth and its people. Many other nations and groups also allocated their historical treasures to this fund.

When a group of Nazis and fascists murdered President John F. Kennedy and started illegally using this money to finance their project for a fascist “New World Order,” Dr. Van de Meer set out to stop them.

The early James Bond movies are based in part of Van de Meer’s battle against them. The cat-petting villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who featured in the original James Bond films written by Ian Fleming, was based on Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, according to MI5 sources. Canaris was not executed during World War 2 for trying to assassinate Hitler and in fact became head of the Nazi Odessa underground after World War 2. It was Van de Meer and his team’s battles against Canaris and his group that formed the basis of the original James Bond novels. Van de Meer himself appears briefly as a young British businessman in the movie Thunderball. Canaris was eventually defeated by Van de Meer only to be replaced by George Bush Senior as the head of Odessa.

Of course Dr. Van de Meer admits he was no angel and he had one huge regret in his life. When he was a young medical doctor in the 1950’s he was sent to Africa to work with Dr. Jonas Salk, a man known to us as the developer of the Polio vaccine. According to Dr. Van de Meer, who then went by the name of Dr. Michael Meiring, Salk and his team killed over 200,000 African green monkeys and sent their blood to the US (Nazi) biological weapons facility at Ft. Detrick.

He found out the blood was being used to develop a disease aimed at depopulating Africa. It is now known as HIV or AIDS.

From that point on his career is something of a mystery. He once told me though of a narrow escape in the Congo where he was forced to confront mass murdering gun-men after crossing a Congo river filled with “hundreds of thousands of bloated dead bodies.”

After his time in Africa, Van de Meer spent 20 years in Asia, mostly the Philippines, researching the mystery of the missing “Yamashita gold” that imperial Japan stashed there during World War 2. He was one of the primary sources for the book “Gold Warriors,” written by Sterling Seagrave.

What Van de Meer learned was that much of the world’s historical gold was being plundered by Nazis. He set out to stop them and that was when Canaris disciple Bush bombed him.

Here is testimony of that event by a good friend of Dr. Michael’s:

The Dr. Michael I met was a neatly-dressed, well-groomed, gentleman, who moved with the power of a body-builder, the grace of a dancer, and the confidence of a man accustomed to command.  Strikingly handsome, with sky-blue eyes that held one’s attention, he spoke with a high British accent.

Dr. Michael was a man on mission.  Once, he opened the Bible that was always near his bed, turning to a passage where God said he would reveal all the hidden wealth in the world, and restore it to the people.  Dr. Michael told me that God had commissioned him to fulfill that promise, to relieve poverty, to renew the land, and to restore Creation to its intended state. In nearly every conversation with me, Dr. Michael found an opportunity to affirm his commitment to returning to the poor and oppressed that which had been taken from them.  He was passionate about building a world network of teaching hospitals and vocational education centers, and engaged in an unrelenting search for the necessary resources. At age sixty-four he would bound up four stories of stairway to his room, with no accelerated breathing.

After breakfast one fateful day, we parted ways.  Dr. Michael, formally attired in a 3-piece suit, went to a meeting, while I took care of business related to the rural youth center I was building.  We agreed to meet again an hour later, to discuss a rural development proposal that had been handed to Dr. Michael.

Less than an hour later, I was stepping out of my room when I heard the explosion. I ran down the hall, turning two corners, and arriving at Dr. Michael’s room within seconds.  Heavy black smoke and extreme heat were pouring out of his door.  Two streams of blood led me away from his door and down the stairway.  Several flights down I saw two men dragging the corners of a bed sheet in which the body was wrapped. On the street a red pickup truck was waiting, into which the body was dumped.  As the body fell out of the sheet, the Dr. Michael I saw looked absolutely like a well-burned road kill, with limbs twisted at impossible angles.  The pickup truck sped off through the heavy traffic, and out of sight.

A few hours later, after initial surgery, the attending plastic surgeon met me in the hall at Doctor’s Hospital, Davao’s finest.  The surgeon informed me that the patient had sustained third-degree burns, much of it full-thickness, over forty-eight percent of his body, had severe burns of his mouth and throat, had inhaled and ingested flame-retarding chemicals,  had lost the lower portion of both legs,  and would probably lose his left arm.  The damage was far beyond the threshold for human survival.  That the patient still lived was miraculous, he said, but the attending physicians had no expectation that he would survive much longer.

When Dr. Michael was returned to his room, he was wrapped in gauze from top to bottom, with only a space for pulmonary and stomach tubes, and just his right ear, arm and hand free (Think “The Invisible Man”!).  He immediately signaled with his free hand that he wished to write.  I put a pen in his hand and held a legal pad on which he scribbled, “Better to be a live dog than a dead lion!”  Over those difficult days, by writing humor and showing a personal interest in each person attending him, he kept everyone in his environment in a positive attitude. Dr. Michael wrote instructions to his attending physicians, many quite unconventional, but all exhibiting a deep knowledge of trauma medicine. He did not lose consciousness, always refused anesthesia, and never appeared to sleep.  He insisted upon inserting his own breathing and feeding tubes, and dictated his own healing diet.  On the third day, one doctor told me, “We don’t know who he is, but we are learning much from this man.” Although he credited me with saving his life, ultimately it was Dr. Michael himself who was responsible for his survival.

My own connection to Dr. Michael began a few years ago after I survived my own murder attempts by the same group of Nazis. He contacted me through Kerry Cassidy after I appeared on an interview on Project Camelot. He saved my life by telling me that Madame Wu was bad mouthing me to the Triads because she was being blackmailed by George Bush Senior about a slush fund she had illegally accumulated overseas. I later heard that Madame Wu was tortured to death after the Chinese found out about her treason.

In any case, Dr. Van de Meer provided me with an education in the secret world at the very top of the financial system. He also pointed me and Neil Keenan towards the Green Hilton Memorial accord as being the reason for the Kennedy assassination and the historical root of the financial crisis we now face.

The members of Asian secret societies who knew him said that despite his tendency to look down on them, they knew he was, in his heart of hearts, a good man who they wanted to work with.

That is why they approached me and asked me to send $750 billion dollars’ worth of gold backed Kennedy bonds to him. I asked for his snail mail address in order to send him the bonds. It was shortly after he sent me his address that he suddenly died “in his sleep” despite being in robust health and full of plans for the future.

His family refuses to talk about his death and no official autopsy has been made public. We are certain he was murdered and know who was responsible. Rest assured Dr. Michael will not have died in vain. He will be avenged and his dreams of “ending poverty and turning the deserts green” will be realized.

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This was posted on 8/22/12 by Rayelan at Rumor Mill News, all I can say is when it comes to wealth in the collateral accounts for planet earth there's undoubtedly thousands of competing agendas at work.  Sorting through what is real is only something all of us can do collectively. All of us are smarter than just one of us. For that very reason they invented compartmentalization to keep us from making the connections between data that we could know everything. But that is changing fast.  -AK

E-mail from Rayelan: "Gunther was furious with the James Bond films because they reversed the truth ..."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 22-Aug-2012 14:14:30

In Response To: Ben Fulford: "Obituary: Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, AKA??? the real James Bond" (hobie)
Hi, Folks -

E-mail received from Rayelan (who's in meetings just now):


Fulford et al, knowingly or unknowingly, are running a disinformation campaign. They are telling just enough of the story to make people believe them. But there are always two sides to everything.


Fulford is right about Canaris being the model for the evil cat loving villain in James Bond - He was. But MI6 operative Ian Fleming never taught us who James Bond was, and that HE was working for the City of London - the REAL world Villains - aka the new world order - aka the corporatists who want to kill 7/8s of the world's people.

When you know a little more of the story, everything changes and black becomes white and the white hats suddenly are wearing black hats.

Gunther was furious with the James Bond films because they reversed the truth and made the good guys evil and the evil world masters the good guys.

On another "James Bond" piece of info:

When I married Gunther, he had 7 passports in his briefcase, each one had a photo of him and a different name. The photos looked different. Some were young, some looked in their 80s. Some had hair, others were bald. And one, Robert Andrew Walker, looked just LIKE James Bond - (Sean Connery)

Gunther also had the bank account summaries for the CIA accounts he was in charge of. When I looked at the amount of money each account held, I had to physically write in commas so I could distinguish hundreds of millions from hundreds of billions and in one case TRILLIONS!! And this was in 1989. Can you imagine how much more money these accounts have now?

As for this man that no one had ever really heard of, until he died, being the real model for James Bond, I can quote a dozen operatives I have known who have said the same thing about themselves or about friends of theirs. And yes, I know MI6 operatives who are working for the good side! In fact, most CIA and MI6 wake up and realize that they have been used. Once they realize this, they have to figure out how to get out alive. This innate desire to do good is what made most of these men and women join MI6 and the CIA. When they wake up and realize they are working for the bad guys, they either get out, or stay in and throw log jams in the way of the rush to a One World Totalitarian Dictatorship.

I could comment on a few other things, but sadly, it would put certain good people in danger, so I will keep quiet. As always - remember this: Loose lips sink ships -- and this ship has been floating for almost 2000 years now, I do not want to be known as the loose lips that sunk it. The good guys are winning, don't give up hope now. And as for the bad guys - their day is coming and coming fast. I still don't know if Fulford is one of the bad guys, or he is simply getting his information from the bad guys. Whatever is the case, Fulford needs to decide what master he serves. Does he serve the New World Order, or does he serve freedom and quality of life for all humans on earth?

The corporatists make fortunes on wars and death. This way of life was never meant to exist on earth and it is coming to an end in our lifetimes. New and great wonders are awaiting Mother Earth and the humans who live upon her surface.




  1. I want to thank AK for this story from Benjamin. I think it was Alex Jones who noted that what the alternative movement lacked was strong imagery. It is amazing to know that the real 007, one of the greatest characters ever, was one of us.

    We must have our own heros and promote the positive images of what brave and honest people do. Well-hewn, Patriot Archetypes can help represent this crucial cause to the those yet enthralled by captive media and next generations.

    All great tales are based on true stories and to learn of the dedication and sacrifice of Dr. Michael is inspirational indeed.

  2. I knew Dr Van de Meer as well. He will be missed. A truly unique man-for the common good of all men...

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