Friday, August 3, 2012

SaLuSa, August 3, 2012

SaLuSa, August 3, 2012
As Channeled by Mike Quinsey

There are as usual mixed messages going around, but they are of a far more positive nature and it is in those you that you should place your confidence and your energy. The problem that still exists is that some people still resurrect the old prophesies, not realizing that times have moved on. Had you not lifted up your vibrations, they may well have still been valid. It is not to say that all old ones are invalid but you should look for your information from current day prophesies. Even so you need to be aware of disinformation, and if any message does not radiate Love and Light then it should set aside. The same could be said of those messages that concentrate on possible catastrophes, without balancing them with a positive outcome.

So be on your guard and also remember that regardless of what changes to the Law are proposed, very few will ever see the light of day. It is for example like the present arguments over the gun law, as even if the anti-gun lobby get their way they will never achieve their goal. It will not be long before governmental changes take place, and new Laws and amendments to the Constitution will be rescinded. That will eventually apply world wide as with each step your freedom will be returned to you. It will not fully happen until after Ascension, but at least any draconian or unjust Laws will have been removed. Responsible people certainly do not need great restraints upon them, and we shall make sure you are made free of them as soon as possible.

There is some consolation as a result of the delays you have been experiencing, as the more people that are confronted by the actions of the dark Ones, the greater is their understanding of what they are doing. It galvanizes them into action and helps maintain a balance so that matters do not get out of hand. As a result the mass consciousness has risen in leaps and bounds and has ensured that the dark Ones are doomed to failure. Indeed, they are at their wits end and no longer have the power to achieve their plan for world control. We wish that they would go quietly, but there are still pockets of resistance that would do anything rather than concede defeat. However, it is what they will eventually have to accept as their time is up.

Meanwhile we eagerly await the possibility that a Leader somewhere will see the way clear to announce Disclosure. It is likely that if it does come about that a country like China will be the first to do so. Regretfully countries in the West are still largely under the powerful influence of the Illuminati. They are scared of the repercussions if the go ahead, and fear is a strong factor where such decisions are concerned. We simply require our presence to be officially acknowledged at a top level, so that the world is aware of it. Of course millions of people are already know of us, and have seen our craft, and bear in mind it is well over 60 years since we first set out to make ourselves known to you.

We know you tire of the continual waiting, and we applaud your understanding and patience. You can be consoled by knowing that we are a hair breadths away from fully coming out into the open, and of course taking the opportunity to meet you. We have an initial celebration planned and still intend to flyover your main cities so that more people can see our craft. We may also invite your own Space Fleet to join us, and that way you will have one of the last great secrets revealed. It will of course be a demonstration of peace and in no way connected with any military connection. War and all things connected with it will be removed or disabled, as there is no place for them in the future.

Now more than ever we need you to concentrate on Ascension, with your highest perception of what you believe it to be. As the last few months pass by we do not wish you to lose your focus, because as more of you come together in unity you are strengthening the power of the Light. There is clearly no prospect or indeed any reason why you should, but we want to see the Light finish this cycle as the formidable power that it is. It will sweep away the last remnants of the old energies that have held the old paradigm in place. It is no longer suitable for the New Age that is taking shape, and the new one is going to rapidly take its place.

You have already given power to your visualizations where free energy is concerned, and its introduction will present no problems. You are ready for new technologies and they will immediately overcome many problems you are presently experiencing. The beauty of using free energy is that it never runs out, and you can use as much as you want. There are clearly exciting times approaching and that is where we want your focus, and leave the clearing up to those who are appointed to do it. Believe us, the changes will come thick and fast once we can get started. Everything is prepared now, and in spite of what you may see as enormous distribution problems, that presents absolutely no difficulty to us.

Do not forget that you have your personal cleansing to do, and as the higher energies lift you up they will reveal long held emotions and problems that have been left uncleared. Often they relate to unresolved differences where the people involved will not concede their position, when forgiveness would solve such issues. That Dear Ones is the key to moving on, and it is only the ego that is likely to hold you back. You have got too used to exerting yourselves over others, and you find all kinds of reasons to do so. You sometimes pick on those who are weak, mentally retarded or disabled, and must see them for what they really are. They are souls exactly like you who have chosen tough incarnations for their evolution, and should be treated with equal respect.

Sometimes souls take on problematic lives so as to inspire others to lift up. They give you the chance to show how far you have evolved, and both of you can advance as a result. Take whatever opportunities come up and prove what it means to one who aspires to live their life with unconditional love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask that you keep the Olympic spirit going, and it will create a new level of unity around the world that will be lasting.

Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey.


  1. I don't get the whole Olympic spirit thing? It's just the cabal showing off their slaves in strange rituals. How about we get, say a festival spirit going, where there's no competition, only unity.

  2. I'm not sure that I understand his 2nd paragraph. I grew up with a very gun-oriented, rabidly pro-NRA father... I just don't like the violence and danger that guns generate. I won't have one in my house. So I would consider myself to be a part of the "anti-gun lobby" that would like for guns to be much less available as an answer to people willing to use it as one. I don't consider that as a draconian or unjust, but just common sense. Is he really for more access to guns? Why would we even need guns... especially after an ascension?

    1. His point is that responsible people don't need draconian laws.

      Or as a Home Builder I once worked for said of building codes "They only protect those who want to build crappy homes, an honest man does not need laws".

  3. Thank You SaLuSa for your messages of hope. However there is one thing that puzzles me and that is why do we need to wait for our Governments to disclose and admit that these UFO's exist when we already know they do.

    Thousands of people all over the world have already seen the UFO's flying in the skies and we certainly don't need the leaders of the world to tell us something we already know.

    1. If completely agree with you on this note... I wish our galactic families would stop waiting on our "leaders" (who really don't know what is best for us anyway) to come on down here and say hello!! :) At least down here to my house anyway!

      On another note, thank you very much AK, and all of the lightworkers that have been posted on your site ... I visit your blog everyday, although this is the first time I have commented on anything. I actually learned of the energy/emotional clearing for veterans here and Shanie has been very helpful for me, I would have never known about it if it was not for you brother! Zack-Tampa

    2. I'm on board with this concept, also! I rank government and leaders right up/down there with group religion, group money, group education, and just group think in general. No doubt that some semblance of these will be required for a period of time to accommodate people who haven't evolved to the point of being able to let go of all of it just yet. I myself can't quite get my head around getting things done without money changing hands, or some form of trade, at least in the interim. Although I look forward to learning how it will be done, and am eager to contribute.

  4. Curious as to why someone would choose to incarnate as a psychopath that causes pain and suffering.
    Dennis Patterson--Deer Park, WA

    1. The body is just a vehicle for the spirit. They are that way because they have a spiritual problem - namely they're not connecting the Source of All.

    2. I would also like to add, that in the course of our involvement with 3D, all souls have probably played the other side - why else would we call it duality? My thinking/knowing is, the reason those of the "Light" are so sure that the "Light" is the true way, know this because we have already done the "dark" thing - and know what a dead-end it truly is. Also, because WE may have caused pain and suffering at certain points, it is only fair to be on the receiving end at some point. I know this is not a popular idea, but I believe that our own need to be "Light" can bring on "dark" all by itself - at least in duality. It truly may be that the dark Ones are now so dark because the "Light" ones are now so Light. In a way they have propelled the Light to its greatest victory. The Light would never have had to be so bright without the dark being such utter psychopaths.

      As I said - not a popular idea. But possible.

    3. Perhaps we might think of it working in much the same way as an inoculation, or a vaccination. Certainly no one wants to be subjected to a bacterial infection, yet if in doing so our immune systems "learn" how to deal with something even worse, then the outcome is very positive.

      Psychologically the concept of being a "goad" as an incentive to generally improve the behaviour of people, may also be an appropriate way to view someone choosing to incarnate as a psychopath. I admit it is a difficult issue to come to terms with, but every pain can have a very positive purpose if it acts as a warning to us that "ahead lies great danger."

      Personally I imagine that such purposefully malevolent incarnations only make sense if one accepts that more spiritually evolved perspectives would no longer need to be "educated" in this way; it seems to me that only in a dualistic reality would such things have value, and only then if they help us to transcend that paradigm.

  5. My friends, My family, dear fellow divine beings of all kinds. We are quickly closing in on the day, the hour, the minute that we will stand face to face once again. It is with great love and excitement that I look forward to this coming day.

    Yet I must implore you, make haste my friends. I appreciate that you have taken all of our well-being into mind. You are very keen on cautioning us against fear. This, I understand, is of much concern to you. The affect fear has on us individually, as a group, and toward Gaia does play a crucial roll in how events unfold.

    But as I stand on this Earth and look out at all of the people, see all of the emotions flying around, I can tell you this: It will be near impossible to completely avoid a person retreating into fear when the moment arrives. With everyday two things happen: We draw close to the date where we cannot allow the old ways to continue and we are a whole continue to raise our consciousness.

    This is in no way an easy decision to make. But please understand that the total avoidance of fear is not possible within the time frame in which we operate in now.

    Thank you for all that you have done. My love for you, our brave new world that we are creating, the lives that we will save, the light we are sharing it has filled me to the point of 'UNcontainment' (lol) I wish you and all of our larger family the highest light and love. Thank you my friends.


  6. I am very disappointed in Salusa and others that were so sure that August 4th was the day they would show themselves with or without our "(mis)leaders". What's the excuse for missing the mark this time? Oh people will be in panic? Give me a freaking break! Why did they not think of that before mentioning the August 4th date? Disclosure will never happen if they are concerned about those who would panic. We can wait 1000 years and someone would still be panicking at the site of ETs landing.

    Why don't they extend an invitation to those who are ready to meet them? They can name the times and places around the earth and we'll be there. Why do we have to wait for the rest of the sleeping sheeple?!

    My patience is wearing thin and their credibility is swirling down the drain. I will no longer pay attention to their rehashed and repackaged statements. If disclosure happens, then I will see it with my own eyes out there.

    Peace and love,


    1. Like the Marines say, nobody gets left behind. This isn't about elitism. It will happen when the time is right.

      Australia did admit to UFOs on the 4th, so perhaps governments have agreed to go forward with disclosure?


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